By the way, Can You Survive MAFIA?

  • Published on Mar 30, 2019
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    Main Animator: suzukiPCArt
    Today we decided to record with our original animators! We played Mafia and had a lot of fun playing. Be nice to them, it took a lot of convincing for them to open up to recording with us. Show them lots of love so we can do more of these in the future! :D
    The Townsfolk:
    Jay - DoomBoy_
    Jamie -
    Pau - suzukiPCArt
    Mona - dearmona_
    Ivu - Zerinchii
    Shai - solannin_
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  • DanPlan
    DanPlan  9 months ago +15883

    Hey guys, I apologize for the re-upload! There was a glitch in the previous video for some reason and I couldn't figure out why. I had to reupload it so you guys can have a better experience watching the video. It's the matrix trying to tell us something I swear! Oh man I crack myself up too much sometimes haaha. Okay bye~

  • Joey Dy
    Joey Dy 4 hours ago

    Pau was the first person to get introduced and shai was the last one to get introduced i saw through the pattern of daniel's mind

  • Popi
    Popi 5 hours ago +1

    8:59 I see that Daughter Of Evil reference Pau

  • Evil Taco Raptor
    Evil Taco Raptor 8 hours ago


  • Where_are_the_watermelons _tho


    oh the irony

  • Cookies
    Cookies 17 hours ago +1

    I feel like this is the time when Stephen starts hating working with Daniel.

  • Mar 02
    Mar 02 Day ago +4

    "It's tea time"
    Me : ............oh no. Servant (or daughter) of evil?

  • Literally Illiterate

    Literally why did Ivu pick Hosuh???

    All the evidence pointed to Shai. Every. Single. Piece.
    Like I am on crack? I’m so confused on to why she did that. 🤔

  • Cing_Krims0n
    Cing_Krims0n Day ago

    3:31 Josuke Pose!

  • XxLuna_ MoonXx
    XxLuna_ MoonXx Day ago

    does the Sheriff die if they killed the wrong person?
    if not, because Shai was pretending to be sheriff and Hosuh said that the sheriff can check whether whos the mafia or not i think,so if Shai WAS the sheriff, then how come she hasn't tried killing someone that was the mafia?

  • OMG novstaer
    OMG novstaer Day ago

    It's amazing how Hosah guessed the mafia on Night 2...

  • a.b.b.y
    a.b.b.y Day ago +1

    Of Course Hosuh guesses both the Mafia first try

  • Savage Cabbagers
    Savage Cabbagers Day ago +2

    can we relaunch 1 mill merch bois?

  • Acorn Animation
    Acorn Animation Day ago +1

    Let's ask Dan about it

  • Jack_ Noone
    Jack_ Noone Day ago +4

    Hosuh: “he’s gonna be with us forever Stephen, you know that right?”
    Me after watching Stephens quilting video on his channel: “Yeah that didn’t happen...”

    *cry* *cry* *cry*

  • Koalapop 8000
    Koalapop 8000 Day ago +1

    I’m not getting the same happy vibes from this video anymore 😭

  • Patton Sanders
    Patton Sanders Day ago +2

    I want to go back to the old days when I didn't know about the "Actually, I quit danplan" Video..when I felt happy watching danplan and not knowing much about..yeah.. just laughing at three animated guys that are funny.

    • Avian Edits
      Avian Edits 10 hours ago

      Patton Sanders but then again, it would kind of suck to watch them and be happy even though they’re basically all suffering

  • Yunchan Rhee
    Yunchan Rhee Day ago

    I like that Hosuh actually guessed the two mafias accurately when he was on trial

  • Panic at the Diamonds

    The animator were hilarious,not only do they animate but they were fun,it's sad to know how Dan pays them such low amount of cash, disgusting Daniel. You're disgusting.

  • 》Unknown _Girl《

    2:09 danganronpa be like 😂😂

  • Riskay Raven
    Riskay Raven Day ago

    As soon as Ivu said she suspected Hosuh I got so mad bc of how obvious it was ahh and I knew Jay was the sheriff

  • KayeM.Sebastian's YoutubeChannel

    Mona was right the whole time

  • KayeM.Sebastian's YoutubeChannel

    One of the only videos where Dan treats his animators "friends"...

  • T Raine
    T Raine 2 days ago +2

    The fact Dan pays all the people here absolute garbage wages is disgusting.

  • Girls Nation Gaming
    Girls Nation Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Dan in the Intro: Ivu (I bully you because I love you)
    Me: -looking at Jays video about the animators without any pay ever- Hmmmmm... Do you tho?

  • Mizelenaious
    Mizelenaious 2 days ago +1

    Jamie literally looks like me ;-;

  • FoxStudios
    FoxStudios 2 days ago

    PART 2 plz

  • ashlee xox
    ashlee xox 2 days ago +4

    The real mafia leader is dan turning out to be a shit person

  • Ruby Izfet
    Ruby Izfet 2 days ago +7

    That joke didn’t age well

  • Voice_Actor_12 commented

    I just realized...her "it's tea time"...Was that a reference to the Daughter of Evil?

  • The Twilight Zone
    The Twilight Zone 2 days ago +5

    New title:
    Stephen being an adorable Tryhard. And making everyone miss him even more

  • bacon_ lettuce_tomato
    bacon_ lettuce_tomato 2 days ago +1

    Hosuh was right from day 2, even before either mafia had died yet.
    Why did they even vote him out again?

  • 天月AnYi
    天月AnYi 2 days ago +2

    ‘Its Tea time’
    *Flashbacks of the servant of evil*

  • StrikeCorvus
    StrikeCorvus 3 days ago +2


  • monika is best girl
    monika is best girl 3 days ago +1


  • Le Squishy
    Le Squishy 3 days ago +1

    Its impossible for hosuh to be a mafia cuz he's a little baby angel.

  • IIAkumuII
    IIAkumuII 3 days ago +1

    Ok can we just step away from the controversy and talk about that possible Daughter of Evil reference at 8:59

  • the first phantom
    the first phantom 3 days ago

    Bruh its fun But Ivu pissed me off even tho she had cluesssss big big red flagggsss

  • A potato
    A potato 4 days ago +2

    'He's gonna be with us for ever' well.....

  • Ghostly Tea
    Ghostly Tea 4 days ago +3

    "I'm just moving to get away from Daniel" He meant that

  • G01d3n YT
    G01d3n YT 4 days ago +4

    We all know why you are going through these videos.

  • Jennifer Fish
    Jennifer Fish 4 days ago +1

    Did anyone else get that daughter of evil reference

  • A Nugget Of Len
    A Nugget Of Len 4 days ago +2

    sad that hosuh said dan would be with them forever

  • Mini Tiger
    Mini Tiger 4 days ago +3

    Not that hosuh figured it out right from the beginning

  • Frida Galt
    Frida Galt 4 days ago +3

    omg stephen is the best!!

  • ¿Høţ Čøffěě?
    ¿Høţ Čøffěě? 4 days ago +2

    *Say bye to God~*

  • M. Bullard
    M. Bullard 4 days ago +2

    So the dude with the purple hair is quitting

    • Haris boi
      Haris boi 4 days ago +3

      Yes. I actually think this is the first video they recorded together AFTER the fight they had. Or the video before this one.

  • Crystal Lazaris
    Crystal Lazaris 5 days ago +2

    8:57 “it’s tea time”
    Omg did anyone else get that!! Or was that just me.

  • Deltawarrior
    Deltawarrior 5 days ago +1

    I just realized this is kind of based on town of Salem....I’m so stupid xd

  • EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

    "How dare you use me as accessory!" -Stephen
    Me: *villager hrmm* sounds familiar

  • EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

    "He's going to be with us forever."
    -Hosuh 2019
    "I'm leaving DanPlan."
    -Stephen 2020
    Please comment this face 😭 if you're super upset about this.

  • One Big Mood
    One Big Mood 5 days ago +2

    It’s just like Werewolf or Salem witch trial but it’s the mafia..i like this

  • VibrantCuber
    VibrantCuber 5 days ago +2

    I lost 5 brain cells while watching this

  • Alex Ultra plays23
    Alex Ultra plays23 5 days ago +1

    My gosh you’re so mean to To Steven

  • Neep
    Neep 5 days ago

    Make another ome

  • 123vivian 8
    123vivian 8 5 days ago +1

    After i found out what Dan did it gives me a whole new world of how i see thees videos

  • Joseph Jope
    Joseph Jope 5 days ago

    It sounds like the game town of Salem

  • levitator45
    levitator45 5 days ago +5

    Stephen tried so hard to give life to this character. He did a great job though. Daniel may not appreciate his efforts, but WE DO. he was so great! Definitely the highlight of the video. One of my favorite Stephen personalities. I appreciate how hard he worked

  • filthyTrash
    filthyTrash 5 days ago +1

    2:57 3:28 3:31 jojo references spotted

  • Alexis Margate
    Alexis Margate 6 days ago +2

    0:25 hosuh dan will be here forever.
    2020: *Stephen left*

    To be continued..