WILL IT START Episode 10! Massey 165 Tractor

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Can We Return This Tractor To Work Again?!?
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Comments • 218

  • ادم رضا
    ادم رضا 4 days ago

    السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة وبركاته لو سمحت بكام الجرار ده انا عاوزه فى مصر

  • Ankit Saini
    Ankit Saini 13 days ago

    Sall in India this tracktor

  • Vasni Westby
    Vasni Westby 15 days ago

    Hi, I'm curious, is this tractor for sale? I wish I could own my first tractor. Love your videos men. Keep them coming.

  • Chanderpaul Dunraj
    Chanderpaul Dunraj 17 days ago

    What's the price for the tractor

  • Yusuf Arın
    Yusuf Arın 21 day ago

    Burası neresi hangi ülke

  • Donald Ellett
    Donald Ellett 26 days ago

    That was easier than I thought - beautiful scenery

  • Massey Ferguson Garden Tractors

    I know guys in florida at the flywheelers show who would jump at this

  • Doug Ross
    Doug Ross Month ago

    Is a frog an insect?

  • Simon Cartee
    Simon Cartee Month ago

    Get some more old stuff going man. Best youtube show! That farm is crazy gold.. Looking forward to more!!

  • Rushikesh Sultane
    Rushikesh Sultane Month ago

    Hello sir I'll subscribe your channel🙂

  • FOXYBOSS208 X Lolbit

    Ewww iphone


    sound 💗

  • Lyndon Williams
    Lyndon Williams Month ago

    Put the couch down

  • la posta
    la posta Month ago +1

    old perkins 4... reliable as hell

  • William Lee
    William Lee Month ago

    Cool ass channel!! I grew up having to help my Grandpa and my Dad get stuff running. I love it!!! From Spartanburg SC Peace Out!

  • Jacob TJ
    Jacob TJ Month ago

    Can you bring back dead people too?


    Hello brother very nice video!!!!! Hello from corfu Greece

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox Month ago

    Old Beau has dollar signs in his eyes, thank ya boys.

  • Francis Rotich
    Francis Rotich Month ago +1

    I definitely love the old monster. Massey Ferguson 165 is a good boy!

    • Mike Berg
      Mike Berg Month ago

      57 horse,big wheels,heavy,u didn’t want 4wd because of the weight.New tractor that hp,tiny

  • Brandon Groothouse
    Brandon Groothouse Month ago

    I was expecting a wheelie on the slow motion part of the video. On the other hand I fly the rc planes as well. What style do you fly? My favorite style is edf jets and 3D flying

  • Don Lowe
    Don Lowe Month ago

    Ypu didnt payforityet?

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones Month ago

    "It has 3700 hours on it" try 13700 hours.. check the wear on the clutch pedal at 3k7 there will be very little wear.
    I have a 135 of around the same vintage (1966), that has done 29500 hours.. ! in daily use up until 3 years ago.

    HDXFH Month ago

    Should try charging half these old batteries, i did once just for fun, got 1 good crank after a good charge 🤣😂

    HDXFH Month ago

    A sicma italian rotary hoe, those things like falling apart with poor maintenance


    Old is gold

  • Trent Meagher
    Trent Meagher Month ago

    good stuff

  • Naeem khan
    Naeem khan Month ago

    How many long time start it

  • Dan Strayer
    Dan Strayer Month ago

    Next week on Will IT Start: Kelly Ann Conway's dildo has been in her ass for 3 years.....will it still run?

  • Glen Parks
    Glen Parks Month ago +5

    Why don't this guy build a shed for all these good tractors

    • Mike Berg
      Mike Berg Month ago

      Glen Parks Sometimes small farmers rent out the land,and just leave all the old gear sittin

    • Mike Berg
      Mike Berg Month ago

      Hate the waste,165 isn’t my idea of old but a worker.

  • Vilson Alves
    Vilson Alves 2 months ago

    E wilson aqui no brasil temos muitos massey ferguison parabens !!!!!

  • Thomas Hudson
    Thomas Hudson 2 months ago +1

    I have a 1965 165 and it might sit a year in between uses never have a problem with that old perkins diesel

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva 2 months ago

    O som dos massey motor perkins é inconfundível,o mesmo som dos que temos no Brasil

    • Paulo Silva
      Paulo Silva 2 months ago

      Aqui no Brasil esse daí é o mf265

  • Martin Corbitt
    Martin Corbitt 2 months ago

    I would love to find a 8ft. Box blade 3pt. Hitch if you got one.

  • Martin Corbitt
    Martin Corbitt 2 months ago

    Don't forget to put hydraulic fluid in It! It checked low.

  • Martin Corbitt
    Martin Corbitt 2 months ago

    Would you sell me the story tiller on the165 mf?

    IYAAYAS 2 months ago

    what year is this tractor?

  • Joosu Kairisto
    Joosu Kairisto 2 months ago

    We have a MF 165 S it works pretty good. She has a cabin. The steering is not bad but not good it kinda doesn't steer to left sometimes.

  • The Ferguson Lover
    The Ferguson Lover 2 months ago +1

    MASSY POWER BOYS gotta love em especially TEA20s

  • Dominic Craner
    Dominic Craner 2 months ago

    Hey Bruce, I live in a small town in California close to San Francisco, there is this small abandoned island. That went under water, there is about ten old tractors and rigs and what not, it's really super cool, the island used to be a resort, and went 10 feet under water

  • Þorkell Jesús
    Þorkell Jesús 2 months ago +2

    The 100 series MF's are the most reliable tractor ever made! Didn't surprise me when it started right away like it had been used yesterday

  • Maybe Someday
    Maybe Someday 2 months ago

    Id rather see you and your brother work together then whoever the fuck a swan gang is...? Like yeah bro, swag, nice hat.

  • Xavier Alvarado
    Xavier Alvarado 2 months ago

    Brother I have a 1978 Ford tractor diesel it doesn't have a fuel filter can I put a regular inline fuel filter

  • Todd Jacobs
    Todd Jacobs 2 months ago

    Powerwash that thing change all the fluids if no leaks put a little paint on it & use it, make a good little utility tractor.. sounds like it runs pretty good..

  • Loyal rajpoot
    Loyal rajpoot 3 months ago

    Good work sir

  • Chak40Wala Sardar
    Chak40Wala Sardar 3 months ago

    Nyccc video Bro
    Am from india
    I like your video

  • SimoneJStogrin
    SimoneJStogrin 3 months ago

    The filming on that phone is odd. The image is bending fish eye style it's very strange.

  • احمد حمد
    احمد حمد 3 months ago

    Hi I'm watching you from Egypt🇪🇬🇪🇬

  • เวฟ แต่งสวย


  • The Photographic Auditor

    Kingpin is usually worn out on a 165, most folks won’t crawl under the front end to grease it.

  • Paul Oneill
    Paul Oneill 3 months ago

    Another rusty work horse saved from nature or scrap yard cheers thanks many regards from Ireland. Godbless what beautiful part of country you are D1 Patriot.👍🇮🇪☘🙏

  • Todd G
    Todd G 3 months ago

    For the love of god, hold the camera steady. bout threw up from all the waving around.

  • Chris5.9 CWG
    Chris5.9 CWG 3 months ago

    You drinking a Arnold Palmer hell yeah!

  • Stephen Straw
    Stephen Straw 3 months ago

    Awesome videos. I’m glad I found your page. I am actually not far down the road from you. I’m over i Spring Hill. Hope to see many more videos. Two thumbs up here

  • Michelo D.I.Y.
    Michelo D.I.Y. 3 months ago +3

    Before I watch this I reckon it will start. Massey's never fail, I hope I'm right 🤞

  • Rafaqt Ali
    Rafaqt Ali 3 months ago +1

    Mf best tractor

  • Rafaqt Ali
    Rafaqt Ali 3 months ago

    Nice job sir

  • Pavitra Kumar
    Pavitra Kumar 3 months ago


  • Corazón Contento Bistró Curicó

    Es muy buen tractor el massey 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼

  • leeroy excavator
    leeroy excavator 3 months ago

    we have a old 175 those old tractors are bullet proof. has perkins engine. steering always sucked. Brakes not much on them either. steering pump seals prolly out on it. no oil in pump most likely. when they go out it pumps the oil back into engine.