• Published on Nov 9, 2018

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    Today, we are returning to Mount Atlanticus mini golf couse in Myrtle Beach, SC. This is voted on the best mini golf course in the world, and it is a lot of fun! We get so many mini golf hole in one shots at this mini golf course!
    About Brooks Holt:
    What is going on BHV! I used to travel the world playing drums, now I travel the world playing mini golf on the internet. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post new videos playing mini golf, vlogging my life, or playing some fun arcade games!
    Brooks Holt
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Comments • 381

  • Cujo Vlogs
    Cujo Vlogs Hour ago

    You should play real golf

  • Evan Rollins
    Evan Rollins 17 hours ago

    I think chad and kelsie are the only athletic people in this family

  • BlaZe Gorilla
    BlaZe Gorilla 2 days ago +2

    ur dad might be the worst mini golf player ive ever seen

  • Jacob Vaerst
    Jacob Vaerst 4 days ago

    Just went to this corse like a week ago. Also on the one hole I think number 5. Everyone in my family got a whole in one because no matter where it went it would keep rollin and went in

  • Patel Inaxi
    Patel Inaxi 6 days ago

    Well Brooks at least you and Mom got 3rd place so that is wonderful.

  • Pranker Man
    Pranker Man 13 days ago

    Brooks will win.

  • Big Injun
    Big Injun 19 days ago

    I loved playing this course

  • Samuel Greene
    Samuel Greene 19 days ago

    Really, noone:
    Not single soul:
    Dad: I'll take that

  • Gaming Legion
    Gaming Legion 19 days ago

    Brooks dad drops the club in disappointment at 4:10

  • Justin Felton
    Justin Felton 25 days ago

    Hole in one my rearend not the most holes in one

  • Ashley Woytek
    Ashley Woytek 27 days ago +1

    I went there

  • Nolan McGovern
    Nolan McGovern 28 days ago

    anyone else get annoyed when people don't get the balls out of the holes like golfers with one leg up?

  • Ellen Christopher
    Ellen Christopher Month ago +1


  • 佐藤あべし
    佐藤あべし Month ago


  • Brock Stebbing
    Brock Stebbing Month ago

    What's with all the grown men wearing flip flops?

  • MustBeNicee
    MustBeNicee Month ago


  • Cdoggolf 18
    Cdoggolf 18 Month ago

    I went there and it wasn’t that great the putters were weird and the holes were two times the size as normal and were not always the same size

  • Lostmunkey
    Lostmunkey Month ago +1

    After watching the last video with your sis, on this one all I hear is "some body learned how to puuuttt!" in a more girly happy gilmore voice 😂😂😂😂

  • Here I Go Again
    Here I Go Again Month ago +7

    Who the devil is making those annoying “uuuuhhhhhhhh...” sounds as the ball approaches the hole?!? Otherwise, love the videos.

    • free movies
      free movies 14 days ago

      John Reed it was the white chick with the hair bun

  • Nathan J Hugo
    Nathan J Hugo Month ago

    Get your sister and your brother-in-law of the show I don’t like her at all

  • Cory Sides
    Cory Sides Month ago

    Ur dad is the worst I’ve ever seen


    #Team Elisha

  • Roger Anderson
    Roger Anderson Month ago

    I would love a 4some with those ladies.. And not on a golf course 😉😉

    • Paul Lucas
      Paul Lucas Month ago

      Uh oh. Cool guy alert over here

  • FlyChriss
    FlyChriss Month ago

    Yall had barely any hole in ones. How do I make youtube never show me this again.

  • davis balkcum
    davis balkcum Month ago

    “I’ll take it” was said maybe 100000000 times

  • Cdoggolf 18
    Cdoggolf 18 Month ago

    It’s holes in one for proper grammar

  • Giancarlo Salads
    Giancarlo Salads Month ago

    I think your dad should’ve put the putter down and went home

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park Month ago

    i don't know why but i've watched this to the end. and I have this to say: Dad stinks!!!

  • Andreas Burgess
    Andreas Burgess 2 months ago

    Chad averaged a 2 on each hole

  • Ted Wager
    Ted Wager 2 months ago


  • Lilwargod
    Lilwargod 2 months ago +1

    This video: WOOOOOOOOOOW

  • Zach Willis
    Zach Willis 2 months ago

    Are u related to Brock Holt Red Sox Player

  • ReXon
    ReXon 2 months ago

    Your dad is bad lol

  • Gmoney 23
    Gmoney 23 2 months ago

    I’ve been there

  • Impolite Pepperoni
    Impolite Pepperoni 2 months ago

    I played this mini course and I hit a ball into the creek/ water (10:35) and it rolled 3 holes up. 🤣

  • halo master
    halo master 2 months ago

    dad is the best

  • Katelynn Tordeur
    Katelynn Tordeur 2 months ago +4

    Could you say wow a couple more times I don't think we heard it enough in the past 30 minutes

  • sydney slavin
    sydney slavin 2 months ago +1

    While all my friends are enjoying the summer outside, here I am watching a grown man play mini golf..... Welp

  • Roan Wulf
    Roan Wulf 2 months ago +1

    Came for the mini golf.
    Stayed for dad.

  • Kyle Areson
    Kyle Areson 2 months ago

    Dad killed it

  • Stranger Kid
    Stranger Kid 2 months ago

    All have less than ten then the dad has 11

  • Stranger Kid
    Stranger Kid 2 months ago

    All have less than ten then the dad has 11

  • Stranger Kid
    Stranger Kid 2 months ago

    All have less than ten then the dad has 11

  • Diory N
    Diory N 2 months ago +1

    Half a million viewers, i'm one who doesnt play golf but still watches this vid.

  • Joshua luras
    Joshua luras 2 months ago

    Kelsie looking yummy

  • James E
    James E 2 months ago

    But why is his dad chipping putts?

  • Nick Farnham
    Nick Farnham 2 months ago +7

    Nobody: I wish this video had a leaf blower for the first 9 minutes
    Mini course employee: I got you fam

  • MotoCzar
    MotoCzar 2 months ago +18

    Dad: I'll take that.

  • Lukey1606
    Lukey1606 2 months ago

    Is Kelsie single?

  • jacinta osborne
    jacinta osborne 2 months ago +1


    HE is definently from ALABAMA

  • Dinger Dudes
    Dinger Dudes 3 months ago


  • SU - Fortnite
    SU - Fortnite 3 months ago

    Nice video!

  • Virginian
    Virginian 3 months ago

    ur dad needs to chill lol

  • Brian Collins
    Brian Collins 3 months ago

    Why in the hell would that guy use the leaf blower right next to and directed towards the hole when customers are playing on that hole... seems ridiculous

  • Perrin Owens
    Perrin Owens 3 months ago

    Hello Stranger!
    If you are trying to find comments about how the dad's is horrible or hes just hitting to hard... You completed the first task!

  • Zailis 2
    Zailis 2 3 months ago

    dad, didn''t do too great...

  • Sully Brewer
    Sully Brewer 3 months ago

    I’ve been here lmao

  • Dane Keith
    Dane Keith 3 months ago +1

    Is your dad trying to hit it too hard every time

  • JJ4824
    JJ4824 3 months ago

    I still hear the leaf blower in my head

  • Noah Wright
    Noah Wright 3 months ago

    Y’all some how managed to hold up like 3 groups playing mini golf

  • Varun Bakshi
    Varun Bakshi 3 months ago

    Best part about this video was that the whole family was together and having fun

  • All around You tuber
    All around You tuber 3 months ago

    Your dad is not good

  • Khan Academy101
    Khan Academy101 3 months ago

    That's cheating. That's the most times a ball got putted in the whole, or the most times different balls got putted in a whole. Distance wise is cheating, comparing to the name of the video. -_- :D

  • leg119acy
    leg119acy 3 months ago

    Kelsie 😍

  • david something
    david something 3 months ago

    Rip Chad got left hanging

  • oralhygine tom
    oralhygine tom 3 months ago +1

    You don't play mini golf like this. Whoever putts first finishes the hole out then the next player does the same. That way you don't have golf balls all over the place.....................!!!

  • Connor Peterson
    Connor Peterson 3 months ago

    If these are par 1s then I feel bad for u

  • Haha Lol
    Haha Lol 3 months ago

    Don’t bring ur dad the next time u do this.

  • Alex Chaffee
    Alex Chaffee 3 months ago +8

    i genuinely cannot believe that i spent 30 minutes of my life watching some people play mini golf.

  • Chase Fox
    Chase Fox 3 months ago

    That dad is trash

  • Brian Scott
    Brian Scott 3 months ago

    Leaf blower was so annoying

  • Joe The Juggalo
    Joe The Juggalo 3 months ago

    There isn't too many mini golf places near me anymore. The closest one to me was Sherwood Forest mini golf and they closed down YEARS ago. Wish I had places like this near me.

  • Hi there Person
    Hi there Person 3 months ago

    13:12 put captions on

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago +1

    Dad might be a lefty

  • Joseph Daniels
    Joseph Daniels 3 months ago +4

    You can give this guy shit but he got 400k people to watch his family play mini golf. Respect.