• Published on Nov 9, 2018

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    Today, we are returning to Mount Atlanticus mini golf couse in Myrtle Beach, SC. This is voted on the best mini golf course in the world, and it is a lot of fun! We get so many mini golf hole in one shots at this mini golf course!
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    What is going on BHV! I used to travel the world playing drums, now I travel the world playing mini golf on the internet. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I post new videos playing mini golf, vlogging my life, or playing some fun arcade games!
    Brooks Holt
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Comments • 396

  • Jokester
    Jokester 3 days ago

    Omfg i have been here this id cool asf

  • Jokester
    Jokester 3 days ago

    Is this in Florida i think ive actually been here

  • Andrew Estevam
    Andrew Estevam 3 days ago

    I went to that one

  • Joey's Crazy Hour
    Joey's Crazy Hour 3 days ago


  • Norman Huynh
    Norman Huynh 4 days ago

    I’ve played only one golf course, and I got 2 hole in ones.
    This beats me by a long shot

  • SuperDeadCat
    SuperDeadCat 15 days ago

    this is my favorite course

  • 丹具酢点
    丹具酢点 17 days ago


  • Nick-Ninja Adams
    Nick-Ninja Adams 21 day ago

    love how your dad is supporting the merch

  • Colin Floyd
    Colin Floyd 29 days ago

    cant see the hole

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B Month ago

    Omg hhhhhuuuuu

  • The_54 Gaming
    The_54 Gaming Month ago

    Hard to believe this is already a year old

  • Russ Darracott
    Russ Darracott Month ago

    Hole 4 dad's score was 5.

  • yojoeski
    yojoeski Month ago

    @Brooks Holt Really need to tell your dad he doesn’t have to kill it every time he swings. If you’re ever in Michigan, I could use a good challenge. Haven’t played in a couple years, but my best game ever was shooting a 28 at Hawaiian Rumble back in the late 90’s.

  • Josh 88
    Josh 88 Month ago

    Kelsie is sooooo cute!

  • Esme Sophia Minecraft

    would Elisha stop making that whup, whup, whup BOOP noises every time someone takes a shot?

  • Bryana Haas
    Bryana Haas Month ago


  • Jordan Small
    Jordan Small Month ago

    Oh hey. I used to work here.

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Month ago

    this was not interestong

  • Jeff Webster
    Jeff Webster 2 months ago

    Everybody roots for Kelsie, and nobody roots for Chad LOL

  • Devin Mooney
    Devin Mooney 2 months ago

    Ok let me sum everyone up real quick lol mom and elisha are your average mini golfers, brooks is a nerd, chad is somewhat of a golfer, kelsie loves chad, and dad tries too hard

  • vaughan and grayson laurent

    i think brook will win

  • Nino Mitchell
    Nino Mitchell 2 months ago

    Get off the hole leafblower guy lol

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715 2 months ago

    Dude's runnin that leaf blower like it's fall and he lives in CT.

  • CABLE 715
    CABLE 715 2 months ago +1

    Does your dad think he's on a full course par 5 tee box everytime, lol

  • Christian Baird
    Christian Baird 2 months ago

    The dad is going a great job today!!!!!!!

  • MakoXL
    MakoXL 2 months ago

    Who ever was playing in front of y'all sounds like a lawn mower

  • ThtsWhxtSheSaid
    ThtsWhxtSheSaid 3 months ago

    Says wow more than Owen Wilson.

  • Cohen Gunnison
    Cohen Gunnison 3 months ago


  • Willy Benn
    Willy Benn 3 months ago


  • Tanner McAuliffe
    Tanner McAuliffe 3 months ago

    I played this course last month when I was In myrtle beach. But I did the Minotaur one not conch

  • Laura Vega
    Laura Vega 3 months ago


  • Curtis Duggan
    Curtis Duggan 3 months ago

    You should play real golf

  • Evan Rollins
    Evan Rollins 3 months ago

    I think chad and kelsie are the only athletic people in this family

  • BlaZe Gorilla
    BlaZe Gorilla 4 months ago +2

    ur dad might be the worst mini golf player ive ever seen

    • The Putt-Putt Bros
      The Putt-Putt Bros 4 months ago

      Ohhh he did good! Definitely gave Brook a run for his money

  • Jacob Vaerst
    Jacob Vaerst 4 months ago

    Just went to this corse like a week ago. Also on the one hole I think number 5. Everyone in my family got a whole in one because no matter where it went it would keep rollin and went in

  • Patel Inaxi
    Patel Inaxi 4 months ago

    Well Brooks at least you and Mom got 3rd place so that is wonderful.

  • Pranker Man
    Pranker Man 4 months ago

    Brooks will win.

  • Big Injun
    Big Injun 4 months ago

    I loved playing this course

  • Samuel Greene
    Samuel Greene 4 months ago +4

    Really, noone:
    Not single soul:
    Dad: I'll take that

  • Gaming Legion
    Gaming Legion 4 months ago

    Brooks dad drops the club in disappointment at 4:10

  • Justin Felton
    Justin Felton 4 months ago

    Hole in one my rearend not the most holes in one

  • Ashley Woytek
    Ashley Woytek 4 months ago +1

    I went there

  • Nolan McGovern
    Nolan McGovern 4 months ago

    anyone else get annoyed when people don't get the balls out of the holes like golfers with one leg up?

  • Ellen Christopher
    Ellen Christopher 4 months ago +1


  • 佐藤あべし
    佐藤あべし 4 months ago


  • Brock Stebbing
    Brock Stebbing 4 months ago

    What's with all the grown men wearing flip flops?

  • MustBeNicee
    MustBeNicee 5 months ago


  • Cdog18
    Cdog18 5 months ago

    I went there and it wasn’t that great the putters were weird and the holes were two times the size as normal and were not always the same size

  • Lostmunkey
    Lostmunkey 5 months ago +2

    After watching the last video with your sis, on this one all I hear is "some body learned how to puuuttt!" in a more girly happy gilmore voice 😂😂😂😂

  • John R.
    John R. 5 months ago +12

    Who the devil is making those annoying “uuuuhhhhhhhh...” sounds as the ball approaches the hole?!? Otherwise, love the videos.

    • Dan Jenkins
      Dan Jenkins Month ago

      And the occasional, "bloop."

    • free movies
      free movies 4 months ago +1

      John Reed it was the white chick with the hair bun

  • Nathan J Hugo
    Nathan J Hugo 5 months ago

    Get your sister and your brother-in-law of the show I don’t like her at all

  • Cory Sides
    Cory Sides 5 months ago

    Ur dad is the worst I’ve ever seen

  • Carl Christian Gillespie

    #Team Elisha

  • Roger Anderson
    Roger Anderson 5 months ago

    I would love a 4some with those ladies.. And not on a golf course 😉😉

    • Paul Lucas
      Paul Lucas 5 months ago

      Uh oh. Cool guy alert over here

  • FlyChriss
    FlyChriss 5 months ago

    Yall had barely any hole in ones. How do I make youtube never show me this again.

  • davis balkcum
    davis balkcum 5 months ago +2

    “I’ll take it” was said maybe 100000000 times

  • Cdog18
    Cdog18 5 months ago

    It’s holes in one for proper grammar

  • Giancarlo Salads
    Giancarlo Salads 5 months ago

    I think your dad should’ve put the putter down and went home

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park 5 months ago

    i don't know why but i've watched this to the end. and I have this to say: Dad stinks!!!

  • Andreas Burgess
    Andreas Burgess 5 months ago

    Chad averaged a 2 on each hole