how to be done with exo by do kyungsoo

  • Published on Apr 19, 2018
  • end bullying
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  • yeolliepollie
    yeolliepollie  Year ago +4795

    i went from having 25 views to 25k so thank u so much for liking this mess of a video omg
    it means a lot to me hehe

  • SOS
    SOS 2 hours ago

    3:19 song?

  • Goldimeir B.
    Goldimeir B. 18 hours ago

    DO's a bully in his own way😂😂cuties 😂😂

  • BabsyChristina Beeyotch

    I miss OT12

  • Ale Prieto
    Ale Prieto 2 days ago


  • Riezka Ayu
    Riezka Ayu 3 days ago +1

    Everyone : doing stupid things to get attention and been loved.
    D.O : *just sit* *everybody loves him*
    Me: you got me Kyungsoo.

  • miss FB star
    miss FB star 3 days ago

    00 : 44 ?????? Pelase

  • Holy Riceamoly
    Holy Riceamoly 4 days ago +1

    Be baekhyun. bOoM.

  • Danna Ibarra
    Danna Ibarra 4 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what program was at 2:12 ? Pleeeeaseeeee

    • Danna Ibarra
      Danna Ibarra 5 hours ago

      shuang guo I have seen the show but I still cant find that episode 😭

    • shuang guo
      shuang guo 18 hours ago

      Exo showtime in 2013

  • Mai Nguyen
    Mai Nguyen 5 days ago

    Omg TAO.

  • Hani-Chan :3
    Hani-Chan :3 5 days ago

    D.O is me with my friends

  • Janice Siby
    Janice Siby 6 days ago


  • Riccital Rivero
    Riccital Rivero 7 days ago

    Do in every award hes like wheres my mom?

  • Lean lenox aveno
    Lean lenox aveno 8 days ago +5

    Chanyeol: I like fxbchvkblgks
    Reporter: who?
    Chanyeol: FAR. EAST. MOVEMENT.

    JAYANT J. 9 days ago +3

    I don't know much about exo but why this man is always look serious

    • shuang guo
      shuang guo 18 hours ago

      He is a very quiet and introvert person, he doesn't talk to much, although he is in maknae line in exo he is very mature, he always observe what other members do and give them advice privately. And he is scared of talking in front of camera too.

  • TaeAlienV KookieRabbitJungkook

    someone stole his spotlight

  • Esraa Hassan
    Esraa Hassan 10 days ago

    ohh💜😧i miss TAO's lough 🔊💜🐼 02:17 😂💜💜💜i
    I am also doing this "Growl"😅 when I am angry😂💔💜i love you kungsoo 💜oppa💜بحبك دي اوو💜

  • Devina Alifianti
    Devina Alifianti 10 days ago

    Sumpah masker gue retak liat ini🤣

  • Adellia Adellia
    Adellia Adellia 13 days ago

    I need D.O and suga in one place lmao

  • taesty
    taesty 14 days ago +4

    “ lord give me strength “ - kyungsoo 25/8

  • taesty
    taesty 14 days ago

    someone please help this poor child

  • BrokeGuy007
    BrokeGuy007 14 days ago

    4:09 kyungsoo be my teacher please 😂

  • BrokeGuy007
    BrokeGuy007 14 days ago

    What ArE You DOInG

  • Gracia Aurelia
    Gracia Aurelia 15 days ago


  • Tae Suga kookies
    Tae Suga kookies 16 days ago +3

    Should be friends.

  • Çhë škā
    Çhë škā 16 days ago

    I have red days today laughing my ass here and.......... splashing a whole water fall *girls ya know what I mean*

  • Cocafizz
    Cocafizz 17 days ago +13

    Is D.O really in the maknae line?😂 Like EXO is lowkey afraid of him😂

    • shuang guo
      shuang guo 18 hours ago +1

      Cause all the exo members always tease him, that's why he fights back quite often, he only does that to his members. He is actually quite a caring person, he loves cooking always cooks for his members

  • nini
    nini 18 days ago

    we so need a part 2

  • 엄지D I O
    엄지D I O 18 days ago +5

    This is so cute omg HAHAHA savage kyungsoo🔥
    edit: New Exo-l bias D.O. hehe❤️

  • Next door Totoro
    Next door Totoro 18 days ago +2

    T.O.P, RM, Leo and Jinyoung should start a support group with him😂😂

  • Loey Yeol
    Loey Yeol 18 days ago +1

    Who's watching before Kyungsoo Enlist to military? 💔😭

    • Loey Yeol
      Loey Yeol 17 days ago

      @Antonia589 July 1st 💔😭

    • Antonia589
      Antonia589 17 days ago

      When’s he enlisting

  • appel dijk
    appel dijk 18 days ago

    He is sooooooooooo attractive

  • jisung's lollipop in go
    jisung's lollipop in go 19 days ago +2

    Suzy: I don't care~
    D.O: same

  • bts.bigbang
    bts.bigbang 22 days ago

    All fandom watch this video d.o is just 💜🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bts is life i stan the 7 dorks called BTS

    if you annoy kyungsoo you get a NICE HUGE *SMACK* FROM KYUNGSOO

  • Chris Jo
    Chris Jo 22 days ago

    People usually like him are sometimes misunderstood but people like him are actually the nicest and caring person you’ll ever meet.
    PS: I can relate. Hahaha. Their first impression to me is that they thought I was snobby & unapproachable cuz I’m always in my resting bitch face Lol

  • Star Flores
    Star Flores 23 days ago

    Do Kyungsoo is a salty bitch 😂😂😂😂

  • Cepi Abisoid
    Cepi Abisoid 24 days ago

    idk how many times i watched this

  • Hana Kalivodova
    Hana Kalivodova 25 days ago

    Join the military

  • yA yEeT
    yA yEeT 25 days ago

    this is video is what keeps me sane

  • Joud El-Fouli
    Joud El-Fouli 25 days ago +2

    Everyone is low-key scared from D.O

  • Skylerblackdiamond 19
    Skylerblackdiamond 19 26 days ago

    3:58 me at every party or convention i go to

  • Colleen Joy Ochoa
    Colleen Joy Ochoa 26 days ago


  • Kimberly O'Grady
    Kimberly O'Grady 26 days ago

    Never been able to relate to someone so much

  • bean boozled
    bean boozled 27 days ago +2

    whose going to be done with them now :(

  • ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɪs ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇᴜ ʜᴀʜᴀ

    the editor is the best 😂

  • Elisa Sosa
    Elisa Sosa 27 days ago

    Soo I will forever miss you TT_TT

  • Junmyeon Kim
    Junmyeon Kim 27 days ago

    Im here because of his enlistment. Be healthy. We will wait for youu.

    • Lovely Xd
      Lovely Xd 25 days ago

      I was so schocked when i saw the news that he is selected to go to millatary.i have a question. If like now 2 members are enlisted then will exo just sing along withthe only members left or must they wait till everyone is back to sing again?

  • Olka Jakiel
    Olka Jakiel 28 days ago +1

    D.O is my spirit animal

  • Ega Rahayu
    Ega Rahayu 28 days ago


  • Ega Rahayu
    Ega Rahayu 28 days ago


  • Jenniffer Navarrete
    Jenniffer Navarrete 28 days ago

    DiOsito es tan arte

  • gama tastica
    gama tastica 28 days ago

    0:25 this must be some sort of Korean filthy frank from one of the realms in the universe.

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad Month ago +2

    Your editing made it 1000 times better😁

  • aha leklu
    aha leklu Month ago

    **i want more**

  • Mae Ong
    Mae Ong Month ago


  • 楊絮子naomi
    楊絮子naomi Month ago

    I love watching doing little hits like the ones in the video, cause we all know he is shy af and he only does stuff like that when he is with very close friends and I'm so happy with that!

  • mingii
    mingii Month ago

    I want to marry this man

  • Dewi Mayang
    Dewi Mayang Month ago


  • Nijilove78
    Nijilove78 Month ago

    i don't stan exo but kyungsoo has got to be my ultimate bias of everyone i've ever stanned

  • RadyTV
    RadyTV Month ago

    This kyungsoo guy hit me up on Instagram, can you tell me who exactly he is? I saw that he has 2m followers so I was curious because I'm not into K-Pop, can somebody explain?

    • RadyTV
      RadyTV 28 days ago

      @Sandra Bejarano it was a fanpage that wrote me, I didn't know because the description was korean. But thank you for the info!

    • Sandra Bejarano
      Sandra Bejarano 28 days ago

      He doesn't have Instagram but he is member of the group called EXO and he's also an actor

  • Oktavira Kristanti
    Oktavira Kristanti Month ago

    Oh GOSH this is why I love D.O 😆😂😂 -SAVAGE-

  • Skylerblackdiamond 19

    kyungsoo is my spirit animal

  • cristina west
    cristina west Month ago

    Dejando de lado todo su talento, ya sea como cantante o actor, lo considero una persona muy seca. Lo respeto pero no es muy de mi agrado.

    • sunshinexol
      sunshinexol 26 days ago +1

      Es una persona tímida por eso no habla tanto pero es un chico muy gentil

    • cristina west
      cristina west Month ago

      @Stefi Guerrero no te preocupes, estoy mirando videos de él, le deseo lo mejor en su vida. Entiendo su actitud. 😍😍

    • Stefi Guerrero
      Stefi Guerrero Month ago +2

      En ocasiones el es así pero deberías ver mas vídeos de el en realidad el un chico muy amable y gentil y en ocasiones es muy divertido

  • Kai Dika
    Kai Dika Month ago


  • ーsoftforjk.可愛い

    Kyungsoo: *Small but terrible*

  • cante park
    cante park Month ago

    kyungsoo just does NOT PUT UP WITH ANYONE’S SHIT🤣

  • FinOsin9
    FinOsin9 Month ago

    lolll, Do KyungSooo!!!

  • Kpop Girl
    Kpop Girl Month ago +1

    Zach: First bite is for you
    Me: Omg Thanks bro
    *Opens mouth*
    Zach: LoL Just Kidding :)))))))
    Me: .............?

  • Sousouri Eleutheria
    Sousouri Eleutheria Month ago +1

    Do is a fuckin mood

  • Dawn Le
    Dawn Le Month ago +1

    Lol my biases all have similar traits DO, Kihyun, Irene, Seola, and Joshua.

  • butternao tt
    butternao tt Month ago +1

    it's a mood.

  • sarah sun
    sarah sun Month ago

    OMG Kaisoo is so real... ❤😂❤

  • J-Hope Oppa
    J-Hope Oppa Month ago

    Can someone tell me the song that they are singing at the AAA??? I cant find it!

    • J-Hope Oppa
      J-Hope Oppa Month ago

      @Kkaebsong Bacon thank you so much ♥️

    • Kkaebsong Bacon
      Kkaebsong Bacon Month ago +1

      @J-Hope Oppa not AAA,the show is Kbs gayo daejun 2017...Song title : Music is my life

    • J-Hope Oppa
      J-Hope Oppa Month ago

      @Kkaebsong Bacon 0:43

    • Kkaebsong Bacon
      Kkaebsong Bacon Month ago

      What minute?


    Get kyungsoo out of this mess 😂

  • lena
    lena Month ago

    Nobody hates exo more than do

  • Adriana Hristeva
    Adriana Hristeva Month ago +1

    do kyungsoo? more like done kyungsoo

  • Agne Gusaite
    Agne Gusaite Month ago

    D.O is so me when im with my crazy friends😁 i hate being teased by my friends 😒

  • Emie Dee
    Emie Dee Month ago

    At 2:45 he was so ready to make then catch that hand😂😂😂😘
    I live D.O

  • Kris *
    Kris * Month ago



    3:58 what a mood

  • No sana No life
    No sana No life Month ago

    This is off topic but
    Please Stan Exid

  • a normal fangirl
    a normal fangirl Month ago +7

    3:21 this one is too iconic. That stare lmao

  • Grldne_dz
    Grldne_dz Month ago +2

    3:27 got me laughing so loud

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad Month ago +2

    That was so funny

  • Lara Croft
    Lara Croft Month ago +2

    1:44 taoooo😭😭💕

  • the emily
    the emily Month ago +13

    *All this I was like- Kai should take responsibility and save Chanbaek from Satansoo*

  • leo lubab
    leo lubab Month ago +1

    I love him

  • SunMoon_ Mark
    SunMoon_ Mark Month ago +1

    Omagosh he's so adorable

  • BLINK fandom
    BLINK fandom Month ago +5

    my 1 braincell when being assigned in a group work

  • Random Email
    Random Email Month ago +1

    2:24 d.o. was like "Aye I don't fuck with that gay shit was u doing boi-" 😂

  • fandom goddess
    fandom goddess Month ago

    why am I laughing??!!?!?!?!?

  • Akayleah Wills
    Akayleah Wills Month ago +1

    4:09 my lUnG

  • vaishnavi bts kpop
    vaishnavi bts kpop Month ago

    I love D.O he is so cute. But his actions are more cuter😘😘😘

  • yumna amjad
    yumna amjad Month ago +2

    that slap though he is soo funny unintentionally

  • Winda Grizela
    Winda Grizela Month ago +2

    I love do wkwkwkwk

  • Kenneth Hudson Chwe

    Why so cute❣🥰❣

  • 유리박
    유리박 Month ago

    D.O? more like D.O.N.E

  • Ráchél Størmføŕte

    tao’s hysterical laugh is everything-