This TV guide will help you decide your next TV!

  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
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Comments • 166

  • Prince Upadhyay
    Prince Upadhyay 7 months ago

    Bro plz suggest me a smart tv under 25k(max) and amazon prime and Netflix is necessary

  • Learn Arena
    Learn Arena 9 months ago

    VU iconium 43 inch 4k TV vs Mi TV 4A 43 inch..?
    Suggestions needed

  • Shreyansh Sancheti
    Shreyansh Sancheti 11 months ago

    bro hindi me bhi bna liya kro bideos

  • Patel Patel
    Patel Patel 11 months ago

    Mi, tcl ,Vu me se 55. inch ka konsa TV Lena chahie

  • Wasim zafri
    Wasim zafri Year ago

    Very helpful video .. thumbs-up

  • mayur telsinge
    mayur telsinge Year ago

    Very good info

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B Year ago

    Hey DB, i need TV jus for set top box watching.
    So planning for mi tv 4a 32inch.
    Now main ques, will the *Remote* of Set Top Box work with that, or will have to use mi tv infrared remote. Which I don't think my family will be able to use..

  • charan singh
    charan singh Year ago

    jisko English nahi aati vo kya kare bolo sir

  • Ankit Hedau
    Ankit Hedau Year ago

    which tv is good at 20k budget over all ?

  • Meri khan
    Meri khan Year ago

    Please sir make of video Hindi

  • Mr. X
    Mr. X Year ago

    Lawade please use Hindi also in video

  • Soumyojeet Goswami

    Pls help sir best tv under 50k (Sony Samsung LG etc)

  • Sambit Bhattacharaya

    Plz Dhananjay plz tell me which monitor are you using ...... I really want to buy that monitor which is on your back ground ..... Plz share the link from where you purchased that monitor

  • skullmad 324
    skullmad 324 Year ago

    bro will you make a video depth rewiew on mi tv 32inch...?

    ROHIT SINGH Year ago


  • Pma
    Pma Year ago

    Dear, how to choose TV's size, please

  • I S Khan khans
    I S Khan khans Year ago


  • shinu mattathil fitnesslover

    Bro i want to buy 40 inch smart tv under 30k which is better please replay

  • omi manoj
    omi manoj Year ago

    Which panel boss? A grade or ips or any other?

  • narendra botway
    narendra botway Year ago

    I am usually a silent watcher but I had to comment because this video is an excellent buying guide. Very very practical. Thanks and appreciate your work ! Can you also make a video on Soundbars on similar lines ?



  • Bull Red
    Bull Red Year ago

    My opinion is buy some 43inch low price like MI full HD tv and use amazon fire stick . It has lot of HD content and programs for kids. I dropped plan of buying 4K tv since there is no content and future I can buy again cheap 4K tv.

  • void々 ĐÖN
    void々 ĐÖN Year ago

    I am confused which one to buy mi TV 43 inch or Thomson 40 inch , which one is better ?plzzzz reply...

    NEERAJ DUDANI Year ago

    how about mi smart tv ?

  • Puneet Gupta
    Puneet Gupta Year ago

    English sikha do bhai

  • harish shahi
    harish shahi Year ago

    are you aware of the privacy leak activity of paytm exposed by COBRAPOST?

  • Anirudh bijjur
    Anirudh bijjur Year ago

    Please review the mi TV 64inch

  • Rohit Enwurd
    Rohit Enwurd Year ago

    kitna macho ho gya hai chikna mera

  • Deadpool Gamer X1


  • samar Partap
    samar Partap Year ago

    Plz suggest best tv among lg nd samsung...@40k budget

  • Sunanda Suresh
    Sunanda Suresh Year ago +1

    Pls make a video about how to setup amazon fire stick and chrome cast

    TECH WITH SHIVANSH Year ago +1

    bhai like to de diya par huge nahi de paya 😂😘

  • Ayush Chauhan
    Ayush Chauhan Year ago

    Best tv guide i have ever seen. ❤️

  • Manish Salve
    Manish Salve Year ago +1

    Good Dhananjay...👌

  • Arpit Satnalika
    Arpit Satnalika Year ago

    Very good guide.

  • Anirban Halder
    Anirban Halder Year ago

    fantastic tips bhai .....
    so helpful .

  • Parag Kharche
    Parag Kharche Year ago

    Sony Bravia smart (non android)or Mi Tv ?

  • Akash Chaudhari
    Akash Chaudhari Year ago

    Nice video on this topic..plz make same video for home speaker system

  • Hareesh Makkapati

    Don't choose paytm blindly. check in others also and compare it then buy

  • Ronty_ K
    Ronty_ K Year ago

    I was hoping you would suggest some good TVs video maybe?? ;)


    I'm gonna Buy a TV tomorrow nd I found your video😱

  • Dip Jyoti Deka
    Dip Jyoti Deka Year ago

    I don't think you can show the difference of hdr on a non hdr screen

  • Nachiket Bidwai
    Nachiket Bidwai Year ago

    Make video on best 4hdr OLED tvs, best 1080p tvs, best 720p tvs in different price ranges😄

  • Prasad Maripudi
    Prasad Maripudi Year ago


  • Sahil Tiwari
    Sahil Tiwari Year ago

    Great video.BTW, which toothpaste do you use?


    Mi tv 4 32 inch ka full review kadhi taknar

  • Sudip Das
    Sudip Das Year ago

    Which moniter you are using in the background??

  • herjin
    herjin Year ago

    4.10 sound bar create a video regarding the same

  • Nemeen Shah
    Nemeen Shah Year ago

    Using TV as a monitor or Monitor as a TV ? What will you recommend I'm not going to play games but will edit videos on that so let me know what's better

    • Nemeen Shah
      Nemeen Shah Year ago

      Dhananjay Bhosale Thanks I would take a note of this

    • Dhananjay Bhosale
      Dhananjay Bhosale  Year ago

      Anything more than 32" should not be used as monitor. Anything less should work if you aren't going to do gaming!

  • M.A utsav
    M.A utsav Year ago

    Love these kind of videos

  • sam george
    sam george Year ago

    Bro you are awesome

  • Piyush Kulkarni
    Piyush Kulkarni Year ago

    Hi Dhananjay i am subscribed to your channel since you started it. And in my openion this is one of your best video. You explained it very well. Video was flawless.👍👍

  • Hari haran
    Hari haran Year ago

    Great video. Now i have clear idea about it

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar Year ago

    Mi TV have LCD penal or LED panel????? If LED panel.. which type of LED??? Plz give reply..

  • ashiqur rahaman asif

    Hey brother please answer this.....If I unlock the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus bootloader and install google camera by installing twrp file, will there be any problem with my phone? For example, if there is any problem with phone updates or phone use?

  • chintan shridharani
    chintan shridharani Year ago +1

    Please recommend some good soundbars under 10k

  • chintan shridharani
    chintan shridharani Year ago +12

    Your content is soo good but your channel is quite underrated. You deserve to be at 1M subs according to your content 😍

  • Mayank Parmar
    Mayank Parmar Year ago

    Super brother

  • AJ
    AJ Year ago

    Ab kya 56 inch tv ke liye naya ghar lena padega?

  • Rajan Sahani
    Rajan Sahani Year ago

    Please make a video on Mi notebook air 13.3 please