Ana DEMOLISHES Right-Winger On CNN

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
  • Ana was on CNN with Chris Cuomo! Ana Kasparian, Emma Vigeland, and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:
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  • The Young Turks
    The Young Turks  Month ago +83

    To bring much needed focus to the pivotal issue of climate change, TYT is raising funds to host a Climate Change Town Hall.

    • samill walker
      samill walker 27 days ago

      @Surrealhere everyone knows you the # One Idiot you Trumtard.

    • Dean Walker
      Dean Walker 27 days ago

      Keep up the good work TYT. Looking through this thread I can see you guys really fired up the moron slack jaws with this one. Full of idiot deniers and glock jocks. Lmao! off at the collection of stupid here hahaha!

    • kevin key
      kevin key 27 days ago +1

      What a stupid woman! The Constitution says because a well regulated militia is necessary the people are allowed to have firearms.

  • Eldon Dania
    Eldon Dania 3 days ago +3

    Untill a crazy person shoots and kills a presidents children
    Maybe the 2nd amendment will be regulated.

  • Jane B
    Jane B 4 days ago +1

    Trump killed more people by pulling out our soldiers all at one time.

  • Wizardbane68 68
    Wizardbane68 68 4 days ago +4

    You Rock Ana.
    Ignore the trolls and the Dumba$$'s Ana. Men are scared of a woman that is Smart..Haters are going to Hate. Look to the people that love you and pay the haters no mind.

  • yasser cespedes
    yasser cespedes 4 days ago

    Look I the tyt I do but I think you guys are wrong on the gun aspect we already have tons of regulations ...yes it’s true that you can get a gun from a private party and it’s a loophole which we can close real quick just by saying yes you can sell your guns privately but only if we can get a background check...there the e cigarettes is bull we gonna shut them down because of 6 people when millions die every year from real cigarettes and I don’t see anything being done...pretty sure there’s more that meets the eyes there cause the only ones who benefit from it is the tabaco industry they just got their competition dead

  • Bart Starr
    Bart Starr 5 days ago +3

    Cortez is a flatulent right wing turd wrangler....Nice job Ana , well done

  • David Doney
    David Doney 5 days ago

    Nobody talks about the lawsuits Specifically who is paying the Bill's.
    Maybe that should be pushed every week so the taxpayers realise what its costing them on a weekly basis.

  • Moe Assaf
    Moe Assaf 7 days ago

    Being a man and explaining things to other people. Let's call a woman making any valid point "womancunting"

  • Mountain Dew
    Mountain Dew 7 days ago +1

    Only in iowa it is every well regulated militia/ citizen may bear arms, all states ban firearm licenses for blind people, except iowa

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode 11 days ago +1

    Dump Donnie diapers

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode 11 days ago +2

    Cuff the fat orange stupid orange cheeto

  • Laveluvcrew
    Laveluvcrew 12 days ago

    I love the look on someone's face who speaks poetically about the 2nd amendment and you tell them that the word "gun" never appears in the 2nd amendment or the constitution! Lol! It's the look my dog gives me when I make a funny sound towards him! HA! Can I also just say THANK YOU for briefly bringing up the issue when it comes to the opiod issue and people who suffer from real chronic pain! I was born with spina bifida and since the age of 10 and I just turned 38, I've had 17 surgeries and on the 28th I am going to have #18. I have a metal plate in my neck from a cervical fusion, I've had a thoracic fusion. I have a knee replacement after two previous ones that didn't work very well. I also have 5 titanium screws in my left ankle after several surgeries to fully fuse my ankle. Those are just the surgeries where hardware was needed to correct the problem. I also had back to back surgeries for 2 spinal leaks that caused the worse migraines one could only imagine! Because of my disability and all the surgeries, I am under pain management and I'm prescribed pain medication, along with meds for severe spasms and nerve damage, and meds that help with the remaining spinal fluid surrounding my spinal cord. I take the pain meds for obvious chronic pain that I wake up to every morning, and go to bed with every night! I have constant appointments with my Drs and pain management Dr. Since this opiod issue has really come to the public eye, people such as myself are made to look like bad people sometimes! If you listened to all the people about the opiod issue in this country, one would think someone such as myself is scoring smack on the street corner! I have been on these meds for some time now, and have never once felt the need to score heroin! It's because I don't take these meds to just simply feel good or get high. I take them to literally get out of bed every morning! When I even end up in the ER which sadly happens a lot, I always feel like I have to defend myself or justify myself to the Drs and nurses. If they ask you if you're in pain and need something and you say yes and yes, they all of a sudden think you're just there for drugs. That's why when a Dr or nurse tries to pull that line of questioning I simply just tell them that's their job to determine. I have been in extreme pain many times while in the ER, and I have never once asked for pain meds! I even had a Dr say there were "red flags" because I knew medical words and terminology. Lol! Not the fact that I one went to college to become an English and writing teacher, or the fact that I've had 17 on my way to 18 surgeries, and maybe over the years picked up a few things when dealing with my disability. It has gotten so bad for people like me. All anyone hears and sees about opiods in this country is shown in only a negative light! Rarely to people talk about the benefits and clear needs for some of these meds by people such as myself. i am made to feel ashamed of myself and my disability by the very Drs I need and need to trust when dealing with my disability! The very same drs who act self righteous these days in order to cover their own asses, after years and years being major players in this situation. They now just blame patients, while never acknowledging their part in all of this. They would rather blame patients, then admitting what they did, and admitting all the money they took from big pharma to push a lot of these drugs on the American people!

    • Happy Golden-Mountain
      Happy Golden-Mountain 11 days ago

      Laveluvcrew dude. That’s was long. Hope everything works out for you man. I know that Thailand manufactures a ton of painkillers that ships to the states. :)

  • VSE4me1
    VSE4me1 12 days ago +1

    Three words: Publicly funded elections.

  • Bob Ge
    Bob Ge 13 days ago +4

    Ana Kasparian is so hot

  • Sarena Kathryn
    Sarena Kathryn 14 days ago +1

    Thank you, Ana, for mentioning the other victims of the opioid crisis. My mother suffers from chronic back pain, and because of the heavy regulations to combat illegal prescription writing, she runs out of pills days before her next prescription. The amount simply isn't enough. And she has legally maxed out on the dosage for Oxy, so she is stuck suffering. I've tried getting her into weed, but she lives in a state that has not legalized it recreationally, and doctors over there are not too keen on giving medical marijuana away (small town).

  • Mi ke
    Mi ke 14 days ago +5

    Hold on, vaping kills a few people and cigars and cigarettes kill millions, so let's ban vaping! Is the Republican Party just plain stupid!

  • YBP
    YBP 15 days ago

    My *hypothesis* is that Trump hates somebody who owns e-cigarette company. There’s nothing wrong with this hypothesis, it’s perfectly reasonable!

  • alp
    alp 15 days ago

    Mansplain, bitch stfu

  • A-Aron
    A-Aron 16 days ago +1

    The real young Turks committed genocide against the Armenians
    Great name the young terrorists tyt

  • A-Aron
    A-Aron 16 days ago

    T McAuliffe does it make you feel bad to know your terrorist parts has zero people with class INCLUDING YOU I have no respect for anyone who actually watches the young fucks i mean Turks
    They took their name from a group that committed genocide against the Armenians

  • Lisa Barrett-Smith
    Lisa Barrett-Smith 16 days ago +2

    So if you're going by the word of the 'law' - 2nd ammendment according to the guy on the right - and you can't bend from that statement 'well regulated militia' then he's wrong on two counts. 1 - there is no regulation on who can currently get a gun, and there is no regulation on that person once they have got a gun. And 2 - all women should be stripped of their arms immediately, as 'well regluated militia' pertains only to 'men'. Don't think his argument is holding up too well.

  • spiritofr
    spiritofr 17 days ago

    well-regulated emphatically does Not mean regulated by the government otherwise that defeats the entire purpose of the amendment in granting citizens the right to self-defense against that very government

  • Cesar Ramos
    Cesar Ramos 17 days ago +1

    My girl Ana SNAPPED, go off sis!!

  • Hemperor Kush
    Hemperor Kush 18 days ago +6

    Nice job Anna. Made that douchebag look stupid while he was trying to act like you didn't understand what you were talking about.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you debate more of these idiot morons. Nothing they do makes sense with the exception of the financial aspect. It's always about the money with these greedy lawless cowards. I'll bet once people start shooting at them they'll run to Congress to change the laws. Freaking cowards the lot of them!

  • Dustin Lynne
    Dustin Lynne 18 days ago

    Ana is the lefts Tomi Lahren. I’m sure she puts 6 layers of makeup on so she can impress us with her mind

    • Dustin Lynne
      Dustin Lynne 9 days ago

      chum bucket you might notice she stays away from big words, if you pay attention. In fact, go back through and list the most complicated word she uses. All kidding aside, she’s not dumb. Also... it’s hard to take anything seriously away from a guy named chum bucket 🤣

    • Dustin Lynne
      Dustin Lynne 9 days ago

      Lisa Barrett-Smith if you don’t understand basic business decisions, then you have a problem. At the same token I like some of the things she says

    • chum bucket
      chum bucket 9 days ago +1

      it's ok if you don't understand any of the big words she uses. rewatch the video more slowly

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 14 days ago +3

      Dustin Lynne Nope, Anna does have a brain with actual braincells unlike that empty-headed unhinged fake blonde kook.

    • Lisa Barrett-Smith
      Lisa Barrett-Smith 16 days ago +5

      if you can't look further than the makeup, maybe it's you that have the problem?

  • jim thomas
    jim thomas 18 days ago +1

    she demolishes her twat nightly

  • Anertia
    Anertia 19 days ago

    The founders' intent of the second amendment was that any white male should be allowed to own a musket.

    • Anertia
      Anertia 13 days ago

      @Suzette Aljanabi I don't know what you mean by inferiority complex. My point was that the original intent of the 2nd amendment has already been changed.

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 14 days ago

      Anertia I know that Well, but the Whites believe they are the only ones who existed as human beings who those rights were avail to. They still carry that preconceived “inferiority complex” to this day.

    • Anertia
      Anertia 14 days ago

      @Suzette Aljanabi it never was.

    • Suzette Aljanabi
      Suzette Aljanabi 14 days ago

      Anertia Well America is no longer all white males correct?

  • Peter Moore
    Peter Moore 19 days ago

    When you seek to redefine the 2nd amendment for your own purposes you don't get to pat yourself on the back. Take some lessons on historical context of phrases for goodness sake.

  • w41duvernay
    w41duvernay 20 days ago +1

    Great point, Ana, you have to get the money out of politics. Especially our Supreme Court, which has it's own corruption problem right now.

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz 20 days ago +4

    me after every TYT video...TRUE!

  • Vini SThrill
    Vini SThrill 21 day ago +1

    Right wingers get stuck when arguing with progressives because they can't divert to Democrat vs Republicans 😂

  • William Miller
    William Miller 22 days ago +2

    I would never agree to ax the 2nd Amendment ( I was raised hunting and fishing), but Assault Rifles were designed for the Military, not for Civilian Use, therefore they should be regulated strictly.
    And Republicans may think I direct this at them, but it's directed toward 'everyone' (I passed by Black Panthers carrying AR-15's at the Klan protest, they were peaceful, but did make me wonder:
    What if something 'bad' happens, could be a massacre, there were like a thousand people there).

    • Chris
      Chris 20 days ago

      William Miller hmmm 1 million armed forces against 85 million armed...your math doesn’t add up

    • William Miller
      William Miller 20 days ago +1

      @Chris No chance of that in this day and age. I could see citizens taking on the military, yeah right.

    • William Miller
      William Miller 20 days ago

      @Sasha Whitefur I did some research on it, was designed in the 1950s for the military, look it up. So why should ordinary citizens have them if they were designed for the military?

    • Chris
      Chris 20 days ago

      Second amendment wasn’t written to protect hunting rights it was to keep a government in check

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago

      The AR15'5 were semiautomatic. Automatic ar15's are, aready regulated as Machineguns.

  • Jimmy Mitchell
    Jimmy Mitchell 22 days ago +3

    my tongue belongs in Ana's arse

    • Jimmy Mitchell
      Jimmy Mitchell 20 days ago

      @Xavier Vincent *horny preteen ya jagoff

    • Xavier Vincent
      Xavier Vincent 20 days ago

      If you can't even say the word ass you have no business even writing the comment. What you've written is the musings of a preteen.

  • B D
    B D 23 days ago

    quit patting yourselves on the back. "maybe i have a blindspot". you just went on a show that regularly features kelley ann conway as a guest

  • Shawn Carlson
    Shawn Carlson 24 days ago +1

    If "Militia" means any male as Steve explained, does that mean the 2nd amendment forbid any women to carry firearms?

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago

      It was judged that women, can be in a militia.

    • Ty Jackson
      Ty Jackson 21 day ago +1

      Chris even if “well regulated” means “functioning properly” it still wouldn’t apply to the nearly 400 million guns in civilian hands, and frequent mass shootings. What about that, in your mind, is “functioning properly”?

    • maxximus2012
      maxximus2012 21 day ago

      @Shawn Carlson you're so cool

    • Shawn Carlson
      Shawn Carlson 23 days ago

      @Chris I have my gun. Think as you wish, but that doesn't make you a "man".

    • Chris
      Chris 23 days ago

      Shawn Carlson ban guns then? I mean if you want guns banned then man up and say so

  • Kim K
    Kim K 24 days ago

    They are killing & torturing veterans & civilians pain patients to stop fentynal. Truth

  • bearded goat
    bearded goat 24 days ago +3

    Republicans need to give up their guns because if they fall into Democrats hands they will shoot up their ghettos.. how many Republicans are shooting up Chicago or Baltimore? Ana is garbage and this channel is a shitshow..

    • bearded goat
      bearded goat 20 days ago

      @NaziGOPBallmer go wipe the sweat off chenk moron

    • bearded goat
      bearded goat 20 days ago

      @Sasha Whitefur yeah alot of white supremacists shooting people in Chicago.. idiot

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago +1

      Almost all, of the shooters were white Supremacists.

    • NaziGOPBallmer
      NaziGOPBallmer 21 day ago +1

      Your mouth is the only thing that's garbage. She just put your fellow Conservatard in place and you're just butt-hurt about it. Grow up or GTFO.

  • Pav B
    Pav B 25 days ago +4

    "demolishes" :))))))))))) lmaoooooo these communists are crazy, y'all nun but some brokeass socialist ugly hoes sit yo pussyass down stupid hoe :)))

    • chum bucket
      chum bucket 9 days ago

      my socialist friends and i will now refer to ourselves as the Party of brokeass socialist ugly hoes

  • Formalbug571
    Formalbug571 25 days ago

    To be fair, I don't know too many people that couldn't completely these idiots in a real conversation. They're so used to having a dishonest dialogue that they can't acknowledge when they've been beaten. So they're left hurting their own arguments because they can't concede simple things they may have gotten wrong.

  • J T
    J T 25 days ago

    Guns do kill more people than vaping but smoking in general kills far more people than guns every day so there’s that....... personally though I don’t agree with banning guns or vaping. If people want to make the bad decision to smoke then that’s their decision...... I don’t agree with you guys on gun control but I do agree for once on the opioid hypocrisy

    • chum bucket
      chum bucket 9 days ago

      and here we have the centrist clown

    • YamCherie
      YamCherie 11 days ago +1

      Sasha Whitefur
      People die of a gunshot, not from a finger on the trigger.

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago

      Again, a gun has never killed anyone, without a finger on the trigger!

    • J T
      J T 22 days ago

      AmandasAfterword ahhhh yes because one more gun law will stop people from breaking the law

    • AmandasAfterword
      AmandasAfterword 22 days ago

      J T the difference is that guns kill people who didn’t have a choice in the matter. Vaping/smoking kills the person choosing to partake. Neither needs to be banned, but we need more regulations on the things that can kill innocent people.

  • SrtJunkie
    SrtJunkie 25 days ago +5

    The only thing ana ever destroyed was her own nose....

    • jim thomas
      jim thomas 18 days ago

      i bet she destroys her vagina nightly

  • Tim Borch
    Tim Borch 25 days ago +4

    Trump wins 🇺🇸
    -- and no free healthcare for illegals

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago

      Trump is now watching out for an impeachment, it has been started.

  • Pritesh Govindji
    Pritesh Govindji 26 days ago +1

    Ahhh come one man!! Why can't the American government look at the countries around the world, and how they regulate the sales of e-cigs and liquids? It's pretty simple, in the UK the liquids have to pass rigorous tests and the vape shops are pretty strict. They'll show you how to use your vape, if you want to go down RDA's or RTA's (etc) they will make sure you KNOW what you are doing. Hell have a watch of Dave from @dashvapes.

  • porculizador
    porculizador 26 days ago +1

    he didn't like that "easily corruptable" bit lmao

  • Perpetually Lost in Thought

    Also, the Constitution gives me the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I won't try and tell you what makes you happy so don't tell me mine. Shrooms? Yes please.

    • Chris
      Chris 24 days ago

      Perpetually Lost in Thought actually that’s the Declaration of Independence but you’re on the right track with your line of reasoning as far as not sticking your nose into other people’s business and they should do the same...I agree

  • Perpetually Lost in Thought

    I don't agree with Cortez, but I also don't think that was "mansplainig".

  • 1Man1Army Pros
    1Man1Army Pros 26 days ago +1

    Instead of E cigarettes about regular cigarets regular cigarettes kill more people

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago

      Secondhand tobacco smoke is killing me as we speeck, and I developed Emphysema, even tho I never smoked.

  • Gary Esposito
    Gary Esposito 26 days ago

    Its not simply money in politics. Theres the added element of stupidity in the electorate. I don't know if anyone else has noticed this; lately theres a lot of Flags being flown... this could be taken as an endorsement of the status quo.

  • Jim Mauch
    Jim Mauch 26 days ago

    Chris Cuomo enjoys having you on. He lets you loose and dispenses with the fair and balanced thing he is saddled with. How do you balance stupid?

  • William Chapman
    William Chapman 26 days ago +4

    The only thing ana could demolish is a crack rock in her crack pipe

    • SrtJunkie
      SrtJunkie 25 days ago +1

      @Mark Hepworth we are also lucky to have comedians and unlucky to have limited thinkers who cant take or understand a joke.

    • Mark Hepworth
      Mark Hepworth 26 days ago +1

      William Chapman Profound insightful statement...the world is lucky to have deep thinkers like yourself..

  • matt padze
    matt padze 27 days ago +3

    go anna its ur b day!

  • James Asper
    James Asper 27 days ago +2


  • Nunyo Bidness
    Nunyo Bidness 27 days ago +3

    Yes! Good to see Ana’s been getting more exposure. Prediction: she’s gonna become an employee of CNN. A little much on the makeup maybe but YES!

    • SrtJunkie
      SrtJunkie 25 days ago +2

      Right? It's like taking the trash out to the trashcan.

    • Dan
      Dan 26 days ago +5

      Yeah CNN could use some more intolerant cunts.

  • Dee Lish
    Dee Lish 27 days ago +4

    Guns, alcohol, and cigarettes each kill thousands of people a year. Dabs killed 5 people. Not regular vaping. Yet we're banning all vaping? Bitch, please.

    • Sasha Whitefur
      Sasha Whitefur 20 days ago

      None of them EVER kill anybody, people kill them.

  • Julio Zam
    Julio Zam 27 days ago

    I hunted a bear for my bear arms . no ones taking them away

  • Julio Zam
    Julio Zam 27 days ago +6

    Steve cortez is a legit piece of doo doo.

  • Daniel Moar
    Daniel Moar 27 days ago +2

    The guy smirked when Anna said "Wayne La Pierre pulls [Trump] aside..." He knows it's true, and he likes it.

  • Ryan Archibald
    Ryan Archibald 27 days ago

    Neither vaping nor weapons should be regulated. Keep off snek

  • Olaf Riedel
    Olaf Riedel 27 days ago +2

    He even said "who was healthy", so why then not taking health background checks?

  • Dr Dermix Girl
    Dr Dermix Girl 27 days ago +1

    Wait, what, who is that? John, those glasses are a whole mood. 👓 ❤️