The CPU Intel SHOULD have made!

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
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    The Core i7 8086K is boring... But we couldn’t pass up celebrating the 8086's anniversary in style. Time for a little DIY action to turn it into a work of art!
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Comments • 3 947

  • Piotr Sumela
    Piotr Sumela 4 months ago +2244

    If only you would do it straight... it kinda hurts my "premium" thing. To be fair, never delidded anything, so I have no idea how hard it is to align IHS correctly, but it looks like something what you would buy on aliexpress. Especially on b-rolls ;p

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 17 days ago

      +shaunskii or nail polish.

    • bmxriderforlife1234
      bmxriderforlife1234 17 days ago

      so when is linus getting the new lazer engraver? he said no one around there has one so im assuming this means a new toy for linus?

    • Jokey Jesus
      Jokey Jesus Month ago

      True 😂

    • mandarin125
      mandarin125 Month ago +1

      +Aurélien ETIENNE mais oui

    • Maggie McFee
      Maggie McFee Month ago

      Honestly, would it have killed them to stop and cut that tape square? Sure, it won't be seen, but neither will that gold top. So... same same.

  • John Hayes
    John Hayes 2 days ago

    Totally Sick CPU

  • Meditation Relax Music

    Shame on you, Intel...
    (BTW after 15 years of Intel, a week ago I've bought a Threadripper)

  • Caleb
    Caleb 3 days ago

    A fiber optic laser isn't really a type of laser. It has only to do with the light's being inserted into a fiber optic cable before it's coupled with whatever you want to use it. The term is usually " fiber coupled laser," and they're usually adjustable and usually not very powerful unless you want them to be (i.e. if you pay for a model that's powerful).

  • David C
    David C 3 days ago

    adding an extra layer made this CPU *THICCCER*

  • Nate Grey
    Nate Grey 4 days ago

    Anthony is the man

  • Francis Phillipeck
    Francis Phillipeck 4 days ago

    I think a matte black PCB, like lets say an EVGA GPU type color of PCB or ASUS motherboard type PCB color would look better and maybe a brushed gold heat spreader would look nicer but imo they did an awesome job frfr

  • Disguise_AU
    Disguise_AU 6 days ago

    Can you guys make more of these to sell? I'd definitely buy one just for show (I'd put it in a frame)

  • Buck Private
    Buck Private 6 days ago

    Hey Linus, where might I be able to buy some of that Liquid Metal?

  • Crissy Hutto
    Crissy Hutto 7 days ago


  • Taggart Olson
    Taggart Olson 8 days ago

    Solid Gold heatsink.

  • jaiden91
    jaiden91 9 days ago

    feels bad

  • arvenyon
    arvenyon 10 days ago

    Can I buy it from you guys????

  • rockedout
    rockedout 11 days ago

    they don't need to do better cosmetically... it already costs $500 CAD last time i checked might be cheaper now. It won't ever show on your rig because of the cooler. By doing it better cosmetically and increase production cost, they won't do it. If it increase retail value because they did something cosmetically, i wouldn't want them to do it.

  • ZinoAmare
    ZinoAmare 11 days ago

    crooked cpu xD

  • Nimtesh Sharma
    Nimtesh Sharma 12 days ago

    i once fixed an aunties desktop. it was doing 70 degrees with the heat sink. so i put a 5 cents coin on the cpu. the damn thing dropped 5 degrees. wonder what would happen if i put a 20 cents coin on it?

  • Syc holic
    Syc holic 12 days ago

    just wondering why didnt you just go with a silver plating? given ya know heat transfer rate is all that matters for the face of the cap.... o.O given gold is about a 1/3rd the heat conductivity rate vs silver and is even below copper.... you actually just insulated your chip. But at least you didnt nickle plate it... which is HORRID for thermal transfer dun dun dun for all you nickle plated waterblock users...

  • Fuorman
    Fuorman 12 days ago

    please no RGB
    Are you her me Intel ?

  • Jason Felosi
    Jason Felosi 12 days ago

    Why do u disable MCE? Is there a video on it and why?

  • Manuel G
    Manuel G 13 days ago

    temps are terrible for lapped and LM.

  • __David_
    __David_ 13 days ago

    der 8auer

  • Nathaniel Goshorn
    Nathaniel Goshorn 14 days ago


  • Jim Mulholland
    Jim Mulholland 15 days ago

    As if Intel would listen to you mate 😂.

  • CanadianParadox
    CanadianParadox 15 days ago

    does anyone even use linus's sponsers?

  • james timmons
    james timmons 16 days ago

    wow i think your on to something here Linus,you could make a whole line of custom lids for sale,i would be the first to buy!! and nobody that i know of does that so you would have a monopoly on it.

  • Luke Snow
    Luke Snow 16 days ago

    you could of used cermark and sprayed it on the ihs.. then use the laser and what cermark does it turns to a pretty black ceramic coating where the laser went over..just look up cermark lasered metal

  • bmxriderforlife1234
    bmxriderforlife1234 17 days ago

    when gold plating the thinness allows you to see the base material underneath. this is also why gilting(mercury based gold plating) has a different color, it has a thicker layering and also the mix with the mercury has an effect.
    also purity of gold used will have an effect.

  • dark soul
    dark soul 17 days ago

    We want more of Anthony!! Nigga smart af

  • MohammedSeed
    MohammedSeed 17 days ago

    and the cooler will be on top of it

  • Madson Delano
    Madson Delano 18 days ago

    Damn!!! Dammmmn!!! Daaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnn!!!

  • Lorne Howland
    Lorne Howland 19 days ago

    Love It! ❤

  • Joseph Smock
    Joseph Smock 19 days ago +1

    Since 5ghz was sustained, thermals didn't bottleneck speed. The maximum CPU boost did. Curious as to what maximum sustainable Clockspeed is with that material.

  • Nur Haziq
    Nur Haziq 20 days ago

    The plate is skrew up hahaahah

  • Frank HEUSER
    Frank HEUSER 20 days ago

    X86 is a backdoored bloated architecture
    By the way no architecture has had a completely formaly proven security (that i like to define as the concurrent existence of availability to authorized users, confidentiality of privileged information, integrity against improper system modification, correctness of service delivery)
    I have not gone througt all risc V documentation but i am not sure that they tryed to prove maximum information leakeage between domains througt covert Channel analysis am i wrong ?

  • Colin
    Colin 20 days ago +1

    Damn all that work and my 5.1 8700k at avx loads is the same temps, and not delidded.

  • allan lansdowne
    allan lansdowne 20 days ago

    Give some credit to the engraver for doing a good job.

  • Smile.jpg
    Smile.jpg 22 days ago

    Your first video that made me think why.

  • The Garden of Eatin
    The Garden of Eatin 23 days ago

    Etching metal with a CO2 laser: I do this ALL the time at work. Look into a product called Cermark.

  • Martin
    Martin 24 days ago +1

    Pimp my Ride -- CPU edition. Congrats.

  • Forever
    Forever 24 days ago

    9:14 Gave me some good ASMR tingles 😌. Thank you, Linus.

  • MobBusta
    MobBusta 24 days ago

    What PC Case is this?

  • Steven Fournier
    Steven Fournier 25 days ago +1

    lol linus' voice as he was gluing it in :D

  • WorthlessDeadEnd
    WorthlessDeadEnd 26 days ago

    "What's done is done now."

  • Aviram Iancovici
    Aviram Iancovici 26 days ago

    I don't know if Linus is the best human being - but if he was president we would totally be in mars by now. Canadians - they make sense.

  • Cori Doctor
    Cori Doctor 28 days ago

    I just cried gold tears

  • ASMRBear
    ASMRBear 29 days ago

    Even if I don't like the look of the TridentZ Royale, but it would definitly fit with the 8086k u guys created here~

  • Mainak Roy
    Mainak Roy 29 days ago

    Can you do it on my Pentium 3?

  • nanquan491
    nanquan491 Month ago

    It seems like Linus has more competent people working under him, but because he wants to do everything himself he just ends up screwing shit up more often than not, and the poor bastard just has to stand there thinking to himself "I knew this was gonna happen" and "not again...". And obviously one word out of place, and Linus being the dick that he is will fire their asses.

  • Oleksandr Ivanov
    Oleksandr Ivanov Month ago

    Ha-ha-ha! Maniacs! :)

  • Atlas
    Atlas Month ago

    Oh my god.. Be my friend, you're one of the cool nerds!! >_>

  • Bo Mikael Linus Andersson

    1:38 drops the cpu...

  • Vrangor
    Vrangor Month ago

    That Madrinas coffe at the beginning Instantly reminded me "UHF" comedy and Stanley Spadowski`s Clubhouse, and to be honest all LTT style is a bit like that. Anyway, I watch, i like and thumb up:)

  • Elijah Headrick
    Elijah Headrick Month ago

    Oh an 8086K. I bought one of these because of the reference to the 8086. Happily paid the premium for the "86K" text adjustment on the box

  • Ali Saneie
    Ali Saneie Month ago

    Who's Secret? :D

  • Drew g
    Drew g Month ago

    sweet video, surprised nobody at intel has rgb or black/red fever. Hell i bet they could sell it for 100 more bucks for colors lol

  • Romeo Ruiz
    Romeo Ruiz Month ago

    They make what can most people pay

  • Juan Ng
    Juan Ng Month ago

    omg did his thumb really bleed?

  • HighVoltage Gaming
    HighVoltage Gaming Month ago

    @derB8auer Linus benutzt dein Werkzeug in Canada. Wie Geil ist das den.

  • Topias Isotalo
    Topias Isotalo Month ago

    You know what? I think the Intel's special edition CPU was boring.
    Should they have gold-plated it? Yes.
    Am I going to gold-plate it? Yes.
    Do I care about consequences? Do I look like I do??

  • HMan
    HMan Month ago

    You did a mistake removing the nickel layer, a nickel layer is necessary when plating gold to copper, because otherwise copper ions migrate through the gold and cause it to corrode. Should have gold plated the nickel directly instead...

  • Michael La Fayette
    Michael La Fayette Month ago

    It should help thermals, wouldn't engraving technically leave a trench and "increase" the totally surface area? Similar to how more fins on a heat sink helps dissipate more heat?

  • Blueis Notgreen
    Blueis Notgreen Month ago

    What’s a seepy ewe?

  • Otto Ahola
    Otto Ahola Month ago

    Was there real gold on top of the heatspreader??

  • GodOfNoice
    GodOfNoice Month ago

    5:23 I laughed so hard at this! Anthony, my man, you should be in more videos! You're a really smart dude. A '+' to this channel.

  • Alan Burns
    Alan Burns Month ago

    Subscribed because of the coffee

  • Adrian Orozco
    Adrian Orozco Month ago

    I love his "in your face" unapologetic product placement delivery ... "Hey Linus how can we insert this fucking product into our content?" "fuck it just give me something to say and I'll say it"

  • Augustus Yu
    Augustus Yu Month ago

    Most channels - Pretend they record in a studio
    Tech Tips - Pretend they record in a house

  • cdreid99999
    cdreid99999 Month ago

    Motorolla processors were Massively superior to the 808x line for avery long time. (I could emulate a pc on my atari st at 300% speed). But at some point motorolla just stopped trying and hyperpriced their chips while making tiny improvements til Intel (and later amd) caught up and pretty much annihilated them.

  • BowieMoonen
    BowieMoonen Month ago

    Can we get an Anthony only few episodes or series he's a stellar of a man 😎😎

    FEAR ME Month ago

    Can we buy that ;)

  • tyler acevedo
    tyler acevedo Month ago

    Yo what case is that????

  • locopoco57
    locopoco57 Month ago

    anthony is a sweety

  • malone
    malone Month ago

    9:37 500 fps on csgo

  • gam er
    gam er Month ago

    give it to me so i have something one of the kind than my face

  • Perola Gamer
    Perola Gamer Month ago

    change the lid with a silver made is so much better

  • KennySNAX
    KennySNAX Month ago

    That's one fat dude.

  • Hugh Janus
    Hugh Janus Month ago

    Plastidip is the shit. I plastidipped the chrome on my mini Cooper s, and didn't need to do touch ups for 2 years. Highly recommended it

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    I am using the same UHU selicone for my CPUs. I knew i was a pro at this.

  • -Deleted.Gamer-
    -Deleted.Gamer- Month ago

    Screw the CPU, iWant that coffee!

  • Eric McManus
    Eric McManus Month ago

    The cool thing about plastidip is that even if you lay it on thick in some areas and lighter on others, it still tends to dry evenly. I noticed this happening when I plastidipped the wheels on 2016 911 Turbo

  • Notmi Relnam
    Notmi Relnam Month ago

    What a TERRIBLE idea. Do not engrave a surface that is designed to function best when flat and smooth. Do not use questionably conductive, expensive materials on a surface that gets covered with a heatsink anyway. This looks cool as a showpiece. By all means, buy an older gen processor on ebay and frame it on your wall if you want, but do not recommend to Intel to make their products even more expensive.

  • Slobodan Andjelkovic
    Slobodan Andjelkovic 2 months ago

    Following Linus for years now. Oh how I would from this perspective give up on my corporate IT job and go back to the old days of fiddling with tech. Linus, arebyou hiring ? 😀 That said - thumbs up for great vid!

  • jon henri
    jon henri 2 months ago

    he's not really drinking that

  • NPC: Drone Class
    NPC: Drone Class 2 months ago

    let me buy that CPU........... please!!!

  • moin iqbal
    moin iqbal 2 months ago

    What's the point doing that if you put a CPU cooler on top off it

  • Guillaume M.
    Guillaume M. 2 months ago

    you seem especially tired...time to sleep() bro

  • Emerson Burns
    Emerson Burns 2 months ago

    Hey Linus, what laser engraver are you using?

  • KC
    KC 2 months ago +1


  • M. FASIH
    M. FASIH 2 months ago

    It makes no sense to make a beautiful processor as it has to be coverd by heat sink.

  • Matt Parker
    Matt Parker 2 months ago

    how much to buy it?

  • dragon ytube
    dragon ytube 2 months ago

  • aid17
    aid17 2 months ago

    Would it be worth paying more for the aesthetics if Intel actually did do that to their cpu's i mean you don't see it, it has a cooler on top of it. It would be great if they used liquid metal for better cooling though or at least make it an option.

  • makinjica
    makinjica 2 months ago

    If motherboards solder mask can be black , so can be on tiny cpu pcb , intel goes green i guess..

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    1:14 did the sponsors pay you to use a lazy Susan

  • Anonymous Channel
    Anonymous Channel 2 months ago

    hey linus what liquid u used to gold plate the copper piece?

  • Iancov m
    Iancov m 2 months ago

    how could you glue that shit and not mention that is so damn bent

  • random retarded Engineer

    I'm tired of 8086

  • Ristian Dale Sumala
    Ristian Dale Sumala 2 months ago

    Love the coffee ad

  • Andrew Somerville
    Andrew Somerville 2 months ago +1

    You keep calling the die package "the die". The die is inside that ceramic package. You certainly wouldn't be wadding thermal paste directly on a CPU die.