Unboxing A Mystery Cassette Package From Canada - Polaroid / Grundig / EQ Professional / Sony / TDK

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • In this video I try 5 cassettes that aren't common here in the UK, from a package sent to me by Tony C @ Cassette Comeback Canada

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  • Matthew North Music

    I had a really rubbish day, and knowing this is next to watch has brighten things up no end thanks Tony.

  • Steve Oszman

    Tony presents more cassettes I never seen and delightful evaluation, made my day.

  • Yuriy Korotkevych

    Wow, a new video from Cassette Comeback! TDK - Sony - Grundig - Polaroid - EQ, in descending order, in my opinion. TDK and Sony were really close, and both really good. Polaroid just didn't sound as a type 2 should, even an entry-level one. It sounded like a mediocre type one to me, therefore it goes lower than Grundig. EQ was definitely better than any "good old" type 0s (don't have any experience with modern Chinese cassettes), but still I wouldn't use it for music recording. It just sounded rough, even with level turned down sub zero.

  • Danniielle OConnor

    Great video as usual Tony! The Grundig and the Polaroid really surprised me. The Polaroid was quite low noise wise which compensated somewhat for its low MOL. It reminded me of pure chromes in that regard. The Grundig sounded a little grainy and lacking in detail but I'm being super critical. It certainly didn't sound bad at all and handled level quite well.

  • joeneedstosleep

    What's this? A whole 31 minutes of new cassette reviews from the godfather? I'll absolutely take it, thanks Tony!

  • Ross Warren

    Never knew the electronics company Grundig (famous for shortwave radios) made any cassettes. Very cool!

  • Derek Porter

    Great video Tony, and the forensic examination of each cassette was as always, thorough. You could see the Sony ran off with the title!!

  • lesgl
    lesgl  +1

    The box for the Philips UCII brought back some memories...back in the mid '80's my parents and myself ran a furniture electrical franchise here in Oz called Pattersos and they sold those tapes and remember opening the boxes and put them on sale..i still have some un used MCII's..there is a lot of those Sony ZX tapes around here in Oz.. old stock ones turn up quite often in markets and what not

  • crucie75

    Always great to see another video from the Cassette Comeback master, many thanks Tony ! That Grundig sure was a surprise, i had some different version of it with a crappy black shell and clearly the quality wasnt there, pure type 0 trash.

  • Jonah McGarva

    Tony C is amazing. His packing skills are top notch. :-)


    I recently got myself 2 of these EQ Professional cassettes when i saw them standing around for sale in a local shop and felt like giving them a try. Even though i have no high hopes as i did like the last Maxel Type1 types a lot for their high recording volume capabilities. And yeah, the ones i got were the 2021 production in the clear cases with black printed labels, white reels and red leader tapes. Haven't tested them yet.

  • K M
    K M  +1

    I heard Polaroid was rubbish also; so good to see someone put it to the test and have a go at it. Always enjoy these videos thanks for sharing !!

  • Liviu-Dan Timar

    Hello Tony! That first TDK PRO AM46 dose indeed seem to be a remarkably good sounding 'D'. I have it with red clips but same reels and apparently tape judging by how much tha '46er spooled up there compared to my '90 D. I have a slight issue with the tape thickness or lack there of, on my WM-EX910 Walkman, but it sounds amazing for a 'entry ferric'. Haven't had any issues with it on other machines, it might be that this one is more sensitive to thin long play tapes... Thank you for these wonderful videos!


    I grew up in the 1980's . Worked all summer vacation to save me some cash and bought my first HiFi equipment in that summer of 1981. Technics and NEC gear , receiver , tape deck , turntable and a set of 10'' three way bass reflex speakers . All were on sale if purchased together as a system, $599 dllrs. I still own that system and except for the receiver everything else still works . I did countless recordings into cassette . In my experience TDK , SONY chrome or better yet metal were the best to record into . Maxell , MEMOREX sounded harsh while the TDK's and SONY's sounded crisp and clear . Very good strong lows and clear highs .

  • zextakalantis 0

    I have a TDK AM as well, 90 minute version I got from a local store back in 2015. Was also wondering whether it's a repackaged D with leaderless tape or an actually better one (couldn't find much about it on google back then), but it does work pretty well, especially considering it's an early 2000s cassette.

  • Jeremy Travis

    Thanks for the review Tony. I watched this because of my history of running a company called Teletape as you might remember.

  • Andrew Hollis

    Great video Tony. It’s good your still doing videos. Thanks for all you do.

  • PeaceArch WA

    It was a distinct pleasure to watch your video analysis and evaluation of these cassettes. Thank you.

  • 3rd Street Menace⚜️

    I'd go with the sony, Grundig and TDK, maybe even polaroid, but my main go-to tape is the TDK DS-X. One of the BEST ferrics out there (same as AR.)

  • Well It's The Big O

    I was listening to a ZX a couple of hours ago, great tape, huge bass, like a 1982 TDK D somewhat.