GOT7 "Lullaby" Dance Practice (Boyfriend Ver.)

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • GOT7 "Lullaby" Dance Practice (Boyfriend Ver.)
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  • B Bullety
    B Bullety 5 hours ago

    I just laugh😂😂😂😂

  • Sierra
    Sierra 13 hours ago

    why is nobody talking about youngjae? such a hype boi ❤️

  • DTNA- Team
    DTNA- Team 13 hours ago +1

    3:06 JB you good? And they all dancing hard or soft! 😂😂

  • Lee Chan
    Lee Chan 21 hour ago

    *JB literally makes it so hard for me to even still consider Bambam as my bias*

  • Quỳnh Anh Đỗ
    Quỳnh Anh Đỗ 22 hours ago

    Ohhh Jae Bum ahh

    ITZEDIN Yui Day ago

    I don't no difference cause they're already cute :/ ☺️

  • dreamiesjk
    dreamiesjk Day ago

    the zoom ins are too much ldmdodjaks my heart is not okay

  • ive been bangtaned

    *wait jyp are u sure that u paid this cameraman like a "good good" cause if not well.. he did a good job at this so u better pay right **-cough-*

  • ive been bangtaned

    *jinyoung is ready to throw a punch on bambam at this practice lmao*

  • Erica uploads
    Erica uploads Day ago

    2:15 bambam haha

  • Mây Hạ
    Mây Hạ 2 days ago

    3:06 3:24 *are you okay JB?*

    KIM SUGA 2 days ago


  • Anna Hernandez
    Anna Hernandez 2 days ago


  • _Blyth V_
    _Blyth V_ 2 days ago

    3:22 wOaH mR. cAmERa MaN ChEaL

    KIM SUGA 3 days ago

    Did i just smile like crazy when they focus on each member face...oh my god..i need to be loyal...JB why??

  • sofa xiu
    sofa xiu 3 days ago

    3:20 i am officially deadd

  • bree c
    bree c 3 days ago

    Lullaby era was their best looking era as a group. All of them look so fiiiiiine

  • Joyce Arboleda
    Joyce Arboleda 3 days ago

    I want the cameraman promoted to CEO

  • Joziel Reyes
    Joziel Reyes 4 days ago

    They are the Best singers I won't to Be at there club

  • Ester Patrício
    Ester Patrício 4 days ago

    OMG ILY JB ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • 许帆芳Tyra
    许帆芳Tyra 4 days ago +1

    When I watch got7 I always feel happy,I don’t know why......hahaha

    KRAZED DARNEDGERL 4 days ago +7

    *ok is no one going to talk about how cute yugyeom is in this video*

  • Lady Blushes
    Lady Blushes 4 days ago

    Wow these guys make being single easy. Haha i dont need a boyfriend when you have GOT7😂😊✌💙

  • Amelka Pazdan
    Amelka Pazdan 4 days ago

    Bambam is singing so beautifully in the background😍pure talent

  • A.C.E farachan
    A.C.E farachan 4 days ago +1

    Why jackson so serious ?

  • mia Salazar
    mia Salazar 5 days ago

    Bambams blush is cuter than mine

    LOVE YOURSELF 6 days ago

    Who is the cameraman? AGGHHH WHEN JB's PART!!! WAAHHHHH

  • esther williams
    esther williams 6 days ago

    mark is : cute

  • Leilani G
    Leilani G 6 days ago +2

    We love a camera man queen 👑 😂thanks for the fans service!

  • Ronika Taneja
    Ronika Taneja 6 days ago

    Nobody :
    Bam: *dabs*

  • Wa Ciao
    Wa Ciao 6 days ago +1

    Suddenly realised the videographer is good!!! This video wouldn’t be great without the one behind the video camera!!! 😆😆😆

  • Monica
    Monica 7 days ago


  • Kpopislife16
    Kpopislife16 7 days ago

    Okay, Imma need Jaerome to go back inside JB because I feel EXTREMELY attacked!. Youngjae is a cutie pie as always, That hair color lools amazing on my bae (Jackson), Mark is adorable, Bam Bam has grown up so well, Jinyoung makes me blush & Yugeyom is Yugeyom. I think that about covers it, Lol. 🤦❤#ExcuseYouSir

  • helen kareem
    helen kareem 8 days ago

    Watch 3:23 u won’t regret my favorite 😍😍😭😡

  • Idk fam
    Idk fam 8 days ago

    Imagine using VR with this…

    IM A MULTIFANDOM GORL 8 days ago +1

    Lol everyone is talking about how the camera man zoomed into JB’s crotch xD

  • Samantha
    Samantha 9 days ago

    Ok so I am for some reason just watching this and I literally just said to myself,"fuck, I don't know who my bias is anymore, shit..."

  • Nora Jean
    Nora Jean 9 days ago +1

    Waiting for Jackson to unzip the the jacket like 🥵🤪

  • CHANYA Prakim
    CHANYA Prakim 9 days ago

    So cute

  • Melody Valencia
    Melody Valencia 9 days ago +1

    Is it me or.... is Bambam singing in the background?😂🙁🤝❤️

  • だんちゃん
    だんちゃん 9 days ago


  • Thư Nguyễn
    Thư Nguyễn 9 days ago

    why is no one talking about how energetic n cute maknae JG is in this video

  • A P
    A P 10 days ago


  • CFanBP K-pop
    CFanBP K-pop 10 days ago

    Jinyong I love you

  • jinyoungie
    jinyoungie 10 days ago

    Yugyeom here is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Min Yoongi's Wife
    Min Yoongi's Wife 10 days ago +1


  • Edith Victoria Nuñez
    Edith Victoria Nuñez 11 days ago

    I really can´t stop laughing about BamBam´s "Ay aY Ay aY ayayaya" at 3:08 OMFG HAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  • Dream Vbts
    Dream Vbts 11 days ago

    3:05 เจบีเหมือนผัวตอนโมโหอะ 5555555555

  • Panda Express Tae
    Panda Express Tae 11 days ago +3

    *Our Handsome- Weirdo (JB) starts from **3:06** onwards... Enjoy*

  • fandom goddess
    fandom goddess 11 days ago

    2:23 JB staring at my soul

  • Hồ Ngọc Khánh
    Hồ Ngọc Khánh 12 days ago

    Baem so noise 😄

  • Hồ Ngọc Khánh
    Hồ Ngọc Khánh 12 days ago +1

    Yugyeom only can show chest because our Yugyeomie doesn't have abs to show 😅

  • Pineapple Gamer
    Pineapple Gamer 12 days ago +1

    Them: staring at my soul all sexy like

    Me from the other side of the screen: *picking my nose*

  • morsesthic arrukh
    morsesthic arrukh 12 days ago +1

    They are having so much fun.. And JB's smiling like an angel. ≧ω≦

  • Carla Kemtchouang Mendes
    Carla Kemtchouang Mendes 12 days ago +1

    If JB could give me his energy, it could last me a whole school year. Honestly.
    All jokes aside tho, his energy in this video is so beautiful and uwu

  • Fhaye Chan
    Fhaye Chan 13 days ago

    Pssttt! Kyah wampipti💖

  • Trix._. 922
    Trix._. 922 14 days ago

    The voice in 2:14
    I know who it is.😂😂😂

  • Stellanim Zone
    Stellanim Zone 14 days ago

    mentang2 boyfriend version, jd pada menggoda semua depan kamera 😅

  • ND Godlewski
    ND Godlewski 16 days ago

    Whenever I'm sad their music never fails to cheer me up! :)

  • Hui Hua
    Hui Hua 16 days ago +1

    mark is literally so cute omg

  • Roberta Nogueira
    Roberta Nogueira 16 days ago +1

    Eu adoro este grupo

  • f1r3 4nd 0c34n
    f1r3 4nd 0c34n 16 days ago

    damn juck! the cameraman makes me love JB more and more and more :')

  • Hiếu1310 Lương Ngọc

    YUGYEOM SO SEXY!! =)))))))

  • Saki Reverse
    Saki Reverse 17 days ago +2

    JB already gives me chills as it is and this cameraman made it worse 😂💚

  • Blackberry juice
    Blackberry juice 17 days ago +2

    Never stanned and loved a kpop group as much as GOT7 and blackpink wow

  • Candy Mak
    Candy Mak 17 days ago

    I flow from Jackson to JB .... How did that happen?? anyway they both begin with a j jajajah

  • JungkooKhuntaecDanieMark Jeonokhoverjkulkangtuan

    Cutie Mark.. 0:25 to 0:30 😍😍

  • uh huh, listen boy
    uh huh, listen boy 17 days ago +1

    0:53 to 0:57 you have no idea how many times i replayed that, Jinyoung is just.. damnnn

  • Re_Do_Mi _A_
    Re_Do_Mi _A_ 17 days ago

    2:58 no Mark! Don't take my baby away!

  • safae jaber
    safae jaber 17 days ago

    الجنون كون كان بنادم