Hacker DESTROYS THE ENTIRE GAME!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep. 901 (Funny and Random Moments)

  • Published on Sep 22, 2019
  • Hacker DESTROYS THE ENTIRE GAME!! | Overwatch Daily Moments Ep. 901 (Funny and Random Moments)

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    ES_happier since we met _ trabant 33
    ES_ballroom gentleman - step two!
    ES_met with angry joe - sniffer dogs
    lookas & krewella - lucid ep - alarm
    ES_road rage - deathkite
    ES_summer trip - felix johansson carne
    ES_Walking on clouds - diskant

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Comments • 111

  • Triple T
    Triple T 27 days ago

    9:30 I cringed so hard that was nasty. . Never seen that done as far back before 😖

  • MrSqueezeoneoff
    MrSqueezeoneoff Month ago +1

    7:48 Wtf lmao

  • Vayjay
    Vayjay Month ago

    Hardbleu is discusting

  • Haley Smith
    Haley Smith Month ago +1

    4:38 IM DEAD 😂

  • MonkGoneGamer
    MonkGoneGamer Month ago

    Harbleu looks like he never takes a shower lol👺👺

  • Mak
    Mak Month ago

    Song 3:30

  • beata uryszek
    beata uryszek Month ago

    Nope. He has a good gaming chair xD

  • tSpooky
    tSpooky Month ago +2

    Absolutely no one:
    Me in 2nd grade with my new recorder:

  • Samantha Agosto
    Samantha Agosto Month ago +6

    XQC is so adorable when he’s not raging😂

  • Leo M
    Leo M Month ago

    Why add subtitles for lines from the players if they aren't going to be done correctly?
    In the second clip with Dafran the subtitle is "I'm going to do big big play," but the man actually says "I'm going for a big dick play."
    If you don't want to put "inappropriate words" in the subtitles, why don't you just not subtitle the line?

  • Ark
    Ark Month ago

    orisa shield is anoying, please avoid it.

  • Mr_OutSide
    Mr_OutSide Month ago

    It was actually an artificial intelligence learning how to dick you down

  • OW PaCMan
    OW PaCMan Month ago


  • Tim Lee
    Tim Lee Month ago +1

    1:48 笑死 易先生HL

  • SNGaming
    SNGaming Month ago


  • CyberSage
    CyberSage Month ago

    The thumbnail tho

  • Unnamed Legends
    Unnamed Legends Month ago

    I would create a uk police skin and if i could when she meles she uses a baton she would have a polic hat and a green uniform

  • Soloer101
    Soloer101 Month ago

    was more than 900x teehees as there were some with multi teehees also some with heetees but still more than 900x teehees.

  • Digital Drew 22
    Digital Drew 22 Month ago

    a tracer skin of a modern jet pilot

  • Meria Shadowsong
    Meria Shadowsong Month ago +1

    I wouldn't give Tracer anything. She already has lots of stuff! And as a Mercy main, she is like a fly, a mosquito. Wait... Maybe a mosquito costume with wings behind her back that would move whenever she blinks. That would fit her perfectly!

  • Sandra S
    Sandra S Month ago +1

    Tracer highlight intro where she is blinking around Emily making her giggle

  • Braxophone
    Braxophone Month ago +1

    Played against What. Grateful I got to spend extra time and effort to gain that SR back

  • fatseaturtle
    fatseaturtle Month ago

    Head Clicks

  • naeco
    naeco Month ago +1

    New gaming chair?

  • DJI Chun
    DJI Chun Month ago

    You spelled height wrong lol

  • Tuber Youb
    Tuber Youb Month ago

    Doomfist right click from 4 seconds cooldown make it 5-6 cooldown!

  • BlWe
    BlWe Month ago

    Harbleu has no hand bones

  • sam polacek
    sam polacek Month ago

    I would love a tracer skin where every time she recalled a blood trail would be on the ground an she would have no head and just stand there when she recalls like a shadow figure

  • sam polacek
    sam polacek Month ago

    Harbleu is disgusting

  • Allfathergivemesauce
    Allfathergivemesauce Month ago +1

    I would make it where Tracer throws the bomb on the screen and when it explodes it transitions to the actual play

  • Matti
    Matti Month ago +1

    You sound British, no offense. Double that

  • Matti
    Matti Month ago +1

    Just one word.. ”Hight”

  • MexThePlat
    MexThePlat Month ago +1

    What does it matter if someone hacks on widow? The gameplay is the same.

    • HeritageDrPepper
      HeritageDrPepper Month ago

      She can't hook out for safety or use her mine for, depending on the rank, more reliable damage.

  • Henry
    Henry Month ago

    8:18 what a nasty guy, what he does is disgusting apart I don't like anything

  • Gravado
    Gravado Month ago +5

    Thats me at 3:15 :)

  • NebelNihat
    NebelNihat Month ago +1

    I would make a ghost themed skin for Tracer because she has no Halloween skin yet.

  • Valerie Pruden
    Valerie Pruden Month ago +8

    Maybe tracer should get a highlight intro where shes eating popcorn with her girlfriend emily

  • Luca _ow
    Luca _ow Month ago +1

    This is my idea hope you like it, so tracer is fighting someone then she make everything slow motion and she goes about her day then gets back to fighting

  • Freddie Jacksin
    Freddie Jacksin Month ago +1

    Love how blanks out the word freshnuts

  • Diddy Danger
    Diddy Danger Month ago

    Die potato neooooooooooooow

  • Luis Fz
    Luis Fz Month ago +3

    the widow is not hacker he is good player. That is a shot that halo players do

    • xD
      xD Month ago


  • Sky Gamer15
    Sky Gamer15 Month ago

    Didn't looked like a hacker

  • N x
    N x Month ago

    Finessing you with her blinks

  • Duh Magician
    Duh Magician Month ago

    Spelled “height” wrong

  • Michi Krabben burger

    I love you're new edits please keep it up👍👍👍😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan C. Wilde
    Jordan C. Wilde Month ago

    Slideshow has officially lost it...

  • Darkness1393
    Darkness1393 Month ago +1

    QOTD: If I were to design a skin for Tracer, it would have to be a “Flash” skin from DC with a voice line that said “Sorry, I’ll slow down for you guys to keep up”

    • Crazy- Gal
      Crazy- Gal Month ago +1

      That's an awesome idea :D my first thought was Dr Who. I don't even watch Dr Who XD

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here Month ago

    To be honest it just looks like regular aim. It doesn’t look like he tracks the head immediately as he shoots. It just looks like a regular widow main

  • Harreh Potr
    Harreh Potr Month ago

    Harbleu's laugh gives me life

  • Undead Alien
    Undead Alien Month ago

    Holy crap there is someone who thinks doom fist is “fine the way he is” LOL he has needed a nerf since before the current meta, but I’m not sure exactly what they should do to nerf him.

  • Daniel Cid
    Daniel Cid Month ago

    Rocket live!!!!!!🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  • 哈奇
    哈奇 Month ago +1


  • Jack Chan
    Jack Chan Month ago

    Dear editor, hight is not a word. Height is.

    • Kef
      Kef Month ago

      dear person, spelling errors are really common especially because not everyone has english as their native language

  • saffron clamp836
    saffron clamp836 Month ago

    Tracer blinking around then recalling

  • doothedew1atc
    doothedew1atc Month ago

    I just played against What the hacking widow last week, he was reported multiple times..

  • Pseudo Hypocrite
    Pseudo Hypocrite Month ago

    Harbleu must be an alian his father brought back from area 51 when he was done with his duties.

  • Javy The Viking
    Javy The Viking Month ago

    Ok how about this : a recolor skin called neon speed or neon boost with principal color black and secundary colors blue sky and purple and pink blinks when she do the animation of movement, and a highlight that shes blinking running away from explotions and then in the final explotion she jumps into the sky with her blinks and with the big explotion in her back aiming in front of her with her duals, or a highlight that tracer throws a pulse bomb into a brigitte and she recalls in middle of the battle with a cute laught. (I used to main tracer before and I want to main her again in this meta or the next one ).

  • DeonixChannel
    DeonixChannel Month ago

    Chipsa is crying and crying and crying... He is incredibly annoying! SHUT UP AND PLAY!

  • Lnd_ad2004 _
    Lnd_ad2004 _ Month ago

    He just has a good gaming chair

  • Nebulous Entity
    Nebulous Entity Month ago +5

    I love the new Editors and how they try to time like ultimates and really cool plays to the music in the background. Really enhances the viewing experience.