Blasphemous - Final Boss & True Ending

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Blasphemous Last Boss Fight & True Ending
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Comments • 382

  • MrBoywonder1985
    MrBoywonder1985 15 hours ago

    What a game, truly dark ending. I get the sense we will see some expansion pack at some point.

  • Simon Xue
    Simon Xue Day ago

    I curse you forever in name, I bless you forever in death. Can someone sparkle note this quote for me?

  • James Ervin
    James Ervin Day ago

    The giant conehead!

  • AssamiteShadow
    AssamiteShadow Day ago

    The first time I read the name of the final boss of this game, Escribar, I could not help but remembering Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, Spanish Catholic priest, founder of Opus Dei. This Escriva had no superpowers, but was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2002.

  • Space Man Gagarin
    Space Man Gagarin 5 days ago

    what's the song name when he talks with degoracias?

  • Neko Nyu
    Neko Nyu 5 days ago

    Claro, osea el penitente hizo mierda todos los "pecadores y males" que al final solo quedaba el y con Mea Culpa sello todo pero despues cae la conchuda y la caga sacandole la espada, ahora entiendo...y digamos , no se si esperar un blasphemous 2 pero ambos finales me parecieron "validos".

  • Diego Jimenez
    Diego Jimenez 7 days ago

    The new patches
    fuck you crisanta

  • Alvaro henrique
    Alvaro henrique 8 days ago +4

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    And thus,shall your name be erased under the heavens!

  • GuidoAnchovy B
    GuidoAnchovy B 8 days ago

    last son looks baked AF

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 8 days ago

    cant beat this boss, i've tried a lot and i cant :C, ill try again later tho

  • JuanJose Mendivil
    JuanJose Mendivil 10 days ago +1

    This is like the Jesus crucifixion.
    Jesus doesn't exist, but the act of ones sacrifice for everyone suffering would cause some... miracles, I think?
    Can someone explain the lore

  • Huy hung Hoang
    Huy hung Hoang 11 days ago

    Maybe there still another part after this

  • Frodo Beutlin
    Frodo Beutlin 14 days ago

    so basically dark souls 2

  • Kyle Anderson
    Kyle Anderson 14 days ago +58

    I love that the green ropey guy is casually scratching his arse and balls during what is supposedly the most momentous historic moment in that unholy land.

    • Kh1ght
      Kh1ght 7 days ago +6

      I would be scratching my butt and balls too if I had coarse rope tied tight around my junk for all eternity

    • Vultiidsah The Memelord
      Vultiidsah The Memelord 8 days ago +7

      Deogracias is a man of very, very few fucks to give, each considered a miracle in itself.

  • Tommaso Famularo
    Tommaso Famularo 14 days ago

    kinda twisted to call a Curse, the Grievous Miracle...but i guess that's the point of the setting of this game

  • TheCraneBane
    TheCraneBane 15 days ago

    I think we can all agree here that Crisanta has a shitty ass voice actor. Could they seriously not find a better VA for such a pivotal character in the story?
    But also she one salty ass bitch. Leave my Penitent boi alone.

  • AutumnChills231
    AutumnChills231 16 days ago

    The sword of guilt is missing in the artwork at 8:30 but we later see it being pulled off him.

  • Ganksy
    Ganksy 16 days ago

    what a cliche ending dude. the last portion of the game felt rushed and just annoying. good game but definitely overrated.

  • Trippy Kiwi
    Trippy Kiwi 16 days ago +118

    The game: Blasphemous
    The ending: *HERESY*

    • CrimsonCeltCherokee
      CrimsonCeltCherokee 6 days ago +3

      @Jesse HERESY?!! WHERE?!!!!!?

    • Jesse
      Jesse 9 days ago +7

      *Loads Bolter with malicious intent*
      Did someone say... HERESY!!!

  • Wife beater 9000
    Wife beater 9000 17 days ago

    Let’s all hate Christina

  • j19 Aiden
    j19 Aiden 17 days ago

    "And thus, your name shall be erased under the heavens." Well fuck you too, bitch

  • Venom Neff
    Venom Neff 17 days ago +4

    I Curse you Forever in Name I Bless you Forever in Death Best line Since Enough Talk At You!

  • Cavstic
    Cavstic 17 days ago

    So either you die, or you turn into an inanimate object of worship?
    Happy endings all around, uh?

  • Cesar Burgos
    Cesar Burgos 17 days ago

    I'll wait for sales deal

  • Brendan Lawrence
    Brendan Lawrence 18 days ago +2

    Ok, so....Let me get this straight. Kill religious symbol, become religious symbol, repeat.
    Got it.

  • Pricefield x
    Pricefield x 18 days ago

    they need to add an expansion that lets you kill crisanta and replace the sword as a worshiper/follwer of the penitant one

  • Hau Tak Leighton Tam
    Hau Tak Leighton Tam 18 days ago +6

    1:35 There's a clever little pun in this line; both Escribar and the Pilgrim's swords are full of guilt/gilt, highlighting how alike they are.

  • Sam
    Sam 19 days ago

    Everyone seems to be bashing crisanta for pulling mea culpa out and perpetuating the cycle of the miracle, but what if the woman in the intro that has mea culpa in her is crisanta? it seems like theres a big time loop thing happening so what if there is an endless cycle where the penitent one takes the sword to sacrifice himself, then crisanta removes the sword out of revenge and restart the cycle of the miracle only to sacrifice herself in the same way to save humanity, only for the penitent one to pull the sword out anew?

  • Long Phan
    Long Phan 19 days ago

    What does summa blasphemia mean?

  • Leonidas Escanor
    Leonidas Escanor 20 days ago +3

    Its the good 'ol' Imma-kill-everyone - then-myself plot.

  • Zach Raimy
    Zach Raimy 20 days ago

    Why is diogracia or whatever so tall? He's fuckn huge?
    Another thing I want to know is in the trailer there's a scene with a bunch of those guys with the staffs walking around like it's a ceremony. I never saw this scene when I played through the game.

  • Greg
    Greg 20 days ago

    I feel the dialog in this game is so long winded, I always skip through it. This game over all is kinda meh.

  • Chii Motozoa
    Chii Motozoa 20 days ago +1

    >kill Pope
    >become Jesus2
    >some bitch takes your cross cause she wanted to be jesus3

  • 404BYTE
    404BYTE 21 day ago +1

    Crisanta: And thus shall your name be erased under the heavens...
    Penitent One: ... (Ah shit, Here we go again).

  • Pirate King Boros
    Pirate King Boros 22 days ago

    What the hell kind of religion was this inspired by again?!? 😳😳😳

    • Garrett Sattem
      Garrett Sattem 16 days ago

      rosegirl fromthemoon Thank you for being more broad and specific than I can. :)

    • rosegirl fromthemoon
      rosegirl fromthemoon 16 days ago

      Its not inspired by religion but by religious paintings of Goya. Its not some loose interpretations its just inspired by Catholic paintings and some stories/tragedies

    • Garrett Sattem
      Garrett Sattem 21 day ago +2

      A twisted interpretation of Catholicism.

  • John Daemons
    John Daemons 22 days ago +2

    this is some Da Vinci level pixel art, this game should be in a museum

  • Shane Starrette
    Shane Starrette 23 days ago +6

    I’m as lost as I was in Dark Souls.

  • D nottelling
    D nottelling 23 days ago +1

    Kinda sad how so many commenters just HAVE to be derogatory towards women.

    And then whine when anyone dares to point it out. Like, guys, this is WHY gamer culture gets a bad rap.

    • Radio Mars
      Radio Mars 22 days ago +2

      Not towards women. Towards A ONE SINGLE woman, who is indeed a bitch. See the difference?

    • Q17
      Q17 23 days ago


  • swahili ranger
    swahili ranger 23 days ago

    Jesus christ I cannot stand all these Dark souls spin-offs From Soft. This is getting out of hand.

  • Dom Lovez Candy
    Dom Lovez Candy 23 days ago

    I want this on IOS

  • Umar Khan
    Umar Khan 23 days ago

    I hope they make a sequel where he wakes up angry and goes all rage and 'GIMME BACK MY SWORD, BITCH!' and then he plunges his sword back into himself and goes back to sleep! :p

  • Fat Fuck
    Fat Fuck 23 days ago

    Moral of the story: women ruin everything

  • scorpioninpink
    scorpioninpink 23 days ago

    That b*tch!

  • Andrew Anderson
    Andrew Anderson 23 days ago +321

    Whoever they had do Crisanta's voice was terrible. Every other voice actor managed to stick with the theme, then comes along this lady who sounds like an upset 2nd grade teacher or something.

    • Grey Pierce
      Grey Pierce 12 days ago

      @Dhieen Three people just explained what the problem was above your comment.

    • Dhieen
      Dhieen 15 days ago +3

      I like her voice personnaly , what is the problem?

    • Library Adjacent
      Library Adjacent 16 days ago

      @Daniel Bassett that guy that kept talking about his "sister" was just as bad.

    • Daniel Bassett
      Daniel Bassett 16 days ago +9

      I have to agree. All the voice acting was genuinely well done but hers? I cringed so hard when I heard it. Her voice must have been what the reviews meant by 'some bad voice acting'

  • Jerry Esque
    Jerry Esque 24 days ago

    I don't think the penitent one is human, I think he is some sort of inevitable being. Like he is meant to take on humanities guilt, punishments, deprivations, sacrifices, in a quest for humanities forgiveness. I think that is a victory for him, to suffer for them. It's the ultimate penitence. But humanity is doomed to repeat there mistakes, and so the penitent one will be back when humanity desperately seeks forgiveness again. Just my thoughts

  • Alison e Cris Lourenço

    Why do i never seen that game before ?
    That sounds like disgusting end

  • 草野音あきら
    草野音あきら 25 days ago +1


  • KalvinEllis
    KalvinEllis 26 days ago +107

    I will play devil's advocate for a bit, but why is everyone hating on Crisanta when she basically did the same thing The Penitent One did in the beginning. He pulled the sword from the martyred woman in the intro, releasing the miracle and restarting the cycle. He had the same self-righteous belief that he had to take the sword and go on a quest to make everything right, and Crisanta did the same thing albeit in a more fanatical way because she held a grudge against him. Nevertheless she will end up continuing the same cycle that was going on before The Penitent One, which would also explain all the other helmets in the bad ending. Others before him tried to do the same, including the woman in the beginning but the cycle is always doomed to repeat itself whether they succeed or fail in their quest. Crisanta will either succeed or fail too, and in case she succeeds, someone else will just end up pulling Mea Culpa from her chest as well. Apparently that's the punishment for people's fanatical self-righteousness in the world of Cvstodia.

    • Eybietie
      Eybietie 20 days ago +2

      crisanta now has to fight "the last child of the miracle" and then kill herself. then someone else comes and pulls the sword... ^^

    • KalvinEllis
      KalvinEllis 22 days ago +21

      Good points. I did check out the prequel comic(it's called Blasphemous: The Kneeling) and Crisanta was indeed the one who killed The Penitent One and left his body in the pile of corpses of his brotherhood, in whose massacre she apparently participated as well. She brings his body there because she says that if he's truly the chosen one, the Miracle would revive him. I do hope we get a sequel down the line.

    • Radio Mars
      Radio Mars 22 days ago +50

      I'm pretty sure that the woman in the beggining created Mea Culpa from her guilt, while The Miracle was already present in the world for centuries. In additional comic there is a rotten guy who leads The Penitent One to the statue, and he explains that his condition is caused by The Miracle. This means that the woman's statue didn't hold anything within it aside from Mea Culpa itself. So there was nothing to release from the woman's statue. In fact, the guilt is accomulated during the game. In the bad enging you are unable to perform the communion with the sword, because the guilt of the world isn't even there, and the torn, given by Deogracias has not grown. Also in the comic, Crisanta says that she and The Penitent One are the opposite, but complimentary. This supports the notion that what she does in the end is not an act of penance, but the opposite - a self rightious foolishness. I think it points to the possible sequel and I hope we get to finish her off in a most gruesome manner
      Oh and she is also blind because of her vow, which is a pretty obvious symbolism

  • Kaare Withersmann
    Kaare Withersmann 26 days ago

    Eve at it again...

  • Jose Merced
    Jose Merced 26 days ago +2

    Honestly, this final is more depth than other games.

  • sangbum60090
    sangbum60090 26 days ago +1

    So I could be wrong but from what I've gathered, "the Miracle" is actually a divine punishment/curse for Custodia for their sins (being such oppressive and corrupt theocracy). The Pontiff who was ruling the country wasn't really a bad guy and knew this very well but was powerless and couldn't do much about it, and somehow he became the vessel of punishment himself (Last Son of Miracle) by divine will after some act of penance. But Custodians insists it's "miracle" and even take it as blessing because they are so damn fanatical. The Penitent One dies for their sins in the "good ending" thus ending the curse...for now.

    • dankpotatofarmer
      dankpotatofarmer 12 days ago

      I think you nailed it. And oh great, the last thing we see is the Custodian chick removing the sword. An act born out of hubris and malice. Deogracias makes it sound like this releases the Miracle once again; albeit in a new form. I hope those guys that kiss wounds are still in business...

  • UD. Sinar Angkasa Ibu Is

    I dont play the game but I do like this game play and style kinda remind me of Castlevania Symphony of The Night,
    So please can someone explain the ending in some...understand able common logic. as far as I intrepret The MC become a matryr and praised among the christians like a prophet or Jesus until someone else took the sword to follow his footstep doing whatever she should be doing with the sword. CMIIW

  • Khamsin Fu
    Khamsin Fu 28 days ago +2

    And then, Crisanta will replace Penitent One, on Thorned Throne, and former Last Son of Mircale can rest in peace.

  • Who Am I ?
    Who Am I ? 28 days ago +2

    8:05 me when my friend fart in the car, and he lock all the windows

  • Steve Kim
    Steve Kim 28 days ago

    What if Cretos in God of War comes to this game?

    • VerumRex
      VerumRex 27 days ago +1

      Steve Kim oh no please no

    AMR IBRAHIM 29 days ago +1

    *Mess me up with that darksouls shit*

  • Adenildo josé
    Adenildo josé 29 days ago +3

    Que belo jogo, muito lindo

  • werewarwolf2255
    werewarwolf2255 29 days ago +1

    all of those hard work. are meant for nothing... .

  • Uncle Dolan
    Uncle Dolan 29 days ago +3

    Damn that beginning dialogue subtle cussing but very gentlemen

  • Kami Tenchi
    Kami Tenchi 29 days ago

    Has this dude taken off his helmet?