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[EXID(이엑스아이디)] CUTExid_대만 아시아 투어 "How Why" 셀프 캠

  • Published on Sep 8, 2017
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  • Vy Nguyenuyen
    Vy Nguyenuyen Month ago


  • Như Huỳnh
    Như Huỳnh Month ago

    Bọn nào V_LEGGO alo đi nè

  • Xanstrom
    Xanstrom Month ago

    I wish they'd tour America.

  • Eling Chang
    Eling Chang 3 months ago


  • exceed잉
    exceed잉 4 months ago

    This is why the fans love them. I became a leggo before 2018 ends and i really felt the love and appreciation of every member for their fans.

  • Kim Ji Won
    Kim Ji Won 10 months ago

    Lovely and fresh song :3

  • しおり Shiori
    しおり Shiori 10 months ago +1


  • W Solange
    W Solange 11 months ago

    How many people attended? It looks a pretty small place 😱 maybe it has a 2nd floor?

    • Seo Jae Park
      Seo Jae Park 9 months ago

      usually attendees are around 1000+ among all their concerts if I recall

  • Nguyễn Cương
    Nguyễn Cương Year ago


  • 정재영
    정재영 Year ago

    멍멍이부럽다 진짜

  • Peridot Crystal Temps

    Saw Hani in thumbnail clicked it right away xD

  • 조교조정식
    조교조정식 Year ago

    Hawaii hawaii~~

  • **Hanna **
    **Hanna ** Year ago +2

    I love EXID♡

  • Mirlin Moorefield
    Mirlin Moorefield Year ago +1

    One more thing, my fiancée is Filipina and they love K-pop in the Philippines, they would love to see EXID there. Everyday she tells me "Mahalko, don't watch too much EXID or Solji because you cry Sobra-sobra." Truth.

  • Mirlin Moorefield

    As an International Leggo, I would be willing to fly anywhere in Asia to see them if I had enough notice and planning. Is there a place we can find out when and where their appearances are during their comebacks and promotions?

  • Aldenize Brito
    Aldenize Brito Year ago

    * EXID Lovely. ...!;-)

  • Aldenize Brito
    Aldenize Brito Year ago

    * So cute bravo Love you ♥! !!!

  • fleurvantae
    fleurvantae Year ago

    i started to barely know exid more andjwndkd im so happy i decided to!

  • Ly Yaa
    Ly Yaa Year ago

    im so sad that i not there. love you EXID ខ្ញុំស្រលាញ់EXID 我爱你们😂

  • 봉구GJ
    봉구GJ Year ago


  • Orbit
    Orbit Year ago

    Please come to Philippines T_T

  • Goddess Romsae/Love Bomb

    I dont know why but watching this video makes me feel really happy! Thank you BC and EXID!

  • tham sheh kian
    tham sheh kian Year ago

    i love this song so much~

  • Jess
    Jess Year ago

    muito fofas mds ♥
    come to Brazil mores!

  • C.F. 9030
    C.F. 9030 Year ago

    Love them all... EXID ❤❤❤

  • MissProducer 101
    MissProducer 101 Year ago

    Exid the cutest 😍 love them so so much 💞💓

  • moon chapter
    moon chapter Year ago

    Se me erizó la piel y eso que estoy del otro lado del mundo ♡

    LUNOX MAY Year ago

    ❤❤❤I'M LEGGO ❤❤❤

  • nam kim
    nam kim Year ago

    팬 愛が 凄い

  • Rima
    Rima Year ago

    Love you exid 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • hychinhchep h
    hychinhchep h Year ago

    Banana culture should put english on the name of the video

  • AKBP
    AKBP Year ago

    So solji already comeback active again?? guys pls need some explaination

  • Alanis Martinez
    Alanis Martinez Year ago +1

    Las aaaaaaamooo 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💟💞💞💞💕💕💕💕

  • mandy l
    mandy l Year ago

    im sobbin

  • SM C
    SM C Year ago

    하니 엄청 말랐다

  • Bill Alexandra
    Bill Alexandra Year ago

    Support EXID more

  • planetcheck
    planetcheck Year ago +5

    I need a EXID t shirt please!

  • Batholiths Inc.
    Batholiths Inc. Year ago +1

    they are so my queens😍😍 ty BC for this

  • hychinhchep h
    hychinhchep h Year ago +2

    Remember to stream up n down guys

  • fraay Marques
    fraay Marques Year ago +1

    My baby's
    I love so much

  • Angelica Arimado
    Angelica Arimado Year ago +1

    I really love this dorks ❤️😘

  • Dai Yeon
    Dai Yeon Year ago +1

    So cute I love you exid

  • Bianca Marques Gomes

    The sweetest video

  • KWX
    KWX Year ago +1

    hani is the best

  • Đường Đường Chimchim

    I 💖 EXID ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • 엘리게이터효진이가 좋아하는

    딱 한번만이라도 LE 영접해보고싶다

  • Orange Caramel
    Orange Caramel Year ago +1

    so cuteeee

  • kana-000
    kana-000 Year ago +1

    1:15 ahnsisters

    BLACKJACK #2NE1 Year ago

    Awwww las amo😍❤❤🎶

  • NadLya
    NadLya Year ago

    Lol the bodyguard

  • ALO Rych
    ALO Rych Year ago

    ㅇ와 이건 진짜 영업용 영상이다 특히 박정화....ㄷㄷ해 ㅁㅊ진심 개예뻐 어떻게 사람이 다 저렇게 예쁘냐.....ㅁㅊㅁㅊ진짜.....♥

  • Như Quỳnh
    Như Quỳnh Year ago

    If Solji was here, everything would pefect ❤

  • Eric Kong
    Eric Kong Year ago

    HANI SAY 我爱你们

    NGANOPQRS Year ago +1

    i love it
    oh HÓI CA and ĐẠI GIA

  • Ngoc Thuy
    Ngoc Thuy Year ago +1

    Awwww, so cute 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself Year ago +1

    please go to the philippines T_T

  • pinkest -
    pinkest - Year ago +2

    i miss Solji.. LE I LOVE YOU

  • Arvin Laudit
    Arvin Laudit Year ago +1

    Please go to the Philippines 😭

  • leggo G
    leggo G Year ago +1

    Hói ca hihi . love EXID FOREVER

  • darkusomega
    darkusomega Year ago +1


  • Mari
    Mari Year ago

    Please come to argentina!

  • Sloth on Caffeine
    Sloth on Caffeine Year ago +1

    Jeonghwa grows hotter by the day.

  • Ka Ka
    Ka Ka Year ago +2

    Awwww ❤ JeongHwa and LE are too cute...I need more Tom&Jerry moment!

  • Ayshah
    Ayshah Year ago +2

    CUTExid is my fave

  • Reyhan. ASL
    Reyhan. ASL Year ago +2

    Does anyone know if they gonna be on Mama?

    IDOL KPOP Year ago +2


  • Mariana Santos
    Mariana Santos Year ago

    kd bebê solji?❤

  • Ruslan Aksenov
    Ruslan Aksenov Year ago +1

    It turned out to be in your place! That's cool!

  • cyclonicleo
    cyclonicleo Year ago +6

    Their fan interaction is a rare and beautiful thing. It is very endearing, something that Western popstars just outright fail to do.

  • ARMY x BTS
    ARMY x BTS Year ago +16

    Banana Culture! Thank u so much for all tge concert video! I really hope tht i can meet EXID one day.

  • Johan Rivano
    Johan Rivano Year ago +4

    I love Exid!!

  • Huy KyôBy
    Huy KyôBy Year ago +3

    love hani 💑

  • MoMo L.
    MoMo L. Year ago +4

    I love EXID

  • Cai Dù
    Cai Dù Year ago +5

    Hani ❤

  • Myah M
    Myah M Year ago +3


  • Kurt D
    Kurt D Year ago +7

    I got a heart attack and died I'm writing this from beyond the grave the warning wasn't enough lol

  • Iza S.
    Iza S. Year ago +4

    Tom & Jerry ❤

  • Help Me
    Help Me Year ago +2

    I don't know if I should pronounce CUTExid as Cute-seed or Cut-exceed.

  • sau tran
    sau tran Year ago +2

    VietNam leggo love EXid. Come back again

  • Trang Hong
    Trang Hong Year ago +4

    Love exid 😘

  • Ana.Paula _RM
    Ana.Paula _RM Year ago +2

    Meu sonho vey

    EXID LEGGO Year ago +3

    3:15 cute

  • 倉田りか
    倉田りか Year ago +1


  • Jin's hungry wifeu
    Jin's hungry wifeu Year ago +12

    6 likes!? who the hell hated this!??

    • Jin's hungry wifeu
      Jin's hungry wifeu Year ago +3

      i really can't understand them!!

    • dreamworldVII
      dreamworldVII Year ago +6

      Its because some people don't like anything. So they always dislike everything. Nothing we can do about it.

  • Lazy Monster
    Lazy Monster Year ago +1


  • Chris 。
    Chris 。 Year ago +4

    Thank EXID for coming to Taiwan!

  • 匡韻仁
    匡韻仁 Year ago


  • 醬油布丁
    醬油布丁 Year ago +10

    Fan from Taiwan🇹🇼🤣

  • Daztic
    Daztic Year ago +2

    I thought ir was "Hawaii"

  • omar Omar
    omar Omar Year ago +2

    that looks like alote of fun 😍

  • Bích V
    Bích V Year ago +2

    So cute

  • 손효석
    손효석 Year ago +4

    하니누나 완전 예쁘다♡♡

  • Voldemort Sunbaenim
    Voldemort Sunbaenim Year ago +7

    BC is really being generous to us.

  • fan joengyoen love

    yêu exid quá

  • fan joengyoen love
    fan joengyoen love Year ago +2

    i think i like it

  • Stephenson Evaristo

    quero ve fazer esse trem no brasil nao sobre nada de cabelo os fans aqui sao tudo loco ehehe

  • 女韓国好き
    女韓国好き Year ago


  • 藍丹薇
    藍丹薇 Year ago +3

    I will expect next time❤️❤️❤️🇹🇼

  • kazuki EXID
    kazuki EXID Year ago +3

    EXID is always my healing ♪
    How Why…How Why…I love EXID ♡

  • Slion
    Slion Year ago +2
    Vote for exid
    The best girl group for 2017
    You can vote up to 10 times 🙏🙏🙏🙇🙇

    • RAI C
      RAI C Year ago +2

      Mina Am. Thanks a lot for the help. I love LEGGOs. I will vote every day fighting EXID.

    • Slion
      Slion Year ago +1

      You can just click on the photo and then refresh the page and vote again

    • RAI C
      RAI C Year ago

      Mina Am. Hi, how do you do to vote? Just click on the photo.? Or I need to log in to the pag? Thanks

    • Rika Hi
      Rika Hi Year ago +2

      Fighting LEGGOs