EXO 's sunshine Do Kyungsoo

  • Published on Jul 1, 2019
  • come back soon ♡
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  • yep4andy
    yep4andy  4 months ago +4948

    take care & come back soon ♡

  • Elizabeth Muthini

    Of course he is Christian d.o

  • Lóra Jennifer
    Lóra Jennifer Day ago

    Amo esse homem

  • Fruit Cake
    Fruit Cake Day ago +1

    I’m currently watching 100 Days My Prince, he is so talented for real tho

  • Ummu Rasyidah
    Ummu Rasyidah 5 days ago

    Aigooo.. why d.o so cute 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Space Unicorn
    Space Unicorn 5 days ago

    Beautiful and talented man

  • Vhen Simon
    Vhen Simon 5 days ago

    How super cute my D.O. is.. 😘

  • Camila Cordova
    Camila Cordova 6 days ago


  • Gogh Away
    Gogh Away 8 days ago

    He's so precious!

  • ricka milenia
    ricka milenia 8 days ago

    DO I love u.. Always nice and hndsome

  • Jorden Isho
    Jorden Isho 9 days ago

    He is cute and beautiful, and he got such an amazing vouce my D.O

  • Laila Solano Tobía
    Laila Solano Tobía 11 days ago

    My baby.

  • Lara Ruelline Apolinario

    Re-watching this for nth time because I miss him so much. 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Blessyy Fernandez
    Blessyy Fernandez 13 days ago


  • Zyra Isobel Ann
    Zyra Isobel Ann 14 days ago

    My Mom send me this to me because she's starting to love kyungsoo as well hehehe
    (she doesn't know I already saw this I love her sm)

  • Gizemli Ben
    Gizemli Ben 15 days ago +1

    Ay ne zamandır böyle bir video arıyodum🤗 nasılda denk geldi çook güzel olmuş. D.O ÇOOOK TATLI VE ara ara ciddisin, sevimli... Ayrıca Türkçe için teşekkürler...

  • B C
    B C 16 days ago +1

    The only video I don't want to end

  • fankpop _exo l
    fankpop _exo l 17 days ago +1

    Kyungsoo daebak(:
    Come back we are waiting for you

  • Martha Brown
    Martha Brown 17 days ago +2

    MY👑D.O. I miss you soooo much that it hurts😢😍❤💋

  • Nicolai Flamiano
    Nicolai Flamiano 18 days ago

    It's been 126 days since Do Kyungsoo entered military. And it's been 126 days since I last watched this video yet I cried again whem Kyungsoo asked me If I was okay. I wan to tell him that I'm not huhuhuhu

  • Ina Safa
    Ina Safa 18 days ago +1

    Tq for the video
    I can't stop smile ...
    Aahhh...d.o....he's so cuteeeee...funnyyy...handsomeee...

  • Mouma K EXO-L
    Mouma K EXO-L 18 days ago +1

    I'm in need of this kind of videos. I miss my Penguin sooooooooooo much 😭😭

  • we-are-one EXO-L—EXO

    we miss D.O 😭😭

  • Kyungsoo admirer
    Kyungsoo admirer 22 days ago

    Thank you so much for this compilation. ☺ Really made my day. He has this innate cuteness and funny side that he doesn't even acknowledge himself. It's funny how I find his lack of care and emotions funnier than other members' laughter spree.😄

  • Kyungsoo admirer
    Kyungsoo admirer 22 days ago +1

    God he has the cutest and most heartwarming smile. 😍 His reaction at 1:27 is just priceless. 😄😃

  • Nattie Bells
    Nattie Bells 23 days ago

    3:37 what is the title of the program? Where is this posted?

  • Kaka man
    Kaka man 25 days ago +1

    I smiled and aww-d like an idiot for 6 minutes straight

  • Joysie Dema
    Joysie Dema 29 days ago

    Kyungsoo you did great in your dramas..enjoy and stay healthy..
    You are really cute and adorable.
    You have a great voice.
    God bless you and Exo!!

  • Mysha Misha
    Mysha Misha Month ago +1

    Your all the moments are super cute but at 2.34 Awwwww 🙈🙈🙈Why you do that to me D. o??

  • Mylene Bala
    Mylene Bala Month ago

    For me its do

  • mus-sah theo-yuan madoh

    When kyungsoo comes back from the army he'll be more than just kyungsoo😂😂

  • chanyeol akgae
    chanyeol akgae Month ago +1


  • Wissal wissu
    Wissal wissu Month ago

    please what is the name of the video at 3.18 💔 i wanna know so bad

  • Junela Marcelino
    Junela Marcelino Month ago

    Why so cute D.O

  • Alerrandra Memeli
    Alerrandra Memeli Month ago

    5:14 to 5:28
    Can someone please tell me from where is it? Thnxs :)

  • Analyn Villamin
    Analyn Villamin Month ago

    for me chanyeol..cause d.o.is very serious person..

    • Analyn Villamin
      Analyn Villamin 29 days ago

      @K Soo i mean for me he was joking always..

    • K Soo
      K Soo Month ago

      What do you mean?

  • Bianka Wong
    Bianka Wong Month ago

    100 days my prince fans here!!!!

  • Chheang Lim
    Chheang Lim Month ago +1

    i used to say "how can i miss them when i never meet them" but now i knew it
    i miss them so much

  • Hayatun Nissa
    Hayatun Nissa Month ago

    Missing you kyungsoo 😔

  • BakaXO XO
    BakaXO XO Month ago



    5:54 how do u explain a hickey on ur bald head?

  • Connie Sidabutar
    Connie Sidabutar Month ago

    Even he use eyeglasses, He still cute and Amazing

  • batmanfan20101
    batmanfan20101 Month ago +1

    Ive been missing him.

  • Psychic Dragon
    Psychic Dragon Month ago

    Mom! I LOVE HIM

  • Marshmello
    Marshmello Month ago

    I think he zones off some times

  • almo exo
    almo exo Month ago

    This is ur best video ever!!!!😭😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Runi02 16
    Runi02 16 Month ago

    KS- i am not cute
    Kyungsoo dear you know it's a sin to lie right?

  • Lidya Isdwia
    Lidya Isdwia Month ago

    I miss him so much

  • Şahla Ýakşimuradowa

    D.O. my PRINCE❤❤❤

  • Lady Diane Corpuz
    Lady Diane Corpuz Month ago

    3:17 link please 🙏

  • Karen Ann
    Karen Ann Month ago +1

    after smiling so much i suddenly got teary-eyed.. i miss u my soo😭💚

  • deándra nchl
    deándra nchl Month ago

    my two favorites, GOT7 JB and EXO's D.O reaaaalllyy hate aegyo but are naturally cute (especially when they smile) 😍

  • inka kristi
    inka kristi 2 months ago

    Come back soon and always take care yourself 💙

  • Mary Addison
    Mary Addison 2 months ago

    we go ✈️missing kyungsoo hours

  • do kyungsoo
    do kyungsoo 2 months ago

    Just missing him so much

  • Laishram Koireng
    Laishram Koireng 2 months ago

    Exooooo,@ love

  • Leah Lamigo
    Leah Lamigo 2 months ago

    Kyungsoo Y you always killing me w/ that cuteness 😘😘😘 miss u much 😭 tke care kyungsoo-ssi and minseok-ka ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • kim 쌈무
    kim 쌈무 2 months ago

    ' superM viewer also watch this channel '.
    That's all.. 😂

  • Lalaine39 DoKyungsooIsMine

    I miss my bias so much 😭. Him asking "are you okay?" at the end of the video makes me cry. 😢