Premier League striker scores STUNNING volley! 🤩 | Tubes vs Glenn Murray

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
    This week Tubes tests himself against a proven Premier League striker as he takes on Brighton's Glenn Murray.
    Who do you think will come out victorious? Let us know in the comments.
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Comments • 118

  • Christopher Edge
    Christopher Edge 10 days ago

    Murray didnt touch the cones on the second rule so shouldn't count...

  • Shahir Miah
    Shahir Miah 19 days ago


  • newsham house
    newsham house 25 days ago

    Tubes is still a fat mess

  • Mohammed azhar Cassie
    Mohammed azhar Cassie 25 days ago +2

    How the hell is glen so good in real life 😂

  • Rich_LHDC
    Rich_LHDC 28 days ago +21

    That is pretty shocking that he is a professional footballer....

    • JFMarston
      JFMarston 13 days ago

      Rich_LHDC get what you mean still

    • Rich_LHDC
      Rich_LHDC 16 days ago +2

      You’ve totally missed the point. Have a nice evening.

    • Alan W
      Alan W 16 days ago +3

      What do you mean "execution of the drills?" He's having a bit of laugh. Its not supposed to be taken seriously

    • Rich_LHDC
      Rich_LHDC 16 days ago

      Alan W I’m talking about his execution of the drills and I’m not even talking about Tubes?

  • Alexander Paddington
    Alexander Paddington 29 days ago

    Amazes me how incredibly average a lot of the ‘professionals’ are on these. Stealing a living 😂

  • My birds doing that
    My birds doing that 29 days ago +1

    1,800 subs awayy

  • Ian Holmes
    Ian Holmes 29 days ago +1

    Keep the goalkeeper

  • Deepankar Chaudhary
    Deepankar Chaudhary Month ago +2

    I sounds like Milf all the time. Even Subtitles showing it as Milf sometimes.

  • GDB 15795
    GDB 15795 Month ago +59

    wish I found football as funny as tubes. he literally wets himself watching someone hit a volley

    • L G
      L G Month ago

      GDB 15795 honestly 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Djako Barbarossa
    Djako Barbarossa Month ago +3

    I knew i shouldve never came on 😂

  • Cian mc donald
    Cian mc donald Month ago

    Can’t stand the soccer an drills done in car park much rather when they were done on a football ground something more authentic and less cringe

  • khaled bader
    khaled bader Month ago +1

    Please do Teammates 2.0 with mohammed salah I am Egyptian

  • Alex Akehurst
    Alex Akehurst Month ago +7

    Not too confident now

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis Month ago +13

    There is something really cringe and not genuine about Tubes in all of these videos.

  • rosa amoah
    rosa amoah Month ago +4

    Anyone else get his orange card on fifa?

  • Asif Hussain
    Asif Hussain Month ago +1

    Glenn Murray is shite..

  • Tim Ashworth
    Tim Ashworth Month ago +2

    ‘I knew I never should have come on.’ 😂😂

  • Subhaan Kamran
    Subhaan Kamran Month ago

    I love these videos...👌👌👌

  • Jobe Upton
    Jobe Upton Month ago +1

    Get neves or Jota on the show

  • lowkey t1
    lowkey t1 Month ago +21

    Tubes is looking really fit, great to see keep it up lad

  • Carlos Hughes
    Carlos Hughes Month ago

    Atleast give the keeper time to get up off the floor before shooting.

  • MrDunkyg
    MrDunkyg Month ago

    @2.33 FYI

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith Month ago +1

    Old tubes got a bit about him ya no 👍

  • Pablo Escobar
    Pablo Escobar Month ago +3

    Black goalie 😂😂

  • Perryno1
    Perryno1 Month ago +2

    You're right! You are much better at footy than James Corden! haha

  • Hossein Mlk
    Hossein Mlk Month ago +3

    get Alireza Jahanbakhsh on plz

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost Month ago +2

    Keep Mel good keeper

  • James Day
    James Day Month ago +1

    Would love to have a go at this ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

  • Rabbie Taylor
    Rabbie Taylor Month ago


  • Qas Eleven
    Qas Eleven Month ago


  • rbully24s
    rbully24s Month ago

    Knowing Melvin he must have been mad disappointed watching this back😂

  • Jedi crab
    Jedi crab Month ago +1

    Where was the STUNNING volley?

    • Luke Harrison
      Luke Harrison Month ago

      M B haha

    • M B
      M B Month ago +2

      Luke Harrison - wasn’t all that was it? Tittle could have read ‘look how shite Murray is - stiff as an ironing board’

    • Luke Harrison
      Luke Harrison Month ago

      Jedi crab idk, maybe 5:28

  • MelvinGutic18
    MelvinGutic18 Month ago +67

    Can the goalkeeper come to besiktas?

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    volleys way too close to goal

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago

    sign melv up

  • Juceten
    Juceten Month ago +8

    Can we get Tubes V The Bulldog?

  • Aaron T
    Aaron T Month ago


    VIRAL VIDEOS UK Month ago +2

    Wanna get any closer on the volleys

  • The Grape Changer
    The Grape Changer Month ago +2

    oi oi everyone shutup im a brighton lad and ur all calling murrey rubish but he wasnt even trying lets be honest

  • Marat V
    Marat V Month ago +43

    Dude scored more than Lukaku last season. 👌🏼👍🏻

  • Breathe Fitness TV
    Breathe Fitness TV Month ago

    Have to say I much prefer Tubes to Jimmy.

  • Michael James
    Michael James Month ago +2

    Melv looks a very decent keeper; best you've had for these vids anyway.

  • James Burns
    James Burns Month ago +1

    Its just a volley challenge it doesnt exactly make him a bad player but i mean i dont think he was ever considered a top player anyway just works well 4 brighton as he just scores tap ins, penalties and gets into good positions

    • Jamston Julian
      Jamston Julian Month ago

      He's known for his headers, good from set pieces.

  • Jordan Bishop
    Jordan Bishop Month ago


  • Aaaa Bbbb
    Aaaa Bbbb Month ago +16

    Imagine how many Liverpool fans would have commented on this video if Brighton didn’t lose to Man City on the last day.

  • Mike Booker
    Mike Booker Month ago

    Tubes let me take you on 🤙

  • poptarts In moyonase


  • Otto von Wolf
    Otto von Wolf Month ago +3

    Great stuff as always Tubes!!

  • Ethan Sufc_blade
    Ethan Sufc_blade Month ago +9

    Where they get that keeper from lol

  • William Love
    William Love Month ago

    Don't know who was worse Glen Murray or the goalkeeper few good saves but rubbish apart from that 👍

  • Shaka's Missing Beard
    Shaka's Missing Beard Month ago +7

    he is an athlete first, footballer second .....

  • Gregory Pryce
    Gregory Pryce Month ago +44

    Does it annoy anyone else how Tubes doesn’t score the one on one after he hits it top bins in the demo?

    • alright
      alright 19 days ago +2

      Jared Jones tubes has been around on this scene long before Bullard, tubes was this sort of a guy years and years ago when Bullard was probably still playing at Peterborough.

    • Jared Jones
      Jared Jones Month ago

      Nope, it annoys me how much he is trying to sound like bullard

    • Gregory Pryce
      Gregory Pryce Month ago

      Tubes love the foooore hole challenge series 👌

    • Tubes
      Tubes Month ago +2

      Yep 😂

  • Oran Mackin
    Oran Mackin Month ago +1

    Gr8 vid!

  • Man Like
    Man Like Month ago +143

    Got that Melvin lad from Rising ballers in goal. They need to get Big G from the Dons in goals next

  • Fizan Wasim
    Fizan Wasim Month ago +7

    That goalkeeper is Melvin from the TheXvid football team “Rising Ballers” absolute top goalkeeper as you can see

    • Fizan Wasim
      Fizan Wasim Month ago +1

      William Love watch a match on the rising ballers TheXvid channel and then you can judge instead of seeing a few shots thrown at him

    • William Love
      William Love Month ago +1

      Absolute top goalkeeper 🤔 I must have watched a different video then he was awful apart from a few good saves he was rotten

  • cel tic
    cel tic Month ago +4

    Tubes is a nonce

  • Noah S
    Noah S Month ago


  • Finley McDermott
    Finley McDermott Month ago +2

    Keeper premier League??

    • Finley McDermott
      Finley McDermott Month ago +1

      @Aaron Simmonds oh remember him tbh saving Murray's shots proves he is at least championship quality

    • Aaron Simmonds
      Aaron Simmonds Month ago +6

      Finley McDermott I thought it was Melvin from Rising Ballers (TheXvid team). He’s a cracking keeper and a top prospect!

  • Ross Male
    Ross Male Month ago +79

    To think that some people called for him to get an England call up!!! 😂😂

    • Nicholas Campbell
      Nicholas Campbell Month ago +5

      @A A he definitely was trying but totally different to an actual game

    • A A
      A A Month ago +8

      Mury is a good striker mate this is on a show really think he’s gonna try hard

    • Adam Cooke
      Adam Cooke Month ago +15

      Ross Male In fairness to him he got 13 goals in the Premier League last season.

    • Juwal Ahmed
      Juwal Ahmed Month ago +63

      Didn't know Tubes was eligible to play for England!