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  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
    From Warner Bros. Pictures and director James Wan comes an action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa in the title role. The film reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime-one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be…a king.
    The film also stars Amber Heard (“Justice League,” “Magic Mike XXL”) as Mera, a fierce warrior and Aquaman’s ally throughout his journey; Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe (“Platoon,” “Spider-Man 2”) as Vulko, council to the Atlantean throne; Patrick Wilson (“The Conjuring” films, “Watchmen”) as Orm/Ocean Master, the present King of Atlantis; Dolph Lundgren (“The Expendables” films) as Nereus, King of the Atlantean tribe Xebel; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II (Netflix’s “The Get Down”) as the vengeful Black Manta; and Oscar winner Nicole Kidman (“The Hours,” “Lion”) as Arthur’s mom, Atlanna; as well as Ludi Lin (“Power Rangers”) as Captain Murk, Atlantean Commando; and Temuera Morrison (“Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones,” “Green Lantern”) as Arthur’s dad, Tom Curry.
    Wan directs from a screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick (“The Conjuring 2”) and Will Beall (“Gangster Squad,” TV’s “Training Day”), story by Geoff Johns & James Wan and Will Beall, based on characters from DC, Aquaman created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. The film is produced by Peter Safran and Rob Cowan, with Deborah Snyder, Zack Snyder, Jon Berg, Geoff Johns and Walter Hamada serving as executive producers.
    Wan’s team behind the scenes includes such frequent collaborators as Oscar-nominated director of photography Don Burgess (“The Conjuring 2,” “Forrest Gump”), his five-time editor Kirk Morri (“The Conjuring” films, “Furious 7,” the “Insidious” films), and production designer Bill Brzeski (“Furious 7”). They are joined by costume designer Kym Barrett (“The Matrix” trilogy, “The Amazing Spider-Man”) and composer Rupert Gregson-Williams (“Wonder Woman”).
    Warner Bros. Pictures Presents a Safran Company Production, a James Wan Film, “Aquaman.” The film is set to hit theaters on December 21, 2018, in 3D and 2D and IMAX, and will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.
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  • Purple Shirted Eye-Stabber

    Fuck this shit. I'm out

  • A D
    A D 3 days ago

    After ankush's comment

  • Sam Samson
    Sam Samson 3 days ago

    *AQUAMAN -- please react to the new season of the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls.*

  • kym621
    kym621 4 days ago

    Dolphin was a little bit but it’s very

  • Dan J
    Dan J 4 days ago +1

    I can't wait for Aquaman 2

  • Keziah C
    Keziah C 5 days ago +3

    I went into Aquaman with no expectations, no judgment, nothing. I was blown away. What a film! And it was my first DC film in cinemas too ;) I can't wait for Aquaman 2

  • Xeno Outlander
    Xeno Outlander 5 days ago +1

    Lame movie!

  • Jason Jeffreys
    Jason Jeffreys 5 days ago

    I was under the assumption that Aquaman was already made on Entourage 😋

  • SealAngel
    SealAngel 5 days ago +1

    Aquaman you cannot marry a woman without gills?'re from two different worlds.

  • James Everett
    James Everett 5 days ago +1

    Somebody sexy🙌🏾❤️

  • Ry 870
    Ry 870 6 days ago +2

    That was a turd of a movie.....a long long turd

  • Damian Prusik
    Damian Prusik 6 days ago

    new tech-different

  • tayehug
    tayehug 6 days ago

    so estou aqui pra dar str3am em dna

  • Studio Improvise
    Studio Improvise 6 days ago +2

    Aquaman > thor

  • Nica E
    Nica E 6 days ago +1

    true superhero fans love DC and MARVEL...

    cheap, lame, whingy fanboys love only MARVEL/DC

  • Mike Mason
    Mike Mason 8 days ago +1

    But....the Aquaman I've always known was lame..a total puss ..
    This movie is a LIE i tell you.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 8 days ago

    Do people really pay money to watch this crap? Looks like the target audience would be 9-10 year old boys.

  • DeeaM33
    DeeaM33 8 days ago

    God what cheap looking red wig...

  • Alucard Al
    Alucard Al 8 days ago

    James Wan did a better job here than he did with dragon ball evolution. What the fuck....

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 6 days ago +1

      DB evolution waa as James WONG not James Wan. Please do not relate that turd to a director of Wan's talent

  • Neak & Ismael
    Neak & Ismael 8 days ago


  • ρєтєя ραякєя ωє lσνє уα тσиу.

    Ig you dont know something till you watch it, im a huge marvel fan and ive thought bad of DC ever since. But after watching this movie- Not bad DC. Not bad at all. However as im scrolling through the comments, im seeing stuff like "DC should keep this same pace.","This is one of their best movies!!"
    Personally, seeing MCU movies, I thought as this movie as a 3.1 stars. However, DC fans see it as a 5. Marvel's average movie would be a higher rating than this. If this was their best movie-- Marvel sure has it in the bag. You should definitely check marvel out. Wont regret it. But, DC is fine aswell. Still a marvel fan though. 🌌

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 5 days ago

      @With great powers comes great responsibility a few cringe worthy lines in a movie doesn't make it awful same with the few cringeworthy jokes. As for the story, though it's been done before, it fits Aquaman's character because it's his story in the comics. If you're criticizing aquaman for a predictable story then you have to criticize all MCU film for the same flaw Are you seriously pulling the Shazam card? You realize Shazam is one of the most lighthearted characters in comics right? It's a kid who transforms into a superhero, unlike Marvel who take characters like Thor and turn him into caricatures of themselves.

    • With great powers comes great responsibility
      With great powers comes great responsibility 5 days ago

      @The ComicBook Fan this movie was god awful, the dialogue, the jokes, the story, it was so predictable it was so mehh, i guess marvel movies are not for kids anymore now with this and shazam

    • ρєтєя ραякєя ωє lσνє уα тσиу.
      ρєтєя ραякєя ωє lσνє уα тσиу. 5 days ago

      @The ComicBook Fan it seems like that because all marvel films are linked to eachother. The actions are based on that, but they still have a way of making it make sense if you didnt see the other movies. Once you build up that link, god its really good.

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 6 days ago

      This movie is better than a lot of Marvel films

  • Anita M.
    Anita M. 9 days ago

    Best DC movie ever!!!

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 9 days ago +5

    My rating? A+ grade / 5 stars. Excellent.

  • PrinceAli Khan
    PrinceAli Khan 11 days ago +1

    Amber is looking beautiful

  • artrabum
    artrabum 11 days ago

    this was good. Basically underwater THOR

  • jay love
    jay love 12 days ago +3

    not gonna lie I laughed when I first heard of this movie I was wrong Jason momoa was great I loved this movie 🎬

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 12 days ago +2

    Hold up, the king trident can only be found using the map that nobody knew existed, that leads to the desert place that no one knows how to get to that’s been deserted for hundreds of years, to get the bottle that no one has ever seen, that leads to place that no one knew about where you have to solve a riddle to get to the unmarked spot in the ocean, where you have to dive in and survive the killer trench people, to get to the unsurvivable under water tornado.... so, my only question is, if this is so hard, how are there so many skeletons of people that got there???!!!???!!!

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 6 days ago

      I'm pretty sure those were the inhabitants of the kingdom

  • Dave Driscoll
    Dave Driscoll 12 days ago +1

    This movie sucks stupid as fuck I couldn't even get through it. Every actor in there was weak. The only good real actor was Nicole Kidman and her part was very small. Probably because they couldn't afford real talent or CGI

    • Nica E
      Nica E 6 days ago

      calm down marvel fanboy

  • Rodney Smart
    Rodney Smart 12 days ago

    I just watched five minutes of this movie and it sux so bad it actually made me angry. Whadda piece of crap!

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 13 days ago +1

    So Atlantis has an impregnable border wall with laser guns, border patrol and immigration agents that arrest illegal aliens, and capital punishment for citizens that practice miscegenation ... oh man this movie is gonna be a box office failu.... what’s that... $1.2 billion worldwide, huh!!

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 13 days ago +1

    If his skin is impenetrable, how did he get all those tattoos????!!!!????!!

  • austin christian
    austin christian 13 days ago +1

    I Watched it
    But I was on mushrooms...

  • vero_7712
    vero_7712 13 days ago

    Hell yeah DC... finally a good movie after a long time. Absolutely loved it!

  • Parth Dey
    Parth Dey 13 days ago +1

    Excellent movie

  • Plague Produkshuns
    Plague Produkshuns 13 days ago +2

    Aquaman: that was the worst pep talk. ever.
    Martha: *be what they want you to be, or be none of it*

  • Benjamin Ellam
    Benjamin Ellam 16 days ago

    what a film lol it so.much great 👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍👌👍

  • Kasym Kakabayew
    Kasym Kakabayew 16 days ago +1


  • voxxy85
    voxxy85 18 days ago +1

    I just watched this movie. Omg so many feels. Can't wait for aquaman 2

  • ДИДИ Д
    ДИДИ Д 18 days ago

    А где вес фильм???

  • RumpleD Skin
    RumpleD Skin 18 days ago +1

    Arthur: Heads up! We got a bogey on our six!
    Mera: What does that even mean?
    Arthur: Bad guys behind us.
    Mera: Then just say that!
    Arthur: Bad guys behind us!

  • Xyron Barredo
    Xyron Barredo 19 days ago


  • Jack Daddy
    Jack Daddy 20 days ago +2

    This was the shitiest super hero movie ever ..

    • Nica E
      Nica E 6 days ago +1

      to be honest, Marvel movies are super overrated, and to say I love both DC and Marvel...marvel movies are good but not to the extent that people worships them like it's a masterpiece, coz definitely those are not masterpieces, just good movies with simple story plots, good acting but not excellent... Marvel became super famous because of fanboys and fans pretenders just because it's the trend....people dont like aquaman because people want those 2 to compete, but WB doesnt want to compete with Marvel coz those 2 are different universes, MARVEL is assuming that DC wants to compete because if it is, DC would be owned by Disney but is not....only marvel fanboys are making this debate a huge useless debate....although lets be honest, without DC, MARVEL wont be this famous coz MARVEL always see DC as a rival when in fact it isn't....that is why MARVEL is improving because of its opponent they worked hard to be at the top...

    • Black Adam 14/18
      Black Adam 14/18 16 days ago

      Kuruva Venkatesh Thats true

    • Jack Daddy
      Jack Daddy 18 days ago

      Kuruva Venkatesh But this corny ass movie wasn't crap to u... and ppl don't care what rotten tomato thinks about movies either way so why even bring them up...

    • Kuruva Venkatesh
      Kuruva Venkatesh 18 days ago

      @Jack Daddy most of the marvel movies are pure crap but shelled by Rotten tomatoes

    • Jack Daddy
      Jack Daddy 19 days ago

      Kuruva Venkatesh No but Marvel movies are better ... and it doesn't take a tard to s
      ee it

  • Muffinzezy Productions

    The movie was okay

  • Brandon Booker
    Brandon Booker 20 days ago

    Why does he have legs lol

  • hummingbirdcity
    hummingbirdcity 21 day ago +1

    "Are the boats are the marina not for public use?"

  • Recon Expert
    Recon Expert 21 day ago +4


  • Jeff Gordon
    Jeff Gordon 22 days ago +2

    Khal Drogo,whose heart skipped a beat on the name of sea, is now reborn as aquaman😂😂.

  • Monique Coulombe
    Monique Coulombe 22 days ago

    Aquaman trailer is fake

  • theagrafiotis
    theagrafiotis 22 days ago +1

    Rise DC! I mean Atlantis!

  • Amelia P
    Amelia P 23 days ago +1

    This movie is good
    really good

  • Hassan Masqati
    Hassan Masqati 24 days ago +1

    That's exactly why you are worthy...... exactly like Thor

    • Nica E
      Nica E 6 days ago

      Thor isn't even worthy...Tony and Cap are more worthy than that thor

    • Kuruva Venkatesh
      Kuruva Venkatesh 18 days ago

      Aquaman came way before thor around 20 years before thor

  • Fun Zone
    Fun Zone 26 days ago

    Next movie Fireman,

  • flabbertoe
    flabbertoe 27 days ago

    This was the biggest discombobulated CGI disaster I have ever watched. DC, hand the rights over to Marvel and they will do "justice" to your characters. Did I happen to mention this was a terrible movie?

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 6 days ago

      Jealous that this movie puts marvel vfx to shame? Stupid MCU fanboy

    • Black Adam 14/18
      Black Adam 14/18 16 days ago

      Kuruva Venkatesh Fuck Marvel. Their last good movie was Venom and it was because it wasnt part of the mcu

    • Kuruva Venkatesh
      Kuruva Venkatesh 18 days ago

      Lol these marvel fanboys 😂 Movie was better than any other mcu stand alones. Almost as perfect as man of steel

    • raaz1210
      raaz1210 24 days ago

      No one cares 🙌

  • Gülten YILMAZ
    Gülten YILMAZ 27 days ago

    oğlum türk yokmu lann olamazzzzz

  • ronakpatani8
    ronakpatani8 28 days ago


  • Mark H
    Mark H 28 days ago

    Man what a load of bullshit! Thanks god I was born in a country (i.e. Ireland) that actually has a real ancient and factual history of it's own and doesn't have to fabricate this fictional Hollywood bullshit to substitute for a lack of identity.....

  • panos justice_fighter

    Theme song '' children of the sun'' by Thomas Bergersen

  • Shubham Jagtap
    Shubham Jagtap Month ago +2

    37k Marvel Fans!

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers Month ago +1

    Unite our worlds one day
    Wraith of the 7 seas

  • Lima Losang
    Lima Losang Month ago +1

    Epic movie

  • SealAngel
    SealAngel Month ago +1

    Highest grossing film ever and the best movie ever made

  • Kaan Berk Erdoğan
    Kaan Berk Erdoğan Month ago

    This is Thor Ragnarok

    • Kuruva Venkatesh
      Kuruva Venkatesh 18 days ago

      Thor Ragnarok was crap. I respect this movie. So please! Thor Ragnarok was overrated & this movie was underrated by Rotten tomatoes aka Disney cckskrs. Yet people made their own decisions

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious Month ago

    1:56 me after seeing this movie

  • Jay Mehta
    Jay Mehta Month ago +1

    Thank you Thomas Bergersen for ths epic soundtrack.....
    Aquaman Trailer Music = children of the sun and none shall live From Two Steps From Hell....

  • Albin Bosse
    Albin Bosse Month ago

    The only reason I'm here is that trailer music...

  • Enes
    Enes Month ago

    the worst movie i've ever seen

  • Arun Shankar Mahesh
    Arun Shankar Mahesh Month ago +1

    Almost one year!

  • Michael Koksharov
    Michael Koksharov Month ago

    Glad to see Ronon finally rising to be the commander of Atlantis.

  • Michael Koksharov
    Michael Koksharov Month ago

    By the way, I realized the movie reminds me an old Armenian cartoon for kids featuring the underwater world with a recurring theme "Stay with us, kid, and be our king" :) :

  • ImagoMagus
    ImagoMagus Month ago

    Boring and too long.

  • vishnu v
    vishnu v Month ago

    Who came from Ryan's trailor

  • Spellz Nez
    Spellz Nez Month ago +2

    At least DC is bold in films making and they take risk (gotham city sirens potential release, birds of prey, black adam, new gods, shazam, JL dark and suicide squad etc) I mean they'll always get credit for not playing it to safe like marvel, which there most risky film to date is gotg only!!! Shame shame shame...

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 6 days ago

      @Spellz Nez and why were they falling short? Because of WB INTERFERING. that's a given considering that BVS got a way better reception from fans when the ultimate cut came out. WB have nobody to blame but themselves for BVS "not living up to expectations" they cut out 30 minutes of a film at the last minute and that affected its performance. And yes they let Wan and Sandberg do their thing cuz they learned that micromanaging the shit out of these films is a recipe for disaster. i.e. Justice League's box office. Also I forgot to mention them fucking up with David Ayer's suicide Squad after BVS got shit on

    • Spellz Nez
      Spellz Nez 6 days ago +1

      @The ComicBook Fan No they trust there good directors, as you mentioned Aquaman director. Yet also the ones you didn't mention like shazam and wonder woman directors were given freedom to do that they wanted! Zack's film trio was the only untrustworthy film's because after he was giving freedom to do what he wanted on his films they were beginning to fall short of fans expectations. So like anyone else the studio had to intervene with his work because there money was at stake! The trust wasn't the problem as much as the director was (Mr Snyder)...

    • The ComicBook Fan
      The ComicBook Fan 6 days ago

      @Spellz Nez no it's because WB is a one jerk reaction studio that doesn't trust its directors. Yet they trusted James Wan with Aquaman, and look where it got them.

    • Spellz Nez
      Spellz Nez Month ago +2

      @Sri Nath See as a DC fan I have a problem with the fans who keep asking for a Snyder JL cut... To me it's obvious that if that movie was a better version then the one that was released, then WB would've released it! That's like saying the WB exects watched the Snyder JL movie and liked it but yet still tried to change it, only to make it worse and then released it anyway. That wouldn't make sense to me and it shouldn't to anyone. I believed the JL we saw was the best version the studio could offer us and Zack's version wasn't, rather if it was finished or not!

  • Shubham Pathak
    Shubham Pathak Month ago +2

    This story is stolen from Indian scripture, (Vedas) the trident is holy weapon of our lord shiva , the death knocks throw them, Mahakal, Har Har Mahadev, Btw I wanna to say one thing to hollywood , pls get some more ideas by yr own !!! Don't stuck around here it's beyond yr imagination . 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Jai Hind, love from India

    • Rob iGetShyBoto
      Rob iGetShyBoto 28 days ago

      No its not. The story of ATLANTIS is from both Greek and Ancient Egyptian mythology wtf are you on about ? Smh

    • Incognitwo
      Incognitwo Month ago +4

      Shubham Pathak why don’t you change your Bollywood to something else instead of stealing ideas from the name HOLLYWOOD.


    Jason Momoa reminds me more Lobo than Auqaman in this movie