Gordon Ramsay most funny moments


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  • PunkRockGirl24
    PunkRockGirl24 11 hours ago

    Is this the fucking Nino I keep seeing mentioned on all the other videos??? Lol

  • That M3talhead
    That M3talhead 13 hours ago

    nobody gonna hire your ass stfu lol

  • Anthony Halstead
    Anthony Halstead 14 hours ago

    #2 "no u"

  • Francis Dimaano
    Francis Dimaano 14 hours ago

    16:30 was hilarious. "There's a language barrier"
    "i kno but he texan"

  • Waffle Games_YT
    Waffle Games_YT 14 hours ago +1

    I take most of them not funny :/

  • Brandon Wong
    Brandon Wong 15 hours ago

    The last part was good

  • R. Api
    R. Api 15 hours ago

    He's an IDIOT. I wonder if he treats his kids like that, I doubt it. No need for the abuse, #giveSHITgetSHIT

  • Jairo Sulutan
    Jairo Sulutan 19 hours ago

    Hahahah That Bold Headed Fuck Hahaha

  • Jai Kalra
    Jai Kalra 19 hours ago

    how do i find these episodes uncensored?

  • maka3230
    maka3230 23 hours ago

    How is some of them funny I think it was just disrespectful from the owners and employees

  • Fire Raider
    Fire Raider Day ago

    From Texas BTW OmegaLUL

  • unconcernedbadger

    Get ready to add more. Hot Ones got him on the hook and under fire. Watch the beast burn.

  • Mami Flo HD
    Mami Flo HD Day ago



    Did you seriously type most funniest???? Speak English much??

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Day ago

    Music at the end fits perfectly

  • cozza
    cozza Day ago

    not much funny...........most funny moments here? thumbs down

  • James May
    James May Day ago

    You should be wearing diapers hahaha

  • master boss
    master boss Day ago

    he thinks he's the best which is not true.

  • Rohann Van Zyl
    Rohann Van Zyl Day ago

    Wwooooowwwww, the guy from number 5 needs at least 52x smacks with that attitude..probably never had one in his life. Good luck getting a chef job at any place after that.

  • Kaat The Cat
    Kaat The Cat Day ago

    His the best

  • Kontrol Kabel
    Kontrol Kabel Day ago

    i would love to be a guest at hell kitchen

  • Ryan Mccorkindale

    didnt even laugh hahhaha

  • ConRon
    ConRon Day ago

    "ill shove a GoPro up your ass so you can see how fucked you are" hahahahaha

  • elljay81
    elljay81 Day ago

    Funny moments? Are u retarded?

  • Hrishikesh Nair
    Hrishikesh Nair Day ago

    Gordon: you are in denial!!
    Owner: I deny that🙅🙅

  • Eric Hunt
    Eric Hunt Day ago

    You see that kid, like Dad WTF is going on???

  • Kin
    Kin 2 days ago

    I should confuse my friends by saying "You're in denial!" "It's bland" and other things he says if you can same some other ones please respond and tell me

  • nicole brooks
    nicole brooks 2 days ago

    Fucking Ninooooo

  • Ken de la Peña
    Ken de la Peña 2 days ago

    Gosh.. The first guy with the bald hair...

  • Aaron Wrecks
    Aaron Wrecks 2 days ago

    Lol Gordon talking about it's family but he cursing like a sailor

  • jeremy r
    jeremy r 2 days ago

    Damn was really hoping chef Ramsay was going to smash the stupid fuck.. like 12 min mark

  • candy skies
    candy skies 2 days ago

    " *That tastes 54 year old* " 😂

  • no body
    no body 2 days ago

    Maybe you should wear diapers
    What an idiot

  • Todor Tashev
    Todor Tashev 2 days ago

    Title of video wrong

  • Leo Morton
    Leo Morton 2 days ago

    The guy tried to fight Ramsay after he couldn't answer a single question holy shit I'm dead

  • Psychic Medium Ella Dawn

    On the nomination the guys ego is clearly bigger than his manhood. Or other explanation maybe he doesn’t understand English after all

  • BioLightHero
    BioLightHero 3 days ago

    "Anybody would hire me in the kitchen,and they would be proud"
    *that is coming from someone who can't respect others just for 3 seconds*

  • Avenger Blaze
    Avenger Blaze 3 days ago +1

    You know man I went to Culinary Arts when I was in high school and, was around the same time that Gordon Ramsey started being on all these shows and became a household name. It actually made me quit because I knew I probably would never have my own restaurant, my life was going down hill and I eventually ended up somewhere very bad which only reinforced the notion that I wouldn't have my own restaurant, ever.
    Now I'm 32 years old, no training in anything other than the almost 2 years of Culinary Arts I did, no GED and, I say this though while having an IEP Diploma that's good for nothing. I see these damn people who probably would have been successful without any exposure from this show. I would have been a better Chef then any of the fuck I see here. Jesus I wish I could have a re do.

  • harry 0
    harry 0 3 days ago +1

    I think its mor sad than funny

  • Elian Sanchez rivas
    Elian Sanchez rivas 3 days ago +1

    Some of these wasn’t even funny

  • Vetmire
    Vetmire 3 days ago

    B E E F W E L L I N G T O N

  • Mdm
    Mdm 3 days ago

    4:50 best one ☝🏾

  • FredMonster
    FredMonster 3 days ago

    Nino has no chill 😂

  • Code Chapter
    Code Chapter 3 days ago

    Number fifteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen.

  • freendy sinaga
    freendy sinaga 3 days ago

    i came here to laugh but there's nothing funny

  • Beverly Roberts
    Beverly Roberts 3 days ago

    I just realized, when his voice gets low and dangerous and fucking calm and cool
    he sexy 😊

  • OMI
    OMI 3 days ago

    R: "What's the matter between you two??"
    D: "We have have eh languwige barrier"
    R: "What do you mean you 'have a language barrier'?? He's speaking English you dick."
    D: "Yehs but he's frum Texas "
    *Laughs cuz life.*

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 3 days ago +4

    15:50 *gordon screaming* ITS FAMILY NIGHT DO U CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN
    children: mommy who is that mean man?

  • samayou chan
    samayou chan 4 days ago

    i would love to meet this man!

  • ethan harber
    ethan harber 4 days ago

    What was the last one???

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 4 days ago +1

    Gordon need to learn ENGLISH

  • TheCraftinFluffy
    TheCraftinFluffy 4 days ago

    x most funny x
    XX *most funniest* XX

  • Farouk sellam
    Farouk sellam 4 days ago

    funniest moments

  • awe hery
    awe hery 4 days ago

    Well when someone got power and money like you Ramsey you think you are so damn good

  • B L V N C O
    B L V N C O 4 days ago

    16:30 😂

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett 4 days ago

    "He's from Texas" pissed me off!

    • 93joeanthony
      93joeanthony Day ago

      Monty Leverett
      Lol he’s just saying the accent is harder to comprehend

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett 4 days ago

    General bit for this video - Idiots respond to an acknowledged expert, and reject him.

  • Monty Leverett
    Monty Leverett 4 days ago

    #2 - Owner/Operator was proven wrong, refused to believe the problem is the problem, let the place fail, walk away.

  • Meme Calendar
    Meme Calendar 4 days ago

    The thumbnail killed me 😂

  • Axel 8484
    Axel 8484 5 days ago

    Lol he's actually the best cheff in the world

  • Puffy Games
    Puffy Games 5 days ago


  • Lolguy2014
    Lolguy2014 5 days ago

    *More SalT?

  • BluBerry
    BluBerry 5 days ago

    13:00 That kid (at least mentally) wants to fight to become a chef
    Is it like you beat out of someone if they report your food tastes bad? Also what are you going answer the report? This guy can't because he couldn't even choose a single fucking nominee and tell the reason

  • Afiq Asan
    Afiq Asan 5 days ago

    Watch your step

  • Victor R.
    Victor R. 5 days ago

    I don't think you know what "funny" means. Secondly I like Gordon but he sounds stupid saying 'fuck and "shit" all the time. Then he gets upset when people say "FUCK YOU" ! LOL

  • Alba Garcia
    Alba Garcia 6 days ago


  • Alba Garcia
    Alba Garcia 6 days ago


  • safiaa
    safiaa 6 days ago +3

    12:50 man he just casually flipped a whole ass apron on a table hands in pockets and all. badass

  • Oof232 The Great
    Oof232 The Great 6 days ago

    il stick a go pro up your ass...
    back in the red kitchen

  • Astro Man
    Astro Man 6 days ago

    What a f&!&in donut

  • Jason Kuhn
    Jason Kuhn 6 days ago

    At 15:00 If I hear anymore of you idiots say anything about a camera I will shove a go pro up your ass to see how fucked you are

  • Skante Warrior
    Skante Warrior 6 days ago

    11:12 tweaker💯

  • Rhys Titmus
    Rhys Titmus 6 days ago

    "then you need to wear diapers" 🤣

  • Emily Robertson
    Emily Robertson 6 days ago

    He is just the best in that first clip

  • Richard Gaming
    Richard Gaming 6 days ago +6

    4:23 the customers look completely happy and unaware of the argument that is going on xD

  • wreckandraceify
    wreckandraceify 6 days ago

    He's speaking English you dick!

  • Chris Craven
    Chris Craven 7 days ago

    Uncensored is so much better

  • Amani Malallah
    Amani Malallah 7 days ago

    Most of UK restaurant are like this

  • Amanda Chatham
    Amanda Chatham 7 days ago

    Lol his head popping up at the guys shoulder

  • Rampage
    Rampage 7 days ago

    HAHA " I ain't no bitch chef, you want to go let's step outside". Gordon vs Joseph coming to an Alley way near you.

  • MgpMontville
    MgpMontville 7 days ago

    Funny how Gordon makes such a big deal re ANY of Jamie's cookbooks yet eventually does one himself.........AND guess what TWAT?! JAMIE DOES NOT SWEAR OR TREAT PEOPLE LIKE SHIT TO GET THEIR RESULT!

  • moaiad Aljamal
    moaiad Aljamal 7 days ago

    I think Gordon is the disrespectful person here
    he literally cant go a single sentence without cursing and humiliating the shit out of people

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison 8 days ago

    I very much so applaud number 6.
    Dude handled it very well for not being at fault.

  • Skela
    Skela 8 days ago

    “I know, but he’s from Texas”
    That killed me

  • Phuoc Vo
    Phuoc Vo 8 days ago

    "Hey smart ass, I asked you to tell me. Who's the first nominee, and why?"

    ARBALES7 8 days ago

    12:28 Hats off to Ramsay for not decking that poser right there and then.

  • Nikolina Cacija
    Nikolina Cacija 8 days ago

    I don’t think Ramsay will live much longer, he will have a heart attack...

    MISS BROWN 8 days ago

    that boy just gave himself the royal screw !!!

  • Eviny Kacia
    Eviny Kacia 8 days ago

    First nominee?

    Fuck you

  • fistsOFfury366 D
    fistsOFfury366 D 8 days ago

    He's speaken English you dick.
    I know but he's from Texas.

  • Imamura Kenichiro
    Imamura Kenichiro 8 days ago

    Is this all a kind of play with senario or serious?

  • Isaac CHEUNG
    Isaac CHEUNG 8 days ago

    Looks like he got some from his teacher.

  • Mr GreenGeko
    Mr GreenGeko 8 days ago

    Disgusting “like Jamie Oliver’s food”

  • jared jacob
    jared jacob 8 days ago

    "Let's step outside"
    Ramsey: "I'm standing right here"
    Yeah, the bouncers are there and all, but you wanted to start the fight, why couldn't you? Ramsey obviously was not scared.

  • Coast To Coast
    Coast To Coast 8 days ago

    😂 let's step in the parking lot Ramsay. He did answer his question though, probably not exactly how he wanted. But man

  • grinch OP
    grinch OP 8 days ago

    I wonder how this video is not 10 hours long .

  • Simon Switzer
    Simon Switzer 8 days ago

    15:13 least the guy stood up and pushed to do it again without being a dick about it, my man.

  • gbomber07
    gbomber07 8 days ago

    The last clip tho

  • Bamm Boozoled
    Bamm Boozoled 9 days ago +1

    “I’ll stick a GoPro up your ass so you can see how fucked you are” 😂

  • JJAX 10533
    JJAX 10533 9 days ago +3

    I suddenly don't wanna be a Chef anymore