Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor + GT-H - Amazing sound!! - 1080p

  • Published on Jun 16, 2010
  • This video shows the beautiful "Gone in 60 seconds" Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Eleanor. The second mustang you see is the GT-H Convertible version in the very special color (only 500 ever made). The last Mustang you see is the Shelby GT500. All these beautiful Mustangs where present at the 2010 Dutch Supercar Sunday! Please enjoy this video and don't forget to subscirbe to more videos!
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Comments • 271

  • When in doubt Braap_it out

    Sexiest car ever created

  • Riza Alinoy
    Riza Alinoy 5 months ago

    Wow 😳 ang ganda ganda ng mga sasakyan

  • Mark Hendrikx
    Mark Hendrikx 8 months ago +1

    This front view of the mustang makes you want to move out the way and look how bossy it is

  • C Stewart
    C Stewart 11 months ago +1

    lol wow great filming.

  • Bruce Charlie
    Bruce Charlie 11 months ago +1

    That engine is so sexy

  • wizard Zz
    wizard Zz Year ago

    Old school

  • [Insert Meme]
    [Insert Meme] Year ago +1

    0:38 I love how he drives by those Ferraris like "MUSCLE BITCH"

  • rovd89
    rovd89 Year ago +6

    The best part is when the guy in and the one standing next to the Ferrari look at the mustang LOL

  • jakedizzle
    jakedizzle Year ago +1

    Fuck a Lamborghini or Ferrari. Eleanor. Gorgeous.

  • Big Chief
    Big Chief Year ago

    This is the most beautiful car ever made period.

  • Hamza Lagou
    Hamza Lagou Year ago +1

    good chelbi

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 2 years ago +1

    Eleanor you bitch!

  • Gaborne Lako
    Gaborne Lako 2 years ago

    Hey you car is your

  • Allen Saunders
    Allen Saunders 2 years ago +3

    mustangs leaving a car show run for your life the Eleanor looks fantastic the price must be astronomical

    • Cryptidian
      Cryptidian 7 months ago

      Hundreds of thousands probably, easily. But it depends on the parts. If they're all original parts, it's practically priceless.

  • BMW Alpina
    BMW Alpina 2 years ago


  • Eleanor Raamat
    Eleanor Raamat 2 years ago

    for real

  • Eleanor Raamat
    Eleanor Raamat 2 years ago +5

    mi name is Eleanor😃😃😃😃

    • Nightmare!
      Nightmare! 9 months ago +1

      The car is beautiful not you

  • Francisco Ureña Martin
    Francisco Ureña Martin 2 years ago +4

    the end mustang sound amazing

  • Bowlofarthritus
    Bowlofarthritus 3 years ago

    Sorry, but as a Mustang fan, thats a true Shelby GT500. Not the one (s) at the end. I respect the legecy, but the students will always be second to the master

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 2 years ago

      Bowlofarthritus i'm pretty sure the ones at the end are tuned by Shelby as well.

  • mohand prince
    mohand prince 4 years ago

    the new one is bulshit its big fast not interesting in every thing
    ford must be build car like old days

  • Matthias
    Matthias 4 years ago

    GEIL - da kotzen sogar die Ferrari-Fahrer. ^^

  • luckyuhaul
    luckyuhaul 4 years ago

    One of my favorite classics of all time: the Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor from the famous video "Gone in 60 seconds".

  • F051
    F051 4 years ago

    My dream car.

  • Christopher Cruz
    Christopher Cruz 4 years ago

    I can do a better mustang than that with my burn out 0_o

  • Rogerio
    Rogerio 4 years ago

    quem sabe um dia eu consiga ter um desses p mim isso e que e CARRO

    RIKKI R 4 years ago +6

    The video actually ends at 00:53

  • Sal Meza Rodriguez
    Sal Meza Rodriguez 4 years ago +20

    The guy on the red Ferrari was like "I think it was a big mistake to buy this piece of shit I should of bought that Shelby instead" haha

    • thejanusproject32
      thejanusproject32 9 months ago

      Even he had to stop talking to look at the Mustang.

    • Richard HART
      Richard HART Year ago

      @Tommy Boudreau not really Eleanor with all numbers matching will go for 120 grand.

    • Tommy Boudreau
      Tommy Boudreau Year ago

      Sal Meza Rodriguez huge price difference 😂🤣

  • AntiKoerper5
    AntiKoerper5 4 years ago

    If i should win the lotto one day, this is the first thing im going to buy! HJoly shit, this car looks so fucking awesome!

  • Gumbal
    Gumbal  4 years ago +755

    One of my favorite classics of all time: the Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor from the famous video "Gone in 60 seconds".

  • james Anthony
    james Anthony 5 years ago +1

    My dream car right there. Been in love with it since I saw gone in 60 secs. Modern Mustangs are lame though.

  • Fernandobravo13 Bravo
    Fernandobravo13 Bravo 5 years ago

    I have a ,97 t bird with flowmasters and side pipes I want to change all that any ideas

  • downtherabbithole
    downtherabbithole 5 years ago +30

    the world's most beautiful car, fucking love it

  • D M
    D M 6 years ago

    One of the best videos I've ever seen! Nice job!

  • MM Ali
    MM Ali 6 years ago

    The Eleanor is perfect the way it is it DOSENT need any changes

  • unzunzvroom
    unzunzvroom 6 years ago

    Needs to have fatter rear wheels/tires.

  • 17100thecor
    17100thecor 6 years ago

    I would give 4 years of me for Eleanor

  • REALSlutHunter
    REALSlutHunter 6 years ago

    The new Mustang is so fat and ugly compared to the old one !
    The old Mustang is by far the sexiest car in the World.

  • Julius Mester
    Julius Mester 6 years ago

    not original chassis...

  • Nitrous God
    Nitrous God 6 years ago

    Eleanor is one of the sexiest cars in the world! I liked and subbed!!

  • Compare Peppe
    Compare Peppe 6 years ago


  • aspirinemaga
    aspirinemaga 6 years ago

    remember, these idiots actually know how to make money to acquire it

  • DaytonCarCare
    DaytonCarCare 6 years ago

    Retro style fuel cap. Just look up some classic race cars you'll understand.

  • Populus Alexander
    Populus Alexander 6 years ago

    that danger, as powerful cars in the hands of idiots

  • James Cusworth
    James Cusworth 7 years ago +2

    Like to get that speed bump removed!!!!

  • Swole Jesus
    Swole Jesus 7 years ago

    f355 70k € , shelby 500k € dont think so

  • Giovanni Ballesteros
    Giovanni Ballesteros 7 years ago


  • Duxante Eleanor
    Duxante Eleanor 7 years ago +5

    guy is sitting in his Ferrari and staring at Eleanor,probably the worst day for him to be an owner xD
    Ha ha ha

  • impossible
    impossible 7 years ago

    Anyone with a little cash for down payment and good cred can get one of these replicas..They've been cheap kit cars for years bro lol. I love the look but it's not cool when there's 2 identical replicas/clones at every car show, I'd take the Ferrari.

  • RK1Hatty
    RK1Hatty 7 years ago

    Thats a Nick Cage Eleanor. Not the real Eleanor. The original Eleanor was a 71' Mach 1, not a 68' GT500.

    • Redstoneprime
      Redstoneprime 2 years ago

      RK1Hatty ironically, they are both variants of the same car (1st generation Ford Mustang).

  • AussieBloke108
    AussieBloke108 7 years ago

    The two GT500's have the old school diffs, but couldn't spin any wheels?

  • RM250crosser
    RM250crosser 7 years ago

    oh wat zou ik graag zo'n auto hebben!!

  • brothertwinz
    brothertwinz 7 years ago

    @mattzahorak nah his ferrari is like £30k the gt500 is around the £200k benchmark

  • iShayne
    iShayne 7 years ago

    @eak848 Umm the entire car is sexy.

  • Team Xepher
    Team Xepher 7 years ago

    Memphis called he wants eleanor back

  • coolguy10060
    coolguy10060 7 years ago

    @GameCompanyReviews graag gedaan:)

  • coolguy10060
    coolguy10060 7 years ago

    @GameCompanyReviews je hebt op zandvoort in april american sunday maar voor de rest weet ik er ook niet veel van

  • Wout Taffijn
    Wout Taffijn 8 years ago

    wanneer is er nog eens een 'dutch supercar sunday'
    echt WOW ..

  • Abdulla Alsada
    Abdulla Alsada 8 years ago

    @M16OnDaScene And a 67 Lincoln continental convertable for a Luxurious ride!!

  • BigRedPower59
    BigRedPower59 8 years ago

    Why can't I be filthy rich instead of so damn good looking?!?! :-P

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan 8 years ago

    Americans, they dont always get it right, but when then they do.....