RazörFist Arcade: DEUS EX Mankind Divided (Part 3)

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • Deus Ex: Bodybag Divided!
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  • Venraef
    Venraef 4 months ago

    2:30:25 Good question.

  • McCaffery
    McCaffery 10 months ago

    Did they ever do a Part 4?

  • Aric Hansen
    Aric Hansen Year ago

    Idaho, the state that proudly proclaims that it is in fact a prostitute.

  • MusicisLife8393
    MusicisLife8393 Year ago

    I agree Malik would be better than Alex especially considering that her living is canon.

  • Satchking
    Satchking Year ago

    Shadow of the Colossus? xD

  • hells surprise
    hells surprise Year ago +1

    Is this game a follow on from other Deus Ex games or separate?

    • MusicisLife8393
      MusicisLife8393 Year ago

      Follow up to Human Revolution. Takes place 2 years after HR.

  • antac55
    antac55 Year ago

    Dropped frames could be because the previous instance of your streaming software was still running, but only visible in task manager.

  • Hard Gay
    Hard Gay Year ago

    Golem City was the best part of Mankind Divided and it sucks major ass we only go there once. It would've made a great second hub.

  • Dal Segno
    Dal Segno Year ago

    I just had a flashback to watching all of Razorfists videos, in 2010, and stopped by to see if he was still around. Pleasantly surprised to see hit after hit. A true fucking champion of the stealth genre, I’m honestly happy to see his opinions are gaining so much exposure. God-fucking-speed.

  • Zayden W
    Zayden W Year ago

    Are you and TheMetalMonster the same guy?

  • Son of Angron
    Son of Angron Year ago

    "-d fucking speed!"

  • Kaucukovnik666
    Kaucukovnik666 Year ago

    The mangled Czech text is hilarious, especially in contrast with the flawless voice acting of local NPCs. Written Czech is all Google Translate through and through. Convoluted nonsense in place of commonly used phrases, wrong genders, tenses, local names no one would ever give to anything...
    For example "Davný čtvrť" : they got the base word wrong, and additionally district is female in Czech, so you'd write "dávná". And even that is wrong, just like in English you wouldn't say "ancient district", but rather "old town." And that's precisely what "staré město" is the proper term for.
    And then there is the English voice acting. People can't pronounce their own names and everyone somehow has a fake russian accent.
    Oh well, I guess I'd lose all immersion in DX:HR if I was Chinese. :)

  • Owen Benjamin - Ungrabbled & Unbabbled

    Congrats on 15k Subs Raz0r!

  • Rolf Mützelburg
    Rolf Mützelburg Year ago +6

    S Africa is the alt-left fully realized. Its everything the SJW intelligentsia have been asking for, but never obtained. I look forward to it biting them in the ass for generations, as it climbs from persecution to an all out race war, to genocide. All the lefty talking heads who praised S Africa will be forced into an ever untenable situation... just like Venezuela... just like the USSR.
    It goes without saying, but no matter how many times history repeats itself, they just won't accept that collectivism has failed.

  • Artemis Arrow
    Artemis Arrow Year ago

    Got some good news for you Razor....

  • Softwares need Optimization

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 on 150k subs.

  • David Prefontaine

    For Idaho, uh... they make some really good roller coasters?

  • jamaine gardner
    jamaine gardner Year ago +4

    John Mccain is dead.

  • Da Rat Bastid
    Da Rat Bastid Year ago +7

    Oh, Razor! Yoo-hoo! Hi, there.
    I heard the news about the _VERY, VERY timely_ (some might say overdue) death of one of your state's federal Senators. Is there any way I might be able to rush you a care package to aid you in your time of need--say, a large bottle of hand lotion, a box or two of paper tissues, and a carton of cigarettes?

  • Basement Philosopher
    Basement Philosopher Year ago +28

    9:12 Thoughts on Eurogamer's interview with Cyberpunk developers?
    11:27 Why isn't communism party USA more popular? Due to the unfortunate rise of communism in the USA?
    13:40 Mercyful Fate or King Diamond?
    13:55 Are you a Hank Hill or Dale Gribble?
    15:39 Would you do a metal mythos on Eclipse or any recent bands?
    21:20 What do you think will happen with Angry Joe?
    28:44 Angry Joe's email to you?
    40:54 Do you like Carcass?
    42:00 Favorite Primal Fear album?
    43:30 Blind Guardian vs Rhapsody of Fire?
    47:05 Hardest job you've done?
    52:05 Thoughts on the Venom album, "At War With Satan?"
    55:52 Thoughts on the Stalker franchise?
    59:48 Why did so many metal bands break up in the early 90's?
    1:02:50 Why does everyone like Ben Shapiro?
    1:03:44 Where are all the good bitches?
    1:09:55 Pitch for Elric Tv or Film series?
    1:10:52 Suggestions on things to get my adrenaline pumping?
    1:28:30 Content to replace TotalBiscuit?
    1:30:50 Thoughts on South Africa?
    1:32:06 Lady Evil or Evil Women songs?
    1:32:50 Batman the Dark Knight comics?
    1:33:05 Are you a fan of Fantastic Four?
    1:33:43 Why do you not like John Constantine?
    1:34:02 Have you seen the recent Power Rangers movie?
    1:35:15 Thoughts on Motorhead's performance at Wrestlemania 17?
    1:36:26 Stream a world war one game stream?
    1:37:00 Ever watched Shogun?
    1:38:58 Have you ever read Wind in the Willows?
    1:39:35 Resident Evil 2 Remake?
    1:40:45 Game of the year 2017?
    1:45:20 Cyberpunk suggestions?
    1:52:08 Have you read Red Star or Rising Star?
    1:53:50 Favorite concert and why?
    1:55:26 Thoughts on Christians claiming they've been libertarians this entire time?
    2:00:00 Have you read GRRM's Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas?
    2:08:30 Have you seen the recent Count Dankula debate?
    2:12:00 Who is the most overrated comic book villain?
    2:15:40 Is this game pro Black Lives Matter?
    2:18:00 Is the Warhammer franchise really plagiarized?
    2:20:10 What modern video game cliche are you sick of the most?
    2:21:15 Thoughts on a pitch stream of John Carter of Mars?
    2:26:20 Thoughts on the Jackson 5?
    2:27:40 Are you a fan of TotalBiscuit?
    2:29:38 How do I filter out SJWs from my company?
    2:31:42 Have you read the Black Summer comic book series?
    2:31:57 Thoughts on the band Neurosis?
    2:32:38 Thoughts on the upcoming Tomb Raider game?
    2:38:00 4 horsemen of the SJW apocalypse? Opinion of Gwar?
    2:39:50 Thoughts on Star Wars?

  • Dominic Romani
    Dominic Romani Year ago +9

    So John McCain just died. Interested to see your response.

  • Crazed Link
    Crazed Link Year ago +10

    RIP John McCain lol

  • Golden Cypher
    Golden Cypher Year ago +2

    24:00 Razorfist, it was FF14. You even did a video about it calling Keely a liar and showing the evidence.

  • Cody Cronauer
    Cody Cronauer Year ago +36

    Razorfist celebrates 150K subs and the next day John McCain dies, good times lol

  • Golden Cypher
    Golden Cypher Year ago

    Congrats on your 15K subs. There, in case no one else tells you in the stream.

  • Bunnies Kitties
    Bunnies Kitties Year ago +1

    Atheism is a negative. It aims to not be something and push against something. No argument is good if its basis is tearing down another argument. What we want is secularism, freedom of expression. It just so happens that not having god involved helps lots to make everyone's lives better, because whenever god is involved the followers that rise to the top use it to be a totalitarian dicktatorship.
    Which means yes, Atheists are wrong and dumb, but by the same card so are the religious. Both missing the point because both require downing on their opponent to win. The best solution has already been tested and works. Separation of church and state, let the religious nutters do their shit with no political power. Worked great in America until the back half of the 20th century when Religious people got a lot of power. Fun fact, God was not mentioned in the original pledge of allegiance. God was smeared onto America only very recently. The founding fathers were all either deists or complete nonbelievers. And the deists were probably just avoiding political ostracism by the religious base.
    Attacking atheists is low hanging fruit. Theyre fringe idiots with nothing to provide and have nothing in common with sensible people who just come tot he conclusion a god proposition is very unlikely, and if true its definitely not the case that they even give a shit about Humanity.

    • MusicisLife8393
      MusicisLife8393 Year ago

      Atheism is the only thing that makes sense. I find believing in a sky daddy very stupid and naive. And yes I'm atheist. Until I see perfect evidence that god or a supernatural power exists I will remain atheist/agnostic.

    • Manic Maniac
      Manic Maniac Year ago +4

      Technically, if you are not convinced that there is a god, then you are an atheist by definition.

  • Mephisto Knight
    Mephisto Knight Year ago

    ‘Gafferella’ - you legend

  • Thy Raven Wings
    Thy Raven Wings Year ago

    anyone got the name of that chill track?

  • Alias Dekknavn
    Alias Dekknavn Year ago +18

    "Chill time" ends at 7:17

  • Nameless Garrett
    Nameless Garrett Year ago

    Is this even good? I started playing it and it made me want to replay HR. I finished up to the first area and exposed the fake cop and decided to play HR again. I felt too powerful and I don't like the UI or control scheme.

    • Nameless Garrett
      Nameless Garrett Year ago

      @Mangia1432 I still had a fair few augmentations after waking up. Can't recall who Koller is. I thought the tutorial was the first mission.
      @Henny Zhi Just finished HR again but I used cloaking for the first time. Zero challenge, I just walked past most things. I'll restart with MD and try playing a sharpshooter or maybe a heavy. Which is more fun?
      @Prince of Ruins Really?! I'll take another look in the menus. Thanks.

    • Elric of Melniboné
      Elric of Melniboné Year ago +1

      You can play MD with HR control scheme.

    • Henny Zhi
      Henny Zhi Year ago

      Resources in Mankind Divided, at least in my experience, seem to be easily available. You can literally horde crafting items to make multi-tools for any situation and bypass skills entirely that revolve around hacking which in turn means getting more good loot earlier than what the devs can expect or get through places using the tools that would be harder without them (because you'd be standing around hacking rather than sitting in cover while disabling a door lock etc.). Sure, you could get the key pass from the restricted area on the upper floor... or you could just invest in all the cloaking augs and stealth running/crouching so you can literally walk up to anywhere, even past lasers, use a multitool and pass (and chugging multiple energy sticks to replenish your bar is also readily available whereas in past games energy was limited greatly).This gives you allot of ghost runs that feed you even more exp to grab the few augs that are objectively better for a stealth game like remote hacking and the higher jump.

    • Mangia1432
      Mangia1432 Year ago

      This was my first Deus Ex and I loved it. How did you feel too powerful? Did you see Koller first before you exsposed the cop? Because I'm pretty sure they strip your powers after the tutorial. I'm going to play HR next cause I keep hearing it's better than Mankind Divided. Yea the main story is whatever but the side quests and level design are great.

  • Grandmastergav86
    Grandmastergav86 Year ago +5

    The Borat segment on Da Ali G Show completely outshone the main character and was far better than the film to be honest. I liked the film but it felt neutered.

  • Michael Sheal
    Michael Sheal Year ago