This fluid has been running for TWO YEARS! Did it hold up?

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • I ALWAYS change my fluid annually, sometimes even more frequent... but Skunkworks has been a little neglected and the fluid has been running for two years... so today we drain her and open her up to see how she survived.
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Comments • 3 303

  • Tristyn Russelo
    Tristyn Russelo 21 hour ago +1

    I've been running pure water for 3 years no maintenance. just top up...

  • M. Saleh
    M. Saleh Day ago

    hey jay, that machine hasn't aged at all ;)

  • CryptoCrazyJoe
    CryptoCrazyJoe 4 days ago

    did you just said when fluid running over nickel its get yellow? :-D ......... you should research how nickel plating is done, and that yellow as you call it wear out of nickel layer.

  • Levente Kolcsar
    Levente Kolcsar 4 days ago

    okay, now I prefer air coolers :D

  • swansmeister
    swansmeister 6 days ago

    When are people gonna understand, fluids and electricity are not a good match.

  • ArmyBroCC
    ArmyBroCC 6 days ago

    How much for a build like this ?

    • ArmyBroCC
      ArmyBroCC 5 days ago

      I love the episodes

    • ArmyBroCC
      ArmyBroCC 5 days ago

      Thank you lol I got to save to get something like this lol

    • okamii
      okamii 6 days ago

  • Maxemor
    Maxemor 7 days ago

    Is that... clockner's custom PC?

  • adswire
    adswire 8 days ago

    It looks yummy

  • blp1884
    blp1884 8 days ago

    That PC is huge

  • mark gautney
    mark gautney 11 days ago

    PC noob, what's that rig roughly run $$ lol

    • okamii
      okamii 6 days ago

  • Daniel Schander
    Daniel Schander 11 days ago +1

    Hello from which manufacturer is this coolant?

  • Taha Jasden
    Taha Jasden 12 days ago +1

    I disliked the video at the time when he said :


    • Taha Jasden
      Taha Jasden 7 days ago

      @Super Franky oh really .... Well should I asked you something about physics

    • Super Franky
      Super Franky 7 days ago

      Idiots tend to dislike things they know nothing about

  • MrRadio1610
    MrRadio1610 14 days ago

    what case is that

  • Daniel Sawatsky
    Daniel Sawatsky 14 days ago

    What is the case ??

  • Mohd Asrie Abdullah
    Mohd Asrie Abdullah 15 days ago


  • xl bryan de leon
    xl bryan de leon 15 days ago

    do you have any used/old pc for giveaways?

  • Zagaara
    Zagaara 16 days ago

    Use hairdryer next time Jayz.

  • ScOtTiSh ShToVii
    ScOtTiSh ShToVii 17 days ago

    Go purple

  • ゆき
    ゆき 18 days ago

    Beautiful ass pc

  • Vec2 TheStoryOfNoMoney

    I hope that's my PC. Can you please give it to me.. LOL hahahha

    • iamdxpe
      iamdxpe 17 days ago

      are you stupid? look how old the video is

  • Ahmed Ayash
    Ahmed Ayash 19 days ago

    Hi there, do you sell your used items ?

  • Nules Ad
    Nules Ad 19 days ago +1

    Do u have to drain the system or no

  • Peter Dan
    Peter Dan 20 days ago

    Wanna give me that pc?

  • Dwight shrutte
    Dwight shrutte 22 days ago

    How is it now

  • grftrf
    grftrf 22 days ago

    I misread “did it hold up” to drink up oh god don’t do it please

  • Sam Tahsan
    Sam Tahsan 22 days ago

    01:54 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • NightHoundd
    NightHoundd 23 days ago

    And some peole say money dont bring happiness.

  • Lolz
    Lolz 23 days ago +1

    Can I have a pc that’s not liquid cooling, I currently have to game on my 7yr old PS4. My parents can’t afford a pc rn. I would really appreciate it. And no this is not a scam I’m 13

    • Tuhh Vancini
      Tuhh Vancini 22 days ago +1

      The PS4 isn’t even 7 years old retatd

  • girl ft freddy secret life pokemon trainer

    Jay I love your video's if you were to give me any old pc you have laying around or laptop capable of playing rust decently I will tattoo your logo on me for advertisement purposes. I had to sell both of my computer's after I had a ruptured ulcer and almost died March of 2019 and have been unable to work I have 5 children and they really miss being able to play my computer's as well. I would literally do almost anything to have a pc again. And probably won't be able to build another one anytime soon as I'm still very limited as to what I am able to do for work

  • Viviox TV
    Viviox TV 27 days ago

    What case is that?

  • BadMannerKorea
    BadMannerKorea 27 days ago

    What a pain in the ass. Glad I have an air cooler and I don't have to deal with any of that.

  • K4yr4h
    K4yr4h 28 days ago

    get you cameraboy enchroma glasses for christmas!

  • Jared Oday
    Jared Oday 29 days ago +1

    wish we could still buy that case :(

  • KGB
    KGB Month ago

    pc WAAAY to clean to be running for 2 years

  • Dungeon Dude07
    Dungeon Dude07 Month ago +1

    The jug is not even touching his mouth

  • Cant think of name Yeah

    What is the name of the fluid in the video you call it skunk works it doesn't appear anywhere that skunk works even exist

  • Ben Morris
    Ben Morris Month ago

    You should just give it me because you know I’ve been saving 5months for a pc and only have £200

  • Venancio Chaves
    Venancio Chaves Month ago

    what d' happen if oring blows off and all liquid leak through the MB
    whata nightmare

    BCNEWSVIDEO Month ago +10

    8-years years later my untouched water cooled CPU is still running without any problems,

  • My Games
    My Games Month ago +2

    2 years the thing is spotless not even a grain of dust and he says he doesn't maintain them xDDD

  • MCP2002
    MCP2002 Month ago

    My first watercooled pc I built 12.5 years ago and it's still running. Only thing I've done is add more water. Now my 8 year old daughter is using it. LOL

  • Davorin Jurišić
    Davorin Jurišić Month ago

    "Skunk Works". Lockheed Martin fan?

    HANGRY Month ago

    I have the same liquid running for 11 years (since august 2008) without any issues. Cooling has been rock solid and I still have low temps. Feser One fluid in Tygon tubing, Feser brand doesn't exist anymore unfortunately. Its on EK Supreme CPU block with all the small micro-channels and there is no clogging whatsoever. Had to top off the reservoir like 3 times in all those years.
    If you're wondering, it on the Intel 1366 socket, first started with I7 920, later upgraded cpu to Xeon X5677. Still my daily gaming and working rig.

  • Timothy LaBranch
    Timothy LaBranch Month ago

    Which mayhem coolant are you using?

  • Qokes
    Qokes Month ago

    im new to pc scene, what should i build i have about 1k to work with for a streaming gaming pc?

    • Qokes
      Qokes Month ago

      @c0c0 gamer I have one need real pc, vr compatible

    • c0c0 gamer
      c0c0 gamer Month ago

      Buy a Mac

  • Steven O'Brien
    Steven O'Brien Month ago +27

    No Jay, drinking the liquid won't make you cooler

  • Isaac James
    Isaac James Month ago

    Exactly why you get air cooling!

  • Jason Pritchard
    Jason Pritchard Month ago

    Stay with Green!

  • Racing&Beats
    Racing&Beats Month ago

    what fluid is this?

  • Pierlo
    Pierlo Month ago

    looks like boba

  • Thekingcobra 25
    Thekingcobra 25 Month ago +205

    The fact that he didn’t know his camera man is color blind absolutely kills me

    • Ayy Eclipse
      Ayy Eclipse 19 days ago +1

      @Stevka MSP yeah, so he IS colorblind.


    Don't see the sense in these builds haha looks nice but man that stuff get out all over you parts fire!

  • Sharky
    Sharky Month ago

    Is water cooling dangerous.

  • Cole Michael
    Cole Michael Month ago

    That sounded like an under filled bong 3:57

  • DoughnutCentral
    DoughnutCentral Month ago +19

    What about Terry Cruz's build, have you replaced his PC water coolant

  • Kevlar Don
    Kevlar Don Month ago

    Im thinking you should give it to me.....

  • Clint Siebert
    Clint Siebert 2 months ago

    does that pc build use acrylic? Those tubes still look great after 2 years

  • Kaden Shablow
    Kaden Shablow 2 months ago

    Couldn’t you just use normal antifreeze

  • spaceweed10
    spaceweed10 2 months ago

    You could suck cock for a living.

  • Lego Star wars/Indiana Jones/Marvel superheroes

    3:54 when you rip a bong