Westworld Season 2 -- A Primer

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • FULL SPOILERS for Westworld second season. Proceed with caution.
    Warning: Contains violence. This video only accessible for Reddit Gold Members.

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  • KJ
    KJ 3 months ago

    So much talent on this show.

  • Kristjan Kütaru
    Kristjan Kütaru 5 months ago


  • Nvi Warren
    Nvi Warren 7 months ago

    Wtf!!! Wow...

  • aviewtoill
    aviewtoill 8 months ago

    Mans best friend........Fact!

  • CÆsar
    CÆsar 10 months ago

    I wish I could sing like that

  • Caterpillow-pants
    Caterpillow-pants 10 months ago

    I could argue that this video hinted at one plot point in season 2.

  • Niels
    Niels 10 months ago


  • Yargh
    Yargh 10 months ago

    Wow. After the finale this is something. Bernards choice. Nolan, you are a genius!

  • zdravkelja
    zdravkelja 10 months ago +1

    Watched the season finale. They played us like a damn fiddle.

  • Kasperio Silverlaine
    Kasperio Silverlaine 10 months ago

    404 Downvotes. This clearly didn't look like anything to them...

  • Brian McClain
    Brian McClain 10 months ago


  • M
    M 10 months ago

    My cowboy hat has been snatched.

  • Ben Clarke
    Ben Clarke 10 months ago

    Note the aspect ratio change, he does meet someone playing a piano doesn’t he? Not completely off putting

  • Joseph Ligotti
    Joseph Ligotti 10 months ago


  • E.Neto. Jr.Martinez
    E.Neto. Jr.Martinez 10 months ago

    an apocryphal story from Israel through Israel a Westworld makeup and it was west world it's not mention ed from the west-world of dimensions and podcast Session series or episodes unspeakable transitional transitions power trilogies an apocalyptics, to introduce into the introduction of divergent to the insurgent, we continue on the in clothes on no clothes compliments welcome aboard thank you Manchild

  • Babar Asghar
    Babar Asghar 11 months ago

    Found this on 30 June and It still doesn't look like anything to me

  • Xperia André Svendsen
    Xperia André Svendsen 11 months ago

    This is even better after seeing what he really discovered in this scene.

  • John Billingsley
    John Billingsley 11 months ago

    I like how they had the Dog sitting by the piano in episode 6, a sort of nod to this.

  • vertigoz
    vertigoz 11 months ago +1

    Phase Space Episode 06 brought me here

  • Paul Badman
    Paul Badman 11 months ago

    So I came here so I could see if this show is worth watching anymore,However it was a massive troll.......I guess i'm out then

  • evi1wombat
    evi1wombat 11 months ago

    Is that dog a Labrahuahua? He's so cute.

  • Kaipyro67ALT
    Kaipyro67ALT 11 months ago

    I held off on watching this until I was a few episodes in... and holy shit this is incredible. XD

  • casiano
    casiano 11 months ago

    evan rachel wood deserves an emmy for this

  • Ange Alexiel
    Ange Alexiel 11 months ago

    Clementine misses me so much , we are at episode 4 that im about to watch and still no signs of her, she is so talented and beautiful like Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton , i love season 2 so far , season 1 served to set up most of the character but now the show is going towards the direction i was hoping for ... i'm just a bit sad that the show first S02 ep. did just 3 Million ... but i rhink it is okay GoT had moments like this too.... i really hope the producers will be able to tell the whole story and make 5 seasons as planned... i'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  • ccdff two
    ccdff two 11 months ago


  • Alberto Batista
    Alberto Batista Year ago

    Poor little dog.

  • Last Comment
    Last Comment Year ago

    so the whole story is just the imagination of a white bored dog waiting for it`s owners to get home ...........now I know why this series is such a garbage , enjoy your stupid terminator story , fucking sick of robots wanting to become human in every fucking science fiction story , it is just proves how limited humans are when it comes to creating stories , everything they write is about human emotions and nothing else , boring , and that is why most of us rather watch the news, those are at least real human emotions in a real world , not some made up Bs by some entitled white fuck

  • loomingeverdrums
    loomingeverdrums Year ago


  • pants
    pants Year ago

    That nice dog just sat there for 20+ minutes?

  • papayapiggy
    papayapiggy Year ago


  • Antobeany
    Antobeany Year ago

    does anyone know what type of dog this is?

  • RadioFloyd235 None

    I want. That. Dog.

  • Ash .S
    Ash .S Year ago


  • Shaun Vickers
    Shaun Vickers Year ago

    Is thas dog the key? Or some kind of maze?

  • Patrick Robinson
    Patrick Robinson Year ago

    yes... that just happened... but if it were on iTunes, I'd buy it.

  • Sounak Banik
    Sounak Banik Year ago

    The world's most elaborate and beautiful Rickroll.

  • Kevin Rubio
    Kevin Rubio Year ago

    What a beautiful voice!

  • Alex Blom
    Alex Blom Year ago

    I just left the music playing for the full time while I started working!

  • GalaxyRise
    GalaxyRise Year ago

    Would be hilarious if all the spoilers were actually subtly encoded in the last 20 minutes of audio/video

  • robotrock42
    robotrock42 Year ago

    It's weird seeing this after the season 2 premiere

  • Bernard
    Bernard Year ago +1

    This has to be the best rick roll ever. I wasn't there but how could someone believe Nolan would actually do this

  • Nexis siempreaqui

    I dont even watch Westworld but I smelled the meme

  • .
    . Year ago


  • michaelpearce813
    michaelpearce813 Year ago

    Expected to see/learn about season 2 episode 1, but got 20 minutes of the intro music with a dog in front of the piano. Why?

  • PlasmaFLOW
    PlasmaFLOW Year ago

    Jeez Dolores... you sing really good! (Ahem, I mean Evan Rachel Wood)

  • ᴛʜᴇ Qᴜᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴ

    And with this, premium television proves once and for all that it has disappeared completely up its own butt.

  • Austin Vawter
    Austin Vawter Year ago +1

    To be fair, some of this stuff actually happens

  • bkout7
    bkout7 Year ago

    Didn't Stubbs get killed of by Ghost Nation in Season 1???

  • Jerome Hoyle
    Jerome Hoyle Year ago

    Is that the dog from the Black Panther movie?

  • Albinas Simkus
    Albinas Simkus Year ago


  • shirakikuu
    shirakikuu Year ago

    2018 and still rick roll. @.@

  • Paul Monks
    Paul Monks Year ago


  • javierjabanero
    javierjabanero Year ago

    goddamnit johnathan

  • cat whatever
    cat whatever Year ago

    Thanks for the spoiler warning. Have to get back to ya in a few episodes.

  • Jérémy-Charles Dufour

    Me happy, love this awesome spoiler

  • Drew's Corner - Drew C. Ryan

    I love you guys.

  • John McLeod
    John McLeod Year ago

    One of the best moments of trolling ever

  • ilikeceral3
    ilikeceral3 Year ago

    A good doggo.

  • Jason Payne
    Jason Payne Year ago

    Didn't expect to get Rick Rolled.

  • Moronic Rick
    Moronic Rick Year ago

    I’m glad Shrek makes an appearance in Season 2.

  • Milton2k
    Milton2k Year ago

    Elegant trolling....

  • Avinash Sharma
    Avinash Sharma Year ago

    I didn't think I would be Rick Rolled ever again.

  • BeastyEverything01

    It doesn’t look like anything to me

  • Caleb Harch
    Caleb Harch Year ago


  • Oliver Ryan
    Oliver Ryan Year ago

    Take a breath man 😂😂😂

  • TIG5574
    TIG5574 Year ago

    Wow she has a beautiful voice for a robot! I'm wondering what the significance of the dog will be??? Is he a host as well? Season 2 looks like its going to be fucking insane!!!

    • Bernard
      Bernard Year ago +1

      TIG5574 the robots are build like human so YES, THAT'S ROBOTISM/ HOSTISM

    • TIG5574
      TIG5574 Year ago

      Are you implying I'm racist? Because I'm not.

    • Bernard
      Bernard Year ago

      TIG5574 for a robot?

  • TheGamer373
    TheGamer373 Year ago

    well. that was informative.

  • gnoma gno
    gnoma gno Year ago

    Too much pathos. I'm overwhelmed.

  • DezzyDylan
    DezzyDylan Year ago

    Are you fucking kidding me. As a spoiler-holic I tried my very best not to watch this since it came out and have been avoiding all info. I finally break and this happens..
    Fucking love it :D

  • AmazonKC
    AmazonKC Year ago

    um... its a dog at a piano... hahah wtf

  • C. Björnsson
    C. Björnsson Year ago

    fucking rick rolled

  • BioClone
    BioClone Year ago

    Only hosts will see the rickroll, all its on the base code.

  • Krosna Works
    Krosna Works Year ago

    Our season begins with Bernard waking up on a beach. He can’t remember what happened, or how he got there.
    - Bernard!
    Something's wrong with his mind. He's picked up and questioned by Delos's head of security, Karl Strand.
    - Walk.
    * shoot *
    - Keep working!
    Strand grows increasingly irritated with Bernard’s inability to remember anything. If he is not cooperating or if he simply does not remember. The bodies on the beach spark something, like a door opening in Bernard’s mind. The deeper he goes, the closer he gets to the meaning behind it. Can he remember how it all began? Can he remember Dolores? Can he remember the choice he made?

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff Year ago

    Well played sir.

  • Wing Flanagan
    Wing Flanagan Year ago

    Why do I feel like I've been Rickrolled?

  • Romulus Wolf
    Romulus Wolf Year ago +1

    Intresting. I wonder if the part at the start will turn out to be ture, or if the whole thing was a rickroll.

  • Saravanan Shanmugam


  • Buttery Peanut
    Buttery Peanut Year ago

    beyond confused

  • Hoang Ly
    Hoang Ly Year ago

    the captions =)

  • DONnapped
    DONnapped Year ago

    Killed it

  • Justin McCune
    Justin McCune Year ago

    wow... just wow
    * stands up to add to slow clap *

  • Ishaan Sood
    Ishaan Sood Year ago

    Now that's a proper season.

  • Jurassic Man375
    Jurassic Man375 Year ago

    Wow they used a different aspect ratio

  • Sreerag Menath
    Sreerag Menath Year ago

    The way you incorporated Captain America in this was astonishing!
    Hoping for more twists :-)

  • CO.AG Music
    CO.AG Music Year ago +2

    What's behind this door?
    What door?

  • Samson Sliteye
    Samson Sliteye Year ago

    f for bento

  • Jack Keegan
    Jack Keegan Year ago

    I hate you

  • Jack Keegan
    Jack Keegan Year ago

    The dog

  • Matt Quiros
    Matt Quiros Year ago

    What a waste of talent

  • Isabelle Dion
    Isabelle Dion Year ago

    Fake spoiler alert 😂 Musician dog on the horizon!

  • Ørjan Arvikk
    Ørjan Arvikk Year ago

    Her voice is just too heavenly to get mad at being rickrolled

  • leon huggins
    leon huggins Year ago

    Cant believe all you sad twats find this funny amazing a bit of history etc etc when its actually full of shit not that clever

  • Patrician Cloud
    Patrician Cloud Year ago


  • FestivalRift
    FestivalRift Year ago

    Westworld rickrolled everyone

  • Fer Abra
    Fer Abra Year ago

    We've been steam-rickrolled.

  • Meris
    Meris Year ago

    West Rolled

  • stacey mead
    stacey mead Year ago

    Rick Rolled 500,000 LOL, Well Played.

  • Wooderson
    Wooderson Year ago

    that video was a lot cooler for what it did

  • Targaryen Ice
    Targaryen Ice Year ago


  • Issie wizzie
    Issie wizzie Year ago

    i see the 80s are back in fashion