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  • Published on May 20, 2018

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  • Cj Cj
    Cj Cj 2 days ago

    10,000 rounds fired into these thing, enough to turn a man into hamburg and a simple hatchet cutting the fuckers head off was all it

  • Cj Cj
    Cj Cj 2 days ago

    1,000's of rounds fired at the enemy and no hits ????

  • photography by MANOJ
    photography by MANOJ 3 days ago +1

    nice..... movie..

  • willard fillmore
    willard fillmore 3 days ago

    These are some fucked up videos i have to admit..!! That's for sure..!! Sorry..!!

  • norman max
    norman max 4 days ago +2

    I am happy to watch this movie.

  • Daniel Randerson
    Daniel Randerson 9 days ago

    I smoked two and even wasted, this is a piece of crap

  • Nabuzaradän Wormwood
    Nabuzaradän Wormwood 9 days ago +2

    This is a Blue and Green Box movie 🎥 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the full budget on this movie 🎥 is $3,000

  • Sean Woods
    Sean Woods 11 days ago

    Cyborg X

  • Eerimen Bzej
    Eerimen Bzej 12 days ago

    If you like corny knockoff parodies this movie is for you

  • Uthark Runa
    Uthark Runa 13 days ago +1

    A joint will not help here

  • Uthark Runa
    Uthark Runa 13 days ago

    Looks like a resident evil knock off

  • Eduardo Cayana Jr
    Eduardo Cayana Jr 14 days ago

    why need payment this movie icannot whatch what is this glitch

  • Thabani Khomo
    Thabani Khomo 15 days ago +2

    The movie is a thumbs down😩

  • jela mabolo
    jela mabolo 15 days ago


  • Byron James
    Byron James 18 days ago

    I like this MOVE

  • Gerald Ballantyne
    Gerald Ballantyne 18 days ago

    Got bored

  • Yelaiah
    Yelaiah 20 days ago +1

    It took forever to push a cheap red button to save the world. I saw the whole movie in 5 minutes.

  • Faqeer Mohsin Official

    Crime Investigation with english subtitled action and fun.

  • 啊萱萱
    啊萱萱 23 days ago

    were using them big weapons to

  • 啊萱萱
    啊萱萱 23 days ago +1

    a joint. Then I listened to country musi

    • Uthark Runa
      Uthark Runa 13 days ago

      So what you sayin is that a joint will not fix this movie ?

  • Leo Stallworth
    Leo Stallworth Month ago +1

    I wish for God sake someone would comment the name

  • Sammy Gakuo
    Sammy Gakuo Month ago

    Why waste time with bullets knowing they can do nothing

  • don't care
    don't care Month ago

    Damn i had good Hollywood blockbusters now I'm stuck with all these crappy made for tv syfy channel movies. B rated cast with cgi I could make.

  • darthdude
    darthdude Month ago

    wish ppl would stop uploading shit movies

  • Craig Scott
    Craig Scott Month ago

    mmm, he couldn't fall on the button after getting stabbed? all them bullets and the most effective solution would have been a machette.

  • Triple S love
    Triple S love Month ago

    This really how it ends

  • chicsman
    chicsman Month ago +1

    What the hell have I just wasted my time watching...

  • blackhawk
    blackhawk Month ago

    Another lame cunt terminator flick.

  • Alex Moore
    Alex Moore 2 months ago


  • Lenny D.
    Lenny D. 2 months ago +12

    After 8 minutes I had 2 shots of tequila and a joint. Then I listened to country music and went to sleep.

  • James Ferrario
    James Ferrario 2 months ago

    Muscles, BIG TITS, Flat Stomachs, Sex appeal, Cigars the idiot HAS NEVER SMOKED AND LOOKS RIDICULOUS Acting like he has. The entire movie was HORRIFIC. Waste of money. Just make a Porno. More profitable. More Entertaining. 30 Years in film and TV and this was one of the TOP 5 WORST FILMS I'VE EVER SEEN.

  • Rachel Wagoner
    Rachel Wagoner 2 months ago

    This movie sucks

  • Charmell Harris
    Charmell Harris 2 months ago

    Good movie!

  • Elspeth Minaj
    Elspeth Minaj 2 months ago

    Do you want to eat shit and drink piss 😭😭

  • Eugene
    Eugene 3 months ago

  • rock island
    rock island 3 months ago

    Stick that wide screen.......................

  • rox*
    rox* 3 months ago

    What is with all the needles screaming? Do not waste yr time on this piece of shit movie

  • Jay Garcia
    Jay Garcia 3 months ago +6

    27:29 tells her to put pressure on the wound and gives her a cocktail napkin. Lol

    • Uthark Runa
      Uthark Runa 13 days ago

      It was the double absorption napkin

    • James Ferrario
      James Ferrario 2 months ago

      HILARIOUS. As a US Army Sergeant, Infantry - 9th Infantry Division. I found this to be HILrious too!!! THE HIGE TITS were the Highlight of the film. These girls born to have SEX for life. lol

  • Popeye The Sailor man
    Popeye The Sailor man 3 months ago

    Theirs B Grade , Now theirs is C Grade. lolz.

  • allis chalmers
    allis chalmers 3 months ago


    JEFF JACK 3 months ago

    Hey! The Robot guys dont die when we shoot em 500 times. I got a plan! lets keep carrying and using these guns and shooting them over and over. Lets fight for 500 years and then when we get to the little red button that saves everyone lets have a 20 min conversation instead of pressing the freaking BUTTON! ..... SMH !!! I give this motion picture 4 thumbs down!

  • Tony Ronald
    Tony Ronald 3 months ago +4

    overacting of poor quality - script poor. Shouting and screaming that is needless.

  • sumarianson
    sumarianson 3 months ago +1

    Press one stop button and all over???????

  • Dave Benneig
    Dave Benneig 3 months ago

    I think this movie is a piece of SHIT! IT SUCKS!!!

  • rock island
    rock island 3 months ago +1

    Stick that wide screen.......................

  • Twilight Cairo
    Twilight Cairo 3 months ago +1

    third degree cast

  • Michael Meo
    Michael Meo 3 months ago

    Lots and lots of deaths.

  • Alex Mick
    Alex Mick 4 months ago +2

    والله العظيم انكم كذابين واللعن من اليهود لان صور ه الفيلم ثاني ولما تشوف لا هو اكشن ولا بطيخ حرام عليك ياحب القناه

    • Alex Mick
      Alex Mick 2 months ago +1

      عليك لعنه الله تلعنك يا جحر ابليس

    • BOY DXB
      BOY DXB 2 months ago


  • Evaldas Aleksandravičius

    rly sht film

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    miracle internet 4 months ago

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  • MrFrequency4twenty
    MrFrequency4twenty 4 months ago

    what crap .. this is like watching a action movie with a WWF star in it .. horrible acting

  • rsm rue
    rsm rue 4 months ago


  • Misheru Kawaii
    Misheru Kawaii 4 months ago

    aswang ni diko alam

  • Simone Oeschger
    Simone Oeschger 4 months ago

    This movie sucks boring and lame story line 👎👎👎👎

  • Raja Rajab
    Raja Rajab 4 months ago +1

    Not bad

  • Mark Beards
    Mark Beards 4 months ago +1

    Good movie. Thanks

  • Made In USA
    Made In USA 5 months ago

    I tried, but so bad I had to bail out.

  • TrashyBeats JayTime on the beat

    all whites lie

  • mbola André
    mbola André 5 months ago +1

    the basic is just only to push the button but they did not find this solution before every body died. God helps them and show them what to do because they do not have idea anymore. They story wants to show us that we have one to protect us and helps us to find a solution for fighting against virus in the world and we should never give up to need the right way that you should follow

  • Kefilwe Moses
    Kefilwe Moses 5 months ago

    Car please conkow

    SALAH UD DIN MUGHAL 5 months ago

    whaoo super action movies

  • Andrew Ford
    Andrew Ford 5 months ago

    No, its not for boredom it's so shit actors/script writers can join SAG/AFTRA..not a film

  • Joanne Wilton
    Joanne Wilton 5 months ago +1

    definitely creepy - for all the wrong reasons

  • Shalanda Glisson
    Shalanda Glisson 5 months ago

    Whoever wrote this piece of shit movie ought to experience their own horrid scripting and die a painful death for wasting peoples time on this trash. A lot of people died in this shyt for stupid human errors that aren't even realistic.

  • abdul mannan
    abdul mannan 5 months ago

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  • james swampy
    james swampy 5 months ago +2

    this is almost as bad as range 15 but made me giggle

  • Grant Keller
    Grant Keller 5 months ago

    This is why introducing "drones" in the USA is not a good idea...Obama's drone strikes on foreign lands should've taught this lesson to all.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams 5 months ago +1

    Silly stupid movie🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️👎👎👎

  • Jason Thomas
    Jason Thomas 6 months ago

    Free movie,,,,all gonna like it,,

  • Dvaen Chrik
    Dvaen Chrik 6 months ago +2


  • Fatos Gashi
    Fatos Gashi 6 months ago +3

    Don't understand they were using them big weapons to kill them with no success,and she kills them with a knife,that's a no brainer

  • AJ Form/S
    AJ Form/S 6 months ago +1

    There's 125 minutes of my life I'll never get back; lamest storyline, lamest acting,lamest movie, ever. It was kindof like watching a spaghetti-Western, except the lip-syncing was better.Miss perky was the only thing that kept me from falling asleep..

  • Anon Wibble
    Anon Wibble 6 months ago +5

    More hollywood femgate.

  • B Murph
    B Murph 6 months ago +4

    I watched it all the way through but It was soooo long terrible acting an plain stupid

  • elkhair7
    elkhair7 6 months ago +6

    Shoulda left this in the garage.

  • Dustin Gatzke
    Dustin Gatzke 6 months ago +6

    This here is for boredom NEXT

  • Floyd  Carlisle
    Floyd Carlisle 6 months ago

    if she would have clicked the button that dude wouldn't have fucking died.

  • Farry Ali
    Farry Ali 6 months ago +1

    Instead she push the button, she watching it cross eye..lolz Do people really behave like that in life or death situation. Geez, yuh wasting time!

    • Fatos Gashi
      Fatos Gashi 6 months ago

      Hope no body goes back there and turns that button on,

    TIKTOK SOMALI 6 months ago +7

    I have been reading comment but I don't understand .can u explain guys

    • mitch nicolas
      mitch nicolas 5 months ago

      konada madi mo nga buyaen atoy pelikula ta naalas!!!

    • Maria Ray
      Maria Ray 5 months ago

      Me 2here

      TIKTOK SOMALI 6 months ago

      Thanks for ya saying bro micnaha like comment an ku radinayey lol

    • Mohamud Abdullahi
      Mohamud Abdullahi 6 months ago +1

      Zxp anaa kuu jooga iisheeg qaarkadan fahmin

  • Kj Miles
    Kj Miles 6 months ago +2

    @1:21:01 so it took dis Bish that whole time to push the button

    • xX CuteDevil Xx
      xX CuteDevil Xx 3 months ago

      enie menie minee mo
      he is now dead now you know
      it was scary befow ( before)
      but he died as an awsome dude

    • Leelee TV
      Leelee TV 3 months ago +1

      Kj Miles Right!!! I was so pissed 😡 Like why wait until the guy is sliced and diced before you hit the damn button.. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

  • علي الجعفري
    علي الجعفري 6 months ago


  • East World
    East World 7 months ago

  • Gary Johns
    Gary Johns 7 months ago +5


  • Garrald Ganigan
    Garrald Ganigan 7 months ago +2

    Lot of bullets fired, but no one dies, All in the movies

    • I will choose Freewill
      I will choose Freewill 5 months ago

      It's pretty hard to kill ppl when all the guns are loaded with blanks bud. LOL Only in Hollyweird

  • Peter Carey
    Peter Carey 7 months ago


  • Camillo Cipolla
    Camillo Cipolla 7 months ago

    Trying to be like Metal Gear Solid, lol.

    • Camillo Cipolla
      Camillo Cipolla 6 months ago

      @Dragon Kok I am also a huge fan of Metal Gear Solid. I just don't like how some of the elements were copied, and I know this has no relation to Metal Gear Solid.

    • Dragon Kok
      Dragon Kok 6 months ago

      Yo I'm a huge fan of MGS. This has no relation. So dnt say it is like it

  • Texas Jaybird
    Texas Jaybird 7 months ago +4

    I watched this movie months ago & I Iike it. I'm a big fan of Danny Trejo so I'm watching this again.

    • Grant Keller
      Grant Keller 5 months ago

      Machete... He should have stuck with his knives, apparently bullets didn't work in this film or he forgot to shoot in the head..Lol

    • Gina Robert
      Gina Robert 5 months ago

      nice move

  • RiannaMarie_ CaRmy
    RiannaMarie_ CaRmy 7 months ago

    boring ... fucking movie !

  • BigDookie TakeLulLoss
    BigDookie TakeLulLoss 7 months ago +1

    Trash movie

  • young4z music -
    young4z music - 7 months ago +14

    im tired all the timei sleep more than i eat hate feeling like this

    • Cristos Palabras
      Cristos Palabras Month ago

      I crap more than I eat. It's from watching bad movies that are full of crap.

    • Kothahbyu Mansa Yah
      Kothahbyu Mansa Yah 2 months ago

      U need to detox your whole body and your aura need cleaning .

    • Ready Reckoner
      Ready Reckoner 3 months ago

      This is all great news.

    • graygray1960
      graygray1960 4 months ago

      30 min Exercise in the morning and motivation. Best of luck. I am the same. LOL.

    • Grant Keller
      Grant Keller 5 months ago

      Vitamin and minerals deficiency is most likely the cause... Research it.

  • Todd Naples
    Todd Naples 7 months ago +1

    Love when compassion wins over trolls silly negativity !!!! Thats His Power!

    • LI .B
      LI .B 3 months ago

      Too bad that EVERY American believes he/she/it is an actor waiting to be discovered. Scum

  • Tim Christie
    Tim Christie 8 months ago

    Is this the trump administration ?

    • Tim Christie
      Tim Christie 6 months ago

      @Andrew Walker Ha .....😂

    • Andrew Walker
      Andrew Walker 6 months ago +1

      Lhhh good one

    • john knowing
      john knowing 7 months ago +2

      DAM you left just cant get Trump off your brains Get some pills

  • Tom Kelly
    Tom Kelly 8 months ago +2

    greasy grimy ghoul guts,splatter flick,

  • Keith O Farrell
    Keith O Farrell 8 months ago +10

    Film Name: CYBORG X

  • Elijah Films
    Elijah Films 8 months ago +1

    Movie name?

  • shiv malhotra
    shiv malhotra 8 months ago +1

    Ku bewkuf bnate ho

  • Mystic Daves Tarot & Machine Shop

    We're out of food but the colonel sure is fat and greasy and looks dumber then sack of hammers.

    • Cj Cj
      Cj Cj 2 days ago

      Agreed...they also must have a big supply of cigars ....

  • VgM4 Smiles
    VgM4 Smiles 9 months ago +26

    I have been watching movies for the last week while I lay in this bed receiving my healing. I'm so hoarse, I can't talk. Although I don't have a taste for food, orange juice has really made me feel so much better. Movie okay