Welcome to Marwen - Official Trailer

  • Published on Jun 20, 2018
  • Welcome to Marwen - In Theaters This Holiday Season
    This holiday season, Academy Award® winner Robert Zemeckis-the groundbreaking filmmaker behind Forrest Gump, Flight and Cast Away-directs Steve Carell in the most original movie of the year. Welcome to Marwen tells the miraculous true story of one broken man’s fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit.
    When a devastating attack shatters Mark Hogancamp (Carell) and wipes away all memories, no one expected recovery. Putting together pieces from his old and new life, Mark meticulously creates a wondrous town where he can heal and be heroic. As he builds an astonishing art installation-a testament to the most powerful women he knows-through his fantasy world, he draws strength to triumph in the real one.
    In a bold, wondrous and timely film from this revolutionary pioneer of contemporary cinema, Welcome to Marwen shows that when your only weapon is your imagination…you’ll find courage in the most unexpected place.
    The epic drama is produced by Oscar®-winning producer Steve Starkey (Forrest Gump, Flight), Jack Rapke (Cast Away, Flight), and Cherylanne Martin (The Pacific, Flight) of Zemeckis’ Universal-based ImageMovers banner produce alongside the director. It is executive produced by Jackie Levine, as well as Jeff Malmberg, who directed the riveting 2010 documentary that inspired the film.
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  • Mariachita
    Mariachita 8 minutes ago

    Agent Michael Scarn has his own real movie.

  • Cesar Sanchez
    Cesar Sanchez 26 minutes ago

    Wow incredible. Lol

  • McKenzie369258
    McKenzie369258 38 minutes ago

    Oh my god the amount of butthurt neo nazi virgins in this comment section is scary. Do you guys really have nothing better to do than bash a movie that isn’t even out yet??? Do your Neanderthal minds think because a movie has a strong female lead it’s automatically bad and propaganda? Maybe you should stop focusing on the genders in movies and don’t let that cloud your judgement. So stop being mad that your masculinity is being threatened by a bunch of freaking dolls.

  • Guyon Kennedy
    Guyon Kennedy 50 minutes ago

    This movie comes out December 21, 2018. A great movie for the holidays......don't forget to bring your kids

  • J Taylor
    J Taylor Hour ago

    This is some Talmudic shit right here!

  • GunnerDoo
    GunnerDoo 2 hours ago

    Get smart’s prequel

  • Gaius Genovese
    Gaius Genovese 4 hours ago

    This is why nobody takes the left seriously. They call anyone with patriotic and nationalistic tendencies "nazis".

  • Ian Miles
    Ian Miles 6 hours ago +2

    Wait, the real guy was assaulted by black men not by white neo-Nazis!

  • ThicBoi Austin
    ThicBoi Austin 7 hours ago

    Je I Joe carrell in berlin

  • FaZe Leviathan
    FaZe Leviathan 9 hours ago

    Damn Steve carell looks old. He's 56 years old

  • Shockzzify
    Shockzzify 10 hours ago


  • Eastyn Lanier
    Eastyn Lanier 17 hours ago

    I believe in you Micheal

  • richystar2001
    richystar2001 20 hours ago

    ??? I don't think I will see this at theatres ... Netflix maybe.

  • St4rTr3v1Ut10n
    St4rTr3v1Ut10n 21 hour ago

    It's sad that this entire movie hinges on the main doll characters being women, though I can't disagree that the movie espouses the idea that guns are the great equalizer. Still without guns they would just ignore biology and make the women equally strong as the men, which would only serve to set young girls who see this movie up for failure as they try to actually fight men when they turn into drunk college girls.

  • Lord Voldermort
    Lord Voldermort 22 hours ago +2

    Hey guys this is based on a true story but in the real story he gets beat up by blacks and jewish hollywood decided to make the attackers nazis so they could stick with the white hating theme.

  • Lord Voldermort
    Lord Voldermort 22 hours ago +2

    The anti-white male toy story

  • Lord Voldermort
    Lord Voldermort 22 hours ago +1

    A jew saved by a diverse group of women from Nazis....how original hollywood.

  • Lord Voldermort
    Lord Voldermort 22 hours ago +1

    Another movie were the jews vilify the white man.

  • Northern Brother
    Northern Brother 23 hours ago


  • Anti Centrist
    Anti Centrist 23 hours ago +1

    What, the media is run by Jews?!? That's impossible there's no proof!

  • Kyriakos Polyzogopoulos

    I sense a super great movie here !

  • Wolf Of Rebellion
    Wolf Of Rebellion Day ago +1

    LOL this comment section is fucking cancer. It's like I am watching mirror image of tumblr or some communist hipster's Twitter account.

  • slob putin
    slob putin Day ago

    No one is gonna watch this. Jews have demonized Nazis so much they are an anti hero and people root for them. This is so jewy it's not even funny, this is so damned jewish cliched, people are sick to death of jew, jew, bloody jew, GIVE IT A REST!!!! IT IS WEARING THIN NOW!!

  • LionheadTM
    LionheadTM Day ago

    If no-one has seen the documentary upon which this came from, I highly suggest you do. It's called "Marwencol" and it has stolen my heart. It gives the full story and it truly is captivating.

  • jjj1951
    jjj1951 Day ago

    Advisory. Check out the documentary Marwencol this movie is based on so you have a reference point to comment from.You'll seem more intelligent then.

  • Buns Of Boom
    Buns Of Boom Day ago

    I know this is based on an "inspirational true story" but cmon you cant tell me this isnt basically Dinner With The Shmucks 2

  • Ernest Curtin
    Ernest Curtin Day ago

    Fun fact, of the Nazi attackers, one was black and one was Jewish. Based on a true story means creative license to push your agenda.

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden Day ago

    did i see PAM

  • Swarna Kadagadkai


  • Super Duty 455
    Super Duty 455 Day ago

    I was just a boy when the infidels came to my village in their helicopters. The infidels fired at the oil fields and they lit up like the eyes of Allah. Burning oil rained down from the sky and cooked everything it touched. I could only hide myself and cry as my goats were consumed by the fiery black liquid death. In the midst of the chaos, I could swear that I heard my goats screaming for help. As quickly as they had come, the infidels were gone. It was on that day I put a jihad on them. And if you don't believe it, then you'd better kill me now, because I'll put a jihad on you, too.

  • sniping dragonx2


  • Señor Hilter
    Señor Hilter Day ago

    Cause he's different!

  • AestheticNIro
    AestheticNIro Day ago +1

    *Small soldiers: The Second World War*

  • greensky01
    greensky01 Day ago

    "The 40 year old toy maker"

  • Tony Clark
    Tony Clark Day ago

    Looooota triggered khaki-wearing white bois in these comments. QQ, tiki-torchers.

  • ghetto
    ghetto Day ago

    this and "beautiful boy"?? Steve Carell is really working for the oscar this year boys

  • Melissa
    Melissa Day ago +1

    This movie is fake news.

  • Torgrim Slayer
    Torgrim Slayer Day ago +2

    (((Hollywood))) will never stop harping on muh Nazis. It's the only thing these people care about. It doesn't matter how many other people died in WWII, to them it's all about the Holocaust.

  • roller
    roller Day ago +2

    More rote nazi propaganda. Fun fact, no "nazis" were involved in the real life events this move is "based" on. When are these jewish filmmakers going to just fucking let it go already? Yeesh.

  • mics972
    mics972 Day ago +2

    GI Joe was gay!

  • Steven Silver
    Steven Silver 2 days ago

    Wow these comments. Movie looks fun! Maybe not fun for snowflake conservatives triggered by strong women and being told Nazi's are evil.

  • Pat Bateman
    Pat Bateman 2 days ago

    This movie is Social Conditioning for children to believe that whomever the collective considers “the Nazi” that it is acceptable to commit violence and murder upon them.

  • Freeality Jones
    Freeality Jones 2 days ago

    Evil Nazis! Hail diversity! Let's all race mix till there's no more diversity except for the smarmy jewish elite to rule over us! White people are so evil

  • SwankBanker
    SwankBanker 2 days ago +3

    "Based on an inspirational true story"
    Uhhh, not quite. The guy in question, Mark Hogancamp, was never attacked by actual neo-nazis. He was severely beaten by a group of guys outside a bar after telling them he was a cross dresser.

  • petehair2012
    petehair2012 2 days ago

    As a Army War veteran I shed tears the first time I watched this. This is going to be Steve Carell at his finest. Thank you Universal!!

  • philipp s
    philipp s 2 days ago

    "Real men use fists" - March for our lives

  • philipp s
    philipp s 2 days ago

    Liberals:"Real men dont need guns, they use their fists"
    Liberals in that comment section:"the evil guys who used fists, our hero is the guy who fantasizes about shooting them with guns"

  • philipp s
    philipp s 2 days ago

    some drunk faggot got in a barfight with some drunk idiots in 2001 or so... the guys who did it when to jail for assault, they werent nazis. I dont see how thats a kids movie, Ive yet to see a child whos like "im a faggot and when i was getting drunk as fuck at that bar, i got beaten up by drunk dudes".

  • ThatNarwhalKid _2121

    I don't care what it's rated, I'm seeing it

  • Benedicite Sol
    Benedicite Sol 2 days ago


  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 2 days ago

    Looks good. Saw the cardboard standee last night at the theater.

  • thanksfernuthin
    thanksfernuthin 2 days ago

    Thank GOD! FINALLY! The women who beat the Nazis in WWII without the interference of MEN are getting their due! I'm so glad I live in a time where brilliant social soldiers are constantly destroying anything of value from the past. This can only be awesome!

  • ImGhostXYZ
    ImGhostXYZ 2 days ago

    Get back to work! You got paper to sell

  • Jackson Winkleson
    Jackson Winkleson 2 days ago

    Dont look good

  • Off The Grid Advetures

    Strange idea for a movie

  • Isreal Soulsay
    Isreal Soulsay 2 days ago


  • waitaminutedoggie
    waitaminutedoggie 2 days ago

    People go to the theater to escape the daily grind, not to get pulled back into the culture war we slog through daily .

  • Olaflover 25
    Olaflover 25 2 days ago

    “I️ have my art, and I️ have my friends”
    Make some friends
    Tie some yarn
    *Thats how you do the scarn*

  • migo dang
    migo dang 2 days ago

    Looks so fucking stupid 🖕🖕🖕

  • PacMonster146
    PacMonster146 2 days ago

    Nazis are scum and will all burn in hell.

  • Hugo Strange
    Hugo Strange 2 days ago +1

    Fuck Hollywood

  • Derrick McAdoo
    Derrick McAdoo 2 days ago

    Foo Fighters, why? WHY??

  • Derrick McAdoo
    Derrick McAdoo 2 days ago

    I'll stick to Robot Chicken

  • MuvaofPearl
    MuvaofPearl 2 days ago

    So many comments mad that the movie is demonizing....wait for it.... Nazis.

  • Jon The prince
    Jon The prince 2 days ago

    Why does one of the dolls look like vera from camp camp

  • dat boi
    dat boi 3 days ago

    I get a secret life of Walter Mitty vibe from this

  • anvilblue
    anvilblue 3 days ago +1

    (((Hollywood Producer))): "Let's take the Semi-Tru story of a Cross-Dresser who got beat up in a bar and make it about killing Nazis."
    (((Hollywood Writer))): Can there be Diversity and Grrrlpower??

    • f ten
      f ten 2 days ago

      anvilblue hey cool it with the anti Semitism. You remember what happened to the last time anti semitism was tolerated ?

  • Bob Badeer
    Bob Badeer 3 days ago +1

    Ever since DJT was elected, all I see on TV/Movies is nazi nazi nazi nazi. Nazi this and nazi that. I guess the (((media))) did nazi that coming ; Trump being POTUS.

  • justiN Edie
    justiN Edie 3 days ago

    Wtf he he sux balls now? What happen to this guy

  • Burke Minns
    Burke Minns 3 days ago

    Looks good

  • John leschenkoo
    John leschenkoo 3 days ago

    My God the Jews in Hollywood will stop at nothing.. this is the gayest production I've seen in awhile. The virtue signaling bogus story doesn't reflect the reality of the true story about the degenerate cross dresser. He was making the nazi jokes in the bar the evening of his assault, nice try shilok noseburg though

  • Rajat Banga
    Rajat Banga 3 days ago

    TheXvid's been promoting this trailer like crazy for past couple of weeks , how come it still have 2.4 million views ? Should've way more 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  • vParacetamol
    vParacetamol 3 days ago

    Dwight you ignorant slut!

  • Good morning
    Good morning 3 days ago


  • bok danks
    bok danks 3 days ago


  • Angrie Sauce
    Angrie Sauce 3 days ago

    more accurate than battlefield v

  • wetlazer
    wetlazer 3 days ago

    I like Carrell and I like the look of this movie. I was curious as to what the real story was. He wasn't beaten by Nazis because of his American hero figures. He was beaten because he liked to wear women's clothes in public. This was 15 years ago. No one should get beaten for behaving in an unusual way, but the narrative is also a bit dishonest. I think I'll still see the movie.

  • Ņīçøłąs Mąřťīņəż

    That's what she said.

  • beatmachinist
    beatmachinist 3 days ago

    lol, two jewish execs pumping out that holocaust narrative to the goyim, and lying about the original story while doing it. what a shocker.

  • Hoisen
    Hoisen 3 days ago

    Fuck Nazis ,,!,, >_

  • xxthehuskycaboosexx
    xxthehuskycaboosexx 3 days ago

    More fuckin Jew propaganda

  • Bill the Butcher
    Bill the Butcher 3 days ago

    wow what a surprise. a pile of jewish bullshit

  • Drake Bentley
    Drake Bentley 3 days ago

    Steve Carell is just such a good guy you just want to watch it because he’s so damn sweet. I’d love to meet him.

  • Steve G
    Steve G 3 days ago


  • Joseph Krakowski
    Joseph Krakowski 3 days ago +1

    There not dolls
    There action figures

  • George McMannon
    George McMannon 3 days ago

    (((Hollywood))) at it again. They're still fighting that same war, but not just against the Germans.

    MRDRAXX 3 days ago

    This looks boring as fuck. And Steve Carell is usually a cool actor.

  • _Harrison
    _Harrison 3 days ago +1

    When’s the last time anyone saw an actual skinhead? Doubt any of you even can. This isn’t the nineties, they were all fucking attention seekers anyway. Guy is more likely to be beaten up by a group of the melanin enriched than what they depict in this movie.

    Not that I watch (((Hollywood))), but anyone who does is seriously a mindless drone.

  • Charity Diary
    Charity Diary 3 days ago

    Sucker Punch sequel looks weird.

  • Delightful Gentleman
    Delightful Gentleman 4 days ago +1

    all the Nazis killed everybody they ever saw (including other Nazis) because humans reproduce sexually so clones don't exist, so there were never two same people in the world, we're all different, so that's how Nazis operate, they kill every non-clone they encounter, which means literally everybody
    be very afraid of Nazis goy, because unless you're an exact clone of a Nazi that you meet, he's gonna try to kill you

  • Austin N.
    Austin N. 4 days ago

    Barbie movie or war movie....?

  • abhi singh
    abhi singh 4 days ago

    When will these azi scums end forever. noe they have found hope in trump .that motherfucker.

    • f ten
      f ten 2 days ago

      abhi singh stop shitting in the street first pajeet

  • Set Sail
    Set Sail 4 days ago

    This is so cringy

  • Banastre Tarleton
    Banastre Tarleton 4 days ago

    Soy Story

  • K!VA Ellox
    K!VA Ellox 4 days ago

    So its toy story, WW2,the office mixed together into this movie..... Ok

  • mrmashedpotato
    mrmashedpotato 4 days ago

    >Feel good story about killing Nazis
    >Raise kids to believe everyone to the right of you is a Nazi
    What could possibly go wrong?

  • livingstranger
    livingstranger 4 days ago +1

    Lol, Nazis are cool. Hail victory

  • KikeSlammer88
    KikeSlammer88 4 days ago +2

    the goyim know

  • TheTABCore
    TheTABCore 4 days ago

    Working title: "POZ: the movie"

  • Coopdogg8 Gulseth
    Coopdogg8 Gulseth 4 days ago

    0:21 NOOOOOOOOO reference to the office