Mr. Tumnus - SNL

  • Published on Jan 27, 2019
  • Mr. Tumnus (James McAvoy) meets several women who have recently arrived in Narnia.
    #SNL #JamesMcAvoy #MeekMill #SNL44
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Comments • 985

  • dolphintattoogirl
    dolphintattoogirl 9 days ago

    Why are they sexualizing Mr. Tumnus? Are people actually attracted to half human creatures?

  • Juniper Almost Professor

    “I feel seen”
    I feel attacked

  • Tidela 471
    Tidela 471 19 days ago

    *A sort of lazy Hermione, if you will.* 😂

  • Emily Hur
    Emily Hur 22 days ago

    lmaoooo edmund

  • FiddlebirdBlue
    FiddlebirdBlue 27 days ago

    I went to AO3 expecting, in all honesty, to find about 200 Tumnus fics, at least 15% of *ahem* adult content, but there was only one explicit Tumnus fic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    It's slash. Also featuring Wolverine. Also, it's Omegaverse.
    So maybe the real fic was the deluge of involuntary mental images this video prompted.

  • MGTOW Lite
    MGTOW Lite Month ago +1

    All well and good except _female_ homosexual behaviour is far and away more common than in Men.

  • Billy Mount
    Billy Mount Month ago

    this is better than that scene in EPIC MOVIE, i hate that movie

  • Andi Szabo
    Andi Szabo Month ago

    Cecily Strong gets better and better and this sketch was good :)

  • taylor aha
    taylor aha Month ago

    Hes so handsome tbh

  • Averyofthemain
    Averyofthemain Month ago

    Three jewish girls squishing over the most blatant christian allegory in literary history. Interesting.

  • INKfrisk💖
    INKfrisk💖 Month ago


  • Zella •_•
    Zella •_• Month ago

    “i wanna put my thumnus in my bumnus”

  • Olivia Eyes
    Olivia Eyes Month ago

    i feel so fucking attacked. so fucking exposed.

  • Morally_ Bankrupt
    Morally_ Bankrupt Month ago

    All three of those girls are prolific tumblr users.

  • Zebulous
    Zebulous Month ago +1

    I would definitely have a freaky animal threeway with those ladies

  • Alexios The Eagle Bearer

    My childhood

  • Ketzaly Sosa
    Ketzaly Sosa Month ago +2

    Saw on twitter that "Peter," "Lucy," and "Edmund," tweeted this skit. My day was made!

  • Fanny Abib-Rozenberg

    i feel very attacked

  • silversliver
    silversliver Month ago

    the girls' happy faces and the blessing for them at the end are so on point lollllll i am officially sharing this skit to all my fandom friends

  • silversliver
    silversliver Month ago

    the writing quality of this sketch is so top notch!!! i dk but i guess this was co-written by aidy and kate? i love every line♥♥♥ this is my new favourite skit from snl !! thanks for this quality entertainment!!!!!

    • silversliver
      silversliver Month ago

      also, aidy is so freaking adorable in this skit??? such a smol beann??? arghhhhhalkgadlaflfa

  • ashley astran
    ashley astran Month ago

    Yalll im happy he went back to his old roots as mr.tumnus !! I liked him in this movie and penelope 💖

  • Bella Lovett
    Bella Lovett Month ago


  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller 2 months ago

    Cringy and cancerous. You people are a bunch of sodomites.

  • L D
    L D 2 months ago +1

    this is how 50 Shades of Gray happened.

  • Leighton Holritz
    Leighton Holritz 2 months ago

    my 12 year old self feels personally attacked

  • Kyila Sivers
    Kyila Sivers 2 months ago

    @2:03 is a readdddd 🤣🤣🤣

  • ELVIS1975T
    ELVIS1975T 2 months ago

    Turkish delight is ok but Şakşuka? HAHAHAA I'm "delightly" surprised to hear a lesser known dish from my country.

  • Fatih Cura
    Fatih Cura 2 months ago +2

    Turkish delight and Şakşuka ! Greetings from Turkey!

  • Mr Miesfies
    Mr Miesfies 2 months ago

    One word: weird.

    • Jonathan Miller
      Jonathan Miller 2 months ago

      Weird? Get a sense of humor you sensible faggot. You think it's weird for girls to have crushes on shirtless half man half beast creatures from childhood? Do you think beastiality is unnatural something? Or that goat men shouldn't be sexualized? Do you think it's weird that mr tumnus likes 10 year old boys now? You think it's weird that the fat cow is curious what a goat penis looks like? This is 2019 you little shit and if you don't start accepting sexual perversion and twisted senses of humor as a normal way of thinking no one is gonna like you. Why? Because you're closed minded BIGOT. Get with the times and join the rest of the crowd buddy and be a degenerate like everyone you go to school with. Even Rick Sanchez the nihilistic fuckin super genius would know this is perfectly acceptable behavior. DEBAUCHERY whooooooo!!!!!!

  • skinny roach
    skinny roach 2 months ago


  • Alexis Cherner
    Alexis Cherner 2 months ago

    Wow. Is this a biography on my life.

  • Xander X
    Xander X 2 months ago

    It’s crazy he actually played him🤯❤️

  • Courtney Bower
    Courtney Bower 2 months ago +1

    Curly hair, no spells...well that means your a lazy Hermione 😂

  • It's Kayla
    It's Kayla 2 months ago

    Thumbnuss in your bumness 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

  • Mitzi Lee
    Mitzi Lee 2 months ago

    Even after seeing this skit I didn't realize McAvoy played him. I was wondering why they decided on this skit, hahaha.
    EDIT: OMG, and apparently, he's the guy in the movie "Penelope"! This dude's my childhood! XD

  • Shivers 1956
    Shivers 1956 2 months ago

    I feel attacked.

  • TheMsKimiko
    TheMsKimiko 2 months ago

    Imagine that Matthew Lewis would host SNL ... they can make skit with him as Neville 😂

  • Brennen Hutto
    Brennen Hutto 2 months ago

    Subscribe to tanner and heath

  • Robbaflob
    Robbaflob 2 months ago

    Is this another one of Kevin's personalities?

  • Em Jay
    Em Jay 2 months ago

    Is that the same actor for Mr.
    Tumnus back then... Lol

  • ellaisplotting
    ellaisplotting 2 months ago

    Oh God, I've never felt so personally attacked by an SNL skit before...

  • jc timeless
    jc timeless 2 months ago

    Aslan is rising and the Holy spirit is watching all

  • Michalvarez
    Michalvarez 2 months ago

    My headcannon is that Mr. Tumnus just gets Edmund to act as a lover just to escape unwanted attention XD

  • Sarah Norwood
    Sarah Norwood 2 months ago

    Love Chronicles of Narnia!

  • Aries Leo rising
    Aries Leo rising 2 months ago +1

    Mama wants a boyfriend she can pet. LOL

  • Marielle Smith
    Marielle Smith 2 months ago

    that "lazy hermione" comment hurt

  • Hyukjae
    Hyukjae 2 months ago

    Of all people he was with Edmund. 😂

  • Chasing A Murderer Murdered

    Lot better than usual... not awkward reading cards

  • barrbarr31u
    barrbarr31u 2 months ago +1

    Macavoy looks like Gene Hackman here. lol

  • Christian Twichell
    Christian Twichell 2 months ago

    I would like to say I didn't expect this, but I did. It's SNL what did you expect?😂
    It was nice to see him as Tumnus again though. Honestly the end was a gut punch in the childhood.😂😂😂😂

  • Kara Fischer
    Kara Fischer 2 months ago

    Is it just me, but does Kate somehow look exactly like Rebecca Sugar in this one?

  • Valley Girl
    Valley Girl 2 months ago

    Why can't I open a door into the Magic Mike movie? I'm not picky... I'll even take a door into the Magic Mike Show!

  • It's Gadfly
    It's Gadfly 2 months ago

    🤣 A little secret of mine...I used to call these girls the "The Golden Penis Clan". They don't like me because I should be with him. Problem is I think Adam and Eve are asexual.

  • siân diann
    siân diann 2 months ago


  • siân diann
    siân diann 2 months ago

    lol I remember being in love with him in the narina movies love how he’s doing so well now

  • Sander Lansberg
    Sander Lansberg 2 months ago

    Kate hot af

  • Arielle Losar
    Arielle Losar 2 months ago

    Didn't James McAvoy play Mr. Tumnus in the movie?

    • Arielle Losar
      Arielle Losar 2 months ago +1

      +Chesterson Jack Completely forgot about it tbh

    • Chesterson Jack
      Chesterson Jack 2 months ago

      Arielle Losar yep, that’s the joke!

  • Wareesha Ahmed
    Wareesha Ahmed 2 months ago +13

    If Matthew Lewis does SNL they have to continue the skit! I'd love to see Neville Longbottom deal with these ladies!

  • K-rex
    K-rex 2 months ago

    Am i the only one that was sort of expecting Michael Fassbender to show up as the husband? XD

  • tytheguyudontno
    tytheguyudontno 2 months ago

    i feel attacked

  • Emily Lian
    Emily Lian 2 months ago

    I love that they had him revive his character, this is so nostalgic!

  • Colette Lee
    Colette Lee 2 months ago

    "He's gay. Of course he's my type." I feel seen

  • Abigail OGara
    Abigail OGara 2 months ago

    The chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia

  • Will Lyon
    Will Lyon 2 months ago

    Has she not read the book? Or is she not aware that it was an adaptation from a book that all of Disney movies are loosely based on?

  • T Graham
    T Graham 2 months ago

    How did this skit on Narnia manage to be too real!?

  • Ben Sisson
    Ben Sisson 2 months ago +1

    Lauren Lapkus predicted this in CBB 500. Major throwback.

  • joystepho
    joystepho 2 months ago

    dang, i feel so attacked lol

  • 7thTreasure
    7thTreasure 2 months ago

    I was really hoping they'd bust out Michael Fassbender and all them Satyr!Michael and Faun!James fics get more material xD

  • James Garsteine
    James Garsteine 2 months ago

    This is actually such a relevant sketch, because CS Lewis's message in the books was that children should never grow up and should absolutely not become sexually active.
    In the last book he actually punished a character for becoming sexually active and growing up by barring her from Heaven. Damn I wish snl had been more heavy handed with this sketch

  • Yasmine Grant
    Yasmine Grant 2 months ago

    Rebeccas looks like live action Daria lol. 🤓🙃

  • Raymond Hsu
    Raymond Hsu 2 months ago

    Mr. Tumnecense

  • Sarah Low
    Sarah Low 2 months ago

    not cool whoever wrote this, that journal was supposed to be private

  • marian el
    marian el 2 months ago

    DWAM!😂😂this made m.e. crack the fuk up&tear up \m/yaddimean?

  • Junior Vafai
    Junior Vafai 2 months ago

    Neville was the hot one

  • fwgolfgirl
    fwgolfgirl 2 months ago

    Mr. Tumnus and Edmund... I ship it!!! 💞
    Honestly screamed lol 😂

  • Ella Seibold
    Ella Seibold 2 months ago

    8 year old me is quaking

  • deniz Oz
    deniz Oz 2 months ago

    after stop using steroids nothing left

  • Simona Sanduleac
    Simona Sanduleac 2 months ago


  • bandotaku
    bandotaku 2 months ago

    This sketch is attacking me in a way that I never anticipated. Never felt so spoken!

  • Maria De La Luz Art
    Maria De La Luz Art 2 months ago

    Lazy Hermione 😂😂😂

  • Shagbark Sheriff
    Shagbark Sheriff 2 months ago

    Those girls are essentially the cast of the female Ghostbusters movie.

  • jess alana
    jess alana 2 months ago

    I forgot he did this movie 😂👏🏻

  • salspach
    salspach 2 months ago

    Let me guess snl is running out of fresh talented writers and creativity and has to consistently depend on cheap immature sexual jokes.

  • Jimmy Gilmore
    Jimmy Gilmore 2 months ago

    I literally can see him reading every word, so annoying

  • KrikaHalo
    KrikaHalo 2 months ago

    Vaginal teas. Huh.

  • Annie C
    Annie C 2 months ago

    Um wow might as well @ me

  • Ati trico
    Ati trico 2 months ago

    Shoot! I thought I was going to get to see the Tumnus pee.

  • Mateo Bovoso
    Mateo Bovoso 2 months ago

    Edmond as in the second king of Narnia?

  • Mateo Bovoso
    Mateo Bovoso 2 months ago

    So Disturbing

  • TheMagicalMysteryTour
    TheMagicalMysteryTour 2 months ago

    Isn't shakshuka a breakfast food?

  • Gabi
    Gabi 2 months ago


  • Catherine Crawford
    Catherine Crawford 2 months ago

    Perfect! That could have been overheard in the hallway of any Con anywhere!

  • Dick Morhead
    Dick Morhead 2 months ago

    Afternoon of a faun.

  • Stephen Sanders
    Stephen Sanders 2 months ago


  • catawampus is upset
    catawampus is upset 2 months ago

    What happened to SNL??? Not funny at all!!

  • fried egg depression
    fried egg depression 2 months ago

    I hate how much of a mood The girls are

  • Acashasha 666
    Acashasha 666 2 months ago

    Oh my God, I feel so outed!

  • RGB 3
    RGB 3 2 months ago

    “OK I feel seen” 😂

  • Victoria Candelario
    Victoria Candelario 2 months ago

    I feel personally attacked lol

  • Sophia Carroll
    Sophia Carroll 2 months ago

    I dunno why but I lost it at shakshuka