I Tried A Face Mask Controlled By My Phone


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +5982

    HELLO BBs! happy friday!!! i got this face mask smuggled to me from italy... and i'm glad i did! would you guys try this? xox, saf!

  • Carolyn Hinson
    Carolyn Hinson 37 minutes ago

    Saf's expectations: Electrocuting My Muscles to Force me to Dab thexvid.com/video/5qypd428haq/video.html

    Saf's reality: "I'm going to be a hydrated little watermelon after this"

  • Oreo Shakes
    Oreo Shakes 11 hours ago

    You should've got an English subscriber to send it to you so everything is in English

  • Oreo Shakes
    Oreo Shakes 11 hours ago

    Yaaaay the uk

  • Karma Dreamurr another panda snans fangirl

    I know this vid is old but shshhhhh-

    safiya isnt responding
    *lets fix that with a electric shock*

  • Olivia Sath
    Olivia Sath Day ago

    So like what if you put regular earphones in and press play? Ear electrocution? 😅

  • Brody montroy
    Brody montroy Day ago

    You guys kind of reminded me of Hannibal Lector in that mask

  • seham aga
    seham aga Day ago

    u gotta stop eating lotion

  • seham aga
    seham aga Day ago

    saf: [has lotion]
    ty: hoe don’t do it
    saf: [eats lotion]
    ty: oh my god

  • Silly Slythern
    Silly Slythern 3 days ago

    Omg they’re getting married February 2019 anybody

  • Rebecca R
    Rebecca R 6 days ago

    Hook it up to a tens unit to see if a current actually travels through the mask

  • CJ Sweet
    CJ Sweet 9 days ago

    be honest, safiyah. you thought it was gonna be like those app-controlled vibrators. just say it.

  • zzadin041
    zzadin041 11 days ago

    The modern Rejuvenique

  • Aliviah West
    Aliviah West 14 days ago

    If anyone’s wondering Placeebo means bullshit from IT

  • ellabella207
    ellabella207 17 days ago

    Omg I’m from the UK

  • Lauren
    Lauren 19 days ago

    Ty just called The Scream a Picasso painting - im triggered

  • Amanda Bonney
    Amanda Bonney 20 days ago

    bruh it's Noh Face not no name

  • Gia 456
    Gia 456 20 days ago

    every video saf makes looks like a buzzed video

  • jw
    jw 22 days ago

    4:08 the phantom of the opera

  • maria moreno
    maria moreno 22 days ago

    0:45 🤣❤🙌

  • Patrycja Jhgtrs
    Patrycja Jhgtrs 23 days ago

    0:33 Poland! 🇵🇱

  • It's Nakka
    It's Nakka 24 days ago

    When you're from Italy but you've never seen this mask before .-.

  • Maddie Gillis
    Maddie Gillis 24 days ago

    Tyler &
    Tyler & S
    Tyler & Saf
    Tyler & Saf <
    Tyler & Saf

  • Maddie Gillis
    Maddie Gillis 24 days ago

    Safiya N
    Safiya Ny
    Safiya Nyg
    Safiya Nyga
    Safiya Nygaa
    Safiya Nygaar
    Safiya Nygaard
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  • jeeva1996
    jeeva1996 25 days ago

    10:25 and 11:55 Saf's skin looks amazing

  • Rat Kween
    Rat Kween 28 days ago +1

    lol your avatar jokes cracked me up

  • Amber Sutton
    Amber Sutton 28 days ago

    It's basically a tens machine

  • Red12 The boring video maker

    NO FACE😂😔😂not no name

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez Month ago

    I see you saffy laffy taffy

  • Melanie Conway
    Melanie Conway Month ago

    115% = only an additional 15% hydration...

  • Jess Leunig
    Jess Leunig Month ago

    P sure the scream is edvard munch but w/ever

  • Kayleigh Furia
    Kayleigh Furia Month ago

    Saf, I love your caffeine queen shirt! I have caffeine queen socks and I feel like that shirt would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. If you (or anyone reading this) could you let me know where to get it, that would be awesome 💕

  • Mackenzie Rivera
    Mackenzie Rivera Month ago

    The future 😁

  • Hannah R
    Hannah R Month ago +7

    Tyler: you gotta stop eating lotions.
    I literally just thought of Saf going on my strange addictions.
    Saf: my name is Safiya and I'm addicted to eating lotions

  • kiera world
    kiera world Month ago


  • funnehcake cat
    funnehcake cat Month ago

    Ja na,pala ou fraca

    sorry I don't know how to spell in french

  • Catherine S
    Catherine S Month ago +1

    "The Scream" was painted by Edvard Munch, not Picasso... completely different guy. And you called "No Face" no name, lol...funny because they were both subjects of a project during my art class this semester.

  • Ripley Sports
    Ripley Sports Month ago

    3:21 little spermies

  • Hannah Leah
    Hannah Leah Month ago +3

    Dear Safiya , I know you probably won’t see this but it’s ok your famous I understand but if you get the chance to see this I would love if you could read it. You are SUCH a huge inspiration and idol if I’m ever feeling sad mad or sick I watch your amazing and hilarious videos this text is really important it’s coming from my heart I love you and Tyler you guys have helped me through some pretty rough times and I want you to know that you and Tyler are an inspiration to 7million+ people not all have channels but we are all still here and loving your content and since you’ve been here for us we’re here for you and I hope you know that- Hannah

  • conni2you
    conni2you Month ago

    I think the pads were not facing the right way. I have to use a tens unit which does pretty much the same thing and the electrode pads may have to be flipped over but I could be wrong.

  • Skilar
    Skilar Month ago


  • spazvapes
    spazvapes Month ago

    lol saf that's not how you use the ammeter function. you want the probes to be inline to get current reading. i guess you prob would see a little bit since you're shorting it, but should've put it in series with one of the ends

  • ielline
    ielline Month ago

    Lol no name 😂

  • Lilly Heart
    Lilly Heart Month ago

    wtf how am i not subscribed yet????

  • Philo Ambrosia
    Philo Ambrosia Month ago


  • Kadey Clonts
    Kadey Clonts Month ago

    What is the mask didn't do anything to the skin but just feel good but used the idea to sell the face cream in a cool way

  • Allure Well being
    Allure Well being Month ago +1

    I luv how they call each other ‘saf’ n ‘ty’ instead of bae or like babe or sexy n shit like that...THEY R JUST SO CUTE!!!

  • sky m
    sky m Month ago

    In A lot of your vidios you talk A bout your side burns and how bad they are well you are not the only one with bad side burns

  • Exchantix Gacha
    Exchantix Gacha Month ago

    hey look its shrek!

  • Brailey Logsdon
    Brailey Logsdon Month ago

    “Will I be able to play my skin like a gameboy?”

  • Ashley Mock
    Ashley Mock Month ago

    You should try a nuFace... now that you can control and feel... and see some results with!

  • Eternity Midnight
    Eternity Midnight Month ago

    anyone else cringing at how they used the multimeter? ‘200m is the lowest’ pmsl

  • Moe Oof
    Moe Oof Month ago +1

    Am I the only one who was freaked out at 2:00 when I saw the head in the backround...

  • Marleny Acosta
    Marleny Acosta Month ago


  • Kat Kit
    Kat Kit Month ago +1

    Btw it's no face from spirited away

  • Kat Kit
    Kat Kit Month ago +2

    Saf, you don't have to eat every face lotion/lipstick/lipgloss/inedible beauty product

  • Chaylynne Johnson
    Chaylynne Johnson Month ago

    You should buy the first 5 adds that pop up on TheXvid

  • Abdul Rizlan
    Abdul Rizlan Month ago

    I wish I could've sent it to you

  • Madeleine F
    Madeleine F Month ago +1

    You have a headphone jack your lucky

  • BeccaSlays
    BeccaSlays Month ago

    As a hardcore otaku, when you called no face, no name it killed me.

  • Rebecca Joy
    Rebecca Joy 2 months ago

    ‘My sideburns are really involved.’

  • CutiePieEMA25
    CutiePieEMA25 2 months ago

    NO NAME.

  • Jeff Eastwood
    Jeff Eastwood 2 months ago

    Edvard Munch did "The Scream" painting, not Picasso.

  • Elizabeth Moschou
    Elizabeth Moschou 2 months ago

    Why is your eyes red

  • Ling Garcia
    Ling Garcia 2 months ago

    toilet paper words of the day: it's gotta be PROTEC and ATTAC

  • Kylee Paige
    Kylee Paige 2 months ago

    hey safiya! so i was wondering if u could follow me on Instagram because i love you so much and im a really big fan!

  • Moon Whale
    Moon Whale 2 months ago

    I love your shirt

  • Gianna Carias
    Gianna Carias 2 months ago

    Noname is however, an excellent artist. Her album Telefone is terrific

  • Dan Howard
    Dan Howard 2 months ago

    Anyone else really annoyed that the mask isn’t on straight

  • GamerGirl 501
    GamerGirl 501 2 months ago

    Hey Saf I got a ad for a face mask and I was like

    “FBI are you watching me”

  • yawanah travis
    yawanah travis 2 months ago

    What if you have a Samsung galaxy s5

  • Julia Gomes
    Julia Gomes 2 months ago +1

    You reminded me of Julia roberts😂😂

  • ARIA B.
    ARIA B. 2 months ago

    German subtile, yeah😇😇😇

  • Dillon Phillips
    Dillon Phillips 2 months ago

    Tyler is an absolute genius at making pop culture references. Fucking world class.

  • Jenny Pai
    Jenny Pai 2 months ago

    props on the PubMed lol

  • Tanvi Agrawal
    Tanvi Agrawal 2 months ago

    I can't stop laughing

  • Sarah Kretzschmar
    Sarah Kretzschmar 2 months ago +1

    Edvard Munich painted the Scream... not Picasso never Picasso.

  • Lauren Klinger
    Lauren Klinger 2 months ago +6

    "As hydrated as a watermelon". I'm using that from now on.

  • Bob chicken Steeve
    Bob chicken Steeve 2 months ago

    Finally I made it to a video on time!!!


  • Oriana McPherson
    Oriana McPherson 2 months ago


  • Potato Me
    Potato Me 2 months ago +1

    8:59 I guess we both had avatar sex with my phone

  • Masida Cinda
    Masida Cinda 2 months ago +12

    This is Safiya's...New...Intro Soooooong!

  • Sabrina Benge
    Sabrina Benge 2 months ago

    I know this video is super old but if y'all ever need to use a DMM or anything electrical please ask me or someone with alot of experience. I am not convinced how you were measuring was accurate but that depends on how the mask is wired.... I am an electrical engineer, I can help you.

  • Kate Elisabeth
    Kate Elisabeth 2 months ago

    *ho ho ho*

  • LizTheWiz
    LizTheWiz 2 months ago

    Eve has caught up with the trends

  • choi khun
    choi khun 2 months ago

    I have fallen for Saf’s clear forehead

  • Emma Ingram
    Emma Ingram 2 months ago

    "This feels like a spa treatment. I've got my mask. Ive got my kitty..."
    Petition to have cats be part of spa treatments

  • Mavlidam Abdulajian
    Mavlidam Abdulajian 3 months ago


  • Fat Cat Says Brewers
    Fat Cat Says Brewers 3 months ago

    What does tiller do behind the camera

  • CharesteChannel
    CharesteChannel 3 months ago

    I was kinda triggered when you said "maschera" 😂
    Just to inform you, it's pronounced "màskera", like mascara but with the accent on the first a.
    Greetings from Italy ❤🇮🇹

  • Itsjustsam
    Itsjustsam 3 months ago +1

    I legit just started watching her and now everything on my feed is her channel, buzzfeed, a lot of Shane, and some random youtubers.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 months ago

    Rip side burns. ☠️🙏🏻

  • Ginny Creamer
    Ginny Creamer 3 months ago

    So fun fact you rub the two prongs of your multi meter across your clothing you will get a reading too.... so I wouldn't take that as law.

  • Jonathan Saravia
    Jonathan Saravia 3 months ago +1

    I love ❤️ you

  • Tiny Squishes
    Tiny Squishes 3 months ago

    That’s an iPhone not a smart phone in the thumbnail

  • Vivian O
    Vivian O 3 months ago

    Ty: “You look like The Scream, the Picasso painting”

  • Claire Pinsky
    Claire Pinsky 3 months ago

    Do an ASMR video

  • sina christodoulakou
    sina christodoulakou 3 months ago

    Stranger things fandom where u at?! 😍

  • Siphesihle Xoza
    Siphesihle Xoza 3 months ago

    Ty is definitely the most supportive boyfriend 😭♥️