Star Wars: The Last Jedi "Awake" (:45)

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
  • Darkness rises… and light to meet it. See Star Wars: The Last Jedi in theaters December 15th. Get tickets now:
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  • Jeffrey Aguilar
    Jeffrey Aguilar 6 days ago

    Biggest troll of the millennia happened only 17 years in

  • Dysentery Animations
    Dysentery Animations 28 days ago

    ebic gamer star wars

  • Arthur Paz
    Arthur Paz Month ago

    1 year...

  • Gabriel Paz
    Gabriel Paz Month ago +3

    The time is passing fast...

  • Maxi Alvarez
    Maxi Alvarez 2 months ago

    Name of the song?

  • Fedor Cherp
    Fedor Cherp 3 months ago

    When i saw Luke on the Falcon i thought its some kind of remake but then i looked at the date of the release.

  • old ben
    old ben 3 months ago


  • Ben V
    Ben V 4 months ago +1

    Great trailer, terrible movie

  • Huioarmy
    Huioarmy 4 months ago


  • Dave Presswood
    Dave Presswood 5 months ago +1

    What an amazing trailer to a terrible film. The trailer makes it look like Luke will be a hero, maybe even flying the falcon to help the rebels. Such a disappointing film. Very hard to watch and enjoy. Opening fight is cool, jokes are terrible, characters story arcs are assassinated. Huge letdown of a film.

  • Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    I think Rey can turn to the dark side and she can bow before the supreme leader.

  • Joanna Bradford-Thomson

    I love it so much

  • JC Garcia
    JC Garcia 5 months ago +1

    Anybody knows the name of the song?

  • Stefyx19
    Stefyx19 5 months ago +6

    How i loved this movie

  • Darth Momo
    Darth Momo 6 months ago


  • Burke of Mellow Park
    Burke of Mellow Park 6 months ago +1

    Horrible movie. TLJ. Silly & dumb. Poor script. Poor storyline. Wasted characters

  • eksine
    eksine 7 months ago +1

    The lightsaber is made of plasma. There should be steam coming off of it since it's raining

  • Dave Presswood
    Dave Presswood 7 months ago

    Amazing trailer for one of the worst films I have ever seen. Trailer sets up like Skywalker is about to go on a grand adventure.....and as we know that doesn't happen.

  • james rowley
    james rowley 8 months ago

    darkness rises..and light to meet it,favourite trailer.

  • Lorenzo Manca di Nissa
    Lorenzo Manca di Nissa 8 months ago +5

    A big masterpiece

  • JaySparra
    JaySparra 9 months ago +1

    so epic !

  • Jair Meira
    Jair Meira 9 months ago +7

    I love this movie!

  • abmagalj
    abmagalj 9 months ago

    Can someone please tell me the name of the song playing in the background?

    • abmagalj
      abmagalj 9 months ago +1

      simply superman69 Thanks a lot. I appreciate that

    • simply superman69
      simply superman69 9 months ago +3

      Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

  • Sir Boulderdash
    Sir Boulderdash 9 months ago +3

    Luke tried to warn us XD

  • J.E. Studios
    J.E. Studios 10 months ago +1

    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is cool
    Star Wars is awesome
    Star Wars is awesome

  • Wobbly Yapper
    Wobbly Yapper 10 months ago

    Soooo good

  • Raoul Hex
    Raoul Hex 10 months ago +8

    So much potential this movie had 😞.........

  • We Are Croft
    We Are Croft 10 months ago +11

    Who’s still watching this masterpiece?

  • Jedi Council
    Jedi Council 10 months ago +2

    Not. My. Luke.

  • Milan Peter
    Milan Peter 10 months ago

    Somebody please help me! I remember this soundtrack playing when Luke walked out infront of the walkers,but i can' t find it in the official soundtrack?!

    • Milan Peter
      Milan Peter 9 months ago

      Valeri Marinov yeah i found it since but thanks

    • Valeri Marinov
      Valeri Marinov 9 months ago

      The track is called "The Spark".

    • Milan Peter
      Milan Peter 10 months ago

      thanks! it's the best piece in the soundtrack i think,i wonder why wasn't it used more?It wasn't as dominant as in the trailers

  • RayanL 2004
    RayanL 2004 10 months ago +24

    Best tv spot by far

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 11 months ago


  • Landon Johnson
    Landon Johnson 11 months ago

    Have I mistaken that ending or naw? Still getting it tonight anyway if on demand so yeah wish me luck.

  • gnperdue
    gnperdue 11 months ago +1

    I NEED the opening music on an extended soundtrack. Make it happen Disney. Take my money already...

  • Sylvest Krakow
    Sylvest Krakow 11 months ago

    wow love it yes i dp

  • Ryan Przespolewski
    Ryan Przespolewski 11 months ago


  • EpicGoldBoy Fortnite
    EpicGoldBoy Fortnite 11 months ago

    There is like 60 trailers

  • Kendrik Doughty
    Kendrik Doughty 11 months ago

    0:00-0:10 Isn't that the music that's played when look faces off against the ATM6's?

  • Mildin _13
    Mildin _13 11 months ago +3

    Roses are red
    BB8 is round
    It’s over Anakin
    I have the high ground

  • lapis lazuli
    lapis lazuli 11 months ago


  • Jarek Bancarzewski
    Jarek Bancarzewski 11 months ago

    what is the tittle for this music?

  • Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen
    Mark Rosenblitt-Janssen 11 months ago

    But will there be any Hand Solo?

  • Jedi Council
    Jedi Council 11 months ago +2

    Not. My. Luke.

  • SuddenDeath
    SuddenDeath 11 months ago +4

    Absoulut trash movie

  • buthGBMeister
    buthGBMeister 11 months ago +3

    Did Luke ever get his power converters

  • Beta M0VIE
    Beta M0VIE 11 months ago +1

    *Star Wars The Last Jedi* #StarWars8 movie [ ]

  • Thomas Parsley
    Thomas Parsley 11 months ago +1

    Anyone know whether the music from this trailer made it inot the offficial soundtrack? and if so what track is it?

  • Sennen is the SUPER SEN
    Sennen is the SUPER SEN 11 months ago


  • johnnybikesalot
    johnnybikesalot 11 months ago +2

    Well, he was right about one thing, It did not go the way I thought.

  • St Sa
    St Sa 11 months ago +2

    Star Wars ended with Return of the Jedi. These movies were kept going by the fans.

  • ugandan knuckles
    ugandan knuckles 11 months ago +1

    0:13, the scene in the throne room though

  • Thales Milletus
    Thales Milletus 11 months ago

    Great movir

  • Trevor Holland
    Trevor Holland 11 months ago

    I like watching movies like STAR WARS.

  • Antonio Jones
    Antonio Jones 11 months ago +1

    Which song is this? That “March” in the beginning is becoming as iconic as The Imperial March from the original trilogy.

  • pelin blog
    pelin blog 11 months ago +1


  • Paul from that Triscuit ad.

    0:18 👏✌️👏✌️✌️👏👏

  • stuflikethis
    stuflikethis 11 months ago +5

    The director’s post-modern ideology is a parasite on what was once a great franchise. They ruined Star Wars

  • FAIL Razor8
    FAIL Razor8 11 months ago +3

    How is no one talking about the music here?

  • Andreas M
    Andreas M 11 months ago +5

    better than the film 👏🏼👏🏼

  • GayBoy Brandon
    GayBoy Brandon 11 months ago +7

    Loved it 😊

  • legend of u
    legend of u 11 months ago +9

    I actually was looking forward to it only to be disappointed

  • Stealthcola
    Stealthcola 11 months ago +4

    This movie did not go THE WAY I WOULD THINK

  • David Smith
    David Smith 11 months ago +3

    The Last Jedi is rubbish.

  • darktennisball
    darktennisball Year ago

    captain phasma x finn

  • Matt Victor
    Matt Victor Year ago +2

    It's amazing how good these trailers look when they come out, then you see the movie and you're like ehhhhh, what did I just watch?

  • Lord Vincenzo Leonardo Corleone III

    "Darkness Rises.....And Light To Meet It"........

  • Devil Kazuya
    Devil Kazuya Year ago

    Guys this theme is included in the official soundtrack?

  • Unkar Plutt
    Unkar Plutt Year ago +2

    Just watched the movie it was horrible. So disappointing. Worst Star Wars movie everrrrr 🖓

  • kimkim kimkim
    kimkim kimkim Year ago +1

    Let the past die, kill it if you have to

  • LightningStrikes66

    Is this score in the soundtrack? If so what is the track title? Pleeeaaaese???

  • Twilightlady1517
    Twilightlady1517 Year ago

    I know the movie just came out today but I was wondering if it's really as horrible as some of its audience reviews have been? My friend told me most people don't like it ( she loved it) because it changes the Star Wars world that we grew up with and love and most people hate that kind of change. I have just not seen a movie hated so quickly before. Makes me wonder if I should pay to see it?

    • ironmatto3
      ironmatto3 Year ago +1

      I loved it, simply the best SW film alongside TFA in my opinion.

    • zCesaro
      zCesaro Year ago +2

      most people "love the movie not the other way around the thing is no one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans. and this is the most divisive movie in star wars history you either love it or hate it

  • LegendOfPokemon
    LegendOfPokemon Year ago

    This trailer is so meta

  • The Starest
    The Starest Year ago +2

    Half of this film is recorded in Croatia in Dubrovnik and im from there and i watchd from far awey how they are filming it it was amezing!!

  • Thydro Zach
    Thydro Zach Year ago

    Wait, did rey pull out the lightsaber to Luke????

  • Jonahdeboss 996
    Jonahdeboss 996 Year ago +1

    I saw it today.LIT BLAMO

  • Carl Geijer
    Carl Geijer Year ago +2

    sorry, but this movie was underwhelming, I expected a lot etter from rian johnson. it makes the same mistakes as TFA and copies many aspects of previous star wars films, and feels like more of a shallow super hero movie than star wars. finn, poe and that random chinese girl deserved more influence.
    just like in TFA the empire (resistance) is still powerful, even though they were supposedly beaten in the previous movie, making every win seem meaningless. destroy star killer base? doesnt matter, the first order is still always strong and chasing.

    • Tobytyty101
      Tobytyty101 6 months ago +1

      In a deleted scene Finn and Poe mention that it seems like even though they had a huge victory it still seems like they did nothing. I appreciate the meta-ness of it and I don't understand why it didn't get put into the film. In fact, the whole movie acknowledges the tropes that people get upset about but it still somewhat under-delivered. This film was not a terrible film but it showed that Rian Johnson (who by most means is an "indie" filmmaker) doesn't have much expertise in a franchise quite as big and quite as looked up to. I'm sure once he does his new trilogy it'd be much more enjoyable (that way his writing/directing style doesn't clash with someone like J.J.'s in the middle of a three part story)

    • Tredje Konto
      Tredje Konto Year ago

      Carl Geijer who cares? It’s a movie

    • boowonder888
      boowonder888 Year ago

      I agree. I like the last 2 of the prequals much better. Good action, good political story not unlike America since trump.

  • G A B E N
    G A B E N Year ago

    0:31 😂❤

  • jtar7242
    jtar7242 Year ago

    Ron Howard voiceover: It's totally going to go the way you think

  • TheGoldenGalaxy
    TheGoldenGalaxy Year ago +1


  • Cody Hanssen
    Cody Hanssen Year ago +11

    Where can I find this music!?!?!?!?

  • Black Tooth
    Black Tooth Year ago +1

    What soundtrack song is this?

  • iLoveMusic
    iLoveMusic Year ago

    Настоящий джедай бессмертен

  • Boots Boots
    Boots Boots Year ago +1

    All the 2k people who disliked are in the dark side

  • Gareth Wiseman
    Gareth Wiseman Year ago

    It looks like Rey is going to kill Luke, she can try.

  • Chris Schurman
    Chris Schurman Year ago


  • Carlos Gustavo Suárez Cruz

    Rey is Anakin!!!

  • Allison Ballet
    Allison Ballet Year ago +1

    I can’t wait to see it!

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper Year ago +4


  • Advies
    Advies Year ago +1

    Waiting to see this movie

  • JeffyBoi
    JeffyBoi Year ago

    I guess Film Theory was right about the ending of this movie

  • AAliyah Beyonce star

    Mace windu is ep.3 revenge of the sith..mace windu jumps out the window...if he had died..his body would of just lied lifeless..but he had the power to JUMP.........😉mace windu made a HOLOGRAM of ankin Skywalker(snoke)...thats why kylo ren,say"show me those visons again grandfather" force awakens...he is asking snoke to show him his VISIONS!

  • Herbert Wingfield
    Herbert Wingfield Year ago +1

    It's OK to be Woke.

  • TheSgtTurkey
    TheSgtTurkey Year ago +1

    YESSSSS!!! i need a towel

  • Kang 242
    Kang 242 Year ago +1

    Is Rey bad

  • jaime  castillo
    jaime castillo Year ago

    the ending!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FAIL Razor8
    FAIL Razor8 Year ago

    5 days before release, and this is still my favorite trailer/spot we have seen

  • David Jacobs
    David Jacobs Year ago

    did rey kill luke?
    rey heel turn confirmed

  • RJ
    RJ Year ago


  • A.J. Abdullah
    A.J. Abdullah Year ago

    I cant wait to see this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Noet Games
    Noet Games Year ago

    Darkness risses and light to meet it!