West Ham 1-3 Arsenal | Pepe Had Hella Presence Blud! (Troopz)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • West Ham 1-3 Arsenal | Pepe Had Hella Presence Blud! (Troopz)
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Comments • 932

  • AFTV
    AFTV  Month ago +50

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  • Stephen Lynch
    Stephen Lynch Month ago

    Watch the next one - he's in New York saying they will get relegated - proper idiot


    1:39 💚💕

  • AlwaysUptonPark
    AlwaysUptonPark Month ago

    Do one

  • Nurul Alom Rashid
    Nurul Alom Rashid Month ago

    You get me, you understand

  • Ishtiaque
    Ishtiaque Month ago +1

    The only Sunday Arsenal won't need Jesus to appear.

  • Sebastian Gjyla
    Sebastian Gjyla Month ago

    Arsenal's mannequin behind troopz

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams Month ago

    AFTV everyone is happy now ? Arsenal fans are so Fickle

    ITRURELIG1ON Month ago

    Ya understand blud 😂 ya get me fam

  • cogamers84
    cogamers84 Month ago +1

    who else only watches DT and troopz

  • Mejeezy
    Mejeezy Month ago

    Ya understand, ya get me count broken in this clip. That’s how happy Troopz is

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson Month ago


  • A I
    A I Month ago

    build the team around pepe martinelli torreira

  • Mohamed Dahir
    Mohamed Dahir Month ago

    Good to see troopz smiling 😜

  • Paul Logan
    Paul Logan Month ago

    Troops 9 yundastand in the first 60 seconds lol

  • Danny Walker
    Danny Walker Month ago

    "Yea we arsenal we back, we are back, we going to win the quadruple" -every arsenal fan

  • brendan quinn
    brendan quinn Month ago

    Imagine having to listen to him every day

  • Into The Unknown
    Into The Unknown Month ago

    Uncle Ben's is out of date fam you get me

  • HarsH GameZ
    HarsH GameZ Month ago

    99.9% of Troopz vocabulary is *BLUD*

  • Khalid Garbiya
    Khalid Garbiya Month ago


  • Daddy Dom
    Daddy Dom Month ago

    Yeah he (pepe) was good for about 45 minutes.

  • Munkhbileg N
    Munkhbileg N Month ago +1

    somebody help me count the total number of "YOU GET ME" and "YA UNDESTAN" please.

  • Sean Dennis
    Sean Dennis Month ago

    We must not have watched the same game as Pepe was on the floor for about 90minutes

  • Mohammed Rahman
    Mohammed Rahman Month ago

    I didnt understand

  • Jake Gibbs
    Jake Gibbs Month ago

    See what Pepe can do against city

  • Aaron Fires
    Aaron Fires Month ago

    Ya undastand

  • Promise MD
    Promise MD Month ago

    This channel is not fun when they win 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • FIFA
    FIFA Month ago

    Simon Jordan is a c^nt pass it on ...

  • Ayodele Palmer
    Ayodele Palmer Month ago

    Wait until they lose the next match.

  • Transit_Van007
    Transit_Van007 Month ago

    Aftv out

  • Kyle Sekenski
    Kyle Sekenski Month ago

    Arsenal came back to win and Robbie lost a hella payday, blud.

  • John Nobrega
    John Nobrega Month ago +1

    And Ozil was class tonight

    FADE CLAN Month ago

    Sub to me if you like arsenal
    UChLw5dzNyAdnoqwxuNtTqAw channel

  • Boi_Better_Know
    Boi_Better_Know Month ago

    Im not sure he understands.

  • Enes Muca
    Enes Muca Month ago +1

    This guys movin cringe

  • Gameplay Videos
    Gameplay Videos Month ago

    Furiously wanking because you won blud

  • Matthew Celino
    Matthew Celino Month ago


    Troopz: You understand?

  • Kamil Mocek
    Kamil Mocek Month ago

    I understand

  • Tobi Adeyemi
    Tobi Adeyemi Month ago

    Lmaoooo after 2 months 😭😭😭, banter fc fr 😭😭😂😂😂

  • SMM Productions
    SMM Productions Month ago

    1:44 Declan Rice ( dead gunleaner) got dissed. 😂😂😂🤣🤣 Russ gave him confidence.

  • chunckylover420
    chunckylover420 Month ago

    i don't understand?

  • Abul Husain
    Abul Husain Month ago

    U understand

  • the black guy gamer

    Troops in the boohoo fit

  • 1st world problems?

    Troopz is such a beg... who even says blud any more

  • dj chimpy
    dj chimpy Month ago

    Mid table club

    JACE ACE Month ago

    Ya understand!

  • iAmCytoToxic
    iAmCytoToxic Month ago

    i understand.

  • Slow-wipe
    Slow-wipe Month ago

    Yes I do understand what you are saying.

  • Vinnie Darby
    Vinnie Darby Month ago

    Imagine gassing over beating west ham

  • brian kamau
    brian kamau Month ago

    You get me?

  • Gary The Snail
    Gary The Snail Month ago

    Back again

  • BestxMusic
    BestxMusic Month ago

    Yeah, hella fam blud innit, Hella presence blud innit fam ting ya understand, ya get me fam init fam yano.

  • Yassin Ali
    Yassin Ali Month ago

    Arsenal are dead u lot beat west ham and get excited 😭😭 scum bags

  • Whats This Then? Lucchi Supremeson

    Troopz really cares if u get and understand what he's saying

  • August 25th
    August 25th Month ago

    "Ya understand"

  • the assembled
    the assembled Month ago

    Arsenals two problems are
    1. The board
    2. Are Arsenal players
    a. Football celebrities
    B. Celebrity footballers

  • Silent killer
    Silent killer Month ago

    You get me
    You understand
    You feel me 😂

  • Dean Nelson
    Dean Nelson Month ago

    Dude speaks like a 14 yr old trying to impress his peers lol.. Jesus.

  • Stephen Murray
    Stephen Murray Month ago

    Ya understand

  • Abhinav Mamgain
    Abhinav Mamgain Month ago

    Troopz says irrelevant things all the time but one thing which is sure is that he loves Arsenal too much