• Published on Jan 23, 2019
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Comments • 1 867

  • Clumsy
    Clumsy  10 months ago +1686

    *does this tickles your brain?* 🤔

  • Jyrven Llamasares
    Jyrven Llamasares 2 days ago

    So Fast

  • Sonicfuel0726
    Sonicfuel0726 3 days ago

    Anybody notices the beeps at 7:26-7:27?

  • A.C.E's Park Junhee wrecked me hard

    To the knittet blanket: I heard of a woman in Germany who knittet a scarf showing in color when her train came to late. each row shows another minute of being late. Its said grey was for short times coming to late and red in her scarf if the train came way to late. That scarf has an interesting patern

  • KittenGamezYT
    KittenGamezYT 5 days ago +1


  • Ir0n Mxmmoth
    Ir0n Mxmmoth 5 days ago

    My brother has the Rubik’s cube that is based on size and shape. It is called the mirror cube

  • Magic Sandwich
    Magic Sandwich 9 days ago

    1/10 slides went too fast

  • Not a Soviet Spy
    Not a Soviet Spy 11 days ago

    9:49 lucky for petty theft I have 6 months probation and cant leave the house without calling my probation officer

  • Brandon Bikes
    Brandon Bikes 11 days ago

    8:15 as a car guy i love that

  • Davut Sauze
    Davut Sauze 13 days ago

    8:27 that's a know rubik's cube so it's not that interesting...

  • Billy Cameron
    Billy Cameron 22 days ago

    2:30 this is the exact reason you shouldn't trust rugs

  • fedunya1
    fedunya1 23 days ago

    1:46 which episode?

  • WolfGirl 123
    WolfGirl 123 23 days ago +1


  • scuffed films
    scuffed films 25 days ago

    Adolfish hitler 6:37

  • Dubs McCheck'em
    Dubs McCheck'em 27 days ago

    Nobody will read this

  • Sanne Muskee
    Sanne Muskee 28 days ago

    awww that doggie paw

  • Z03 W33D
    Z03 W33D 29 days ago

    1:31 by chance, is it safe to turn on a flashlight while it's in your mouth? asking for a science experiment

  • Freitag der 13
    Freitag der 13 Month ago

    The flash gun one is flipping terrifying

  • FunkyHamster
    FunkyHamster Month ago

    7:17 There’s banana milkshakes in England too

  • Olerius 123
    Olerius 123 Month ago

    1:56 that happened I found a stick with a cactus holdholding the drink and the a cactus holdholding the drink and the a cactus holdholding the drink and so on

  • Olerius 123
    Olerius 123 Month ago

    1:02 that happened before it was snow a bit to the boin the roof was covered the sun melted it but the shad kept it untouched so I look like half of the roof was painted white it was cool

  • Primon 4723
    Primon 4723 Month ago

    3:08 Oh, irony! I just remembered I had found an extra puzzle piece of my Camp Lazlo puzzle!

  • official phub
    official phub Month ago

    i used to fly a lot on the island hoppers between hawii and canada and the islands in hawii. I remember the plane. The bottom was legit like that doorknob

  • Helen Paschke
    Helen Paschke Month ago

    4:44 That's it. That is it. That's how I visualize a year in my head. I finally found an accurate representation I am so happy

  • Anima-chan
    Anima-chan Month ago

    For the doll, it’s called American Girl! You send in a picture of yourself and the company makes a doll to look like you

  • glitchman ks
    glitchman ks Month ago

    cubers here are stunned by the mirror cube

  • 2 4 7
    2 4 7 Month ago

    8:37 You know why she wanted that carrot

  • bjarni hlynurdagur
    bjarni hlynurdagur Month ago

    Im from Iceland

  • MORE Jacob Null
    MORE Jacob Null Month ago


  • Fluffy bat Child
    Fluffy bat Child Month ago +2


  • Graven Raven
    Graven Raven Month ago

    The cling wrap one is like the MADDIE ZIEGLER DIARIES. she is holding a book inna book inna book.....

  • Assassin
    Assassin Month ago

    1:14 it’s name is Tuba and it plays in the bass clef

  • Morgan Main
    Morgan Main Month ago

    Edin burg lol

  • Fiery Odom
    Fiery Odom Month ago

    That big carrots is getting wet tonight

    You perv I’m making dinner with it

  • Wohn Jick
    Wohn Jick 2 months ago


  • All Might
    All Might 2 months ago


  • Henrik Inthavong Finne
    Henrik Inthavong Finne 2 months ago

    5:02 He should make it the"White guy facing forward"Meme

  • stop it now stop abcd
    stop it now stop abcd 2 months ago

    Okay but the spongebob animation cel was so cool!

  • Ashton Lovell
    Ashton Lovell 2 months ago

    0:50 where?

  • Pretty Bert
    Pretty Bert 2 months ago

    I love your videos but please stop repeating! I understand you see a lot of different images and you can’t tell which ones you’ve posted and which ones you haven’t but we remember

  • Fuck Off
    Fuck Off 2 months ago

    I hate having to pause the video every two seconds to look at the frickin picture. Too damn fast

  • Nicholas Carmona-Morales

    Holy shit dude give me time to look at the damn picture

  • Dtfuf Bcjrpdbg
    Dtfuf Bcjrpdbg 2 months ago

    *hello ugly*

  • Mrp Obviously
    Mrp Obviously 2 months ago

    Technically its a baritone!

    CHEZEL_POTATO _ME 2 months ago


  • Face Reveal At 10 Million Subs

    Why is there no credit in the desc?

  • Exile CS:GO
    Exile CS:GO 2 months ago

    8:25 that’s called a mirror cube. It’s not special in any way, and I got one for 5 bucks

  • Supra Doodsie
    Supra Doodsie 2 months ago

    Oh is that Jen? 3:45

  • Rednbloo
    Rednbloo 2 months ago

    *P E N C I L G O R I L L A*

  • Eva Mcauley
    Eva Mcauley 2 months ago

    0:27 my country is quite small is I can see my exact town and people have covered it 😯

  • 17 o Clokky
    17 o Clokky 2 months ago

    1:47 ,I have an original cell used in a spongebob episode (Season 2)

  • Bot ?
    Bot ? 2 months ago

    Who else tried the iPhone flash thing

  • Samirite
    Samirite 2 months ago +1

    3:52 I have the exact same army guy set. What are the odds? lol

  • AsmartguyMythology
    AsmartguyMythology 2 months ago

    8:20 I was the person ordering

  • Littlecat Sprinklez
    Littlecat Sprinklez 2 months ago

    9:00 I need that...

  • Damn _Daxter
    Damn _Daxter 2 months ago

    Needless to say, the photos are going waaaay too fast..

  • Jacqueline Ladewig
    Jacqueline Ladewig 2 months ago

    I fing have that doll

  • Josh JBS
    Josh JBS 3 months ago

    Face ruvial

  • Manik Bisht
    Manik Bisht 3 months ago

    must be *DAX*

  • just trash
    just trash 3 months ago

    "THAT" actually looks kinda spooky tbh not gona lie