Bella Thorne's Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and Glitter Eyes | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • Actress Bella Thorne takes Vogue inside her beauty routine, from taking care of her acne-prone skin to tracing on glitter-flecked teal eyeliner.
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    Bella Thorne's Guide to Acne-Prone Skin Care and Glitter Eyes | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Joons Crabs
    Joons Crabs Day ago

    i really don’t know why she gets so much hate she seems rlly sweet and chill

  • Rosa Scarlet
    Rosa Scarlet 2 days ago

    She's very chill and cool. Don't know why she gets hate just because she is being herself and not some imaginary Disney good girl.

  • Micaela
    Micaela 2 days ago

    omg she’s so funny I love her 😂

  • chbabi touria
    chbabi touria 2 days ago


  • санек ты врешь

    Oh my, she is alive.

  • Summer Baby
    Summer Baby 5 days ago


  • Summer Baby
    Summer Baby 5 days ago +1

    This how much I miss her on famous in love

  • George Anthony
    George Anthony 6 days ago

    Bella is one big infection gaaaaroossss

  • MrSuperBaleze
    MrSuperBaleze 7 days ago +1

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  • Kasey Lee
    Kasey Lee 8 days ago


  • meljane_beauty
    meljane_beauty 9 days ago

    OMG I love this so much

  • Kim L
    Kim L 11 days ago

    What was the moisturizer she used before she put on her tinted lotions ?

  • Bree C
    Bree C 11 days ago +1

    It feels like Bella is trying to be something she’s not like she’s overdoing the whole I’m a cool dude thing it’s like she’s trying to put up a front

  • rhi smoke
    rhi smoke 11 days ago

    Honestly her lips are cute

  • Ela qT
    Ela qT 12 days ago +1

    How to cure acne 101 :
    Stop dairy products
    Stop eating too much fat (including oil)
    Stop eating chocolate powder (not everyone react to this one tho)

    CHANGE EYE COLOR 15 days ago


  • Lolo Stevens
    Lolo Stevens 15 days ago +1

    Y is she such a MOODDDDDDD

  • Rachel Alexandra
    Rachel Alexandra 16 days ago

    im in love

  • Allis Derian
    Allis Derian 16 days ago


  • Karlee Orr
    Karlee Orr 18 days ago

    why tf isn’t she wearing mascara i know she that she only got one eyelash extension on each eye like sis lmao but i liked the look more than i thought i would

  • Love 6
    Love 6 19 days ago +1


  • Isabella Angel
    Isabella Angel 19 days ago

    this is how many ppl who has the nerve to shout at bella

  • Rosegold Beats
    Rosegold Beats 22 days ago

    She sounds like billie eilish

  • Kindle Fire 77
    Kindle Fire 77 22 days ago +1

    Has cystic acne doesn’t wash her face in the morning..
    *Me watching this with my cystic acne skin: I can already tell this video is based on lies and the devil*

  • Patie Patiesword
    Patie Patiesword 28 days ago

    Pretty girl,so fun to listen to

  • nebio andrade
    nebio andrade 28 days ago

    Bella e gata ♥️

  • fake betch
    fake betch 28 days ago +3

    oh hey she uses moisturizer here

  • rosestig
    rosestig 29 days ago

    she looks like avrey ovard

  • Christian Garcia
    Christian Garcia 29 days ago +2

    Who's here and disgusted after watching Go to Bed with Me🤦🏽‍♂️

  • jupiter.
    jupiter. 29 days ago +1

    She sounds so chill 😂 try tying back your hair if you do this please I had terrible anxiety that she would get it in her hair 😂😂

  • little coco
    little coco Month ago

    If billie eilish have a soulmate:

  • Annyeong Taahirah-Ya Bangawo Love

    She is very awkward but doesn't deserve the hate she gets ... Thats all 😊

  • Kat Kat
    Kat Kat Month ago +4

    I straightened my hair with my fingers. It totally works.
    .....come again?
    She gives off a vibe of trying too hard. To be cool and careless I mean.

  • Saffana Sadieh
    Saffana Sadieh Month ago

    Wow the most annoying personality ever

  • Wren Brunzell
    Wren Brunzell Month ago

    Honey is this a refinery 29 makeup tutorial?
    Does it look like one?

  • sugandh parnami
    sugandh parnami Month ago

    So she just gave up on her face and her acne went away. Finally something I can do.

  • Vishka Yadav
    Vishka Yadav Month ago

    Joker look

  • Roxy Moron
    Roxy Moron Month ago +1

    I saw a post once saying she looks like the dirty version of Alissa Violet and it’s so accurate.

  • Karina Sepúlveda
    Karina Sepúlveda Month ago

    I think this girl probably showers once a week tops

  • Stephanie Smith
    Stephanie Smith Month ago

    She will ends so bad!! 🙈 she is getting into bad sad.

  • M
    M Month ago

    Lol I Love This

  • Akilam Kjlakd
    Akilam Kjlakd Month ago

    love her

  • josipa pavlovic
    josipa pavlovic Month ago +1

    She's so chill love that

  • Wht eves
    Wht eves Month ago +2

    I love that bella throne's skincare was like what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas

  • Pre Sweetie
    Pre Sweetie Month ago


  • Mereya
    Mereya Month ago

    Heisjejdjje why is she so adorable!!

  • Profa Aulas
    Profa Aulas Month ago

    Seriously... who is she?

  • Profa Aulas
    Profa Aulas Month ago

    Who is she again?

  • What's her face
    What's her face Month ago +1

    Wow Bella Thorne is super annoying, like geez I get it you smoked weed once and now you gotta act super dopey

  • Angela Dolic
    Angela Dolic Month ago

    her skin seriously looks amazing.. good on her!! I like the simplicity of what she does with her skin to be honest!

  • Muhammad Mustafa
    Muhammad Mustafa Month ago

    Which eyeliner did she used

  • Bel
    Bel Month ago

    she's so hot lets face it

  • Tiana Morgan
    Tiana Morgan Month ago

    I think what Bella means by not washing your face in the morning is that cleanser either puts too much oil on your face or takes too much away if you wash too often so only do it once a day so that your face has more time to get oily and then after you wash your face at night, your face has a good amount of oil

  • 10Anshe
    10Anshe Month ago

    She's giving me Euphoria vibes

  • Roger Jaén
    Roger Jaén Month ago +2

    Her natural nose was so cute.

  • your mom
    your mom Month ago +1

    She looks like a boy, in a good way, and I think she did plastic surgery... Not surprising, it is hollywood😁😁😁also probably she has a good publicist for her image marketting 😁😁

  • MidnightLilac
    MidnightLilac Month ago

    I like these intimate bathroom talks celebrities do when they show their daily routines, because most of the time they don't control their schedules or makeup routines and its just nice to see them down to earth about what THEY like putting on their face and show us what looks good to them

  • zu 5t
    zu 5t Month ago

    That is a HE and not a She !

  • Melody Falcon
    Melody Falcon Month ago

    She never used to talk like this. She used to be more girly now she sounds like a dude.

    • Eilis Russell
      Eilis Russell Month ago +1

      Melody Falcon she’s mentioned in multiple interviews that throughout her teen years she purposefully forced a higher voice at the encouragement of her mum because it contrasted with Disney’s ideal cast member image.

  • Selia Marie
    Selia Marie Month ago +1

    okay sooooo is anyone gonna talk about how in her skincare vid she said she doesn’t ever wear lipstick and yet HERE WE ARE