Best Friends Swap Diets For A Week • Kelsey and Michelle

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • BFFs Kelsey Impicciche and Michelle Khare swap diets for a week. Will these two health nuts go nuts?
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Comments • 1 508

  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare 7 months ago +5552

    So fun to collaborate with you again Kelsey!! *goes back to eating plain chicken* 😂😂😂

  • Caro XXX
    Caro XXX 2 days ago

    They didn’t have pasta ONCE like what

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez 3 days ago

    These are literally 2 of my favorite TheXvid’s right now I love it

    XTIEBABY 3 days ago

    okay their listening faces at 8:28 are SO CUTE

  • Hanifah khanom
    Hanifah khanom 6 days ago

    So If i wanna be skinny i have to live off bland food 😭😭😭

  • RosySpeaks
    RosySpeaks 7 days ago

    Both girls eat pretty healthy. Veggies, fruit, chicken and low to no carbs

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki 10 days ago

    " cucumbers are basically crunchy water"
    Me: 😂 that's called ice...

  • Anja
    Anja 12 days ago

    I'm sorry but Michelle could definitely add other stuff to her dishes even if she's trying to lose body fat (assuming based on her what she eats in a day video). Also Kelsey isn't that much better. I get it, I'm there trying to lose fat myself, but even I need to have some type of dressing or shrimp/fish/seafood. Eating chicken every day I would kill myself.

  • Laila Amr
    Laila Amr 13 days ago

    ''crunchy water'' bichhhhhhh its calld ice

  • BaoYen AJ
    BaoYen AJ 14 days ago +1

    I think this is frustrating cause when you eat super healthy, you're not doing it for taste. They just swapped equally bland diets

  • Katherine Derrington
    Katherine Derrington 14 days ago

    My diet is just chicken tenders

  • Kermit Is Sexy
    Kermit Is Sexy 14 days ago +1

    I literally just eat what i want when I feel that bad? Idk. I’m not shoving burgers and chips in my mouth (obviously) but like yeah...

  • Memesaremylifeline
    Memesaremylifeline 17 days ago

    I respect the backpack

  • Brn Eyes
    Brn Eyes 21 day ago

    Omg I eat all day I’d be starving

  • x-kara-x zyer
    x-kara-x zyer 22 days ago

    You should call it "what would Michelle/Kelsey eat"

  • Eleni Catacousinos
    Eleni Catacousinos 23 days ago

    I love Greek restaurants because I am Greek

  • Nea F
    Nea F 26 days ago

    2:48 😂😯

  • Michelle Tan
    Michelle Tan 28 days ago +1

    It's like they're eating baby food

  • Bubblegum
    Bubblegum 29 days ago +1

    dang I eat double their amount tf

  • drearydancer
    drearydancer Month ago

    Wow, two skinny girls who eat a bunch of health crap.

  • Karyne Duval
    Karyne Duval Month ago

    Wait, Michelle says she usually doesn't eat zoodles, but she eats them in her "what I eat in a day" episode? I know because I watched it yesterday lol

  • Karyne Duval
    Karyne Duval Month ago

    Wow... they basically eat nothing, I mean, especially Kelsey :O I eat at least the double of that, and carbs at every meal. I basically follow the Canadian's food guide, and I'm always hungry and I'm followed by a nutritionist. I now get why I will never be skinny :'(

  • Lil St
    Lil St Month ago

    There are carbs in that meal..

  • Pankaj Sarmal
    Pankaj Sarmal Month ago

    3:08 Kelsey pointed at "mushrooms" and said "cooked quinoa" and repeated the same in reverse. I get that you're not used to eating these foods but this is unacceptable. I'm unsubscribing.

  • Kérancia Nice
    Kérancia Nice Month ago +1

    I could never swap my diet because I ain’t got any . I just eat what I feel like eating at the moment , could be healthy or not and literally anything

    • Alyssum Zara
      Alyssum Zara 21 day ago

      It's called intuitive eating, and it's the healthiest (mentally and physically) way to eat.

  • carrie slater
    carrie slater Month ago +1

    Is she on a plane?

  • Alyssa Serrano
    Alyssa Serrano Month ago

    Michelle is so beautiful 🥺😍

  • iixBerry - Childxii

    ... ihascupcuake is that you

  • Albert Yang
    Albert Yang Month ago +1

    Is this what it's like to be youtubers now? Because those diets are horrible; from a macro nutrient point of view; and a variety point of view...

  • Superbustr
    Superbustr Month ago +3

    No garlic, ginger, pepper, spices and herbs or olive oil. How bland.

  • Kiyana Hammett
    Kiyana Hammett 2 months ago +1

    Sometimes I wish I had any other diet but the diet I'm on...I'm literally on a seafood diet and its horrible. Just seeing food and then eating it makes me gain so much weight 😂 I see food...then eat it.

  • Katrina Maynard
    Katrina Maynard 2 months ago +1

    It’s crazy to see how much Michelle has grown. I remember how awkward and adorable she was. She seems to have more confidence and I’m HERE FOR IT

  • P J
    P J 2 months ago +1

    I would starve on both those diets lolol but I’m pretty sure I’m the size of both of them put together

  • Alexandra Panico
    Alexandra Panico 2 months ago +2

    Their diets are practically the same? Just chicken, chicken, chicken.

  • Golgiapparatus2
    Golgiapparatus2 2 months ago +1

    Am i the only one in this comments section that likes chicken? Everyone here calling chicken boring and bland is just making bad chicken.

  • Kpop Is Life
    Kpop Is Life 2 months ago

    Both of their diets are so boring

  • ComedyMan
    ComedyMan 2 months ago

    People really overreact when they're not drinking coffee. Like HOW HARD CAN IT BE STOP WHINING

  • kristine villanueva
    kristine villanueva 2 months ago

    Wow they hardly eat. So this is skinny people diet. This is really disturbing.

    • Alyssum Zara
      Alyssum Zara 21 day ago

      I'm underweight and eat at least 2x more than they do... And I have to drink Ensure Plus twice a day

  • Diletta D
    Diletta D 2 months ago

    I’m not the only one who doesn’t like sushi !!!! YESSSS 😂

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 2 months ago

    why would u buy packaged mushrooms like that

  • mirna
    mirna 2 months ago

    I thought Kelsey bff with yb and Michelle with Chris lam..? Anyone?

  • Greyson Bishop
    Greyson Bishop 2 months ago

    Wait but y’all are saying they only eat 1000 calories a day. Wouldn’t they be dead by now?

  • Sirine aibeche
    Sirine aibeche 2 months ago

    michelle is so pretty...

  • shy girl
    shy girl 2 months ago +1

    are we really going to ignore the fact that michelle thinks cucumbers as CRUNCHY WATER?!?!

  • Selena Xo
    Selena Xo 2 months ago


  • Greyson Bishop
    Greyson Bishop 2 months ago +1

    7:19 u can literally tell they’re not even friends

  • Sandra Carli
    Sandra Carli 2 months ago

    Eggs have even more cholesterol than steaks. I don't know why Michelle is eating such unhealthy food. The amount of chicken she consumes is also scary.

  • Perfumaphilia
    Perfumaphilia 2 months ago

    I don't know if it's an American thing or just a human being thing, but people are not very adventurous with food.

  • shayshayabedin
    shayshayabedin 2 months ago

    A disgrace to Brown and white people

  • Saskia Black
    Saskia Black 2 months ago +1

    Find this quite depressing. To see women eat in such a restrictive way.

  • Elizabeth Durham
    Elizabeth Durham 2 months ago +1

    “I don’t eat carbs” is so annoying always because yes, you do. Carbohydrates are sugars. Vegetables are just carbohydrates.

    YULIANA HERNANDEZ 2 months ago

    they're sooooo healthy

    • Alyssum Zara
      Alyssum Zara 21 day ago

      No, they are not. Their diets are very restrictive.

  • clarradactyl
    clarradactyl 2 months ago

    i’m all about eating healthy, but wow...these diets are kinda sad. are they both trying to loose a ton a weight?

  • chewy xx
    chewy xx 2 months ago

    this comment probably wont even get noticed, but they have different body types and different work schedules compared to everyone else in this comment section, so they need a specific amount of nutrients and calories along with the type of work schedule they have which explains why they eat what everyone says is “boring,” it’s a routine and it fuels them while matching their taste buds, eating so healthy also makes your tastebuds more accepting if you will of what everyone else considers bland, it’s probably boring and tasteless to you if all you eat is sugar and salt in excess which makes your tolerance for it super high

  • JournalJourney Studios
    JournalJourney Studios 2 months ago

    A diet is such a personal thing. And personally I dont buy into the trendy diets. I just eat what I want.

  • Juliette Hayoz
    Juliette Hayoz 2 months ago

    WHY would you buy zoodles premade? All that plastic 😰

  • imanxc terbaik
    imanxc terbaik 2 months ago +2

    I didn't have any diet. I just eat everything anytime anywhere i want

    • Alyssum Zara
      Alyssum Zara 21 day ago

      This! I'm trying to learn how to eat more intuitively (:

  • emmagm96
    emmagm96 2 months ago +2

    Two people that eat chicken and salad everyday, switches diet and now eat chicken and salad

  • Callie Souza
    Callie Souza 3 months ago

    2:18 Watermelon is like a "sponge" water for me because you can't chewing. It's like 99% water and the taste really isn't surprising at all.

  • Makayla and henry
    Makayla and henry 3 months ago

    I like my diet better than both