Chelsea Manning held in contempt, ordered back to jail

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been ordered back to jail for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating Wikileaks. After spending two months in jail, Manning was released last week when the term of the grand jury expired.

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  • Asaad Dennis
    Asaad Dennis 2 months ago

    I have mad RESPECT for Chelsea Manning. Not a fan of LGBTQ, however I do respect Manning 10 times more than "most" Christians.

  • Dave Steelss
    Dave Steelss 2 months ago

    How the F did Obama commute his sentence ffs

  • Bee Stinger
    Bee Stinger 2 months ago


  • watersport86
    watersport86 2 months ago +1

    It's a shame. Eli and Payton turned out so well.

  • Samuel Bull
    Samuel Bull 3 months ago

    Chelsea is losing her apartment while in jail for 3rd time now. find where to donate funds on facebook.

  • Mihai Podaru
    Mihai Podaru 3 months ago

    No, President Obama didn't pardon Chelsea Manning; here's what he did instead
    It was announced Tuesday that President Obama commuted the sentence of famed whistleblower Chelsea Manning.
    And no, this is not the same as a pardon, despite the hopes of many privacy and human rights advocates.
    Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution grants Obama the executive power of clemency. With this, he can choose to commute or pardon sentences as he sees fit.
    A commutation is the shortening of a sentence. These are usually reserved for nonviolent inmates serving long, drug-related mandatory minimum sentences.
    With a commutation, though the sentence served is significantly reduced, the conviction still remains on record. Manning will have served less than four years of her original 35-year conviction but will still be recognized as a felon.

  • Mark Blocker
    Mark Blocker 3 months ago +2

    This will enrage the public even more. The Deep State is skating on thin ice.

  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 3 months ago


  • Patrick Jones
    Patrick Jones 3 months ago


  • Roger Smith
    Roger Smith 4 months ago

    Something about this whole story doesn't make Sense... an activist for the democratic party an their agenda gives Wikileaks which is completely against Democrats documents then Obama reduces his sentence doesn't make sense.

  • Alice Ingraham
    Alice Ingraham 4 months ago

    Free Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange. Good for her that she’s not selling out Assange.


      She signed a non-disclosure agreement in the first place. Joined the army. Stole classified information. She is a traitor.

  • LD LR
    LD LR 4 months ago +1

    This is not a her, it is a him

  • raymond weaver
    raymond weaver 4 months ago +1

    A truly troubled male

  • Nick Machiavelli
    Nick Machiavelli 4 months ago +4

    Hate to admit it, but she is truly a hero for her defiance. BTW Assange is/was acting as a journalist so he is supposed to be protected by at least 2 federal laws. Guess laws are suggestions nowadays.

  • Arthur Che
    Arthur Che 4 months ago +1

    It is our right to know the information they provided. And Chelsea has already been pardoned. I’m so sick of this corrupt government.


      Actually no it is not. Chelsea was a analyst for the US army and signed a non-disclosure agreement. She is an employee of the military and employee of the government which is listed in the espionage act. She store information that put US soldiers and allies on the ground at risk. Its one thing to steal information related to government corruption its another to steal location and activity details of ground forces.

  • Steve H
    Steve H 4 months ago

    Chelsea Manning needs to remain in prison. SHE IS A TRAITOR.

  • Michael DeSilvio
    Michael DeSilvio 4 months ago

    Baracka HUSSEIN Obamas real name is bath house Barry SODOMITE Soetoro.Baracka HUSSEIN Obama spent nine trillion dollars in the eight long years of his wretched tyranny. Trump could have DESTROYED bath house Barry SODOMITE Soetoro as simply as having him vetted.

  • mark price
    mark price 4 months ago

    What a sad reflection of the times we are in: Spent the last 2 years and 25 million dollars chasing down rabbit hole russian collusion, the very leader of the FBI is played by both political parties,FBI agents working to over throw a sitting president,and tax payers foot the bill for intelligence analyst sex change who leaked information. Banana Republic is too kind of words for us.

  • Alfalfa Cat
    Alfalfa Cat 4 months ago +1

    He's a creep!

    • cody yeager
      cody yeager 4 months ago

      thank u every time i see his face something terrible happens

  • Samuel Bull
    Samuel Bull 4 months ago +4


  • Matt's Stuff
    Matt's Stuff 4 months ago +1

    Manning should've yelled OMAHA to get out of jail.

  • Heidi Blake
    Heidi Blake 4 months ago +3

    He is such a freak. Keep him in jail.

  • duvine
    duvine 4 months ago

    Taken for speaking out now taken for not speaking out ; smaller government hasn't arrived yet; sadly.

  • steven wentling
    steven wentling 4 months ago +2

    Treasonous punk, lock him up

  • Dave Steelss
    Dave Steelss 4 months ago +1

    Good for HIM

  • john thornton
    john thornton 4 months ago +2

    Manning is being given his day in court, wonder why he refuses to come forth, the American taxpaying public should have a right to know the truth, they have already spent a fortune on this individual.

    • Red Death
      Red Death 4 months ago

      Manning gave her testimony already during her trial. The reason she refuses to testify is because she knows it's a trap to get her to accidentally perjure herself. If she does that she will be in jail still. The US Government was embarrassed by what she revealed, in that they were committing war crimes by killing innocent civilians and covering it up under the guise of terrorists.

  • robert hernandez
    robert hernandez 4 months ago +1


  • Martin Britton
    Martin Britton 4 months ago +1

    Good, lock this thing away for a long time.

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner 4 months ago

    Lies are told and wars are started. Innocent people and Americans are killed, billions are wasted of the taxpayers money while billions are earned by the men who profit from and begin these wars, a true patriot stands up and tries to blow the whistle and you idiots side with the lies. Got it.

  • steel ssstu
    steel ssstu 4 months ago +4

    USA, the most dangerous country in the world bar none

  • Peter Cartwright
    Peter Cartwright 4 months ago

    My respect for Chelsea Manning increases daily.This current "administration" shows how low humans can go. Mark my words America, this will come back and bite you where it hurts.
    I can't wait.

  • Robert Deskins
    Robert Deskins 4 months ago +2

    They want Manning to testify that Asaunge planned this whole thing so they can prosecute him as a non state aligned spy, they have been after that the whole time.

  • Duane Bettger
    Duane Bettger 4 months ago

    Why is there so many trans in government???

  • Satixa XR
    Satixa XR 4 months ago +7

    An analyst is now an Army Intelligence Officer okay...

  • David Sherrill
    David Sherrill 4 months ago

    Good for her

  • Karl Landis
    Karl Landis 4 months ago

    Lol they might as well leave her in prison.....obviously she likes it there

  • southchum101
    southchum101 4 months ago +4

    What a freak

  • olikat8
    olikat8 4 months ago +3

    The still 'clip' made me do a double take...thought it was Taylor Swift. No joke

    • Katame
      Katame 4 months ago

      Taylor is not a disgusting tranny

  • ltyr2001 1
    ltyr2001 1 4 months ago


  • TheReady500
    TheReady500 4 months ago +6


  • Steve Yochim
    Steve Yochim 4 months ago

    This traitor to liberty will pay for his sins!!!!!!
    The stalker who slots his throat will be a hero to the nation!!
    He will get ONE kiss goodbye before he dies........ One.
    Stalkers are good peeps! 😇

  • Osteen Michael
    Osteen Michael 4 months ago

    Good ,charge him until you get the money back that he used

  • Sem
    Sem 4 months ago

    looks like it’s back to jail for bradley

  • Joe S.
    Joe S. 4 months ago +2

    The SheMale freak deserves to be in jail.

    • Yusef Khan
      Yusef Khan 4 months ago

      Joe S. Why? This is our country. We deserve to know everything that happens. If not then who does?

  • Jaycomb
    Jaycomb 4 months ago

    do you think she began to identify as a women in efforts to get a reduction in punishment for allegedly working with Julian Assange?

    • Mountian MGTOW
      Mountian MGTOW 4 months ago

      He didnt claim trans till the judge agreed to consider the death penalty.

  • Daruqe
    Daruqe 4 months ago

    Don't scroll down. Nothing but garbage transphobes.

    • Toranpu Donarudo The Blasian
      Toranpu Donarudo The Blasian 4 months ago

      I know. People think bradley is a woman. He clearly is not a woman. Bradley is larping as "chelsea". Bradley is a traitor to his country and deserves to die.

  • Nemo Krada
    Nemo Krada 4 months ago +1

    Hope he was arrested by the fashion police for that shade of lipstick..gag

  • RedemptionSoS
    RedemptionSoS 4 months ago

    That ho could hardly contain a smile
    Research who owns cbs

  • Daniel Delos
    Daniel Delos 4 months ago +2

    She's an American hero for exposing crimes of our own government. Heroes of this type are also called martyrs.

    • Daniel Delos
      Daniel Delos 4 months ago

      ​@Toranpu Donarudo The Blasian No, neither put troops at risk. What is the basis for that claim? Manning leaked the documents to Assange (and nowhere else) and Assange obviously published at his own discretion. As you correctly noted, it did NOT put troops at risk. She trusted Assange to make that call and in fact, troops were not put at risk.

      Assange has never provably published false info so far. But do you think if someone leaks heavily censored information to him, he's going to stake his reputation on its credibility?

      Now the current administration considers them both criminals because they don't want anyone exposing crimes by the government. Trump also wants Snowden dead for leaking how the government is violating the constitution against its own citizens.

    • Daniel Delos
      Daniel Delos 4 months ago

      ​@Nemo Krada
      #1 if transgenders trigger you then sure whatever you prefer.
      #2 You're wrong on the definition but that's just semantics. Who cares? Either way, it is likely outcome for those who stand up against the crimes of their own government.

    • Toranpu Donarudo The Blasian
      Toranpu Donarudo The Blasian 4 months ago

      Bradley "chelsea" Manning is a man. Bradley "chelsea" Manning deserves to be in prison for putting troops at risk. Assange is a hero. Assange did not puts troops on the ground at risk. Assange exposed government corruption. Manning deserves the death penalty.

    • Daniel Delos
      Daniel Delos 4 months ago

      ​@Johnny Casserole Maybe, but maybe you're the simpleminded fool. What if the government is committing war crimes, crimes against its own citizens, or violating the constitution?
      In your view can a government never be wrong?
      Remember the government is not the country itself and is composed of a lot of special interests that do not always work in the interests of its people or the spirit of its laws.

    • Nemo Krada
      Nemo Krada 4 months ago

      #1 He
      #2 Martyrs have to die to become a hero

  • Chris Teet
    Chris Teet 4 months ago +1

    I wonder if Trump will bail her out too. After all, he let a soldier who murdered an Iraqi prisoner walk free, so this should be nothing by comparison.

  • A Smith
    A Smith 4 months ago +7

    Bradley Manning* there I fixed it for you

  • Petere Poet
    Petere Poet 4 months ago +2

    And the DNA evidence comes back, Manning has XY chromosomes. Man, what a bummer.

  • S S
    S S 4 months ago

    Couldn't resist going back to the showers

  • Malcolm DuBose
    Malcolm DuBose 4 months ago

    Well then I guess Barr should be in jail too right?

  • Frank grimes
    Frank grimes 4 months ago

    He probably wants to go back to jail because of all the shower sex.

  • Mike
    Mike 4 months ago

    This guy is a POS!

  • Bobby Chariot
    Bobby Chariot 4 months ago

    Mentally ill people should not be in prison.... or at least not one without a padded cell and a straight jacket.

  • BC Bob
    BC Bob 4 months ago

    A good place to checkout his femininity..

  • S Lit
    S Lit 4 months ago

    He/She's....One UGLY IT...

  • Kevin Bowers
    Kevin Bowers 4 months ago +1

    Send Shim back to the big house