I Pulled *3* PINK DIAMONDS out of March Madness Packs! NBA 2K19 Pack Opening

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Oh Boy...
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Comments • 332

  • Macdog12 13
    Macdog12 13 Month ago +1

    That stinks man at least you got something

  • lcww3176
    lcww3176 3 months ago

    He is so 🔥 TD you are the best

  • gokuirving
    gokuirving 3 months ago

    Y that look like jessers room

  • NS celvin
    NS celvin 3 months ago +1

    I play mycarrer to get VC and I only get single packs.

  • Juicy Milad
    Juicy Milad 3 months ago


  • Yezii Supreme
    Yezii Supreme 3 months ago


  • Edoardo Marcon
    Edoardo Marcon 4 months ago

    do a luka doncic and trae young galxy opal

  • JC CR
    JC CR 4 months ago

    I pulled Pete in one pack

  • Isaac Rosenberg
    Isaac Rosenberg 4 months ago

    I opened a single and got pistol pete

  • Overwatch Bro
    Overwatch Bro 4 months ago

    This man reminds me of Mr. Beast

  • Fire Potato
    Fire Potato 4 months ago +1

    I just realized that TDs room looks like Jesser's old room

  • Freeto King
    Freeto King 4 months ago


  • Phantom Slaughter
    Phantom Slaughter 5 months ago

    JJ is athletic as fuck 😂

  • Turner Jones
    Turner Jones 5 months ago

    Is that jesser’s old room

  • nba kid
    nba kid 5 months ago

    The big 0

  • Blaze Ry
    Blaze Ry 5 months ago +1

    Everybody subscribe to TD so he can get 1 mil

    RUHAAN GUPTA 5 months ago

    If you get Carmelo Anthony

  • TheGuySpiral123
    TheGuySpiral123 5 months ago

    Jimmer fredette> Joe Harris

  • jess orange
    jess orange 6 months ago

    For amethyst you can get only point guards im pretty sure

  • Max Forcer
    Max Forcer 6 months ago

    Best vid ever

  • Dragon _
    Dragon _ 6 months ago +1

    2k17 OGs remember pete

  • Legend
    Legend 6 months ago

    lol is ur shirt on backwards?

  • Briar Woods
    Briar Woods 6 months ago

    Outro song?

  • William Keefner
    William Keefner 6 months ago

    How did he know he got a contract before flipping it?? Please someone tell me 7:27

    • Vamp Lightening
      Vamp Lightening 6 months ago

      Wasn’t shaking and contracts are more common then shoes

  • Ivan Jarvi
    Ivan Jarvi 6 months ago


  • Jayden Pritchett
    Jayden Pritchett 6 months ago

    Underrated youtuber

    gamerLYNDA MARTINEZ 6 months ago

    Post on your channel you d8d say that

  • Kim Gleghorn
    Kim Gleghorn 6 months ago

    His jump shot looks like jj redick

  • Dawson Greenstein
    Dawson Greenstein 6 months ago

    I got melo on second single pack

  • Backyard WiffleBall Series

    F*** Christian laettner

  • BzOu Nitro
    BzOu Nitro 6 months ago

    Just waiting for the video of you getting diamond Gordon Hayward

  • Dmt
    Dmt 6 months ago

    I have MT for sale at good prices hit me up

  • Riley Sartain
    Riley Sartain 6 months ago


  • Michelle bishop
    Michelle bishop 6 months ago

    I know what Oscar Robertson looks like and im 8

  • Im StinkyPP420
    Im StinkyPP420 6 months ago

    Is that Jessers old room

  • 2k_ goat_god
    2k_ goat_god 6 months ago

    Td is a goat good💪💪💪💯💯💯🏀🏀🔥🔥🐐🐐🐐

  • Kingston Willis
    Kingston Willis 6 months ago

    Play yoboy pizza

  • Cameron Hutson
    Cameron Hutson 6 months ago

    More road to the super bowl please

  • AFL Master
    AFL Master 6 months ago

    Do moments pack opening there is pink diamond dame and devin booker with some diamonds and a ruby plz complete that collection

  • Mike F.
    Mike F. 6 months ago

    i don’t even play any NBA games but I love watching these pack openings. and I miss the guessing game u had with that 1 dude that’s obsessed wit OKC or whatever, where u discarded the card if u guessed wrong, I believe? anyways keep up the good content brotha

  • Braydan Taylor
    Braydan Taylor 6 months ago

    Pulled PD Maravich first single the other day and haven't opened anymore

  • Jodh Fishburn
    Jodh Fishburn 6 months ago

    C'mon baby!!! Get to 1mil

  • GOATED Dinky
    GOATED Dinky 6 months ago

    Road to the super bowl me

  • Futuristic Gunslinger
    Futuristic Gunslinger 6 months ago

    If I ever draw one more Okafor card ever I’m gonna fucking shoot myself pulled three of those fucking cards all I wanted was any other diamond or pink diamond not that shitty one

  • Fin LaBranche
    Fin LaBranche 6 months ago

    Do a 1,000,000 vc pack opening

  • Jason Matiteeb
    Jason Matiteeb 6 months ago

    Sorry for being a weeb but I play a dbz game and this video is like my summons except for the pink diamonds. I usually get shafted

  • Sheepy456 Strm
    Sheepy456 Strm 6 months ago

    Been A lot of packs been opened in that room and a lot of god great Moments

  • Nick Battistone
    Nick Battistone 6 months ago

    Is this jessers old room

  • Isaiah Dekubber
    Isaiah Dekubber 6 months ago


  • Melissa Harniman
    Melissa Harniman 6 months ago

    is that Jesse's old room

  • King Rayshawn
    King Rayshawn 6 months ago

    My name is Tyrie8287

  • King Rayshawn
    King Rayshawn 6 months ago

    Hey TD I friend request you

  • XP LiLST 420
    XP LiLST 420 6 months ago

    How only 846k he dereserves

  • Alexander Wolak
    Alexander Wolak 6 months ago +1

    I pulled a peat out of a 10 k single

  • Jamie Ison
    Jamie Ison 6 months ago +1

    Is that’s jesses old room does anyone see that shit

  • Aadit U
    Aadit U 6 months ago

    Where's the mcgrady vid

  • Keeling Patterson
    Keeling Patterson 6 months ago +2

    Did anyone else notice that he is in Jessers old room.

  • Rogan Jones
    Rogan Jones 6 months ago

    Get back with 2hype

  • Alex Feldman
    Alex Feldman 6 months ago

    Pulled two jimmer’s in one box

  • Ilona Brusokaite
    Ilona Brusokaite 6 months ago

    How old are you now mikeyG573