Halle Berry Refuses to Lose to Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Halle Berry is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, with a storied career in film that spans more than 25 years. You can catch her starring alongside Keanu Reeves in John Wick 3, which is currently in theaters and premiered at #1 at the box office. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as the Oscar winner lets her competitive spirit loose on the wings of death, and discusses everything from Kanye lyrics, to dog training, to her iconic film roles. Will Halle Berry join the Clean Wings Club? Watch to find out.
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  20 days ago +14097

    Move over Gary Vee. It's time to bow down to the Clean Wing Queen, Halle Berry!

    • Abishek Chettri
      Abishek Chettri 2 days ago

      Try Sikkim Round Dalle Chilli...it.ll top all the other

    • Gem Explorers
      Gem Explorers 4 days ago

      Hey... what's the music from the final wing 20:28 ?? I have been obsessed with finding the music for a while now. HELP!

    • iMaTru3cObRa
      iMaTru3cObRa 5 days ago

      First We Feast you guys should try getting Keanu Reeves that would be epic

    • Atlantic Energy
      Atlantic Energy 5 days ago

      SCORPION HOT SAUCE 5 OZ 2PK Price: $13.75 buy now!:amzn.to/2N3JOzs

    • reiwell del
      reiwell del 5 days ago

      Damn she is more competitive than Gary Vee

  • Duc Luc
    Duc Luc 15 minutes ago

    She doesn’t get old. She’s truly a beautiful woman

  • OhmNoo
    OhmNoo 22 minutes ago

    She seems so down to earth, Halle Berry is awesome!

  • Arthur Christmas
    Arthur Christmas 44 minutes ago

    omg the pictures of ruggles made my day

  • John Ramirez
    John Ramirez Hour ago

    You should make a sauce called “the Halle Berry” 😂

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma Hour ago

    I didn't know Halle Berry was so charming. Every time she giggled, i giggled.

  • Samantha Barends
    Samantha Barends Hour ago


  • jose martinez
    jose martinez 2 hours ago

    I wish you guys would get Joe Rogan on here

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 2 hours ago

    Damn this is one of my favorite hot ones. She is impressive as hell.

  • Crome Jonez
    Crome Jonez 3 hours ago

    HB showed why she is a beast.

  • David Antonacci
    David Antonacci 4 hours ago

    I've had a bottle of Da Bomb for 4 years and barely used more than a 1/8" from the bottle... lol

  • glen bennett
    glen bennett 6 hours ago

    YIKES!!! She did not take one drink while munchin them wing's! Gorgeous and bad ass !

  • StaticIceCream
    StaticIceCream 6 hours ago

    Damn what a beast! no water, no milk. And cleaned the wings! Damn shes amazing

  • lovingginaj
    lovingginaj 7 hours ago +1

    Definitely BEAST mode and look good doing it.

  • Serzinjo Sahbah
    Serzinjo Sahbah 7 hours ago

    She is the queen of hot sauce...

  • Caitlyn Gillman
    Caitlyn Gillman 7 hours ago

    She better be ranked #1 on the scale of hot ones history!

  • darkstar18498
    darkstar18498 7 hours ago

    I watched a few of your videos. I like them. So far halley berry is the best. You have changed alot over the years. I will always rember your work on doogie howser md.

  • Will Sittig
    Will Sittig 7 hours ago

    Genuinely impressive

  • moonknight778
    moonknight778 9 hours ago

    I’m 22 and Halle is STILL one of the baddest women on the big screen

  • beaniemama crochetpaws
    beaniemama crochetpaws 10 hours ago


  • Liam H
    Liam H 10 hours ago

    What an amazing woman so down to earth, and she ate those wings like a boss you go gworl

  • Evelyn Douglas
    Evelyn Douglas 10 hours ago

    I love Halle Berry!! She was the best I've seen on the show!

  • Bennn4020
    Bennn4020 10 hours ago

    Wow, Halle Berry fucking smashed that Hot Ones. No water, no milk. Fucking boss.

  • David Guile
    David Guile 12 hours ago

    What a boss

  • Dustin Makimoto
    Dustin Makimoto 13 hours ago

    exactly, real shit, is the good shit, not some false act (I guess is the right word)
    People being people i guess, having fun, that sort of deal, positive realism.

  • Brian Driscoll
    Brian Driscoll 14 hours ago

    Throwing a pitch for the cubs? This channel from Chicago?!

  • Miz Honey
    Miz Honey 15 hours ago

    My favorite hot ones yet. She’s truly beautiful with a nice humble personality! I’d love to see Beyoncé up here! Method Man.... LL Cool J. The guy who does song association.... Dwayne Wade... see if he can stack up to his wife... Martin and Will together Jess Hilarious... some of the top youtubers like Domo Wilson

  • Aries Goddess
    Aries Goddess 15 hours ago

    I love her even more!! She’s the REAL MVP!!

  • Skyfire
    Skyfire 15 hours ago

    Awesome lady, plus, kudos to you both, fucking slaaaayed those wings and with no drinks!

  • Tavo Alonso
    Tavo Alonso 16 hours ago

    Halle Berry is a badass!

  • CptGinger6661
    CptGinger6661 16 hours ago

    Halle Berry is a national treasure 🔥🤘🏼

  • Dave Sterchele
    Dave Sterchele 16 hours ago

    Halle Berry is a GODDESS!!! True Respect.

  • Iissafaith
    Iissafaith 17 hours ago

    She is SO much more likeable than I ever imagined. Very down to earth and just stunning. I’m glad I watched this, thanks for doing this.

    HORIZONS 17 hours ago

    Awesome lady, right there.

  • Abdulloh Khudry
    Abdulloh Khudry 18 hours ago

    I always love her

  • Mark Castro-Garcia
    Mark Castro-Garcia 18 hours ago

    "I have sweat dripping from my boob" - Halle Berry, 2019

  • shanee gross
    shanee gross 18 hours ago

    Halle Berry handle those wings like a BOSS!👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

    #KEVIN FEIGE 19 hours ago +1

    You wanna know happens to a toad that gets struck by lightning. The samething that happens that everything has. ~Joss Whedon

  • fierceANM
    fierceANM 21 hour ago

    PLEAAASEEE get keanu too ;-; this was so much fun

    RODZ THE IBEX 22 hours ago

    Please do. Take off those clothes

  • Kevin Kretzschmar
    Kevin Kretzschmar 22 hours ago

    by far the best episode.

  • Tobias Rydberg
    Tobias Rydberg Day ago

    She is amazing 👏

  • Becky Proffitt
    Becky Proffitt Day ago

    You need to get Jo Koy & Keanu Reeves to do this challenge

  • shicrapt
    shicrapt Day ago

    They should name that trophy The Halle Berry Trophy Of Excellence.

  • David Messer
    David Messer Day ago +1

    I've never seen anyone actually eat the wings. Halle Berry is Da Bomb!
    I'm in love!

  • Christian Rosales

    #Respect #Salute

  • Who needs profile Pictures Really?

    Plz plz for the love of God do Keanu. Please. Like, I can't ask enough.

  • Jay Ramos
    Jay Ramos Day ago

    She kinda look worn out...idk

  • gryphittikeys
    gryphittikeys Day ago

    I'll still tenderize them loins

  • fangirlotaku12
    fangirlotaku12 Day ago


  • Joanna Tidwell
    Joanna Tidwell Day ago

    Oh i love her😊😌

  • Jason Ruth
    Jason Ruth Day ago


  • Katrina Sarmiento
    Katrina Sarmiento Day ago +2

    wait, what was Halle Berry's favorite hair cut?!

  • Larry Mason
    Larry Mason Day ago


  • Kamila
    Kamila Day ago

    Girl she's didn't swat, she didn't cry, she did not drink a sip of milk. What an absolute hero!!!

  • Ben | MrBennyboi181 | vBKH

    Halle Berry seems like such an amazing human being! Still looks amazing aswell. Took the wings like a champion! GOD DAMN! :O

  • Grizzly Bear
    Grizzly Bear Day ago

    She doesn't look a day over 30 what the actual fuck?

  • Jose J Garcia
    Jose J Garcia Day ago

    Halle Berry killed them wings. I would have a hard time with da bomb. Awesome woman!

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy Day ago

    Damn, she still looks good af.

  • Bella Garcia
    Bella Garcia Day ago

    She’s the best!!! What a beast

  • noego jimmy
    noego jimmy Day ago

    Omg, my Lady
    I am drowsy now, but tomorrow I am mastrubating to this
    OMG the best bitch ever. Such a Lady. I love her. Sorry H. For nasty wishes, but it wouldn't be the first time I..
    . Omg, ou lucky bastard, eating chicken wings with sexy Queen... D

  • noego jimmy
    noego jimmy Day ago

    OK ok ok
    This is comment before I see the video...
    I almost went to sleep... I am fucked...ok ok... This guy has H. Across....
    I mean... Fuck u... Ok ok.. I ll watch mow... Omg you luckwr... Oh fuck u man

  • MonkGoneGamer
    MonkGoneGamer Day ago +1

    Wow not even a sweat?? My god she is a pro.

  • Rex Lint
    Rex Lint Day ago

    She does not look like shes in her 50's. Wow

  • Walter Gainer II

    I think it's hilarious that Tums is sponsoring this show

  • LightBright Twinz

    They was talking bout all these movies but my favorite was Alice and Frankie

  • Stand For Something Positive

    Still fine as ever. Love me some Halle Berry!! A beast on them wings.

  • mousegouse
    mousegouse Day ago

    None of these sauces are as hot as Halle Berry, literally 😍

  • jammadamma
    jammadamma Day ago

    52 years old and fiiiiiine.

  • R Jacksn
    R Jacksn Day ago +1

    Her roles in Jungle Fever and Losing Isaiah👍🏿

  • John Karavitis
    John Karavitis Day ago

    She's gorgeous. Was it Snipes who (allegedly, if I recall correctly) slapped her so hard across the side of her head that she lost hearing in one ear? Who the hell could do such a thing to a woman so beautiful???

  • nadeem hoomar
    nadeem hoomar Day ago

    Best episode! , and for being one of the biggest stars you had on this show , she is so humble and beautiful .Respecf for her work ethics cant wait to see jhon whick 3 she brkoe 3 ribs dang repec.....

  • Leslie Givens
    Leslie Givens Day ago

    OMG, Halle Berry is sweating like HELL!!

  • Blake Johnson
    Blake Johnson Day ago

    Hot Ones god right there!

  • future hendrix
    future hendrix Day ago +2

    Bro real life street niggas couldn't make it to the end... she didnt take sip of anything savage

  • Joey Tagert
    Joey Tagert Day ago

    Dave Grohl would make for a great interview. Or even better Dave + Taylor

  • Andrew A
    Andrew A Day ago

    I have to ask. On the Detroit Hell Fire sauce, why does the bottle say 100,000-300,000 scoville units but the neon chili pepper reads 66,00 scoville units? Which is it?

  • Shivansh Shukla
    Shivansh Shukla Day ago

    What a legend!

  • Robyn Arendse
    Robyn Arendse Day ago

    He hasn't called it the Halle Berry dab again right? 😅😅

  • Anastasia Ioannou

    This woman is hotter that any hot wing right there!! I love her so much she is brilliant!!

  • Russell Wiley
    Russell Wiley Day ago +1

    This has got to be my favorite one. Halle Berry killed it! Step for step, bite for bite. She put's them all to shame, though Jack Black was right there too.

  • Queen Empress
    Queen Empress Day ago +1


  • E Me
    E Me Day ago

    H B So sexy.............& yeah about the wings..

  • astrid654
    astrid654 Day ago

    She killled it 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽!!

  • Ibustedanut butwhutevz

    Her asshole had to have been on fire afterwards, but I'd still eat it 😝

  • Jeff Wolf
    Jeff Wolf Day ago +1

    Sean asks excellent questions. Great research man!

  • CSR Inc
    CSR Inc Day ago

    Halle is one chill woman.

  • theScytheofGod
    theScytheofGod Day ago

    So, she just decided to go on camera and not brush her hair.
    At all.

    • theScytheofGod
      theScytheofGod Day ago

      @Ron Mays Guess when you're as fine as she is, you don't give a shit about things like that.

    • Ron Mays
      Ron Mays Day ago

      Lmao shes not that kind of woman who cares about opinions 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Tyler Leyden
    Tyler Leyden Day ago

    She gets hotter every time I see her

  • klassy kassie415

    Did she even drink?

  • klassy kassie415

    Gosh shes beautiful

  • Mr X
    Mr X Day ago

    Halle made Gordan Ramsey her bitch

  • Ariel Pérez
    Ariel Pérez Day ago

    Oh shit! She is tough!!

  • kumizora
    kumizora Day ago

    i can’t be the only one here who wants to just fix her hair a little

  • sorvynia
    sorvynia Day ago

    HB made so many men look like cry babies.

  • Stefan Baer
    Stefan Baer Day ago

    Henry Rollins and her. Legends. I'd be done after the 2nd wing.



  • shatoya jones
    shatoya jones Day ago

    This was so funny

  • James
    James Day ago

    50, 60, 70, Shit even 90 years old Halle Berry could get it

  • Loveli 13
    Loveli 13 Day ago

    Awesome woman! I couldn't do it🤣