Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s best moments as Deputy Speaker

  • Published on Nov 4, 2019
  • JOHN BERCOW'S distinctive barks and finger jabbing may soon be a distant memory as a brand new speaker takes his chair.
    Here's the timetable for today's speaker's vote - as eight contenders compete for the Parliamentary hot seat...
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    Who will be the next Speaker after John Bercow stands down?
    Senior Tories threatened to topple new Commons Speaker within weeks if they get ‘wrong result’:
    Brexit Party boss Nigel Farage gives Boris Johnson a final 24 hours to make electoral pact with him:
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Comments • 1 045

  • boyzn1
    boyzn1 Day ago +1

    at 0:44 : ORDEER!!!!!! 🗣 very loud.

  • Coldstreamer18
    Coldstreamer18 15 days ago

    He’s a teddy bear with a drill sergeants voice

  • Marc Silva
    Marc Silva 18 days ago

    Bercow era mejor
    Bercow is best

  • lenin iasikov
    lenin iasikov 23 days ago

    I miss bercow

  • Jack Mellor
    Jack Mellor 25 days ago

    The next season of the Brexit Apocalypse Comedy Houseshow is about to receive some proper Northern justice, init? XD
    Can’t wait to see what he brings to the House, he’s gonna do a great job, this video already proves he’s basically a legend already. 😂😂😂

  • Baron Will
    Baron Will 28 days ago +3

    "I may be called Lindsay" - hilarious.

  • Kim Log
    Kim Log 28 days ago +1

    Blackford just shows why Salmond needed to be replaced.

  • cowlark2000
    cowlark2000 29 days ago

    Uh-oh, not as quick witted as Bercow

  • Tone Cray
    Tone Cray Month ago

    I will miss cries of Orda,Orda. The new speaker is never going to be understood by us Southerners!

  • I am Youu
    I am Youu Month ago +1

    Muppet show season 2! Let’s Go!!!

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei Month ago

    He went full Bilbo Baggins for a moment

  • Mark Drozd
    Mark Drozd Month ago

    When did James Mattis become the House Speaker?

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty Month ago

      The behaviour in parliament has badly deteriorated and the SNP are responsible for much of it.

  • Sapper
    Sapper Month ago

    Can we have Bercow back...

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty Month ago

      A load of old twits completely out of touch with the country, get rid of them all...

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor Month ago

    Bit of a wanker

  • Dan Rockell
    Dan Rockell Month ago +2

    I really can’t wait for Scotland to leave the UK

  • Barry Burton
    Barry Burton Month ago

    Infernus - satan worship, nuff said.

  • rob squires
    rob squires Month ago

    It sounds like he has a cold 24/7

    • vinasu maaj
      vinasu maaj Month ago

      Scottish SNP MP's are TOTALLY ignorant, bullies, thugs, as are SNP MSPs AND from where I'm sitting Fckn foreigners 😈

  • james lind
    james lind Month ago

    Bring back bercow

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM Month ago

    Ok order order, *ORDERR!!*

  • Steve Gibson
    Steve Gibson Month ago

    Bring back John Bercow any day

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu Month ago +1

    The New Season of Brexit features mysterious characters appearing from the shadows. Who will prevail?

  • Stealth Ruchen
    Stealth Ruchen Month ago +1

    He says "order" wayyyyy too rarely :(

  • Briseur De Lance
    Briseur De Lance Month ago

    When mister Hoyle yells "ORDER!!", he sounds like a freaking provost sergeant. :-O

  • Michael Walters
    Michael Walters Month ago

    They have no respect for him the disrespectful bunch of noisy kids. I cant believe these people run our country ...a utter joke !!!

  • newgeorge
    newgeorge Month ago +1

    Who´d want that job?? I wonder if ex-speakers have bad nightmares?

  • annethree
    annethree Month ago +1

    Not a patch on John Bercow

  • M W
    M W Month ago +1

    A load of old twits completely out of touch with the country, get rid of them all...

  • Andy Cap
    Andy Cap Month ago +1

    The behaviour in parliament has badly deteriorated and the SNP are responsible for much of it.

  • Erik Johansson
    Erik Johansson Month ago

    what sort of zoo is that?

  • sticksman1979
    sticksman1979 Month ago

    Eee bye gum ORDER!!!!

  • paradad999
    paradad999 Month ago +1

    Well done Mr Deputy Speaker. If some of these so called educated MP's want to behave like cattle, perhaps it's time to introduce a cattle prod to be used by Black Rod!!!

  • pammens miss
    pammens miss Month ago

    Scottish SNP MP's are TOTALLY
    ignorant, bullies, thugs,
    as are SNP MSPs
    from where I'm sitting
    Fckn foreigners 😈

  • Laraine Hopper
    Laraine Hopper Month ago +1

    This is the same Alex Salmond who is facing court in January 2020 for 14 charges of sexual assault and 2 of attempted rape he can never take no for an ans

  • muhammad ridhwan
    muhammad ridhwan Month ago

    where is honourable Lamela?

  • Map of Berlin
    Map of Berlin Month ago

    Does he remind anyone else of Tywin Lannister?

    • Liam -
      Liam - Month ago

      No, not in the slightest.

  • Steve Timm
    Steve Timm Month ago

    I love this guy! He is very good!

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable Month ago

    I think the new speaker has a sleight speech impediment. It doesn't matter. People with all levels of disabilities are employed as is their right.

    • Mark Gable
      Mark Gable Month ago

      @Nebulakitties Boris Johnson was born with mild disability I've noticed, but it doesn't matter because it doesn't have to hold a person back. He's worked hard and is successful.

    • Nebulakitties
      Nebulakitties Month ago

      He's just from Lancashire, mate.

  • Francis Puplampu
    Francis Puplampu Month ago


  • Barry Hendry
    Barry Hendry Month ago

    Bring back Bercrow

  • Andres Narvaez
    Andres Narvaez Month ago +20

    Everytime he says “ in fairness “ it sounds as if he ‘d said “ in furnace “ 😂

    • The Falling Apple
      The Falling Apple Month ago

      @jon tyler I don't even live in London (not even in the English speaking world) and I hear it as 'in furnace', it is nothing to be infuriated about.

    • jon tyler
      jon tyler Month ago

      Maybe tha's because not everyone in the uk has a home counties accent or lives in that toilet called London.

  • Mancunian Stacker
    Mancunian Stacker Month ago

    Where’s Guy Fawkes when you need him?

  • Robert Hindle
    Robert Hindle Month ago

    Lord's-educated speaker in control of Commons....

  • Andry Sqverill
    Andry Sqverill Month ago

    A northerner. Good on you Sir.

  • Call Me Hyphen
    Call Me Hyphen Month ago

    Could we just like dissolve the troublemaking SNP?

  • highland fortress
    highland fortress Month ago +1

    Drill Sgt lindsay

  • CelticMorning
    CelticMorning Month ago

    God help us.Looks like its another dope for The Speaker. Doesnt seem to have any presence or command any respect. What has he chaired in the past? Wheeltappers & Shunters Concert night at the club? Granted its a difficult job trying to control 600 idiots behaving like backward children but he wont do it by becoming one of them.

    • foopyu nooui
      foopyu nooui Month ago

      I admired Jon Bercow, he was very good. but, I love Sir Lindsay Hoyle. he is genuine, funny and i love his accent !

  • Pete Coventry
    Pete Coventry Month ago

    I'm glad he is in charge now

  • Jason Kirk
    Jason Kirk Month ago +2

    Bercow: ORRDAAAH
    Hoyle: CALM DOWN!

  • Adam Lee
    Adam Lee Month ago

    What a fair incredible speaker this man is proper down to earthcommon definitely a northerner this is what I like to see.Not a stuck up toffee nose well-paid trifle loving Londoner

  • Derek Finch
    Derek Finch Month ago

    At the end of the day this type of behaviour should not be tolerated and I would have stopped parliament and sent the politicians out do they behaved in a responsible and not a child like actions but then again this is the way politics has become a political elite leaving may have no respect to anyone apart from an agenda who is normally against the people of Britain no longer represent the people of Britain only a political class that believes in self enrichment of their own class spreading the wealth among them and their families and not of the people of Britain

  • Brody-Andrew Mulligan

    This man is a boss.

  • plasticbudgie
    plasticbudgie Month ago

    dat is absolut disgrace

  • cp070476
    cp070476 Month ago

    CASPER.... CASPER!!! Get here lad.....

  • Anna McCormack
    Anna McCormack Month ago +12

    Lmao so funny that it was ode to joy considering that it’s the anthem of the European Union.

    • Hayden Barnes
      Hayden Barnes Month ago +1

      Anna McCormack That’s why they were singing it

  • Colin Raines
    Colin Raines Month ago

    Which only goes to show the SNP have thrown away their own anthem in preference of the EU anthem. Is this really Scottish independences

  • khider hassan
    khider hassan Month ago

    Oh my gosh, I don't know what's going on in this house!!.

  • R g
    R g Month ago

    Let's get a loveable commoner in the chair to make it seem like we aren't inbred toffs and spineless career politicians

  • Will Scarlet
    Will Scarlet Month ago

    Bias remainer end of

  • Tengiz Cengiz
    Tengiz Cengiz Month ago +1

    I really like this new speaker. He Is definitely setting appropriate behaviour within the house. Wish he had a yellow red card system to get politicians sent out

  • Longi1974
    Longi1974 Month ago +2

    Sir Lindsay lives around the corner from me and I often see him in the village. He is as affable as he comes across, and a gentleman.