The Lorax - Nostalgia Critic

  • Published on Oct 14, 2015
  • How can you dumb-down a story intended for 3 year olds?
    Originally aired on 5/6/2014.
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Comments • 8 980

  • Comrade Drill
    Comrade Drill 3 hours ago

    So is this film anti-Capitalist??

  • Murchie’s Play
    Murchie’s Play 20 hours ago

    Lorax no the giving tree

  • Daniel Vash Vizcayno
    Daniel Vash Vizcayno 21 hour ago

    9:01 After i watched Avengers Infinity War

  • TSwany
    TSwany 21 hour ago

    “black willy wonka” i’m dying 😂

  • Rocco Damiano
    Rocco Damiano Day ago

    Why don’t you just reveal what country Fez is from?!

  • Vaigod777
    Vaigod777 Day ago

    RoB sCalLoN

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy Day ago

    i live for the critics reactions.

  • Amethyst Orchard

    nice twist at the ending!

  • Bendy Mates
    Bendy Mates 2 days ago +1

    Do The Grinch (2018)

  • Matthew Christeson
    Matthew Christeson 2 days ago

    Well, I'm standing up for the small, hairy orange. I'll go up there and ...
    ...break off their office door hinge!
    ...stop this horrible film cringe!
    (There are some words that rhyme with 'orange')

  • Davy Alexandre
    Davy Alexandre 2 days ago

    The beginning of this review has gotta be the worst opening to anything since the horrific opening to the "South Park" episode 'dances with Smurfs". Open an episode/review/movie/what-have-you with a scene of horrific violence (on- or off-screen) so that it causes people to immediately watch something else. That's real smart.
    Oh, ang Doug has absolutely no idea to do aesops correctly, without resorting to manipulation.

  • X-Zero
    X-Zero 3 days ago

    N.C literally sounds like the joker at 18:31

  • Nathan Fitzgerald
    Nathan Fitzgerald 3 days ago

    Nice review, NC, oh Christ, TIGHTEN YOUR TIE!!!!!

  • Santino Carabuena
    Santino Carabuena 3 days ago

    Also great video! :)

  • Santino Carabuena
    Santino Carabuena 3 days ago

    23:12 Rob Scallon?

  • Joostin Kookel
    Joostin Kookel 4 days ago

    Every positive thought you have from your childhood can be destroyed by this channel.They hate things you love on purpose. If you love something, take care of it, make it last, do whatever you can, post comments on forums and be involved. never let this guy change your mind, he will say whatever he can to make money from those who tried much harder than him. He will spread hate regardless of how you feel. This channel is cancer.

  • Skorn
    Skorn 5 days ago

    black willy wonka lmao

  • That1nerdat School
    That1nerdat School 7 days ago

    12:47 behold the voice of the real god

  • Dredge
    Dredge 7 days ago

    Ed Helms why did you betray us like this?

  • Guillermina Marin
    Guillermina Marin 7 days ago

    1:44 guys I need the name of this music box-like song, I've been searching and I can't find it! Please, I need your help!!!!

  • weareallbronies weareallbronies

    I love the giving tree book. Thank you for referencing it in the intro.

  • Jackson Warfield
    Jackson Warfield 8 days ago

    Me:Rethinks life

  • Ian Turner
    Ian Turner 8 days ago +1

    9:01 when you keep getting spawn killed. 😂

  • Sam Mitchell
    Sam Mitchell 8 days ago +1

    you say the F word to much

  • Stacey Martyn
    Stacey Martyn 10 days ago

    F*** you f*** youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Rayden Smith
    Rayden Smith 10 days ago

    Killing off a tree in the beginning Jesus also do a review of the star wars

  • K B
    K B 11 days ago +1

    I remember when I was in 1st grade our teacher made us watch this for earth day and I remember 2 things:
    when the red bubble car in at the end showed up, some kid said "That's a cute car."
    and when Ted's mom was showing the lights on the tree someone else said: "wHaT aBoUt SpRiNg"

  • The Annoying Bee
    The Annoying Bee 11 days ago

    SomeDoodNamedJack’s modern art in a nutshell

  • SonicX4v2
    SonicX4v2 11 days ago

    I have never heard someone say fuck you that fast.....

  • Vert Rex
    Vert Rex 12 days ago

    Do the grinch movie

  • nick bellantoni
    nick bellantoni 13 days ago +1

    Hey critic, with all the success of the MCU, what would you say are the major differences between how marvel comics are being adapted into film, and how DC comics are being adapted into film? Why does DC seem to be trailing so far behind and what kind of moves could they make to show they’re potential. In my opinion they lack trying to catch up to the franchise that marvel has built, so badly that they skipped a Batman movie and went straight to Batman versus Superman. I think they can really show the flexibility of their comics by adapting small comic books stories into films. Movies like under the Red Hood and Son of Batman are wildly popular among fans but these aren’t the type of stories that are being made live action. Anyway If you end up finding this comment, I’m interested in what you have to say on the matter

  • Rebel friend
    Rebel friend 13 days ago

    10:13 ironic

  • i hate this account probs will be deleted

    That start of the video...

    *Top 10 Saddest Anime Deaths*

  • James Fletcher 198X
    James Fletcher 198X 17 days ago +2

    I fucking hate illumination animation.

  • Rebecca Littlejohn
    Rebecca Littlejohn 18 days ago +1

    Anyone else read the description: “How can you dumb-down a story intended for 3 year olds?”

  • Aidan Keith
    Aidan Keith 18 days ago

    I love the critics outburst they are so funny

  • Wiggle Worm
    Wiggle Worm 18 days ago

    Where’s the YOU KNOW FOR KIDS Part?

  • bad Animation
    bad Animation 19 days ago

    Wait was that HISHE in the intro?

  • Elijah Films
    Elijah Films 19 days ago

    God! We finally found Bill waterson! As a Calvin and Hobbes can that made chuckle.

  • Goosebumps Kid
    Goosebumps Kid 19 days ago +1


  • Storm's Studio
    Storm's Studio 20 days ago +2

    get your 21:15 s here
    each cost 1 like

  • Joshua Schmidt
    Joshua Schmidt 20 days ago +1

    Do “The Giver (2014)”

  • Yuki Amano
    Yuki Amano 20 days ago +1

    Well critic this is 2005 everyone loves emo teens and pop punk. In animation emo isn’t cool

  • Shadow Knight Productions

    You just jinxed it

  • Jack da ‘alf brain ork

    9:01 the reaction of everyone who saw the movie

  • Egor Makarov
    Egor Makarov 20 days ago


  • 3x0tic Butters/ ED44
    3x0tic Butters/ ED44 21 day ago +1

    I am the lorax, I speak for the trees.

  • KingWaffleCat
    KingWaffleCat 21 day ago +4

    " My God, we finally found Bill Watterson!!" that made me laugh so hard

  • Lucas Pospeshil
    Lucas Pospeshil 21 day ago

    Well, we got a lot of really really good memes from it!

  • green creó
    green creó 22 days ago +3

    Nostalgia critic: why superhero movies are still being made?
    Hollywood: WELL THE CHART SAYS

  • Oynx Demon
    Oynx Demon 22 days ago +1


  • VideoGamer King
    VideoGamer King 22 days ago


  • Nicole Nobody
    Nicole Nobody 22 days ago

    Go see the lorax! Save the Tree's (we chopped down millions of tree's for this plus the writing :DDD

    ZANGYTANGY 23 days ago

    Well after watching video again, I now realize that the family of the Onceler (yay) is doing the shoot on the stairs at 15:48

    PAUL MACIAS 23 days ago

    It's still a good movie kinda

  • Spike 92.3FM
    Spike 92.3FM 24 days ago +1

    I love the old cartoon... I never wanted to watch this one

  • Rab h8
    Rab h8 25 days ago

    What are you doing this evening
    Not you

  • Emanuel Goldstein
    Emanuel Goldstein 26 days ago

    5:55 you know your movie is highbrow and unique when it's ripping off Spaceballs

  • Theitsybitsyspider
    Theitsybitsyspider 26 days ago +1

    Did I just see the birth of Hyper Fangirl?

  • nigerianprincess101
    nigerianprincess101 26 days ago +2

    Well the Jonas Brothers are back so.... you know that emo cut might last forever

  • Ernest Ankrom
    Ernest Ankrom 26 days ago +1

    Literally had to watch the original to cleanse my self from this.

  • Jordan Green
    Jordan Green 27 days ago +2

    Where does the villain get his air from if the trees are gone?

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell 27 days ago

    Review the Lego movie batman and ninjago please

  • Marvel fan456
    Marvel fan456 28 days ago

    He's such a whiny bitch

  • Andrew Knowles
    Andrew Knowles 28 days ago +2

    That’s More Hilarious then when he cut down that tree. 😂👋12:30🕧🌲

  • josht27ffx
    josht27ffx 29 days ago

    The thumbnail for this video scares the hell out of me

  • Mary Harrison
    Mary Harrison Month ago +1


  • Shinobin333
    Shinobin333 Month ago

    been 5 years and I still see tons of people loving this movie and who will never read the original Seuss books

  • Oibing Lau
    Oibing Lau Month ago


  • JSB
    JSB Month ago

    Well it's 2019 now and the Jonas Brothers are a thing again so... maybe pop culture finally reached its peak and is now collapsing into a black hole...?

  • JSB
    JSB Month ago

    Synchronized litter tossing!

  • JSB
    JSB Month ago

    Goodnight Moon staring Madea sounds... not good, but definitely entertaining.

  • JSB
    JSB Month ago

    Waiting on the inevitable The Grinch (2018) review.

  • JSB
    JSB Month ago

    Do cartoon trees weigh the same as real trees? If so then that little boy grew up jacked as heck.

  • Frank the Tank
    Frank the Tank Month ago

    Dang... this whole video is really well done

  • I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that


    STOP IT! This is not a good review, this is just insulting writers and annoying viewers!
    The movie sucks but this video sucks maybe even more.

  • Kelsey Wu
    Kelsey Wu Month ago

    The critic is a terrible actor and he annoys the hell out of me

  • Freaking Weeb
    Freaking Weeb Month ago

    Paper maker

  • Nicole Dorrian
    Nicole Dorrian Month ago

    Grow not go

  • Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell Month ago +1

    Lady's and gentlemen I give you the dark version of the giving tree

  • De'ante Johnson
    De'ante Johnson Month ago +2


  • dacoolness channel
    dacoolness channel Month ago

    The origin of hyperfangirl!!

  • Nep Ton
    Nep Ton Month ago

    Don't forget what happened to the man who got everything that he ever wanted, I killed them and stole all of his possessions

  • jollygreenjeff
    jollygreenjeff Month ago

    Fuck you how bad can u be is a bop

  • Noah Johnson
    Noah Johnson Month ago

    Sadly I’ve never watch the original but I’ve seen this trash like ten times

  • Anthony Nazario -MobCrusher-

    9:01 When I first saw Sonic’s redesign for the movie.

  • Izac Shotts
    Izac Shotts Month ago +1

    Honestly I took the opening skit as a metaphor for what Illumination has done to the Dr. Suess brand

  • Tim Lunn
    Tim Lunn Month ago

    Wikipedia brought me here

  • John Boats
    John Boats Month ago +1

    Ha this movie made him turn into mothman for a couple of seconds.

  • MrRandomHere
    MrRandomHere Month ago +1

    I’m more interested in the opening then the actual Lorax movie
    That’s how bad the movie is XD

  • ZJ
    ZJ Month ago

    all the remakes of the seuss tv specials have been pretty bad compared to the original

  • Hi Chat
    Hi Chat Month ago

    Black Willy Wonka be sellin dark chocolate.

  • Allen Bays
    Allen Bays Month ago +2

    9:00 I died xD

    ID PHANTOM Month ago

    "Black Willie wonka" okey that's was just racism. I like that.

  • Robert The cartoon character

    In an ironic stand point, the movie is amazing

  • Omar Larhrini
    Omar Larhrini Month ago +1

    i like this movie

  • Pikachu Neoncat
    Pikachu Neoncat Month ago +2

    "My Black Wonkavator." I W H E E Z E D!

  • Pikachu Neoncat
    Pikachu Neoncat Month ago +1


  • snap mazey
    snap mazey Month ago +2

    I actually found the Lorax coming back at the end cute 😂 but that's the only few good scenes the other one was when the Lorax and his friends gathered around the damaged tree
    In my opinion