360° Video: AngryJoeShow [PAX South 2016]

  • Published on Feb 2, 2016
  • *Controllable 360 Video!* *Watch in VR w/ Google Cardboard!*
    AngryJoe's 360 Video Experience walking the floor of PAX South 2016! We take pictures with viewers, show off the booths, talk with developers, and get a sneak peek at upcoming gaming stuff!
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Comments • 1 536

  • Aesen1
    Aesen1 3 years ago

    A rare Markiplier appears at 0:31

  • Martin Matisic
    Martin Matisic 3 years ago

    360 vison is so cool

  • bcnstrps
    bcnstrps 3 years ago


  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 3 years ago

    I did not know u could move the camera I was like wtf is this at first

  • Delet dis
    Delet dis 3 years ago

    watching this on a phone is so freaking cool

  • Dylan Muir
    Dylan Muir 3 years ago

    How do you get this to work?

  • Aventus Aretino
    Aventus Aretino 3 years ago

    Google earth needs to take videos of streets like this instead of pictures, would be so cool.

  • Aventus Aretino
    Aventus Aretino 3 years ago

    2:50 I feel like a little kid being help up on dad's shoulders to see above people's heads.

  • Aventus Aretino
    Aventus Aretino 3 years ago

    the quality says s instead of p. 1080s, 720s.

  • Aventus Aretino
    Aventus Aretino 3 years ago


  • Jessica Trommeshauser
    Jessica Trommeshauser 3 years ago

    cool camera

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 3 years ago

    this is 360 camera is amazing

  • MadNerd
    MadNerd 3 years ago

    nice vídeo joee

  • Pontelius
    Pontelius 3 years ago

    All those skinny akward cringy nerds... feeling sick. Horrible video

  • niqhtt
    niqhtt 3 years ago

    I don't know how the hell I never noticed him with this Sunday... although it definitely was not less people than Fri/Sat

  • Joubert Rouret
    Joubert Rouret 3 years ago


  • Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory 3 years ago

    this is dope

  • SketchSlayer
    SketchSlayer 3 years ago

    What is this witchcraft!.
    Also I wish more videos would be shot like this so I could ignore the content and look at the other stuff.

  • Darknessfalls
    Darknessfalls 3 years ago

    These events are like a sausage fest on steroids.

  • RookieRanger
    RookieRanger 3 years ago

    What kind of sorcery is this?

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 3 years ago

    Yea quality is bad

  • Kasey Hullett
    Kasey Hullett 3 years ago

    What camera is he using?

  • magicspells
    magicspells 3 years ago +2

    whos that blonde beauty?

  • Bustersword88
    Bustersword88 3 years ago

    imagine viewing this video with the oculous rift!

  • Tyler Irwin
    Tyler Irwin 3 years ago

    super dope video. def some next level shit

  • hubingabiears
    hubingabiears 3 years ago

    watching this in IE really messes with your brain because its not working right

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 3 years ago

    I fell like Joe took me with him lol but im just a tiny man standing on his hand

  • yousef taha
    yousef taha 3 years ago

    Omg i believe in magic now

  • TheShabalala
    TheShabalala 3 years ago

    this shit is wild....

  • TheDrowWarrior1
    TheDrowWarrior1 3 years ago

    Thats really fuckin trippy joe lol (Its awesome though just really trippy)

  • David Harris
    David Harris 3 years ago

    Took me 8 minutes to realize I could rotate the camera/video.

  • zer0 cool
    zer0 cool 3 years ago

    All you need now is one of those steady cam things to have the camera hover above you.

  • DarkerThanBlack
    DarkerThanBlack 3 years ago

    damn first time experience this 360* video thing. shit qaulity for me but it's pretty fuckin cool.

  • Boss G Ardolino
    Boss G Ardolino 3 years ago

    if he would do a review in 360 we maybe could see the pile of money he got thanks to twitch and the low quality yt vids

  • daY2Kbug
    daY2Kbug 3 years ago +2

    Was on the blonde gal all the time.

  • Sir Caco
    Sir Caco 3 years ago


  • Joey The Great
    Joey The Great 3 years ago

    I hate how all 360 video quality, no matter how good the rig is, is shit

  • ANNAKKi Hz
    ANNAKKi Hz 3 years ago

    Get a go pro man.

  • Hulmankool
    Hulmankool 3 years ago

    It's like your'e with Joe... while simultaneously having a heart attack.

  • Alan
    Alan 3 years ago

    this is wild

  • Tyboroth
    Tyboroth 3 years ago +1

    I feel like a spy now

  • MadzTheCrazy
    MadzTheCrazy 3 years ago

    My only question is where I can I get one

  • felixader
    felixader 3 years ago

    You can CLICK AND HOLD the mouse on the video to change the perspective!

  • felixader
    felixader 3 years ago

    This Video is amazing. :-D

  • Michael
    Michael 3 years ago

    Delrith just disappears! 7:57

  • Jesse Lucas
    Jesse Lucas 3 years ago

    ive never seen a 360 camera i can control through a video.

  • Vivienne Koo
    Vivienne Koo 3 years ago

    Shitty pizza and shitty burger!

  • Dragoon Thomas
    Dragoon Thomas 3 years ago

    Loved the 360 camera view! It's almost like being there.

  • Scott McKinstry
    Scott McKinstry 3 years ago +2

    Who's the cute ass blonde? Joe's GF?

  • guitargamery
    guitargamery 3 years ago

    10:42 oh ya finally i can masturbate in my privacy

  • dudewiththecurls
    dudewiththecurls 3 years ago

    This 360 vid is blowing my shit

  • Darwin Godfreed
    Darwin Godfreed 3 years ago

    that was cool of you to take those pics with fans

  • Darwin Godfreed
    Darwin Godfreed 3 years ago

    Everytime I see those anti-smoking adds, I wanna smoke even more

  • Drew Peackoc
    Drew Peackoc 3 years ago

    is this just a mobile thing but the video looks like minecraft times 8

  • Brian McCullough
    Brian McCullough 3 years ago

    this is cool af

  • Dwarven ninja
    Dwarven ninja 3 years ago

    Holy shit! I had no idea that that kind of camera even existed! PLEASE do more videos like this!Thanks Joe!!

  • Luciano Brinck
    Luciano Brinck 3 years ago

    how did he make a 360 video? how did he shot it?

  • Tom Dzeri
    Tom Dzeri 3 years ago

    This video is good for monitors but it's all you don't want with vr. Fast moving point of view, head bobbing... It can make you nauseus and motion sick.

  • TheEpicMatt
    TheEpicMatt 3 years ago

    did anyone look straight down and think to themselves what are those?

  • pacmans1990
    pacmans1990 3 years ago

    this video was so cool he should do every pax video like this....wait is the camera like a sphere with multiple lenses