CREED 2 Teaser Trailer [HD] - Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren *UNOFFICAL*

  • Published on Aug 5, 2017
    Adonis Creed, the son of the Heavyweight champion Apollo Creed travels to Russia seeking revenge for his father's death after hearing that his killer- Former Soviet Boxer Ivan Drago was released from Russian prison. It's up to Rocky to make sure Adonis doesn't end up like his father.


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  • Joe Marranca
    Joe Marranca  Year ago +92

    Haters gonna hate and that's okay.

  • nikajr89 Hernandez Velasco

    Como puedo ver la película completa

  • Robin Pillay
    Robin Pillay 4 months ago

    Seen the film and it's doesn't disappoint. Stallone bringing Ivan Drago back was a complete master stroke.

  • RADO-S
    RADO-S 5 months ago

    Can't wait for the film :)



  • Walter Barreto
    Walter Barreto 6 months ago

    in the rusia the people is crazy

  • domísek 222
    domísek 222 6 months ago

    You have got all trailers fake😞

  • ТМ 777
    ТМ 777 7 months ago

    Я так понял
    Мстить будет

  • Dora Salinas
    Dora Salinas 7 months ago

    Creed will go down and Apollo will run into ring and yell son get up knock him out creed will say why dad did you make everyone believe you were dead i had a brain injury that caused a major seizure I was in al coma for many years from other fights that cause brain injury I was in the pass I wasn't ready 4 the world to see me like this.I needed time to be alone I was wrong son to leave you alone

  • 《Saulo19%》
    《Saulo19%》 8 months ago +1

    What is the name of the soundtrack?

  • Tanay Sharma
    Tanay Sharma 8 months ago

    click bait!!

  • sean williams
    sean williams 8 months ago

    I still want to see this movie!

  • Kazem Akbari
    Kazem Akbari 8 months ago

    Fake onlye

  • Vive Feliz
    Vive Feliz 8 months ago

    buena peli

  • VictorInacio
    VictorInacio 9 months ago


  • winston García
    winston García 9 months ago


  • The Top Show
    The Top Show 9 months ago

    So There's No Point Doing This

  • The Top Show
    The Top Show 9 months ago

    Creed II Is Coming Out Thanksgiving Of 2018

  • Jesus Rojo Alvarez
    Jesus Rojo Alvarez 9 months ago


  • 3 J
    3 J 9 months ago +1

    I am waiting for an epic battle between Creed and Drago and for the first time Rocky Balboa will be off the fight as a coach

  • Justin'case
    Justin'case 9 months ago

    first fan made I actually like. well done!

  • Taunus
    Taunus 9 months ago


  • Luciyuss
    Luciyuss 10 months ago

    Not really that bad of misrepresentation, he's using the same nostalgia that sly himself uses in the official, personally I like a more accentuated version (fan-made, etc..) r4 my all time fav, of course, by reading the title completely, it says teaser, unofficial, thanks for cutting and uploading!

  • patrick mcglone
    patrick mcglone 10 months ago

    Your video, not a trailer, sucked!

  • Mr Boots
    Mr Boots 10 months ago


  • Têi Harris
    Têi Harris 10 months ago

    Not real, 1 why would Ivan be in jail, 2. He's challenging Dragos son from what Micheal B. Jordan said himself, 3. He would fight Ivan anyway he'd be too old

  • Keaton Simoni
    Keaton Simoni 10 months ago

    The full actual trailer came out and he fights drago

  • Lucrisha W
    Lucrisha W 10 months ago

    Fake the real Trailer comes out TOMORROW

  • benjianubis
    benjianubis 10 months ago

    Guys... I don't want to see rocky 4 or scenes from it.... I care about creed 2.

  • benjianubis
    benjianubis 10 months ago

    I want to see the real thing..... This is fake and it sucks

    TYSON JONES 10 months ago

    My prediction for Dragos role in Creed 2 is that he’s gonna be a drunk mess , broke, and divorced by his wife. His son who is raised by his ex-wife and some rich Russian dude got him the most elite boxing training and he is now a top light heavyweight in the world. Drago who happens to walk past a TV that highlighting the upcoming fight between Creed and his son. Drago has flashbacks to his fight with the late Apollo Creed. Feeling guilty over his actions he meets with his son and tells him the truth about that night and reminds him that this sport isn’t worth the life of someone else. His son who is a completely ruthless boxer now says to him “ if he dies he dies” Ivan who is terrified at his sons words which makes Drago have flashbacks to when he said that about Apollo.

  • julio5497
    julio5497 10 months ago

    This is retarded

  • Payoffz
    Payoffz 10 months ago

    Orginal trailer

  • Velociraptor Wolf
    Velociraptor Wolf 10 months ago

    Made by another dead beat looser with to much time in his hands.

  • lnMemory of JohnMordaunt
    lnMemory of JohnMordaunt 10 months ago

    No way is he going to fight that grizzly old fart...?

  • Daryl Sandlin
    Daryl Sandlin 10 months ago

    In Creed 3....will Clubber's son take on Creed Jr?? :-)

  • Nick
    Nick 10 months ago

    Why couldn't this have been the real trailer

  • Gabriel Rodriguez
    Gabriel Rodriguez 10 months ago

    Very good job, its better than the trailer.

  • Joshua Fordyce
    Joshua Fordyce 10 months ago

    Was Drago the villian though? Rocky should have thrown in the towel. I hope they add this element to Creed II. I would like to see Drago tell Adonis that it wasn't his job to stop the fight, that was on the staff, he did his job. That shows it from a different perspective.

  • Alex Duffy
    Alex Duffy 10 months ago

    What a crock of shit,all clips from old films¬hing at all from creed 2,prick

  • Jason Cherry
    Jason Cherry 10 months ago

    not cool

  • Jose carlos Filho
    Jose carlos Filho 10 months ago


  • Fred Gomez
    Fred Gomez 10 months ago

    Fake and gay

  • Walter Schivo
    Walter Schivo 10 months ago

    It's not a fake:

  • joske103
    joske103 10 months ago


  • Hulk Smash 24/7
    Hulk Smash 24/7 10 months ago +1

    Why not just call stuff like this fan made and let folks decide if they want to see it based on the truth, instead of lying. That way you don't get a bunch of angry comments.

    • joske103
      joske103 10 months ago +1

      because clip poster is a dirt bag who just wants views, if he wasnt he would change the headline of the video

  • Rouge Titan11
    Rouge Titan11 10 months ago

    Not a trailer just clips from other films

  • scrimm_bloody_gore_
    scrimm_bloody_gore_ 11 months ago

    These fan made trailers are cool and all but don't label it a teaser. It's annoying...

    EL TORO ROMPE CULOS 11 months ago


    MOTIVATION GRID 11 months ago

    one of the best trailers i have ever seen

  • Mac Paverick
    Mac Paverick 11 months ago


  • Vas34
    Vas34 11 months ago


  • josue ramirez
    josue ramirez 11 months ago +1

    You need to be severely beaten.

  • Craig Clark
    Craig Clark 11 months ago


  • Роман Береговой

    как же русских то сука не любят в мире

  • Creed 42
    Creed 42 11 months ago +1

    Enough with the fake trailers im so sick of it

  • Paco Madroñal
    Paco Madroñal 11 months ago

    Nice,good job. Stallone-Lundgren,master class.

  • Keia John
    Keia John 11 months ago

    Anything for views....they started filming in Philly, this pass March.

  • Γιώργος Γαλανάκης

    Idiot!You're wasting our time!

  • lil pixi
    lil pixi 11 months ago


  • Gelb 22
    Gelb 22 11 months ago

    idk what is real trailer or not anynore im sick of these teasers shit.what a nonsense proudful crap

  • Open Your Mind and Think
    Open Your Mind and Think 11 months ago


  • benjianubis
    benjianubis 11 months ago the fuck is this the official trailer? You're a Moron.

  • Uwin Uwish
    Uwin Uwish 11 months ago

    This hoe got 4 million views on this trash. Lol

  • J Wills
    J Wills 11 months ago


  • Franco JJameson
    Franco JJameson 11 months ago


  • Franco JJameson
    Franco JJameson 11 months ago

    Nothing wrong with makling tributes etc. what I dislike is bullshit, just be honest in your title. Its dishonest.

  • KH4444444444N
    KH4444444444N 11 months ago

    I WILL go to the theater to see this. There isn''t even a doubt.

  • Rome Martinez
    Rome Martinez 11 months ago

    What a waist of time

  • SxtFever
    SxtFever 11 months ago

    That trailer sucked balls

  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 11 months ago

    Stuped shit.How many times can u seek revenge.Appile was awanged in Rocky IV

  • mitch lola
    mitch lola 11 months ago

    Dolph had the face and body of a Norse god, such a hottt chiselled face all over.

  • arturo xulo
    arturo xulo 11 months ago

    100 real no feik

  • RyuHayabusa06
    RyuHayabusa06 11 months ago

    Are you fucking serious? What, did they release Drago from the Gulag after 30 years? Apparently he never fought again after losing to Rocky. I guess Gorbachev had him imprisoned for losing.

  • blanca mary
    blanca mary 11 months ago

    Iván Drago lo desaparece

  • Mr. Joshua
    Mr. Joshua Year ago


  • Moth4c Jms
    Moth4c Jms Year ago


  • Ruben Reyes
    Ruben Reyes Year ago

    Fan made trailer, sucks

  • Spider Comics
    Spider Comics Year ago

    i was so mad man i screamed throw in the towel

  • B- RABBIT•
    B- RABBIT• Year ago

    Chinga tu madre 🖕

  • philosopher2king
    philosopher2king Year ago

    Wow, an account with a picture of Donald Trump posting fake shit. Imagine that.

  • psychedelic thoughts

    Do you remember that time that russian giant gave an Italian midget brain damage? I do..

  • brusie15
    brusie15 Year ago


  • Nate DS
    Nate DS Year ago

    You better not fuck this up.

  • dunkunt tsé tsé

    Nice good vidéo

  • feim sh
    feim sh Year ago

    Yea, Creed vs Drago’s son would be a cool idea for the movie.

  • Mr Waters
    Mr Waters Year ago

    I need to watch this now

  • Cesar Fernandez
    Cesar Fernandez Year ago

    Mi padre crecio y le gustaban las peliculas de rocky
    Hoy yo me emociono por una pelicula de creed :3

  • Harley Pearce
    Harley Pearce Year ago

    Cool poster force xkrbhe needle surgery missile each teen

  • Louis Mcarthur
    Louis Mcarthur Year ago

    Its fan made but I still love it they couldn't have chose a better man to play creed and when creed 2 is made I'll be happy to say time for payback

  • Joe Collins
    Joe Collins Year ago

    This is not a trailer its jus some clips thrown together, wat a cu*t

  • ICEMAN Mcpherson
    ICEMAN Mcpherson Year ago

    Stupid dam trailer dont waste peoples time with this shit

  • Andrew LeMay
    Andrew LeMay Year ago

    original DRAGO spec-script -

  • Red Rooster
    Red Rooster Year ago

    I hope not

  • Michael Nikanorov

    I want this so badly

    THE HANNIBAL TV Year ago

    Sould be good.

  • Some F-ing Band
    Some F-ing Band Year ago

    No fucking way. Ivan drago would be almost 80

  • Kilian .Müller
    Kilian .Müller Year ago

    Dragos Sohn die Pfeife des Jahrhunderts

  • Stefan Frisk
    Stefan Frisk Year ago

    Worst. teaser. ever.

  • Michael Couey
    Michael Couey Year ago

    Dolph Lungren... the man who SHOULD have been cast as Jack Reacher