£500 Sports Car Challenge

  • Published on Aug 9, 2019
  • This week, Ethan and Jack give Alex the task of purchasing a sports car... for only £500.
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Comments • 3 431

  • That Dude Your Mom Warned You About

    I love y'all, but you have really got to chill on the MX5s. They're cool and a really good car to drift, road race, any motorsport, but they get old after a while.

  • ChevyVideo Gamer

    This was posted on my birthday too bad I’m a year late

  • Gillett Ghost109
    Gillett Ghost109 2 days ago

    Maybe a van next ??

  • Callum Cook
    Callum Cook 2 days ago

    I'd rather not see a close up of the annoying guy's feet please. :/

  • Rachel Hastings
    Rachel Hastings 3 days ago


  • Bram
    Bram 3 days ago

    With these kind of prices, it would almost be worth it, flying to the UK and importing it. Downside is that I would own a right hand drive in the Netherlands...

  • Tip your takeaway driver, england !

    is it me or is this geezer a bit of a diq head?

  • DavE
    DavE 4 days ago


  • jonny vickers
    jonny vickers 4 days ago

    Just come across your channel, loved the £250 Volvo videos and really enjoyed this one too!

  • alain kov
    alain kov 5 days ago

    CAn we have a video of all the purchased cars, fixed?!

  • Palika Silva
    Palika Silva 6 days ago +2

    Do you guys know the super car VEGA that made in srilanka.IT is a electric car.It has 900hp.It is more power full than a Lamborghini

  • Bloxxed
    Bloxxed 7 days ago

    Is Ethan actually not a car guy

  • Mitsos Tech
    Mitsos Tech 7 days ago

    Do they have souvlaki in UK???
    I mean they are Greek, so it is nice to see this awesome fast food on other countries ! In Greek it is called "σουβλάκι"

  • Ben Kelley
    Ben Kelley 8 days ago

    ok how is Ethan so ripped?

  • Ashwin 323
    Ashwin 323 10 days ago

    Damn I would love to have that car it would actually make my life better

  • ladolcevita uk1
    ladolcevita uk1 11 days ago

    Great video!
    Loved your Volvo estate video.
    Would you please do a video on estate cars for £1K?

  • HttpS0ph ①
    HttpS0ph ① 16 days ago

    I paid 20 grand for a fucking Giulietta and I could of done this,,, fml

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 19 days ago

    you guys need to be the new top gear, with the current top gear being meh, and the grand tour sure to end soon.

  • Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales 19 days ago

    Now do this in America!!!! Because it SUCKS here. Getting a carrot that cheap

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas 20 days ago

    Happy New Year guys! These challenges are fantastic! You should all have a budget each and buy individually? I know it harks back to Top Gear but it's great fun for us!! Keep doing what you do! Happy 2020.

  • Kyle Macqueen
    Kyle Macqueen 20 days ago

    Next challenge..
    Best Wagon/Estate car you can buy for £1,500

  • His Majesty
    His Majesty 20 days ago

    Let me shake this guy hand

  • Dinarte Soares
    Dinarte Soares 21 day ago

    Could you please do a £500 pound for a cheap 4 or 5 door first car

  • Anonymous Alex
    Anonymous Alex 22 days ago

    how does the used car market seem more affordable in the UK, and Japan than the US?

  • EdithHead
    EdithHead 22 days ago

    How much does it typically cost to have the MOT done?

  • s walker09
    s walker09 23 days ago

    What happened to the MG

  • Ken Block
    Ken Block 23 days ago

    ya'll should search on auto tempest

  • Shaun Tree
    Shaun Tree 25 days ago

    Best FREE car?

  • Davyd Brysiuk
    Davyd Brysiuk 26 days ago +1

    You should do it in top gear style.

  • Sheraz B
    Sheraz B 28 days ago

    all is see is a bunch of feet moving around right at my face. help me.

  • Oreo-Chan
    Oreo-Chan 28 days ago

    Look at my tts’

  • Mr D
    Mr D 29 days ago +1

    So not only did you buy a car that wouldn't start at the end of the video, you barely did any actual driving in it. Brilliant.

  • VoteableCash 954
    VoteableCash 954 Month ago

    Btw audit tt is coupe

  • Cube Tube
    Cube Tube Month ago

    ई जस्ट डिड्न’ट वॉंट तो ट्राइ तो बे ईयन हीली. ई वांटेड तो लर्न फ्रॉम हिम बूट ई वांटेड तो बे आदम गिल्क्रिस्ट आंड तत वुड बे म्य अड्वाइज़ तो ऋषभ,” है सईद. httPs://iplnewslatest.blogspot.com/

  • Guy Mahoney
    Guy Mahoney Month ago

    Were there no MR2s?

  • KidsCarsReviews
    KidsCarsReviews Month ago

    The uglyest car is the fiat 500L

  • DEADWOLF 001
    DEADWOLF 001 Month ago

    Do a cheap sportsbike challenge please

  • F. Chris
    F. Chris Month ago

    Modern Problems dictate that you buy them both...

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    thexvid.com/video/Aw8KwZ9uj6E/video.html Jack from Car Throttle t-boned by a lorry and rescued by Ellie Goulding!!

    • G Walker
      G Walker 28 days ago

      Haha the most clickbait bullshit title ever... even then no one liked.

  • E H
    E H Month ago

    Your not wrong! As an American when I think MG something 40 years older comes to mind. Little 70s cars lol

  • leon 05
    leon 05 Month ago

    im sure that if you try a renault laguna you will be amazed its really ahead of its time and i really hope you could make a video on it (my family has a laguna)

  • Dan B.
    Dan B. Month ago


  • Benjamin E.
    Benjamin E. Month ago

    You should do something with the car at the end

  • The President of The Internet

    I dreamed of owning an MGF as a teen - they still look sexy even today.

  • Walker Smith
    Walker Smith Month ago

    Your vids are great

  • Amparo Puig
    Amparo Puig Month ago

    How much would those cars cost outside UK? multiply it by ten and then you have it

  • cgrfc1
    cgrfc1 Month ago

    It is actually a really good looking car

    • G Walker
      G Walker 28 days ago

      The mid 90s to 2000s MG were actually really good.

  • Car Dealer
    Car Dealer Month ago

    Go to the auction. Simple.

  • Ian Meyers
    Ian Meyers Month ago

    Camper challenge. Normal, every day car, turn it into a camper, spend a night in it, for $1000

  • Jason Lavelle
    Jason Lavelle Month ago

    Half the money you want and can't buy the car you want, I can relate haha

  • Cecil Wilson
    Cecil Wilson Month ago

    Great to see that you're doing real everyday stuff for not bad money and that bargains are out there should you look in the right place bloody good content ten out of ten lads

  • FloStar3000
    FloStar3000 Month ago

    As a mainland European, i feel massively triggered by cars being parked like that

  • J Thomas
    J Thomas Month ago

    That's amazing. You bought it for only £500, and yet it looks like it's worth about… £500.

  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland Month ago

    So if your ruling out the Hyundai coupe and Toyota Celica because of their humble origins than the MG should not be counted. It uses 2 rover metro subframes front and rear with hydrolastic in early F models, clever use of resources but hardly original pedigree

    • G Walker
      G Walker 28 days ago

      I would still want a MG over them.

  • rabbitss11
    rabbitss11 Month ago

    £500 sports car, not so much a challenge more of a desire to go into debt

  • alfredlikc00
    alfredlikc00 Month ago

    NB mx5?

  • Connor Whitney
    Connor Whitney 2 months ago

    Can you do more of these videos

  • klemen kolar
    klemen kolar 2 months ago +2

    This guy is trying way too hard to flex his muscles

  • Oli S
    Oli S 2 months ago

    next challenge should be to buy new socks....yuck

  • Kash Sattar
    Kash Sattar 2 months ago

    Toyota Corolla twin cam 16v for less that £500 all day 2 door sports PHAST AS PHUCK