Man United are struggling worse under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer than Jose Mourinho - Mark Ogden | ESPN FC

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
  • Ahead of the Manchester United vs. Tottenham showdown in the Premier League, ESPN FC’s Mark Ogden, Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol break down what to expect in Jose Mourinho’s return to Old Trafford as manager of Spurs. Ogden says Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not close to getting sacked entering the match, but the pressure will intensify if they lose to both Tottenham and Manchester City. He also explains why former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino should look somewhere other than Manchester United for his next job, and he responds to Julien Laurens’ criticism of Ed Woodward on ESPN FC’s “Gab & Juls Podcast.”
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Comments • 456

  • Deklan T Smith
    Deklan T Smith Month ago

    ESPN is just a bunch of liverpool supporting muppets who are a joke to punditry

  • Nana Pateker
    Nana Pateker Month ago +1

    Experienced Experts of panel Easy, I'm gonna go for Tottenham . Better coach.
    I don't trust United they are poor. Bad coach.
    😂😂😂😂🤣 Man U win
    Easy, I'm gonna go for City, Better coach better team squad.
    I don't trust United, they mediocre, bad coach and team.
    😂😂😂😂😂🤣 Man U win.

  • Lalbieklawm Khawbung

    Solskjaer could turn out great in one way bcoz he seems pretty good at defeating big clubs which is one thing pocchetino lacks.. He also has the some kind of weird LUCK in life.
    Just look at the way he is....
    as a player, he could score more as substitute, and could not score as much if he was awarded and put in the starting line up.. same thing as a coach.. won most match as an interim manager and couldn't win much when awarded and given the job full time.. but has great luck dealing with big clubs..
    beat Chelsea twice
    beat spurs
    beat City
    draw Liverpool
    draw Arsenal

  • mason clark
    mason clark Month ago

    Following this, United beat Spurs and City in the span of 4 days

  • Yahya Rajaee
    Yahya Rajaee Month ago +3

    Who’s here after The Manchester Derby

  • Nirmal Raj
    Nirmal Raj Month ago +2

    talk now ogden!

  • Selvin Martin
    Selvin Martin Month ago +1

    Ole : LOL

  • Donhoi Campbell
    Donhoi Campbell Month ago

    Look as bad as we are you can’t tell me we don’t have a better squad than majority of the teams we’re struggling against. These players are mostly trash for United but they would be good for Newcastle, burnley, Villa etc, well except for Phil Jones he’s a special case of garbage that even tranmere rovers would never have on their bench. We were expose tactically and it seems like the players no longer believe in Ole. What kind of pride can a player have in his club if he allow villa to play like it’s their own backyard. We were dominated by Sheffield , Bournemouth and Newcastle. It’s is bad look and Woodward is as clueless as usual about the football side of things.

  • Umesh KUPPURAJ
    Umesh KUPPURAJ Month ago

    the evolution in the last 6.5 years has been driven based on what each of the managers wanted rather than where the club wanted to be. Now they realize their place and look forward to them being back on top; though trying to make old ways of SAF work while the game itself has transitioned to a new techniques and strategies in the past decade

  • Luqman Mohd
    Luqman Mohd Month ago

    If Poch wanna get back at Spurs, the only logical move would be to Arsenal.

  • Clymax01
    Clymax01 Month ago

    Man United are finished

  • Keltoi
    Keltoi Month ago +8

    Will someone please tell me how I can get a high paying job like this where I can be wrong week after week? Idiots.

  • Marco September
    Marco September Month ago +4

    LOL... I just live this bunch of idiots at ESPN. They get it wrong so many times.

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago

    Ed Woodward even looks like a rat

  • Kwame Lewis
    Kwame Lewis Month ago

    Wow Woodward actually may be under some pressure interesting

  • Matthias O'keeffe
    Matthias O'keeffe Month ago

    Ed is a terrible chairman

  • Itz_Kfc510 FN
    Itz_Kfc510 FN Month ago

    This video aged well

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas Month ago +2

    This channel is the gift that keeps on giving...

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas Month ago +1

    Lol at most of these comments tonight...

  • Sahil Tanwar
    Sahil Tanwar Month ago +2

    List below shows haters who were proved wrong today, again! 😂😂😂

  • R_Reji
    R_Reji Month ago +6

    Hahahahaha.... laughing at the title of the video after todays game... that's football... don't write anyone off

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago +14

    I'm from the future and it's 2-1 to utd.. 😂

  • R Bailey
    R Bailey Month ago

    Juls preach to this bank manager 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • The Loner
    The Loner Month ago


  • Sam Sarfo
    Sam Sarfo Month ago

    Really 😂

  • Susanto Kumar Roy
    Susanto Kumar Roy Month ago +8

    All Steve and Moreno said were Bullshit, United didn't sitback. They attacked and won the game. BS Pundits

  • Alexi Laiho
    Alexi Laiho Month ago +9

    4:02 Another proof that Steve Nicol is a totally clueless bloke, who probably spends more time eating chips than studying football

  • Vidya Sagar
    Vidya Sagar Month ago

    We have won 2 1 havent you seen

  • Hamzah Hameed
    Hamzah Hameed Month ago

    Who’s here after Man Utd just beat Spurs 2-1

    • Alexi Laiho
      Alexi Laiho Month ago

      I love shitting on the astrologers in the comments section , and of course STEVE NICOL !!

  • J040PL7
    J040PL7 Month ago

    woodward in 6 years will be asking for 6 years to get the squad done, and after that another 6.

  • M The g
    M The g Month ago +1

    When your ex loses weight😂

    CHNWA Month ago

    There's so much pressure on united to win this game. If they don't win they will be exposed. I think the united players will go at 130% in this game just to prove Mourinho wrong. What's sad is they aren't willing to do this in other games because they are spoiled kids with no ambition or sacrifice

  • SudoSociety
    SudoSociety Month ago +1

    The SPECIAL ONE is back!!! Mourinho even got his first movie trailer on TheXvid, lets go JOSE, prove the haters wrong!!!

  • Marvin Smith
    Marvin Smith Month ago

    Ole should be banned for life from all coaching job, he is more suitable for a soap opera series. Managing in football is not his thing

  • adam84657
    adam84657 Month ago

    I disagree. United job is most suitable cus the expectations in United are not very high. United fans dont expect to win a major trophy within the next 3 years. Bayern have higher expectations, and may not be patient with Poch

  • Top 10 Zone
    Top 10 Zone Month ago

    Ole is still the man utd manager because of his soft nature! I dont know how long he will survive. I think Ole is running out of time.

  • Kaleab Alebachew
    Kaleab Alebachew Month ago

    i want us to lose so bad oleout

    WISDOM BITES Month ago

    Woodward needs to put OGS out of his misery...It's obvious to anyone with a brain cell of football knowledge that OGS is out of his depth and totally inept at making a success of this team. His team tactics are woeful and any team that consistency comes out in the second half much, much worse than in the first half is a strong sign that the Manager has no motivational skills. Please thumbs up if you agree. Thanks :-)

  • Lord Rothschild
    Lord Rothschild Month ago


    • Lord Rothschild
      Lord Rothschild Month ago

      Oi blud wag1 piff ting innit cheeky nandos blud let me have your bbm pin safe my g yeah your Peng still innit Like big back innit like Holla dun kno the boys will come to ur ends blud And I will shank you up Fam I will shank your nan innit shut up blud.

    • DmizzMOB
      DmizzMOB Month ago

      Let me know whats next im trying to get money like you.

    • Lord Rothschild
      Lord Rothschild Month ago


    • DmizzMOB
      DmizzMOB Month ago

      Spurs fan?

  • 02 24
    02 24 Month ago

    Goes to show that Daniel Levy is really a smart businessman. Despite of his financial tightness, he's very hands-on, always present, and is always one step ahead from everyone else

  • ApexEntertainment
    ApexEntertainment Month ago

    If Poch had beaten us when Oli took charge he would be our manager. But Poch has terrible big game temperament

  • ApexEntertainment
    ApexEntertainment Month ago

    Who is our biggest loss right now? A)Pogba b) mctominay c) herrera

  • David O Brien
    David O Brien Month ago

    Woodward and the Owners need to be accountable before Ole.. they didnt sign any midfielders in the summer that was critical..

  • hb_ Cassanöva
    hb_ Cassanöva Month ago +1

    Actually man utd will win

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    Pochettino should of went to Juventus after the Champions league even Barcelona was looking at him at one point he need to leave England rn should just go to Spain or Germany

  • TheMrMantequilla
    TheMrMantequilla Month ago

    To be fair this united team just isn’t that strong as a whole. To me they lack 3 types of players: 1. A clinical striker that just gets goals. doesn’t need to be a world class name but just someone who knows how to score. 2. A player with true quality and class, someone to start the attack or pick a pass for others. 3. Hardbose player who is gonna tackle/get stuck in and win the ball every chance they get.
    Ole is not the only problem or biggest problem at the club.

  • tevin stvalle
    tevin stvalle Month ago

    I thought Jose was the prob at manu.espnfc don't know what they're about.say one thing today another the next

  • Bogdan Dublin
    Bogdan Dublin Month ago

    Sancho come to man utd you can james rashford great attack

  • TB Seow
    TB Seow Month ago

    Sorry I meant Ed Woodward's sympathizer not Fed's

  • juventius arthur
    juventius arthur Month ago +1

    Mourinho can't be 'intelligent' but Ole can be 'intelligent' and sit back and counter
    With the same players that Jose was supposed to play Ultra attack with

  • juventius arthur
    juventius arthur Month ago +1

    Did I hear ESpn preaching park the bus to Manchester United???
    This world is crazy

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar Month ago

    Please change this idiot Alejandro Moreno always talking negative about Jose ESPN as usual garbage

  • Breezy
    Breezy Month ago +1

    Stevie I dont think u have been watching man utd. They clearly will park the bus and counter with rashford and Dan James like they have done against the top 6 sides. Great analysis Ale Moreno

    • Breezy
      Breezy Month ago

      @DmizzMOB lol I'm not gonna lie, you got me on that one but you must admit they have been parking the bus against other top side and using rashford and DJs pace

    • DmizzMOB
      DmizzMOB Month ago

      Clearly obviously definitely parked bus 🤫🤣

  • edd edward
    edd edward Month ago

    What’s wrong with world football clubs & defending ? Why do so many teams struggle defensively ? Mehn 🤦🏽‍♂️.. these guys are professional

  • denis omahoney
    denis omahoney Month ago +1

    Woodward is a complete imbecile and incompetent at the footballing side of things he needs to go and go now.

  • Made It Out Alive! THANK YOU JESUS!!!

    This dude, I think his name is Morena, when talking about United "we". He is really desperate to see Mou lose.

  • Subhan Din
    Subhan Din Month ago

    State the obvious FC back at it again

  • Wesley Edwards
    Wesley Edwards Month ago

    So because the clown Jose Mourinho is at spurs now everyone think that spurs gonna beat us... Mourinho gonna get spurs when we done beat them you all will be making excuses to

    • Made It Out Alive! THANK YOU JESUS!!!
      Made It Out Alive! THANK YOU JESUS!!! Month ago

      @Wesley Edwards You are actually saying, 14 league matches played this season, only 4 wins is better than 2 Champions league titles, 2 Europa titles, 8 league trophies, 4 domestic cups, 4 league cups. Who knows maybe Ole will improve, but he is definitely not on Mou's level. We are talking about one of the greatest coaches of all time here.

    • Wesley Edwards
      Wesley Edwards Month ago

      @Made It Out Alive! THANK YOU JESUS!!! well he was there for two an a half year so that his achievement to the club,so we the fans them thank him for that,but he was sacked for a reason,an now ole is our manager,an he ain't win no trophie yet,but he will surpassed what Mourinho have done in those past years Mourinho was there

    • Made It Out Alive! THANK YOU JESUS!!!
      Made It Out Alive! THANK YOU JESUS!!! Month ago

      Lol, like he got you nowhere? Two trophies and a no. 2 finish is better than what Ole or any other coach has done since Ferguson. Your club has way bigger issues than Mou.

  • Josh Collier
    Josh Collier Month ago

    Lol Jose left Ole a 2 year mess to clean up of expensive unmotivated players and now a fledgling manager is supposed to pull an U-23 squad up to 4th. Lol if the club loose faith after this week then nothing has changed and Man U will continue their spiral

  • Nathan Martin
    Nathan Martin Month ago

    Phil jones been there since 2009 😂😭