Top 15 Gaming Controversies of 2019!

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    These are the Top 15 Gaming Controversies of 2019!! A return of one of our classic list series! If you love videos like these please consider becoming a Supporting Member! Thank you guys so much!
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Comments • 80

  • C.B. Liberty
    C.B. Liberty 12 hours ago

    I wish your last words in this video can be reality, but I must disappoint you sir, this year is even worse, my personal opinion is even in last decade, nearly nothing changed better. I would like if yes, but it looks it's not going to happen - worst is all that crap which actually happening now ,old or new, is reflecting also on things we like - gaming

  • fetus_deletus23
    fetus_deletus23 14 hours ago

    Who would have known that watching a guy being so pissed off at video games would be entertaining

  • Jack Frostler aka Cow Pee

    The Joy-Con it's losing power
    (I hope someone gets that)

  • Marcus Sundbom
    Marcus Sundbom 2 days ago

    Borderlands 3 was such a shit game to begin with, fits it got a stupid fuckface in charge of it

  • Krythulu
    Krythulu 3 days ago

    I don't care what the fuck is on the epic store okay, I'm never gonna let Xi Jinping steal my fucking data

  • Krythulu
    Krythulu 4 days ago

    If they pulled the spec ops stunt on zombies mode, there would be anarchy

  • Droopy
    Droopy 4 days ago

    Sony is going down hill 💀

  • Brad Small
    Brad Small 5 days ago

    Good for you Joe !

  • SalusFuturistics
    SalusFuturistics 5 days ago

    A Ps3 came into my Apartment and shot my Parents with a Light Gun. Games dont kill. Consoles do

  • ra1chun1njago
    ra1chun1njago 5 days ago

    God, I’m praying that the upcoming Dragon Age game will pull BioWare from the depths of Tartarus and back into the limelight of respectable industries. DONT. FUCK. THIS. UP!!

  • Mind Drips
    Mind Drips 5 days ago

    Fuck Bioware for doing us dirty with Anthem. Was so hyped for that. And they lied like hell

  • Corach
    Corach 5 days ago

    If game companies unionized, be prepared for that $60 game to be $80 and increase in micro-dlc.

    Just sayin.

  • malfunction WHY
    malfunction WHY 6 days ago

    34:37 you forgot discord

  • Thumbstick Hero
    Thumbstick Hero 11 days ago +1

    the only people i see hating on violence in video games are people who have nothing to lose from the argument, people who have obviously and will never play video games in their life. they can say video games cause violence with shitty excuses for evidence and yet they wont admit that giving someone a gun increases that someones chance of shooting somebody else with a gun. hitler didnt play video games, stalin didnt play video games and i cant be sure but i dont think osama bin laden played them either, these people cause some of histories most violent atrocities without video gamea

  • Lucas Mooy
    Lucas Mooy 11 days ago

    The xbox one outsold the ps4 this generation despite its shitty launch. This generation sony won but they are fucking up bad with the ps5 details.

  • Jordan Carpenter
    Jordan Carpenter 11 days ago

    41:14 Everytime EA or Bethesda tries to say what they do is good for the future of Gaming.

  • Alexander Song
    Alexander Song 11 days ago +1

    34:36 lmao "soulja boy gaming"

  • Troy Roberts
    Troy Roberts 13 days ago

    Spec ops is so fucking butt ugly hard its ridiculous to the point where I have to fucking camp on the second mission so my teammates can respawn and continuously play the objective

    JOE SANCHEZ 14 days ago +1

    NUMBER 1. us only good things....h1n1, bird flu...coronavirus. making bnlizzard entertainment its bitch. yeah.....pure china gold. oh,. dont forget bootleg crap and crappy cell phones.

    JOE SANCHEZ 14 days ago

    20:09 videogames do not cause violence.
    says the angry guy that spends one hour raging, yelling, screaming and cursing.....about video games.

    yeah, good job making your point there, joe.....

    JOE SANCHEZ 14 days ago +1

    joe?.....STOP YELLING, DAMMIT!!!!
    what's your mental malfunction, dude' shut up, it's ANGRY joe, not NOISY it.

  • Jaime Nunez
    Jaime Nunez 16 days ago

    Doom is good cause it teaches us how to kill Demons

  • Why Not
    Why Not 17 days ago +1

    23:38 That poster look SWEET!!!

  • DJ flying taco
    DJ flying taco 19 days ago

    EA/ACTIVISION: sorry everyone we are gonna have to let you guys go were are making too much money

  • Deathpony9000
    Deathpony9000 20 days ago

    Keep up the good work Joe! /already sub'd :)

  • Julius jeaN baptiste
    Julius jeaN baptiste 20 days ago

    Man, a lot of these ppl so called authors, therapists, & other doctors & ppl on the news who say bad things about violent video games haven't even picked up a controller in their lifetime. I thought the DOA ridiculous MTs and DLC would be headlines too

  • Aaron Stoner
    Aaron Stoner 22 days ago

    Joe Vargas for president 2020!

  • NoMas Chalupas
    NoMas Chalupas 22 days ago +1

    Cumon guys....she was really good at making diks disappear down her throat like sword swallowers.
    He wanted to study it, Dont judge him.

  • InfestedChris
    InfestedChris 25 days ago +1

    Let me tell a story about video game violence and my mother. My mom was one of those moms that did not care what game or movie I saw. My mom could not care less about video games, she has zero interest in such things. But when I was playing GTA3 my mom actually would watch just a few seconds of me playing, she even talk to me and said, "Chris, you do know the difference between real life and a video game?" I was like, "Yes mom I would never do the things in a game and replicate it in real life. I am not dumb, I know this is a game, and it just for fun". My mom felt some relief that day, tho I know she did not have anything to worry about. GTA vice city comes out. I beg my mom to get this game (im about 16 at the time) she buys me the game. While playing one day my mom decided to watch me play for just a second my new game. I was sitting in a nice car just parked by the curb when I had no idea that a NPC can jack you for the car. I got jacked and instantly sprung into action to get my car back. I was like Oh hell no motherfucker, (yes i can curse in my house my mom did not care lol) As i pulled the guy out my car I proceeded to bash the persons face in with my baseball bat over and over saying fuck you bitch this is what you get. My mom laughed hysterically and said you're so bad Chris, and i began to laugh too.
    When you give your kids freedom to make their own choices but you poke in just enough to let them know hey games are fake but what you do in reality is for real and you can't take that back. You can still be a cool parent and let your kid make their own decisions. But if you drill shit in there head and say this is bad this is good, how the fuck is your kid suppose to make up their mind for themselves.

  • reactorfallout
    reactorfallout 25 days ago

    good lord Joe. to say this is suppression of speech, you are so off base. if you go on someone elses media platfrom they can tell you to say or not say whatever the fuck they want. has nothing to do with free speech.

    if ABC hires me to do a nightly talk show, and I go on there and talk about how shitty ABC is, they have every right to fire you... what the fuck does that have to do with free speech? the answer is nothing. it's their's not a public space. iT's not anything that anyone is ENTITLED to.

    this is just grade A over-reacting by a bunch of entitled Americans looking to unleash their down-trodden frustrations anytime they can against the "big bad corporations"

    ACTIVISION IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! they do not owe anyone free speech within their own media productions.

    Activision's only problem was not sticking up for themselves because they care more about money than their own dignity. I would have told the press and the critics to go fuck themselves with their political propaganda. easy for me to say, yeah, I don't have a dollar on the line.

    either way, to make this a 1st amendment issue is a god damn melodrama perpetuated by the horribly uniformed on what free speech actually is and when it applies.

  • reactorfallout
    reactorfallout 25 days ago

    I don't agree with the rant about the Epic Launcher though. I guess they should have asked Steam and every gamer in the world if their entitled asses were "ok" with them starting a business?
    in reality it doesn't really effect anyone outside of having to have more than one launcher.....

    I fuckin hate anti-capitalists... games aren't owed to you. Steam is not a welfare program. it's a business. A business that, up until now, had no major competition. how the hell is that good for consumers?
    exclusive deals sucks for gamers. yeah. too bad. go start a commune of gamers and developers and lets see what yall come up with. don't forget to create an entire economy, a military, and whatever pussy, socialist government you think will work. good luck defending're going to need it. Lots of baddies out there.

  • reactorfallout
    reactorfallout 25 days ago

    why are adults playing Pokemon?

  • Unknown Persons
    Unknown Persons 25 days ago

    So what is that medevil fighting scene from?

  • Ghost
    Ghost 25 days ago

    9:07 dark souls be like

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x 25 days ago +1

    Randy Pitchford is just a massive cringe lord

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x 25 days ago

    8:50 bruh if you find a pron actress hot just admit you wanna jerk off to it

  • French Gangster
    French Gangster 26 days ago

    Damn bro your on the news

  • WhiplashSL
    WhiplashSL 26 days ago +1

    22:25 So the argument here is that because someone's heart rate and blood pressure is increased, video games cause violence. So does this mean that we should ban exercising, since it also causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate...?

    • alex duffy
      alex duffy 20 days ago

      id aggrue that pharmasitucal drugs causes them to go ape shit

  • Truth Usually Hurts
    Truth Usually Hurts 27 days ago

    Joe is a gaming hero.

  • Richard Martinez
    Richard Martinez 27 days ago

    Number 9

  • Freedomlanders United
    Freedomlanders United 28 days ago


    -Angry Joe 2020

  • Games For Cykits
    Games For Cykits 28 days ago

    Pretty sure anthem or fallout is number one but will see lol, Xbox probably gonna make it come back this year now do to all of Sony’s fuck ups, also how you forgot to mention Xbox live gold 3-4 free games each month that you can play forever without having to have Xbox live still so even after your gold member expires, you get to still play the games no month subscription required. Ok wow anthem wasn’t number one or 2? Ok well fair enough lol

  • Griffin
    Griffin 29 days ago

    Whenever I get worried about Cyberpunk and how it could turn out, I watch the Keanu clip and my worries fade away 😊

  • Blahblahblah
    Blahblahblah Month ago


  • Mr Buster
    Mr Buster Month ago +5

    "We must stop the glorification of violence in this country" - says the president of the country that literally was created through violence (those Indians didn't exactly massacre themselves), and stays in power through violence again..

    • I Do It For the Money
      I Do It For the Money 11 days ago

      This country was created by massacuring Indians. Educate yourself.

    • the dragon
      the dragon 29 days ago

      And thats not even mentioning the shit thats happening RIGHT NOW in the middle east....

  • Lei Hamada
    Lei Hamada Month ago

    Bioware has been dead. As the original team left they where replaced by EA trained people. Bioweear was dead, EA then picked up the skin and put it on. It's not Biowear, its EA wearing Biowear's dead skin. Gamers how about we actually stop buying EA games like we said we keep saying we will after Battlefront, and after Andromeda, and then after Battlefield, and then after Madden.

  • Gonken88
    Gonken88 Month ago

    Whelp, you can't support political correctness and "social justice" in one end and expect kick-ass shooters in the other, that's fo sho. We could more or less be sitting with a photo realistic Soldier of fortune with a story to match the realistic gore effects, but since all game developers are struggling with how they're going to downgrade what the game's really about and fill it up with irrelevant bullshit (like huge, dead open worlds), one is left to dream of the good old days in the 00's. Imagine Postal 2 being released today. Feminazis and SJWs would start WW11.

  • buskola
    buskola Month ago

    well.... it might aswell be 1% of the game because it was shit

  • CaptainTaco97
    CaptainTaco97 Month ago +1

    Now I’m actually in the minority who thought that cutting the National Dex was a good idea. I’m a casual Pokémon player, and with the dex much smaller, this was the first main series Pokémon game I actually finished in a long time. Getting to 100% complete it. While
    I think the reasons were good, they didn’t put enough energy into making the animations as good as they should have been to justify cutting so many Pokémon. But we will get them in DLC, which is really annoying but I personally am happy they let me a casual player enjoy finally catching them all. Just my opinion.

  • HopOnPop 1
    HopOnPop 1 Month ago +1

    Epic games stealing Metro Exodus was the saddest and most disappointing gaming controversy

  • Elisabeth Iversen
    Elisabeth Iversen Month ago +1

    He should have taken 19 instead of 15.

  • im_dumb_lol
    im_dumb_lol Month ago +1

    N. 14 yeah fuck off Joe. Yeah spec ops survival is more than 1 percent of the game that it's in and so on but I'm a ps player, yeah, yeah go on kill me but I've been wanting to play any of the halo games for so long yet I can't because of my personally chosen platform. Shut up about a part of a game when I've had entire game franchises locked away from me. No offense but everyone needs to shut up. COD's newer games look to be more ps friendly mainly becuase bf and halo look to be more Microsoft friendly. Ps has cod, Xbox has halo and bf, I don't know anymore cuz I think bf1 was a Microsoft exclusive but bf5 is all platforms but I'm a cod player so I don't really know.

  • James Conkey
    James Conkey Month ago

    LMAO ppl triggered by Sonic
    Da fuq

  • Leader of Communist China

    I lost it at "suprise mechanics"

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Grammar Nazi

    What the fuck is this? 1998? Fuck outta here boomers, video games do, in fact, NOT cause violence.

  • Biff F
    Biff F Month ago

    I’m ok with PlayStation taking away ps3 and ps vita games. Not many people still play on it and that’s just more money to use on the ps5

  • Cody Gall
    Cody Gall Month ago

    Hey Epic games! If its only available on your platform, im not playing it!

  • J Dawg
    J Dawg Month ago

    If you want your kids to not become 'violent' in the future, how about you DON'T BUY THEM M++ RATED GAMES WITH AS MUCH BLOOD SEX AND GORE AS FUCKING POSSIBLE......FUCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Khan Krum Gaming
    Khan Krum Gaming Month ago

    The Pokémon one really pissed me off. I was on the side of the company at the beginning, simply because the number of Pokémon is ridiculous, over 800, so if you have to do all of that from scratch, that's a lot of work to do from 0. But then they outright lied and made me look even worse than the controversial stance I took already had.

  • Party Quest
    Party Quest Month ago

    "you done fucked it up" i knew it! :D

  • swag boi
    swag boi Month ago


  • zero71234
    zero71234 Month ago

    To this day I haven't subscribed to ps plus yet. It's not worth it imo. Damn we had free online play on PS3 and now I gotta pay for that and have two games that I won't be able to play the moment I stop paying for the service

  • Leif Ashley
    Leif Ashley Month ago

    I swear I almost laughed my AirPods out 3 times watching this...

  • FusionGamerElite
    FusionGamerElite Month ago

    FF7R, RE3R and CP2077 fuck you 1st - you buy now yes???

  • Luke McInerny
    Luke McInerny Month ago

    You can't be surprised that devs like Blizzard kiss china's ass, the industry is full of woke commies.

  • Luke McInerny
    Luke McInerny Month ago +1

    Blaming video games is a stupid as blaming the gun.

    IGGYBUNN 34 Month ago


  • Milkshaketurtle79
    Milkshaketurtle79 Month ago

    I love how the people saying video games cause violence refuse to look at the fact that the United States is basically the only country with mass shootings. South Korea doesn't have this issue.
    Also, it's totally fine for the military to romanticize being sent off to the desert to blow civilians up.

  • Jeff Biggums
    Jeff Biggums Month ago

    lmfao even Rockstar games has sold out
    everyones greedy chasing money

  • FreaK
    FreaK Month ago

    Joe I think you forgot to set your joycon down on it's side

  • clark mathers
    clark mathers Month ago

    Love all the extra joe

  • Island Boy
    Island Boy Month ago +1

    Honorable mention: the animation studio of the Sonic Movie shut down after the movie and some of the animators there revealed they were working in heavy crunch

  • Hilipinapixili
    Hilipinapixili Month ago

    ... Ok, I have to know... Where is that axe duel clip with the guy saying "RRRRAAAA" from?

  • Keith E. Jefferson, II

    I got a 2k20 as on this vid lmao

  • Jon Noble
    Jon Noble Month ago

    I'm confused he first complains about the rating system and simulated gambling and how it's bad for children to see, but in no way does video games cause violence? That's doesn't make sense to me. Alot of these kids are on the brink already and if they see something on a video game or movie it might send them over the edge...

  • Ghost
    Ghost Month ago +1

    If i wanted to stream my games, i use geforce now, if i want to burn my money while doing it, i buy a stadia

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible Month ago +1

    I wish I could kill the girl in this commercial fuck raid

    • Stefan Madethen
      Stefan Madethen 13 days ago

      rsl? as in raiiid shadow legendssss
      internet historian best ad read tho

  • Wise Wolf Tony
    Wise Wolf Tony Month ago

    The video games cause violence is one of the most maddening things ever. I mean Jesus if it was true we would have millions of shootings a year because millions of people play them. We would also get shit like kids who play Mario starting to climb sky scrappers and jump from one to the next so they can get real life platforming. We would have millions people doing a whole host of crazy ass shit because they saw it in a game. But no that isn't the case the people who do violent shit do it because they are mentally unstable have something wrong with them had a bad upbringing or were bullied and other similar shit. Video games are just a scapegoat an easy target to put the blame on for someone like Trump. Who won't admit that it's just the way the world is that shit like this is always gonna happen no matter what the fuck you do. You can make all the gun laws in the world that you want people that want to do violent acts are gonna find a way to do them no matter what the hell you do to try and prevent them.

  • GeneralErica
    GeneralErica Month ago +1

    HAHA. What an Idiot. Of course, Video Games cause Violence. That's why, before Video games came to be, everything was tranquil and peaceful. Duh.

    Also, prior to 1687, there was no such thing as gravity. Obv.

  • Last Day Specialist
    Last Day Specialist Month ago +1

    Joe is AMAZING respect+