James O'Brien's Brexit Call Labelled The Funniest And Scariest Yet

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • This is the remarkable James O'Brien clip in which he spoke to a Brexiteer who said he voted leave because his foreign neighbours are rude. Timothy got increasingly infuriated during the comedic call with James, as he was constantly asked "How will your life improve after Brexit." Listeners labelled James O'Brien call with a Ukip candidate the greatest ever. Originally, Timothy said: "It's to do with how I see the world and how I see myself and how I see countries." When James asked again how it was going to change his life, he blurted out: "I won't have to deal with people like... you," before he let out a yelp that needs to be heard to be believed. Eventually, Timothy admitted that one thing that made him angry was the rudeness of his neighbours in York. He went on: "My life will improve by not having bloody rude neighbours. My whole town changed. The last 10 years, I've seen my town change completely." When James pointed out that Theresa May has promised that all EU citizens currently in the UK will be allowed to stay, but Timothy said: "I hope that a lot of the Europeans here doing things such as labouring and building work, I'd like to see them go home." Uk Politics World News GE2018 Brexit G20 OJW Donations Welcome. www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DPK4PYVL8ZSZN

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  • Karla Jordan
    Karla Jordan 2 days ago

    "My life will improve by not having to look at foreign people" - There, Timothy, I fixed it for you. Greece has not been terrorised by Germany, they have mismanaged their money by giving massive benefits and pensions that they can't afford because tax avoidance is the norm. And, you think that life was better in the 90s because you were a teenager and had no responsibilities. You have a hard life now because you're an adult and being an adult is hard. You're a fucking infant and a disgrace to our country.

  • MR Spoon
    MR Spoon 3 days ago

    Jez , that Franco/Danish/Norwegian/Anglo guy sounds mad!!

  • Jd calling
    Jd calling 3 days ago

    A Brexiteer who went to public school.

  • Jd calling
    Jd calling 3 days ago

    Ha ha .....!

  • Onurb Senutna
    Onurb Senutna 4 days ago

    Timothy, a brexiteer, wants to go back to the 90s when the UK was still part of the EU... The UK has been in the EU longer than he has been alive, so i guess what Timothy really wants is to go back to being a child.

  • Robert Doyle
    Robert Doyle 5 days ago

    Fucking dickhead. They can't answer a sensible question and they know fuck all about anything lll

  • Michael Mouse
    Michael Mouse 7 days ago

    Poor old Tim. I wonder if he understands anything ? Why does he want to see warehouse staff go home? He gets very confused.

  • Driver2616
    Driver2616 8 days ago +1

    This can’t be real. This is fake, surely. There can’t actually be anybody out there like Timothy!

  • Viny Crimbo
    Viny Crimbo 8 days ago

    We are on our way out people. Roll on Oct 31st. The tears will dry up by mid November.

  • WarrenCromartie2
    WarrenCromartie2 8 days ago

    I fucking hate people.

  • Artful Dodger
    Artful Dodger 9 days ago +2

    Typical O'Brien style of interview, and idiots below hanging on his every word. Comments like: "That guy is basically a living TheXvid comment section", "Someone give that guy a spice girls cassette", "Timothy clearly has the intellectual capacity of a moth." and "TImothy is 35 and he's still a child". What do they all have in common? Well, they have all been brainwashed into thinking the EU is great. To explain to them that what they believe is not true, I would need paper and crayons to explain to them.

    Most of the comments below come from uneducated morons, you only have to look at their grammar to see that.

    • Zaranathax
      Zaranathax 7 days ago +1

      So you like good grammar? I wonder why you mix the American and British style of quotation marks - that's not very good. Also, that first comma you use isn't quite right; maybe a semi-colon would have been better. And again in your final sentence, that should be a semi-colon. As for the sentence about crayons, well...

  • Adrian stevens
    Adrian stevens 10 days ago

    People call in not understanding anything, anything at all , can this be real.

  • tal-lancer
    tal-lancer 11 days ago

    sure thing, let's take him back to all of the 90s....when Britain was in the EU...

  • Peter Hamilton
    Peter Hamilton 12 days ago

    What the guy is trying to say is this country is full of Europeans we dont need

  • likklej8
    likklej8 12 days ago

    Too much personal politics. Timothy you really need a few Xanax. York is a sh**hole apart from the National Railway Museum.

  • Maurice Guiney
    Maurice Guiney 12 days ago

    Is this clown an actor? An English actor, obviously

  • Gavinda jya jya
    Gavinda jya jya 12 days ago

    Definitely one of the funnier ones!
    ...and to be honest I think I'd rather go back to playing with Thundercats too. 😊

  • Unintended Consequences

    Amazing these people want to have the freedom of travel to any country, but they don't want anyone to have freedom of movement in their country.

  • 4 CZNZ
    4 CZNZ 13 days ago

    If this was the US I am sure he would of shot up some establishment in York

  • Kenneth Ganpot
    Kenneth Ganpot 14 days ago

    I don't want to go anywhere in Europe so no one else should!!!!! God save us from these brainless idiots.

  • iedco4
    iedco4 14 days ago

    I think his Dads name is Tim as well and owns a pub or two and sells cheap beer on the High Street !

  • Nicki Dixon
    Nicki Dixon 15 days ago

    Tim Nice but Dim

  • Dv Vecchio
    Dv Vecchio 16 days ago

    Wonder he will replace James after brexit as that’s his entire show

  • John Allen
    John Allen 16 days ago

    The poor gullible little lamb Timothy has well and truly been groomed online like so many vulnerables and conspiracy theory swallowers
    ... obviously common sense is an issue for this naive chap but he actually sounds like a nice kid...so sad that he has fallen for the conspiracy theories and mis-information paid for and targeted at his type

  • Percy elliott
    Percy elliott 16 days ago

    The problem with James O'Brien is that he comes across as condescending. He makes some decent points but his style is to belittle people. This is why brexit is doing so well. Those who support brexit feel that Britain has lost its identity. Community is dead and all that is left is consumers. Remainers only make it worse by talking about the potential impact on the UK economy. This misses the point. Brexit voters are concerned about the new battle between the forces of globalisation and the nation state. To them ignoring the referendum result is an indication the nation state is losing its power. It is like watching two ppl talk who cannot understand the others point of view.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 17 days ago

    Oh Timothy! Totally nebulous, all at sea, lack critical thinking, easily led, believed the Farage lies, bullshit Boris bus, bendy bananas, A true Brexit supporter! Plebs!

  • James Dean
    James Dean 17 days ago

    Timothy’s conundrum: how to be a racist and make racist comments without sounding like a racist.

  • Boniek20
    Boniek20 20 days ago

    Liberation, slavery and historical negativism....
    History tells us a different story. how countries in Western Europe can judge and accuse some countries of being racist is a complete joke.

    Great Britain
    • Africa, slavery and triangular trade
    • Australia, aborigine near genocide
    • North America....
    What about the others Germany, where do we start?
    Not many nations can lay claim to this one.....while only a nation in 1871, the new capital of Germany, Berlin, managed to oversee not 1 but 2 genocides.
    First, the Herero tribe in Africa and then a genocide in Europe.....
    So just think about that. This new nation, ‘Germany’, what did it achieve?
    Two World Wars and Two Genocides in its first 74 years?!?!?!
    What sort of a country is that?
    ‘The official Polish government report on war damages prepared in 1947 put Poland's war dead at 6,028,000; 3.0 million ethnic Poles and 3.0 million Jews not including losses of Polish citizens from the Ukrainian and Belarusian ethnic groups. 6,028,000 Polish people lost their lives.’

    Do any people actually ask themselves the fundamental question and think, why is it the case that there were so many Jewish people living in Poland, more than anywhere else in Europe?
    The answer is quite simple. Countries such as England, Spain, France, Italy, Austria and the German’ states had expelled and oppressed the Jewish people.
    King John expelled the Jews in England, in fact Jews were forced to wear ‘yellow stars’.
    Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain expelled the Jews; the same king and queen who were patrons to Christopher Columbus and his expedition to America, where another ethnic group, an indigenous population were inflicted with a genocide through Spanish conquest. In Italy the Jewish population were segregated from the rest of the populace, hence the word ‘ghetto’ which originates from the Venetian, ‘getto’.
    Germany and Russia are countries who went so far as to even develop their own state sponsored anti-semitism. The Russian state sponsored ‘pogroms’ under the Tsars and the German nation’s genocide of the Jewish people are only some examples of the historical continuity of Russian and German anti-semitism, evident even in the writings of the German monk, Martin Luther. Poland has never had the anti-semitism or state sponsored anti-semitism found in Germany and Russia.

    The history of the Jews in Poland dates back over 1,000 years. For centuries, Poland was home to the largest and most significant Jewish community in the world. Poland was a principal centre of Jewish culture, thanks to a long period of statutory religious tolerance and social autonomy. This ended with the Partitions of Poland which began in 1772, in particular, with the discrimination and persecution of Jews in the Russian Empire. Furthermore, the Germans during the Second World War executed a nearly complete genocidal destruction of the Polish Jewish community and the ensuing Holocaust during 1939-1945 under the German occupation of Poland.

    Warsaw Uprising 1944
    On August 1st, the people of Warsaw commemorated the largest civilian uprising during WWII.
    150,000-200,000 civilians killed, 700,000 expelled from the city.......
    That’s wanting liberation!
    And some bozos say they want liberation from the EU, you feel enslaved?! 😀
    People need to wake up.

  • Emily Moss
    Emily Moss 20 days ago +1

    Thinking things through is not really the Leavers' strong suit.

  • 5cloudwalker
    5cloudwalker 21 day ago +1

    Trump followers are identical to Breiteers, they have been sold a feeling!!!!! feelings block out reason it’s one of the reasons so many can’t explain their feelings lol scared really cos Britain is going to go through a world of hurt just like the US is going through 🙁

  • lindy919
    lindy919 21 day ago

    I'm 100% positive, on at least a weekly basis, the words "I swear I'm not racist" come out of this caller's stupid gob

  • oliver beard
    oliver beard 21 day ago +1

    ''I want to go back to the nineties!'' Lol.

  • Adam P
    Adam P 21 day ago

    “I don’t see myself as a European”
    Dumb fuck. Leaving the EU doesn’t mean the UK is geographically going to move. We’re all still European.

  • Tom Purcell
    Tom Purcell 22 days ago

    ...longs for the 1790s probably! Something tells me that little Timmy yearns for the days when he could find comfort in the safe haven of spending his prepubescent working life halfway up a chimney or picking oakum and junk in a workhouse. Either that or living (along with his 28 siblings) in a septic water tank in middle of t'road.
    Luxury! Sheer luxury!

  • darren mccarthy
    darren mccarthy 22 days ago

    Pity the brits weren't so worried about landing in other countries for the past 500 years. Bastards murdered hundreds of thousands of my countrymen and now they give out about people coming to their country.

  • john doe
    john doe 22 days ago

    James O'Brian, I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire

  • theBagheera22
    theBagheera22 22 days ago

    No way is he 35

  • georgetaylor100
    georgetaylor100 22 days ago

    If it thinks like a racist and sounds like a racist, then it's probably someone who can't justify vague and xenophobic remarks on LBC 😹

  • Mark Blair
    Mark Blair 23 days ago +1

    Leave or Remain, it doesn’t matter Timothy, because you ain’t getting laid anytime soon.

  • Nigel Wiseman
    Nigel Wiseman 23 days ago

    He is a southern Englishman living in northern England. Brussels controls everything, but Brexit means abiding by WTO rules.

  • K L
    K L 24 days ago

    Hardly sounds like a native of Yorkshire ! (more Home counties)

  • Jason Osborne
    Jason Osborne 24 days ago

    What bullshit

  • Holliethedog
    Holliethedog 24 days ago

    Well, I don't want us to go back to the 90s, I want to go back to the 50s, but without the lack of family cars, fridges and colour TVs. Can Farage or Bojo PLEASE get on and arrange it? It is perfectly simple with the right "can do" attitude and optimism!

  • simon menzies
    simon menzies 24 days ago

    People voted for democracy and freedom to create are our own laws.
    And yes free of the eu is already looking like life will be improved.
    And the caller is also correct doncaster town centre has been RUINED by immigration. James wants to ignore this very simple fact.
    Total moron

  • patrick higgs
    patrick higgs 25 days ago

    Brilliant James... Just Brilliant ! Thank you for standing up for the truth and simple integrity !

  • Jeremy Govender
    Jeremy Govender 25 days ago

    The grrrrrr at the start made laugh hard

  • Richie Ponsford
    Richie Ponsford 25 days ago

    Probably listens to the national anthem and salutes at the end of the night

  • Gene Miller
    Gene Miller 26 days ago

    Nicely done! Everything is bad is certainly a sweeping generalization. If you can't articulate what is biting your bum, you're a victim of others who are ready to sell you a bill of goods with no better reason or logic than you are offering..

  • Gannko Mule
    Gannko Mule 26 days ago

    Hahahahahah what a cock head hahahaha

  • Global Relief
    Global Relief 26 days ago +1

    The British gouvernement will NOT shut down the border for Refugees or Immigration. FAKT!

  • MY Dlink
    MY Dlink 27 days ago

    Amazing how ignorant and susceptible to being conned Bretxiters and Trumpists are!

  • Incoldblood
    Incoldblood 27 days ago +1

    5:40 "doesn't that make you a globalist?". Lololololol

  • Zee Doya
    Zee Doya 27 days ago

    Being able to Vote should be a privilege, not a RIGHT...... hope fully it will stop tits like this voting, but I thinks it’s too late ...

  • headcaseman
    headcaseman 28 days ago

    Same emotional response and vague platitudes you hear from all Brexiteers. Taking all of their own problems and prejudices and attaching them to Brexit even though there is no link whatsoever, and then unsurprisingly completely unable to explain their stance because they don’t know what they’re talking about and haven’t thought it through in the slightest.
    I have never once heard a single Brexiteer give a solid fact based argument on why Brexit is a good idea. Not once.

  • Sinisa Stojanovic
    Sinisa Stojanovic 29 days ago +1

    How come Charles Darwin was so wrong on evolution? 😅

  • Tc867
    Tc867 29 days ago +2

    Typical Brexiteer....🤦‍♂️

  • wvu05
    wvu05 29 days ago

    More gems:
    Timothy: I don't hate it here. I love my country!
    JOB: But you've spent most of the call talking negatively about it here.
    Timothy: Because it's terrible!
    Either he is trolling, or this is the most unself-aware person on the planet.

  • wvu05
    wvu05 29 days ago

    JOB: So, you're in favor of discrimination?
    Timothy: Of course not! I just want to put native-born first.
    Someone needs to give Timmy a dictionary.

  • UltimaPowers
    UltimaPowers Month ago +7

    The sadness in his voice when he says "I want to go back to he 90s", I almost feel bad for him.


  • Wilbur Wafer
    Wilbur Wafer Month ago

    Hahahahahaha fucking hell that parting remark killed me XD other than that Timothy is the most manchild name there is and by God does this guy live up to that trope.

  • douglas grey
    douglas grey Month ago

    Doesn’t that make you a globalist? 🤣

  • shane molloy
    shane molloy Month ago

    Put natives first in ireland

  • MC Bruin
    MC Bruin Month ago

    He wants to go back to the time when there was immense unemployment. Severe poverty. The UK was in an depression. Thatcher was prime minister at the time. I was an terrible time. Special for places like Manchester and Liverpool.
    What he wants is to be a boy again save in mommies lap.

  • John Brownbill
    John Brownbill Month ago

    Not obrien’s best defence. More sark than serious in the argument. Of course the caller is a deludedly blind too.

  • James Drake
    James Drake Month ago +2

    James, keep it up.

  • Blue Steel
    Blue Steel Month ago


  • D Guitar
    D Guitar Month ago

    Hilarious, yet very sad.

  • Uameamalositagata Nofoalii

    Guy needs to get laid

  • ZeddysDad
    ZeddysDad Month ago

    Remainers love to think all Leavers are all either racist cab drivers retired gammons etc. JOB's researcher/minders only let idiots or sycophants through, because as his car crash interview with JRM showed, when up against someone armed with facts all he can do it interrupt and hector with straw men and constant moving of goal posts. Prat.

  • robert hingston
    robert hingston Month ago

    7:04 Iagree

  • collab. rec
    collab. rec Month ago

    Sorry conservatives, but time only moves in one _linear_ direction. If you would all just kindly confine yourselves to your basements or sheds and not come back out until you have successfully invented time traveling machines, that would be the best possible service you could offer. Thank you and good luck 😙

  • JD123
    JD123 Month ago

    Janes O’Brien is a Jack ass!!

  • Ashley Rayner
    Ashley Rayner Month ago

    James O'Brien what a cock...

  • steve horner
    steve horner Month ago

    Make a constructive interview. Not stupid comments. Again Brainless James O Brian

  • Paul Beresford
    Paul Beresford Month ago

    Now I understand how the UK voted to leave the EU. What an utter twat.