James O'Brien's Brexit Call Labelled The Funniest And Scariest Yet

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • This is the remarkable James O'Brien clip in which he spoke to a Brexiteer who said he voted leave because his foreign neighbours are rude. Timothy got increasingly infuriated during the comedic call with James, as he was constantly asked "How will your life improve after Brexit." Listeners labelled James O'Brien call with a Ukip candidate the greatest ever. Originally, Timothy said: "It's to do with how I see the world and how I see myself and how I see countries." When James asked again how it was going to change his life, he blurted out: "I won't have to deal with people like... you," before he let out a yelp that needs to be heard to be believed. Eventually, Timothy admitted that one thing that made him angry was the rudeness of his neighbours in York. He went on: "My life will improve by not having bloody rude neighbours. My whole town changed. The last 10 years, I've seen my town change completely." When James pointed out that Theresa May has promised that all EU citizens currently in the UK will be allowed to stay, but Timothy said: "I hope that a lot of the Europeans here doing things such as labouring and building work, I'd like to see them go home." Uk Politics World News GE2018 Brexit G20 OJW Donations Welcome. www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DPK4PYVL8ZSZN

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  • rmm01o
    rmm01o 4 hours ago

    I think it was a joke

  • Farah Wajid
    Farah Wajid 6 hours ago

    Good job he didn't live during the 70s......Fool

  • vegass04
    vegass04 7 hours ago

    Holly shit, this guy is brutal.. Who is he and why do I love him after 5 minutes of watching him demolish this little prick who just want's to be an Englishman and who's glory days were 90s..

  • Marc Speight
    Marc Speight 18 hours ago

    James O'Brien is one of the worst examples of a human being I've ever had the misfortune of noticing. An uppity, shouty little turd of the highest order. Cuts people off when they make a good point that destroys his narrative, and just seems to think that repeating his warped views over and over at high volume makes them fact. The man is an odious, creepy, rat faced scumbag who is only in that job because he's a polarising individual that creates debate. He's like Jeremy Kyle for the radio.
    I'd love to see him and that other libtard little freak Owen Jones fired close range at high velocity straight into a wall.

  • TrollTv
    TrollTv 18 hours ago

    Same like nazi`s with jews in 1930`s
    How bad is this country?

  • Andrew Wade
    Andrew Wade 19 hours ago

    35? He sounds about 10!

  • TransmissionLineDesigns
    TransmissionLineDesigns 22 hours ago +1

    "Why are you a globalist?"
    He asked via his mobile phone that was made in China!

  • Recker 1886
    Recker 1886 22 hours ago

    he's a kid that hasnt lived a life. sound like a 16 year old

  • MartinREC
    MartinREC 23 hours ago

    I voted to stay in the "common market" in 1975. I was conned (Edward Heath admitted he lied to the British public several years later).
    The EU Commission is just a modern version of the old USSR polit bureau (as Gorbachev pointed out at an event in Paris several years ago).
    The polit bureau creates the laws, the MEPs merely rubber stamp them with no ability to alter these laws in any meaningful way.
    Guy verhofstadt compared the EU 7 year economic plan with the soviet union 5 year economic plan. What a giveaway!
    Altiero Spinelli's (1907-1986) name is above the main entrance to the EU. Spinelli was an Italian communist who set out a manifesto which is being followed by the EU.
    Alexi Sayle has in his autobiography (and used it in an interview by remote camera) that his parents (both communists) attended meetings where it was discussed how and when they (communists) would take over the world.I though it was just a comedic tale but he was trying to warn us (obvious now).
    The European elections are just an illusion of democracy.
    The whole reason for the EU is to replace Europeans with a low IQ, mixed race.
    Any financial arguments are just a smokescreen as suggested by Jean Monnet, co-founder of the EEC who died in 1978.
    That is the plan. Look it up!
    The Barcelona Decalaration 1995 (relates to importing muslims), the Marrakesh Declaration 2018 (relates to importing sub saharan Africans) and the UN migration Pact 2018 all facilitate the replacement of Europeans.
    They were trying to do this very gradually but the recent "crisis" has illuminated their plan. (This "migrant crisis" itself was orchestrated by the UN in 2000, so not really a "crisis".)
    Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote "Practical Idealism" in 1923. The EU is based on this book.
    He designed the flag and suggested Beethoven's Ode to Joy as it's anthem.
    Those of us who have woken up should have JSBach's "sleepers awake" from Cantata No.40 perhaps.
    In December 2018, junker admitted coudenhove-kalergi's influence in the creation of the EU (maybe he thought if the cat's out of the bag, why deny it?).
    For decades Europeans were told to reduce family size to save the planet (the guardian was still printing this in 2017!).
    Africa's population is exploding (seems africans were not told to save the planet!).
    Junker and his puppy,macron, are going to import 200 million Africans in the next 20 years becuase of falling birthrate. Why not just encourage Europeans to have more babies....or doesn't that fit the coudenhove-kalergi plan?
    We're told that automation will replace employment in many sectors (Apple have recently opened a stoe without staff).
    What will all these africans do all day?

  • Will Leader
    Will Leader Day ago

    O'Brien throwing his toys out of the pram

  • Andy Dawson
    Andy Dawson Day ago

    Hahahaha fuck sake, these people are fucking morons 🙄

  • sergiomarchelli
    sergiomarchelli Day ago

    Classical Brexiter.

  • John Walsh
    John Walsh Day ago

    Hopefully the UK will simply walk away on March 29th.

  • Sébastien Lemarquis

    I want to go back to the nineties when I was a child so I vote for Brexit. LOL. Amazing.

  • Sébastien Lemarquis

    "native first" This guy needs to live a few years in Asia to fell first hand how it is to be discriminated because of you origin or the color of your skin. Disgusting guy.

  • watman
    watman Day ago

    I think I just witnessed the epitome of stupidity

  • Pulsonar
    Pulsonar Day ago

    James giving Steve Coogan a good comedy run for his money, whilst calmly ripping Timothy Simple a new one.

  • Daniel Lantos
    Daniel Lantos 2 days ago

    So why are the english sitting on benefits when they want they want us the fucking foreigners to get lost ?! So this type of people voted brexit. English people are very nice just 17.000.000 bellends like this one voted some lies

  • nmacog
    nmacog 2 days ago


  • rupedo1
    rupedo1 2 days ago

    To clarify the reason of the brexit vote, may I suggest that you view a document - FCO 30/1048, its contents will show why the reasoning of O'Brien is bordering on mentally unstable. A copy can be accessed from the national archives.

  • Anthony Blomfield
    Anthony Blomfield 2 days ago

    PLEASE CANCEL THIS BR-EXIT, Your leaders have a duty of care to not come out of the EU without 100,000s of peaces of legislation and contracts, and deals solved.. The "leave" vote was for "control over immigration" and "Democratic control over your own laws".. Coming out of EU is larger that those two issues and needs to be protected while the spirit of the leave vote is respected. Intelligent MPs need to make a clever deal, without pulling out of the EU. Postpone the Brexit until issues are resolved / or this Government is not fulling is responsibility. Furthermore the referendum need to be considered along other factors, public will, miss representation and the idea many leave voters have changed their mind on more facts.

  • John N
    John N 2 days ago

    Timothy could do with realising that the common core of all the problems in his life has a name, and it starts with a 'T'.

  • ziggy bass
    ziggy bass 2 days ago

    Timothy is a Dick head! he needs help!

  • iD Events Ebrahim DAR-wa

    Brexit supporters should be labelled Stupid British

  • Jon b
    Jon b 3 days ago

    Britain - Is sometimes seen as the gateway to Europe, this was expressed by the Japanese. So whats the point in leaving the EU now we will lose that attractive position, and if the so called brexiters cant see this then UK is doomed

  • Andrew Skegg
    Andrew Skegg 3 days ago

    "Brexit will make my annoying foreign neighbours leave so I can holiday overseas in peace."

  • Barry Harding
    Barry Harding 3 days ago

    James O’Brien as biased as ever. The WTO questions were weighted. The tariff quotas objected to by NZ etc. are those which keep food prices up. He was patronising to caller Tim. And yes O’Brien is part of the Remoaner MSM manipulating the news.

  • heyhey heyhey
    heyhey heyhey 3 days ago +1

    35?He sounds and talks like 70 years old. .What a waste. ..

  • spiderbowels
    spiderbowels 3 days ago

    Timothy would be more coherent if he took his thumb out of his mouth

  • tigermunky
    tigermunky 3 days ago +2

    He's onto something. I don't remember potholes existing until the Euro came into being. Clearly the potholes are being deliberately made in roads by sneaky Germans to undermine our great nation and bring the UK into ruin.

  • Khalil Xbow
    Khalil Xbow 3 days ago

    He does not sound like he is 35. He does however sound exactly like an idiot.

  • Paul Conway
    Paul Conway 4 days ago

    ROAD CRASH in slow motion here, if I may be allowed to partake, Life isn't going to improve much after Brexit that's down to the fact we just rapidly increased the UK population dramatically over the last 15 years.
    This is a fact we cant change! let me put it this way 'if the bath is overflowing and flooding the bathroom! What's the first thing you will do?' Yes STOP the tap!!! Than deal with the issue at hand, (Which would probably be major investment into the infrastructure in order to deal with the population increase?) That's if there isn't a major EU nationals Exodus from the UK if the repetitive moaners aka those wishing to remain in the EU such as our host here James O'Brien are to be believed regarding the state of the UK Economy post Brexit.
    Get over the fact those that wanted to remain part of the EU lost the referendum! If you took one thing from the campaigns common on either side this was a ONCE in a life time vote!! Who are the stupid ones here those who chose to vote leave or those that couldn't get off there ass and vote to remain!!! The biggest fact is no one and I mean no one knows what the state of the EU economy or the UK Economy will look like post BREXIT, Everyone is however entitled to guess! but that is still all it is a guess!!! because there are too many factors to fully understand an economy which even the world's leading Economist frequently get wrong?

  • Peter O'Brien
    Peter O'Brien 4 days ago

    Here's a clip just for Timothy! thexvid.com/video/v3tt1ve8jq0/video.html

  • p. c.
    p. c. 5 days ago

    He's just another self-hating European. He hates Europe even though he is European. Even though his beloved English language is 29% French, 29% Latin, 26% Germanic and 6% Greek. Even though those so called 'natives' he talks about are a mix of multiple European bloods, including Viking, Roman, Norse, Norman, Huguenot etc. He's deluded, wrong and essentially racist.

  • Allie Ron
    Allie Ron 5 days ago

    Damn but these Leavers are morons.

  • The Modern Templar
    The Modern Templar 5 days ago

    Im so glad I don't have LBC to listen to as this guy O'Brien is a total prick.

  • Matt bazeley
    Matt bazeley 5 days ago

    This caller should be embarrassed. The whole nation should be embarrassed on his behalf. He couldn’t even manage a single intelligent argument.

  • 88Burbank
    88Burbank 5 days ago

    This kind of retard shouldn't be left unsupervised for his own safety.

  • Jago Sevetar
    Jago Sevetar 5 days ago +1

    35? More like 13.5. *Mommy*: "What's wrong, lil boo boo?" *Timothy*: "EVERYTHIIIIIIIIING!"

  • Amraj Khan
    Amraj Khan 5 days ago

    Typical Brexiter, he wants to live in the past

  • whssy
    whssy 5 days ago

    "I'm 35". Yeah right... he's about 15.

  • Msmlou Lou
    Msmlou Lou 5 days ago


  • Queens Last Knight
    Queens Last Knight 5 days ago

    Dear People Worldwide
    Queens Last Knight on TheXvid reveals EU Codes that help Bring back Multi-Billions of British pounds immediately to the U.K. possibly ending Austerity & helping the NHS
    Yours Faithfully

  • Will Byrne
    Will Byrne 6 days ago

    It's funny and all.... but someone really needs to keep an eye on that chap. He sounds like someone who will one day feature in a news report that ends with the words, "..before turning the gun on himself..."

  • The blessed Kuffar
    The blessed Kuffar 6 days ago

    The Brexiteers on this talk show are selected and mocked to express a pseudo expression for this despotic radio host and the following misinformed remainers .
    Read what Martin Howe QC has to say . It will educate remainers in integrity rather than pied pipers like bully o Brien .
    And for further measures have any of you remainers read part 2 of the Lisbon Treaty or blindly trust the media

    • Aaron Hoy
      Aaron Hoy 2 days ago

      @The blessed Kuffar
      Why wouldn't include a link to what you tell others to read... it's almost as if you don't really want people to read it & instead just want to fear monger. So, here is the link to the text eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex%3A12007L%2FTXT ... now by "part 2" I'm guessing you are in fact meaning to refer to "Chapter 2 Policies on Border Checks, Asylum & Immigration," correct? Now, for those who do wish to read the relevant Articles that are changed in chapter 2 are Article 62, Article 63, Article 63a, & Article 63b... the chapter is idk something like 10-15% of the way down the page. So, it should be noted for everyone who was not already aware that *the majority* of what the treaty changes in regards to those chapters were for the most part already incorporated into the EU via the European Constitution... don't take my word for that here is a report from Migration Watch, an organization whose views on such matters I imagine you would trust more than mine:
      "3. The Lisbon Treaty, although very different in form, is (except on foreign policy) virtually identical on all matters of substance to the European Constitution, which it replaces following the latter’s rejection by French & Dutch voters in their referendums in 2005."
      That can be found at www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/82 along with the following sections summarizing what the Lisbon Treaty does in regards to immigration & asylum seekers:
      "(i) General
      5. All the four types of Treaty change just described will affect the future making & implementation of EU policies relating to asylum & immigration, which are now contained within a part of the Treaty entitled 'The Area of Freedom, Security & Justice'. The new Treaty, however, also retains, with some amendments (discussed in more detail in the main report), the UK’s two existing 'opt-outs' from both the Schengen agreement on the removal of internal frontier controls & from the asylum & immigration provisions of the Treaty of Amsterdam.
      (b)(v) Overall Assessment
      11. The main impact of the Lisbon Treaty’s provisions on the UK’s policies on asylum & immigration is that the UK’s decisions on whether or not to opt-in to new EU legislative proposals will become more problematic now that all such legislation will now be decided by QMV. HMG will need to balance the potential advantages of co-operating with other Member States against the risk of being outvoted in the Council of Ministers. We are likely to be faced with particularly awkward decisions when the Commission proposes to amend previous asylum or immigration or asylum decisions we have previously opted into & we dislike the amendments proposed. We may then be faced with losing the benefits of our previous opt-in. A possible amendment, recently aired by the Commission, to amend the Dublin Convention to provide for burden-sharing between Member States in receiving immigrants is an example of this dilemma.
      12. However, even if the UK adopted a firm policy of opting-out of all new EU legislation on asylum & immigration matters, there are still other ways in which the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty could affect the UK’s policy in these areas. First, as noted above, the Treaty could lead to our courts referring to the ECJ more cases involving appeals by asylum seekers against decisions by the UK authorities to refuse them admittance or to repatriate them. Second, if we decide to opt out of any EU proposal to define the rights of third-country residents residing in one Member State to move to & reside, we would be faced with a potentially difficult negotiation with other Member States on what access we would give to this category of migrant. Last, but not least, the UK’s general room for manoeuvre on a range of immigration issues could be narrowed if the ECJ decides that some of the relevant rights contained in the CFR have 'direct effects' rights for immigrants or their families."

  • Pedro Gonzalex
    Pedro Gonzalex 6 days ago

    this stupid idiot misses teletubbies !

  • Mishal Chotai
    Mishal Chotai 6 days ago

    Very short minded and racist caller. Typical brexitier

  • Ben King
    Ben King 6 days ago +1

    The EU powers that hope to be, which want to control our laws, taxes, education, food prices and lives, can NEVER be voted out. Think about how terrifying that fact is.

  • juanmanuelmv
    juanmanuelmv 6 days ago

    The caller doesn't want to go back to the 90`s, what he really, really wants is going back to the 19th century where he sees himself singing Britannia rules the waves in the local pub. Of course, would that happen, he still will complain first about the wheather, then about his neighbour being noisy, somebody using his parking space, a branch of a tree going over his garden, children being a nuisance, his doctor not getting it right, labour doing nothing, tories getting it wrong but at least his neigbour would be a Smith and not a Retkowski, his doctor a Wilson and not a Pattel and the politians would be May or Maybenot but never a bloody Tusk or Barnier. Brexit definately is a consolation worthwhile.

  • bannerlad01
    bannerlad01 6 days ago

    Sounds like William Wallace and the Scots need to sack York again.

  • jackie cooksey
    jackie cooksey 7 days ago

    Watch you tube video " Tommy Robinson breaking news panodrama" finally we can see what this guy is really like

  • Barry Kelly
    Barry Kelly 7 days ago

    A good example of Brexit.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers 7 days ago

    Obrien talking out of his arse again.

  • Oneman Oneman
    Oneman Oneman 7 days ago

    But he actually makes a point the lower end of the labour market as been severely impacted by EU workers.

  • clifford cage
    clifford cage 7 days ago

    Rich kid trying to be cool. What a twat.

    JOHN WALTON 7 days ago

    Poor boy is just a loser.

  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin 7 days ago

    when Timothy listed off all the places he'd been to and James asked "does that make you a globalist then" XD XD XD

  • John MacTavish
    John MacTavish 7 days ago

    i dont see myself as europeans. im english man.
    what a moron

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards 7 days ago

    holiday in greece whats he doin there hes a foreigner he hates foregners yet he is one

  • Superzaper Vector
    Superzaper Vector 7 days ago

    there are ways of putting your point across without sounding like an arrogant arse and laying into a kid with your awful drown is lightweight

  • Tara Tara
    Tara Tara 7 days ago

    A typical Brexiter thicko.

  • smuffy2323
    smuffy2323 8 days ago

    Timothy is an " as we say in Scotland " Eejit.

  • Paul Nunnink
    Paul Nunnink 8 days ago

    Ah, so...... Brexit is a treatment for men with an early midlife crise???? What's wrong with Viagra???

  • Maureen Gordon
    Maureen Gordon 8 days ago

    Live in York and dont see a problem except him. Foolish boy

  • Osmond Snurksnor
    Osmond Snurksnor 8 days ago

    I do understand him, but as a European who visits the UK frequently I could be honest and tell that nor me nor my colleagues enjoy going over there. Its a shame really, it used to be a great country and Britains exit is ripping the social fabric apart. I was in Dublin when brexit was voted and people were pretty flabbergasted over there, so was I. Europe is an economic construct and I dont feel like an European but I do still feel the connection between Flanders and Britain. Fight the bureaucracy not Europe, we need each other, this has been proven time upon time again. Peace and love

  • HMR B
    HMR B 8 days ago

    TRUMP voters are exactly like BREXIT voters ...
    People who are angry, confused and nostalgic for a past that never existed. People who are looking for someone to blame for the life they feel they are entitled to not coming into being.

  • I Relevant
    I Relevant 8 days ago

    Hahahahaha... some of these brexiteers are so funny, even though they are ignorant and uneducated... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    The Europeans will not leave the UK, it's been confirmed so get over it

  • kangeroobru
    kangeroobru 8 days ago

    Poor Timothy, what a muppet 😁

  • zBijs
    zBijs 8 days ago

    Your bloody country has changed a LOT because of the millions of Indians, Pakistanis, Jamaicans, South Africans, and other non-christian, non-jewish people, that were granted free access to Britain thanks to your BLOODY colonialism of your bloody grandfathers. None of these peoples came from Europe or the EU (aside from Cyprus, which constitutes a very tiny percentage of the immigrants). Read your boody history, wash your mouth with petrol, then think twice before talking bad about European immigrants.

  • Ian Tan
    Ian Tan 8 days ago

    If you were to take all the issues mentioned, and go through them with a fine-toothed comb, you'll see that the underlying problem influencing the nuances of the situation isn't that the problem is there, instead it's the authorities we were supposed to be able to depend on playing the blame game agenda with loose and fast rules.
    Let's face it; the big economic players and lobbyists are playing for keeps, and the better the country does progressively, the more they lose. Their fear game is simple; they need higher profit margins, but lower costs.
    Immigration allows them to employ cheaper labor, but at the risk of losing local support, especially when they're expecting government policies to give them better advantages on their terms. That also means reaping the most on all playing fields; aka monopoly.
    Increase prices, lower production cost, and gain exclusive privileges to sustain that power. The only other authority they cannot control is local support; Voting rights, especially for welfare benefits that they'll have to be a part of, ie employee benefits.
    Their strategy is to gain your votes to go with that strategy by implicating someone else as the problem, while being strong-armed into basically losing more of your entitled rights. You will replace their cheap labor, they concentrate their wealth even further, and twist the legislations to fit their demands.
    So, instead of bolstering the local human workforce by enforcing policies that curb such wealth stagnation between such players, improve welfare for local and potential workforce by safeguarding aides to healthcare, financial support, family planning, etc, and legislating new policies that support the development of skills and man power via education, immigration screening, social community programs to help new migrant and local families, etc, their political tactic is to use your voting rights to basically water down and weaken the very constitution that protect your claim to all those benefits I mentioned just a while ago and expect them; the big, monopolistic economic players, not the experts who are investing their blood and sweat to actually ensure that such regressive impact hits you where it hurts.
    Remember; the big, conglomerate, economic players and lobbyist ARE NOT the economic, financial and legislative experts providing you with the facts.

  • Jon Newman
    Jon Newman 8 days ago

    I suspect this has been said multiple times before, but this is the first time I have heard Mr. O'Brien. As an American, I see so many similarities between Brexiters and Trumpers. Both are fed a bunch of nonsense from their favorite media outlet. (Fox News in USA), and can't deal with hard facts when they are presented to them. Unfortunately both of these groups are going to cause their respective countries to become worse off for the middle class. (or average person.) Case in point, in USA the Trumpers were all for the recent tax law changes, thinking that it was going to put a little more money in their pocket. In reality, what has occurred is that the wealthiest are getting a tax cut, but the average person who no longer can take a mortgage deduction, as well as deducting their state and local taxes are going to actually pay more in taxes. I fear in GB the same type of thing will occur. Those that are well off will either leave GB or the impact will have a minimal impact on their lives. The average person is going to be faced with a severe recession and all that goes with it.
    I candidly don't think there is a way to reason with these groups. IMO what you need to do is find a way to reduce their political influence.

  • Claudette s
    Claudette s 9 days ago

    What people who don't like people don't get is they're usually the asshole. Bless dude's family and neighbors.
    "Because of everything!" Potholes?

  • crstf
    crstf 9 days ago

    Explain this nonsense. How is Germany "holding back Greece and all these other countries"? After paying billions to keep them afloat.

  • 666wurm
    666wurm 9 days ago

    So sad.

  • Jay_ ___
    Jay_ ___ 9 days ago

    What a racist.

  • Carlos Gomes
    Carlos Gomes 9 days ago +1

    Timothy doesn't sound like a Yorkshireman to me, so he's basically an immigrant himself (if you don't believe me, ask a Yorkshireman). In fact, he sounds a stupid little racist snot who needs to grow up and learn to think - but that would probably be too hard for him.

  • Komsur
    Komsur 9 days ago +2

    This is a Brexiteer through-and-through, no answers, all racism. 5:00 literally any time I try to argue with a Leave voter.

  • Stefanos Gouveris
    Stefanos Gouveris 9 days ago

    "I 'member!" "'Member feeling safe? And no ISIS? 'Member when marriage was only between a man and a woman? 'Member Reagan?" "Oh yeah, I 'member!"

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 9 days ago

    Before the LYING, Immigrants came in, were are the family,s?

  • Max Martin
    Max Martin 9 days ago

    "It's terrible because of everything".......????!!!

    GWLAD 9 days ago

    I would happily make James o o Brien walk the plank what a wanker

    • GWLAD
      GWLAD 9 days ago +1

      SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I don’t need to you fucking wankstain prick

      SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 9 days ago +2

      Call him then you coward.

  • ElBloeTigre
    ElBloeTigre 9 days ago

    The only rational explanation is that Tim is hired by James O'Brien. The alternative is too scary to contemplate.

  • Dimitris Damdimopoulos

    #1 Stripping out a compete top layer of government (EU) should theoretically, allow better local spending decisions (based on a fair and balanced(UK biased) investment policy) .

  • yellowslacker
    yellowslacker 10 days ago

    You're are right Brexiteers, we shouldn't judge every Leave campaigner to be like Timothy. We should include people like my parents that are stuck in the mud, cantankerous racists as well. Although, I can now put fickle on that list as they want to remain now knowing what is coming. (Eyeball roll)

  • Eddie Ford
    Eddie Ford 10 days ago

    Well that was pretty painful.

  • Christophe Blanchi
    Christophe Blanchi 10 days ago

    James you are just too hard on that Brexiter, he just wants his mommy...

  • dennis wise
    dennis wise 10 days ago


  • dennis wise
    dennis wise 10 days ago

    @t this is Corbyn at the Shannon peace rally. It demonstrates why war mongering NeoLiberal filth like james supports the EU

  • Vladimir Staykov
    Vladimir Staykov 10 days ago

    The Brexit is reflection of the xenophobic nature of the average Brit. So sad!

  • CZ izinci
    CZ izinci 10 days ago

    guys, f++k these losers who can't cope with evolution. Let Brexit be a lesson to us all and learn something with this.

  • Rekt Innit Yo
    Rekt Innit Yo 10 days ago

    He’s an idiot back to the heyday? He was born in the EU he never knew it before we joined what a plum!. We were on our backs when we joined the EU. When was it we had to get a bailout? 76? I do not care either way personally but it’s idiots like these that will believe anything they see.

  • Sebastian M.
    Sebastian M. 11 days ago

    How can he stay so calm? I would've laughed my ass off while simultaneously wanting to strangle this caller.

  • [ PnD ] 5udeci [GER]
    [ PnD ] 5udeci [GER] 11 days ago

    This reporter is puuure gold XD That is amazing !

  • Frank Markus
    Frank Markus 11 days ago +2

    Reminds me of what we’re dealing with here in the states… Sounds like a Trump supporter, completely confused and unable to come to terms with his own deep-rooted bigotry and ignorance.

  • whirlwind cochran
    whirlwind cochran 11 days ago

    I live in the states and this is so good to watch not the fact you guys going through turmoil but how you deal with stupid people that call your radio show need more of this in the states

  • Binky Ferrari
    Binky Ferrari 11 days ago

    Another Brexitard. No wonder the Leave Campaign was so successful. There are way too many idiots in the UK.

  • Michael Gartlan
    Michael Gartlan 11 days ago

    The host is a smug git.

  • Eamon Os
    Eamon Os 12 days ago +3

    How to improve your life: Switch off james O Brien on LBC

  • Tw
    Tw 12 days ago

    I had sex for the first time in the 90's. Bring back the 90's!

  • LazyJack2003
    LazyJack2003 12 days ago

    If it was not so sad - it would be hilarious!