Another "Dad" Forces His Kid To Destroy His Console In A YouTube Video.

  • Published on Apr 4, 2019
  • A recent viral video has shown a disappointed father forcing his son to destroy a PS4 and I'm sick of these types of videos. Let's discuss.

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Comments • 1 568

  • Cubers Anonymous
    Cubers Anonymous 3 days ago

    No! Not my cutting edge gamer! Please dad no!

  • Xunyll
    Xunyll Month ago

    Also, there is something these parents don't realize: By destroying the kid's electronics, they have nothing left to lose. If anything, their behavior's gonna get fuckin' worse.

  • Nathan Dippery
    Nathan Dippery Month ago +1

    I punished my son by making him play FIFA for 2 hours straight.
    He said he will never even look at a FIFA disc again

  • Danny Selph
    Danny Selph Month ago

    What if I told you that you can actually parent your kids without using your camera.

    • much winters
      much winters Month ago

      Thanks again have a good one

    • much winters
      much winters Month ago +1

      @Danny Selph okay I'll spread the news this is world changing

    • Danny Selph
      Danny Selph Month ago

      @much winters I know, i couldnt believe that at first either lol

  • Kendrick Richardson

    What I think would happen when he going to put on TheXvid and his son just played alone

  • JackWProductions
    JackWProductions Month ago

    People like this should honestly be arrested.

  • MasterDan 0602
    MasterDan 0602 Month ago +1

    A real parent would not record something like that to be put on TheXvid!!!!!

  • SuperSonicKazooie
    SuperSonicKazooie Month ago +1

    (sigh) Seriously, these parents could've at least just take the consoles away from them and patiently encourage them to improve themselves better, then once they show improvement, give them back their consoles 😑

  • Dan Del Aguaro
    Dan Del Aguaro Month ago

    Most of these are fake. BTW, there's 49524953 video's thats titled dad makes son destroy his ps4

  • mikeaaronc77
    mikeaaronc77 2 months ago

    ahah reviewtech come on!!! you are rehashing this topic just to get views lol!! just like the videos you hate!!

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 2 months ago

    Something called a power cord.

  • Synchaos
    Synchaos 2 months ago

    shut up fat boy and show the video.

  • Jeremy Thompson
    Jeremy Thompson 2 months ago

    If I had a kid, I would find a cheap damaged or not working console that looked like theirs. Then when they got in real bad trouble, or if they were failing school, I would hide their console, and make them smash the already broken one. making them think they just destroyed their own console. Edit: I would tell them the truth after they destroyed it, and give them their real console back.

    • jack Hall
      jack Hall 2 months ago

      Oh that's a problem too.

  • DBR Reptiles
    DBR Reptiles 2 months ago

    Wheres the clip?

  • Johan Nilsson
    Johan Nilsson 2 months ago

    I really don't like when people destroy things (even worse, food). There are so many poor people out there who would love to be able to play video games. Also, it's bad for the environment. Add to that, what's it about public humiliation of your own child? I hate it when people treat their children as property.

  • Deny
    Deny 2 months ago

    I feel like they’re fake

  • zombie7ish
    zombie7ish 2 months ago

    Ya this has to be one of he most useless ways someone could “punish” their kids, all your doing is throwing money down the drain and embarrassing your kids all just for attention, take the console away or sell it for all I care, but doing this isn’t gonna work

  • jack Hall
    jack Hall 2 months ago

    I agree with this video. However, a video game is more then a "toy." Watch tamashiihiroka's video on how pokemon made her into who she is today. She will explain that it's more then a game. She says it really helped her through life. It made her more creative and made her become better at problem solving. To her, her pokemon were her only friends for a while and because of that, I really think that it's not ok for the father to do what he did.

  • Nintendo Bowler 2
    Nintendo Bowler 2 2 months ago

    Maybe all parents are inspired from Psycho Dad (Jeffrey Ridgway Sr.) from Mcjuggernuggets

  • Nintendo Bowler 2
    Nintendo Bowler 2 2 months ago

    PlayStation and Xbox are the 2 consoles had the most number of destructions. And Nintendo had like only some but not many.

  • Spook13Jayy
    Spook13Jayy 2 months ago

    Don't run over consoles with your car, I know of an x box 360 that busted a guy's tire

  • A random person on the internet!

    They could just hide the controllers, console, anything else! But of course they wouldn’t! Instead they just benefit on their child and destroy the console for views! Thinking that will make them famous, but it only makes them look completely idiotic!

  • Jonathan Simpson
    Jonathan Simpson 2 months ago

    That "father" should be imprisoned for emotional/psychological abuse.

  • Bitelaserkhalif 555
    Bitelaserkhalif 555 2 months ago

    meanwhile on craigslist...
    PS4 $60
    "gently used, slightly damaged, one careful owner. just needs bondo."

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 2 months ago

    so you spend hundreds of dollars on a console and then bully the kid and make the son destroy the console I swear all the parents breaking these consoles are either rich as fucc or has something wrong with their heads

  • kitsunetailsx8
    kitsunetailsx8 2 months ago

    Piss poor parenting

  • anvilofcrom1
    anvilofcrom1 2 months ago

    Have you ever tried just turning off the TV, sitting down with your children, and hitting them?
    Bender Bending Rodriguez

  • Nega Rell
    Nega Rell 2 months ago

    These kids WILL eventually end up hating their parents. Public humiliation carry life time effects. New sub here

  • Lily Dogkid
    Lily Dogkid 2 months ago

    yay another rant woo 0:17

    SEPTICON 38 2 months ago

    My mum said she would brake my consel if I don’t get my grades up in high school told her I would take her to court if she did and my dad he would take my side cause I bought it

  • theantiadult
    theantiadult 2 months ago

    Its long been time we say enough! and stop that phycotic child abuser already

  • Cash ordeals
    Cash ordeals 2 months ago

    I know it's not good to have bad grades and habits just take the game away and woundnt say force but make sure they study hard that's it

  • Sarcastic Philosophestry

    The father is an abuser and deserves to have his genitals revoked.

  • Shawn Clark
    Shawn Clark 2 months ago

    In my opinion this only teaches kids destructive Behavior. If your kid gets bad grades do the sensible thing and take the system away until their grades improve. Because if the system is already destroyed what incentive does the kid have to do better

  • عبدالرحمن الحربي

    I would rather have my legs break than have my electronics taken away or broken, not even kidding

  • ForzaRacer
    ForzaRacer 2 months ago

    Just take away the console and hide it for 2 months. PS4 didn't deserve this!

  • MZov but Boring
    MZov but Boring 2 months ago +2

    My father tried that once, i didn't do it, and proceeded to run to my granny's with it
    That was back when the ps2 came out

  • kingkobra
    kingkobra 2 months ago +1

    Just a PS4 no real loss and I bet the PS4 was fine especially since they put it in a bag and what was in the bag was probably something else so you can't see what's getting destroyed

  • Oddbrother
    Oddbrother 2 months ago

    Should've kept this kind of punishment in the family, not on TheXvid.

  • Vergil the legendary dark slayer

    He's going to be the next daddy0five making the kid do that

  • Gale Anderson
    Gale Anderson 2 months ago

    Yet another parent that thinks exploiting and emotionally abusing their kid is what 'discipline' means. You know why most kids don't get good grades? Either they just don't understand the subject and need help, or they don't care because they're depressed. I'm betting on the latter one in this case.

  • FrostyBiggens
    FrostyBiggens 2 months ago

    We live in a very retarded generation were new parents will use their kids for a quick moment of fame on the internet and its disgusting

    SEPTICON 38 3 months ago +3

    My mums friend destroy his son Xbox that he bought himself and he took him to court

  • megaman37456
    megaman37456 3 months ago +2

    I'd just force my kid to only play ET for the Atari until their grades improve, that'd set 'em straight lol

  • BluuM
    BluuM 3 months ago +3

    He's probably the dad that threatens his kid with "Do good in school and you won't get beat" instead of actually encouraging him and giving him an incentive that he'll actually care about.

  • Ty
    Ty 3 months ago

    It just shows he's a bad parent, the console might be a distraction but in that case its on the parents to step up and take the distraction away long before that point, but destroying it is just stupid and wasteful

  • general Fatboi
    general Fatboi 3 months ago

    Scarred emotionally for life , rich it was a play station not damn old yeller with the 12 gauge

  • Janglenutter
    Janglenutter 3 months ago

    When my son lost his tablet permanently, I destroyed it myself. Didn't make a damn video about it either.
    He has a Switch now, that I can turn off from my phone when I take it away. When he lost access to the Xbox, nothing happened, that's my damn Xbox.

  • Android Gear
    Android Gear 3 months ago

    I would just take the system away and find a family that looks like they would enjoy it a lot more and give it to them. matter of fact that happened to me when I was a kid. One day me and my brother was playing on the front lawn. Right as we were about to go in a Gentleman pulled up and asked us if we wanted an Xbox We said yes. we asked why he was doing this he said that he took it away from his son cuz he was being a little brat

  • brainfuck.waifu
    brainfuck.waifu 3 months ago

    never traumatize your kids...
    You are going senile not them.
    Who would take good care of you?

  • igable82
    igable82 3 months ago

    I would have just sold the system. Gets the job done of no longer having it but get some money back at least. The whole TheXvid vid was not needed.

  • Kaptin Barfbeerd
    Kaptin Barfbeerd 3 months ago

    My dad did threaten to smash my Game Boy once because I was just doing bare minimum in school to pass. He never did follow through with it though. I had a rough time going through high school so I used video games as an escape in much the same way a drug addict would use drugs. In his case it was just a desperate action to a problem he didn't understand or even care to understand. My mum on the other hand actually did smash the SNES with a wrench.

  • Cloud Shadow
    Cloud Shadow 3 months ago

    When I get a kid I will force him/her to play a bad game like sonic 06 or Mario hostel lol

  • Caedus
    Caedus 3 months ago

    I always brake my parents possessions when they have my possessions destroyed that I paid for. They broke my old gaming computer, TV, burn my star wars comics that were from the 80s, 90s, early 2000s, and other things that I loved. Truth is, my parents are extremely strict and uptight. They would get so upset at me for getting a C grade in classes. Glad I'm out of school, and moved out, apparently I owe them lots of money for the stuff I broke. Good thing the law sided with me, so I don't owe them crap.

  • AhoytheNukes
    AhoytheNukes 3 months ago

    These parents must be the Mr.Beast of parents if they can afford breaking their kid's consoles.

  • David : Soul Food Gaming

    Or he could have sold the ps4...i swear... These parents don't think.

    • Kaptin Barfbeerd
      Kaptin Barfbeerd 3 months ago

      A lot of people today don't think, parent or not.

    HAN STARKILLER 3 months ago

    *Let me catch my Dad destroy my PS4 that cost him so much*

  • Jason Goundar
    Jason Goundar 3 months ago

    Hmmmmm should I
    A) Destroy the console
    B) Take it away
    C) Sell the console for money
    😐 BREAK IT 😒

  • yumri4
    yumri4 3 months ago

    For that i think hiding the console under ground in a case that the dirt and water will not get into or up on a high shelf he / she cannot reach but you can maybe with help of a stool as a safe has a key and/or a code to remember. When you are a parent 1 extra thing like a keycode to open a safe might be to much.

  • x NecroSky
    x NecroSky 3 months ago

    It is okay because it is a ps4

  • Mephilis the dark /Elijah Ramatali also a sonic fan

    That dad's a moron because consuls are expensive

  • Blue Eyed Tech
    Blue Eyed Tech 3 months ago

    Ok let's think about this for a second. Who more than likely bought the console? The parents. So when your making your kid destroy it while filming you are not only are scaring them but you are basically tossing that money you spent out the window when you could have gotten the same point across by simply taking the console away completely

  • RetroRender
    RetroRender 3 months ago

    A lot of valid points made, I too share the same opinion. Discipline the kid in a way that isn't going to destroy them emotionally/mentally, and that won't possibly leave you $300+ in the hole all for a chance at a TheXvid career and money. Family counts more than money does, and I can't see why people aren't seeing that.

  • travis edwards
    travis edwards 3 months ago

    But you're talking about it and using his name, never should have given this guy any publicity

  • UltimateRedFire
    UltimateRedFire 3 months ago

    I like savage Rich.

  • Marorsharpe
    Marorsharpe 3 months ago

    Don’t even need to lock it away or take it away. I put a PIN on it, so I have to unlock it for my Kids. And they have to do all homework first. After that, they are free to play as much as they like! Same goes to tablets, pin locked and I need to unlock it (no phones of there own yet)

    VINCIEHALO 3 months ago

    This is rich of you to say now, Rich. And just when I thought that broadcasted online child abuse as entertainment was never going to leave the realm of widespread acceptance. Good for you and others alike on changing your mind on something that should've been recognized years ago. Better late than never, I guess.

  • Spencer Ricker
    Spencer Ricker 3 months ago

    This is reminding me of McJuggerNuggets back in the day

  • Thi Henry
    Thi Henry 3 months ago

    Yeah just don’t punish your kids just cry when he make the wrong chose in life.

  • Tidoo
    Tidoo 3 months ago

    "well maybe it will teach the kid not to do it again"