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  • Published on Sep 24, 2017
  • POLAND: Not just plagiarizing Fantasy authors anymore!
    We can also plagiarize American films!
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  • Krzysztof Grabiński
    Krzysztof Grabiński 4 months ago

    Interesting, I wasn't aware of this game before. Gotta play it!

  • As a ____ My Comment Means More

    R.I.P Rutger Hauer May your talent never be lost to time, as tears in the rain...

  • Frank 42
    Frank 42 6 months ago +2

    Nothing should be remade until the woke go broke and are replaced by talented artists.

  • Superumouyun
    Superumouyun 11 months ago

    Godspeed is wishing someone well, particularly on a journey, but is also used to wish someone luck in what they may be facing.
    The closest thing in Japanese I can think of to it is "ganbare", which is "hang in there" or "do your best".

  • Basement Philosopher

    8:00 Favorite Blade Runner quote?
    9:18 Thoughts on the Deathwish reboot?
    11:40 A1 or Heinz?
    12:25 You can solve one murder. The zodiac murder or the Black Dahlia murders?
    13:20 DO you like Glenn Hughes Phenomenon?
    13:58 If you could remake or update an old cyberpunk film, which one would it be?
    14:34 Thoughts on Rhapsody of Fire?
    15:00 Thoughts on Mark Wade wanting to "talk" to Diversity in Comics?
    23:30 Do you guys go shooting fairly often?
    24:54 Favorite Stephen King story?
    28:00 Will Blade Runner 2049 be any good?
    33:56 Why do Harley motorcycles suck ass?
    36:08 EARRAPE
    38:00 Thoughts on German elections?
    39:06 Thoughts on the original Prey game?
    42:16 Thoughts on the Bioshock games?
    43:10 Did either of you see the Hitman films?
    44:35 Suggestions for more metal?
    48:28 Who you ask? Black people been runnin round here.
    48:45 Have you seen the Punisher trailer?
    49:06 Favorite magic system from any medium?
    50:16 Favorite and least favorite Tekken?
    51:42 Would you augment yourself?
    53:15 Interested in a new Deus Ex?
    56:34 Thoughts on the Monster Hunter series?
    59:13 Any chance of a Wing Commander game stream?
    1:01:33 Thoughts on the band Ghost?
    1:01:50 For your sins you must choose a waifu? Oska or Ray?
    1:03:00 Do you listen to albums on shuffle?
    1:11:36 Do you like ZZ Top? Lynyrd Skynyrd?
    1:12:07 Favorite video game crossover?
    1:12:44 What do you find attractive about a women besides looks?
    1:13:50 Ever heard of Right Stuff Radio?
    1:14:00 Top 3 favorite CRPGs? Thoughts of Amon Amarth?
    1:15:24 Thoughts on Christian metal bands?
    1:15:37 Do you like Anal Cunt or Vaginal Jesus?
    1:16:07 Will you voice an audiobook?
    1:16:35 Is there hope for the Nintendo Switch?
    1:17:12 Will you check out the Star Trek Discovery pilot?
    1:18:14 Should the south have won the civil war?
    1:18:50 Thoughts on Dusk?
    1:23:32 Thoughts on the show Westworld?
    1:23:44 Any game that you're embarrassed to be good at?
    1:25:00 Will there be traps modded in Bethesda games in the future?
    1:26:30 How and why did you start using eye liner?
    1:27:09 Favorite Elder Scrolls race? (in which Razor finally admits he's a filthy furfag)
    1:28:00 Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch?
    1:28:26 Razor, how does it feel to have a huge white cock?
    1:33:15 What kind of guns do you own?
    1:33:40 Are you a fan of The Rolling Stones?
    1:34:00 Thoughts on the Hotline Miami games and they're soundtracks?
    1:35:46 Thoughts on North Korea's inevitable strike against the U.S.?
    1:36:30 Do you like any Marilyn Manson albums?
    1:36:45 Thoughts on Divinity Original Sin 2?
    1:36:55 Chad mech and virgin mech?
    1:37:30 Scarier thought? Troy Baker playing The Shadow or Moviebob moving to Iceland to practice Eugenics?
    1:38:20 Worst year for metal?
    1:38:45 Favorite King of the Hill character and episode?
    1:39:30 Favorite kind of horror?
    1:40:20 How aggressive do you drive?
    1:40:42 Bronson vs Eastwood?
    1:41:00 Would you rather be a mook in the Blade Runner movie, a PI in a noir story, or a merc in an Elric series?
    1:41:22 Will Razorfist do a dramatic reading of Moviebob's book?
    1:41:56 Heard anything about the recent riots?
    1:42:07 Terran, what do you really think about Razorfist?
    1:42:22 Worst globalist? George Sorros or Bob Page?
    1:43:40 Any death metal bands you enjoy?
    1:44:02 Heard of the band Aphantasia?
    1:48:26 How much would you pay me to name my future child Razor?
    1:49:55 Thoughts on the Kurds voting for their independence?
    1:52:30 Why is there no TMNT Daredevil story?
    1:54:22 Have you two docked dicks or crossed urine streams?
    1:56:19 How pissed were you when you saw the Deathwish reboot trailer?
    1:57:35 Thoughts on Alabama's special election?
    1:58:20 Favorite LMG of WW2?
    2:00:00 Have you played Hard Reset?
    2:02:07 Where do you rank the AK-47?
    2:07:10 Favorite old civilization?
    2:07:48 Thoughts on Star Trek 6?
    2:08:12 Worst school subject?
    2:08:50 Thoughts on Michael Moorcock's multiverse comic?

  • PipGang
    PipGang 2 years ago +1

    P O L A N D I S N O T Y E T L O S T

  • neglesaks
    neglesaks 2 years ago

    Finally some Anal Cunt fans 'round these parts.

  • Southern Fried Media
    Southern Fried Media 2 years ago

    makes sense that Poland survived the great war....they dont let migrants into their country freely

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable 2 years ago

    Snow Elves are my favorite Elder Scrolls race, even though there are only two in-game so far.

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable 2 years ago

    Everyone knows Poland will be 'the' world power of the future. It's inevitable. ;D

  • Bryson Wester
    Bryson Wester 2 years ago

    As a former Washington resident who's also lived in Arizona for 10 years. Laws, Arizona beats Washington's ass, but scenery, Washington wipes the floor with Arizona

  • Hanzo
    Hanzo 2 years ago +1

    Pretty cool game. It's like a mix of Blade Runner, Seven, and Silent Hill. P.T. in particular.

  • Joseph Sawyer
    Joseph Sawyer 2 years ago +1

    Holy shit, T Boogie. That will forever be how I remember you Terran Gel.

  • Omerta
    Omerta 2 years ago +1

    were we not supposed to like Rorschach?

  • MegaToastTV
    MegaToastTV 2 years ago


  • LoopDeLoop
    LoopDeLoop 2 years ago +13

    The screech should be the new donation noise

    • MrZebub
      MrZebub Year ago +3

      And that's how Razorfist died penniless.

  • PGMT22
    PGMT22 2 years ago

    TBH The best part of the game was the first 30 minutes or so, it went downhill from there for me...

  • Fa Kenews
    Fa Kenews 2 years ago +5

    Rageaholic Cinema Hard Boiled,
    or The Killer?

  • hovsep56
    hovsep56 2 years ago +2

    The main character sounds like he gets out of breath on every word he says.

  • Owen Benjamin - Ungrabbled & Unbabbled

    What the fuck, no one asked what he thought of Sabaton this time.
    0/10 worst stream on channel.

  • Elëctric Elf
    Elëctric Elf 2 years ago +7

    This is basically my dream first-person Blade Runner game, except with Baty instead of Deckard.

  • Sean Ashmead
    Sean Ashmead 2 years ago

    Steampunk is lame ass! Splatterpunk is the greatest along with Cyberpunk.

    • Fa Kenews
      Fa Kenews Year ago

      I feel like steampunk has potential, but has never been done effectivley.

  • LGtBT
    LGtBT 2 years ago +4

    My concept of The Punisher came from a comic back in the day, where Microchip spent the entire comic trying to stop The Punisher from murdering an 18 or 19 year old black kid after he got out of prison for drug dealing, where he was because he was trying to buy medicine for his dyying grandma and feed his little sister.
    At one point, he kicks in the door to a drug den, and starts mowing down unconscious junkies with a heavy calibre full auto assault rifle.

    • Sean Ashmead
      Sean Ashmead 2 years ago +2

      Good times. The Punisher always was my favorite Marvel character.

  • Daniel Adamczyk
    Daniel Adamczyk 2 years ago +5

    We can plagiarize everything what we want.

  • Sbarro Navarro
    Sbarro Navarro 2 years ago +1

    😂 the woman on the car screen looks like hillary clinton

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 2 years ago +1

    Went to San Francisco yesterday. I kept muttering is that a vintage coat under my breath because of all the damn hipster and vintage stores. Also their was a bookstore that had an Antifa handbook as well as a banner that said embrace diversity or die

  • Golden Cypher
    Golden Cypher 2 years ago

    Oh, I looked it up. DKK is Danish Krone.

  • Golden Cypher
    Golden Cypher 2 years ago

    1:32:18 I need this for a ringtone. So many good Rutger quotes, this games good enough to get on the strength of them alone. I'm playing Blood Dragon all over again!

  • Jay Johann
    Jay Johann 2 years ago +2

    1:32:00 they got angry mgtow in the game?

  • Bullet Sheppard
    Bullet Sheppard 2 years ago

    Best WWII LMG was the M1918A2 BAR.
    Lewis Gun was the winner until then.

  • JayDee284
    JayDee284 2 years ago +2

    Akira did you read the Manga or just watch the anime because it more Apocalyptic than Cyberpunk plus the plot makes way more sense.

  • OptimusMagnum
    OptimusMagnum 2 years ago +6

    Mark Waid's "Douchedevil." That just made my week.

  • DMaustrap1
    DMaustrap1 2 years ago

    Seig Stuff Cabbages!

  • Richard Michael Egan
    Richard Michael Egan 2 years ago

    36:04 was the highlight of the stream 😂🤘🏻

  • Lieutenant Dude
    Lieutenant Dude 2 years ago +1

    Well I'm not a vegetable yet! Is that you Christian Bale's Batman?

  • corrado alamanni
    corrado alamanni 2 years ago +2

    ff8 second best ff

  • Bub Zombie
    Bub Zombie 2 years ago +2

    Ha! I was shown a PS4 ad at the beginning of a stream/video where insulting the PS4 happens. Those TheXvid AIs are doing a brilliant job!

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 2 years ago

    hey.how comeyou never mentioned you were in the movie ''from dusk till dawn'',hahaha,i seen you in one of the music video's[tito and teranchila]you were in the titty twister bar with all the bikers and truck drivers that were going to be slaughtered and turned.hahahaha,seriously..

  • spider_slayer_69
    spider_slayer_69 2 years ago

    Razorfist is a right-wing troll. Stick to games dipshit. Just because you are terrified of a woman in power does not make you an expert in network security. Typical conservotard. Then again I saw you featured on the ANTIFA website as the fake game reviewer you are when in fact the game reviews are just a cloud for your pro-Trump proclivities. Do everyone a favor and donate your paychecks to charity.

    • Jack Stryder
      Jack Stryder 2 years ago +1

      gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

    • High Brow Comedy
      High Brow Comedy 2 years ago

      I heard Razor donated all his paychecks to charity after reading this

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane 2 years ago +13

    All those moments in this game will be lost in time, like tears in rain..

  • SHOTRED555
    SHOTRED555 2 years ago +14

    For a anime that captures the cyberpunk feel since you're not a big fan of Akira I would say Bubblegum Crisis does that

    • Fa Kenews
      Fa Kenews Year ago

      blackrave404 Yeah, but will adding slightly worse apples to your diet sustain you?

    • blackrave404
      blackrave404 2 years ago +2

      james, because despite me liking apples to no end I could not live my whole life only on apples.
      I hope this analogy does not need explanation

    • Black Pill
      Black Pill 2 years ago +1

      they're all garbage compared to blade runner so why bother.

    • EatWave
      EatWave 2 years ago +2

      That also goes for its spin-off, AD Police.

  • Arphemius
    Arphemius 2 years ago +4

    So you mean to say "this ain't over!"... ain't over?

  • Cinocephalus
    Cinocephalus 2 years ago +4

    Important note here. You both are reading the whole catalonian thing wrong. They are triying to pass a highly unconstitutional process and commiting various ilegalities (or exploiting some loopholes), wihout taking into account the rest of the country, but probably using tax payer money of course. Their whole "reform" was a negation of our constituion and of their own pre-existing provincial constitution. There are attacks or provocations on our province or officials that do not want to follow their agenda and their referendum is not going to follow standards of international law by the looks of it (aside of liying to their people stating they are going to be in the EU when the EU itself has said no.)
    The police reinforcements there are not attacking or represing anything at the moment, they were brought there to protect normal functioning on the law on the expectance of unrest on the next weeks, there has been detentions of public officials ordered by the judicial power (not the government or "the military") for various charges, including the misuse of tax money for their politcal agenda or disobidience.
    Please, before starting to give this opinions about "dictatorial" shit or whatever, investigate and infrom yourself about what our laws actually are and what the catalonian nationalists are acutally doing. It's been pretty annoying seeing all of theese people in the english sphere shitting on us without having an inside understanding of what the nationalists are doing and how they victimize themselves.

    • Michal Poláček
      Michal Poláček 2 years ago

      So far the public only seen spanish cops beat the shit out of Catalonians, not vice versa. I am sure there is some truth to your ideas, but that doesnt change the fact, that a) Catalonia is net giver, not taker of tax money b) Government, that beats down opposition in streets can lose its legitimacy.

    • Cinocephalus
      Cinocephalus 2 years ago +1

      Who is talking about killing anyone?!, we don't want the death of anyone, Jesus Christ. That's why I say people outside are blowing this thing out of proportion. In any case, the nationalists are the ones that could cause violence, and there is another half of the region that doesn't want independence. They are mostly not going to vote because of the ilegality of the process.

    • Asher
      Asher 2 years ago +1

      Let Catalonia go just because you lot want to drag Spain into their deaths doesn't mean they should go down with you

  • BahamutDKing
    BahamutDKing 2 years ago +6

    (insert something sexual here)

    • Char Aznable
      Char Aznable 2 years ago +1

      Razorfist me, daddy!

    • Torgo1969
      Torgo1969 2 years ago +2

      You should be arrested so that the penal system can deal with you!

    • LOW MANG
      LOW MANG 2 years ago +4


  • Dr. Nyralathotep
    Dr. Nyralathotep 2 years ago +1

    IT is It at Hollywood but it ITs the CIA. San Bernadino is on standby to be over run with sinister clowns spoofs that flash and run up to cell phone cams. But ITs CNN. That's why we need a Hard News Network.Diatribe this. Everybody came into exhistance on The Unified Field. And altered The Unified Field and wants to re-emersify themselves with The Unified Field. Horace on The Horizon. Where two lines cross is a Bhuddah Ruppah. Birthplace of the dragon. The problem of perfection is solvency. That's why we make solutions. The question of what it is that a miser " actually does" is try to obfuscate and skew the Unified Field by presenting a conundrum that in representing a problem in person places onus on their potential victem to solve their position. What a miser fails to realize is that people like and regard problem solving to games and activities and bedside mannor. Learning everything about treatments for that which have miser is obfuscating. Conditional reasoning running side by side application to the point in same. It's a plane.

  • Grandmastergav86
    Grandmastergav86 2 years ago +29

    I was a console peasant at the time but I'll never forget playing the Shenmue series on the DC and my god that game drew me in with it's detail. I heard a review of "shudder" Destiny 2 the other day and I legitimately noted the "reviewer" state that immersion "isn't important" and was hardly the "be all and end all" wtf...

    • FormalBear
      FormalBear 2 years ago +1

      Grandmastergav86 I just converted two of my friends

    • Lieutenant Dude
      Lieutenant Dude 2 years ago +6

      I was a console peasant forever. But I went to college, didn't have a TV or a console that I wanted to bring up. Played Diablo 2, Jedi Academy, and that was it. Started grad school after graduating, and I started TF2 in '11. It was awesome. Then Valve quit supporting TF2/put it in dev hell. I play Steam games now. Thanks for being awesome Razor! I got the first two Elder Scrolls from Razor's video links.

    SMAXZO 2 years ago +8

    Well..Rei's legal..since she's technically Shinji's mom.

  • Headbiter
    Headbiter 2 years ago +1

    On the German election:
    It pretty much is guaranteed that Merkel will have another turn (which btw means she'll be the longest-running chancellor so far).
    As for the parties in play:
    CDU - The "Christian Democratic Union" is at this point Merkel's party. Over the last 12 years she completely eliminated any and all internal opposition by either putting them into non-political German institutions or "outsourcing" them to the EU (which is pretty much standard procedure for all unwanted politicians across party lines). I'm not being overly dramatic when I say that the only thing that will kill Merkel's dominance over the party will be death itself. Actually will make it interesting to see what will happen when that power-vacuum occurs. Maybe the German Pelosi, Ursula von der Leyen will jump up then, who knows.
    In most national elections they score between 38 - 43 % of all votes.
    CSU - The "Christian-Social Union". Runs just in Bavaria but has been the absolute major party there since forever. Technically they are their own party but they've been tied to the CDU and secured the state for them as far back as I can remember. Occasionally they put up their little "We're not just Merkel's appendix"-protest but no one's buying it ever.
    SPD - On paper, the "Socialdemocratic Party of Germany" is the biggest opposition party to the CDU as well as the worker's party. In reality it rather earned the nickname "worker's traitor party" and has long since found peace with it's role as majority procurement party, with them creating a "Great Coalition" with the CDU twice in the last 3 elections.
    Keep that in mind for the following: If you think that their current candidate, Martin Schulz, seems somewhat familiar...that is because up until January 2017 he was the president of the European Parliament. Yup, that bearded baldie that tried to "stand up" to Nigel Farage during the whole Brexit affair resigned from his position as - again - President. of. the. European. Parliament. specifically for the express purpose to run against Angela Merkel.
    Probably because the head of the party, Sigmar Gabriel, really didn't feel like being relocated after an unsuccesful run, so don't be surprised if Schulz just is re-relocated to the EU again after the results are out.
    The SPD usually nabs the other 3x% of all votes.
    The Green Party - Hah. Good one. Wanna know about the German Green Party? Image search for Joschka Fischer and look up how he developed from when the party was founded to how he looked when he retired and you have a perfect representation of his party's development.
    When it's not time for another "Great Coalition" they usually put in their lot with the SPD.
    FDP - The "Free Democratic Party". Neo-liberals by their own accord. Got elected out of the Bundestag in 2014 after peddling around in the 1.x % region for a while. To paraphrase German comedian Volker Pispers: Once people realised that CDU, SPD and the Greens were willing to do all the neo-liberal shit the FDP wrote on their banners, the party became quickly obsolete.
    Used to be the majority procurement-party for the CDU before the SPD whored itself out...even more than usual.
    The Left - For a while, quite the best ACTUAL opposition, believe it or not. Problem was, their entire charm hinged on Gregor Gysi (who, btw, predicted the catastrophe the Euro would cause before it was even introduced. Seriously, look up his speech from 1999 it's impressive). Problem was that he was associated with the PDS and the Stasi during GDR-times and instead of putting him forward and arguing to let bygones be bygones, they were satisfied with keeping him as a very popular figurehead. Gysi retired from his position as chairman of the party, leaving the Left somewhat locked as "biggest party no one cares about".
    They also - in my eyes - fucked up by pretty much adopting many "progressive" ideas instead of establishing themselves as a moderate left party.
    The AfD - The "Alternative for Germany". Started off as a right-leaning, economy-focused party mainly under Bernd Lucke and immediately suffered major character-assassinated as yet another "right-wing extremist party". (Which we have, btw. There are 3 I can recall off the top of my head, but the AfD isn't extremist - yet). With the entire political spectrum slanting left, every moderate right-winger who didn't wish for a return to the "German Reich" the AfD of course was like a blessing out of...well...left-field and so it became the biggest emerging party very quickly. In a case of self-fulfilling prophecy, the constant attempts of painting the AfD as right-wing extremists actually contributed to Lucke's "dethroning", replacing him with Frauke Petry and slanting the party further right than they originally were and making them less economy-focused, albeit slightly.
    This is also the party that most foreigners (meaning you guys :P) bank on when they talk about a shift in German politics.
    Problem with that is...in 2013 they got a total of 4.7% of all votes. Let's say they even QUADRUPLE this now - which would be a MASSIVE jump - they still are barely at 20%.
    Which wouldn't be bad if it weren't for the fact that, especially since Petry took over and the MSM in Germany have been harping on them even worse than on the Left - yes, believe it or not, they don't like the Left either - , no one wants to work with them.
    The CDU/CSU and the SPD certainly won't work with them, for obvious reasons, the FDP and the Left are ideologically opposed to them and the Greens...again, good one.
    I'd be happy if I'm proven wrong after today but given all of that...yeah, I don't see how we'd avoid another 4 years of Merkel.

  • Carl Mencia
    Carl Mencia 2 years ago +10

    Def Leppard metal mythos when?

    • LOW MANG
      LOW MANG 2 years ago +1


  • Joshua Jones
    Joshua Jones 2 years ago +24

    Corporations, who just want to make money, always want to kill everyone in video games. I don't get why these developers don't grow a pair like Rockstar and just say "it's the government". Instead these gutless developers say that a corporation, that has all the powers, responsibility, and armies, runs the world, and is hell bent on killing all of us. It's very cowardly to use an "EEeeeeVIIiiiiLllll corporation" trope, when we all know it's the government that would use all these tactics.

    • Dr. No
      Dr. No 2 years ago

      It's a pillar of, but hardly the basis for, cyberpunk. Really, it's because it's a common theme with most cyberpunk shit that it's more than a mere trope.

    • Dr. No
      Dr. No 2 years ago

      Bleh, like there's an effective difference. Corporations require government approval to exist anyway.

    • Zepie
      Zepie 2 years ago +1

      @james roe When I use the term evil in this context I'm not saying that corrupt governments/megacorporations(#Notall!) are literally malevolent, I was being somewhat hyperbolic/drunk but maybe evil isn't the appropriate term, shit I wouldn't of used it if I knew someone was gonna get all pedantic and shit. As for "Loser talk" it might seem pointless bitchin about the "spooky evil elites" but when you have millions of millions of people airing their grievances thats when you get a Brexit or a President Trump, theres a reason "they" wanna shut down alt media.

    • Black Pill
      Black Pill 2 years ago +2

      the truth is they're both comprised of people trying to get ahead in life, same as you. you just got the bad end of the genetic/luck stick, and so you're now crying on youtube instead of on a yacht somewhere with models and porches. it's all cope. you trying to ascribe traits such as "evil" to an indistinguishable and monolithic entity like "muh ebil gubment" or "muh ebil copolations" made up of thousands if not tens of thousands of employees is the height of loser talk.

    • Scrooge McHaddock
      Scrooge McHaddock 2 years ago

      "What is you business plan, Mr Evil CEO?"
      "I will kill all the consumers of my products, because..."

  • Kyle Harper
    Kyle Harper 2 years ago +6

    Incredible art design!

  • Blech319
    Blech319 2 years ago +5

    The memory dives fucking ruin this game.

  • preshrunk_cyberpunk
    preshrunk_cyberpunk 2 years ago +28

    I don't know, if the west continues to allow it's own destruction via marxist ideology and Islamic immigration Poland may indeed end up being a world power.
    Edit: having listened to quite A LOT of audiobooks myself I likely would buy an audiobook if Razörfist narrated it.
    Edit #2: to fix typos in my semi-retarded 3am posts...

    • preshrunk_cyberpunk
      preshrunk_cyberpunk 2 years ago +1

      Golabki and Oscypek.

    • hoodakey
      hoodakey 2 years ago +2

      I agree. Razor just never had a good golabki.

  • Jake Frost
    Jake Frost 2 years ago +18

    36:09 That was no sheepdog screech, Razor's a fuckin' *_POD PERSON!!_*

  • Chris Sennwood
    Chris Sennwood 2 years ago +1


  • Collegiate Match Fishing
    Collegiate Match Fishing 2 years ago +54

    Like tears in rain... Time to die...