Fact vs Fiction Vol 1: Horror Movies

  • Published on Jan 1, 2018
  • Joe Starr (@joestarr187) breaks down the facts behind some of horror's greatest fictions!
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  • munia nab
    munia nab 7 months ago

    U r cute 😅

  • Reviews From The Beyond

    More Horror !!!! 👻🎃👻

  • Subject To Change

    Dubbed: "Rolan Doh."

    Dubbed: "Roll In Dough."

  • Glorideo K B Kapahang

    ultraman gaia!

  • Donnie Hollandale

    Seems like Joe gets kicks out of terrifying us. Not cool, bro. Not cool.... Lol

  • Jim Scott
    Jim Scott Year ago

    Wes Craven was established before Nightmare on Elm Street...Last House on the Left was a major box office hit and The Hills Have Eyes did really well too...

  • Hampus Carlsson
    Hampus Carlsson Year ago

    In the opening scene of the conjuring 2 it says based on a true story.

  • GoGoQ
    GoGoQ Year ago

    its people

  • eternalwing89
    eternalwing89 Year ago

    They're not dolls, they're action figures!

  • Lexie Higgins
    Lexie Higgins Year ago +2

    You’re incredibly misinformed about Ed GEEN (Gein)

  • Alex McGillvrey
    Alex McGillvrey Year ago

    Jason Voorhees's mom is a better villain than Jason in terms of character development.

  • Empty World
    Empty World Year ago

    I keep expecting Joe Starr to start torturing Theon Greyjoy.

  • Mordercai Near
    Mordercai Near Year ago

    watching this at 2:00 am, yep got nothing to fear

  • Cason Jensen
    Cason Jensen Year ago

    Geen not Gine

  • Super Dan
    Super Dan Year ago

    More videos like this please

  • Abbey T
    Abbey T Year ago

    loving this segment horror is my favourite genre and knowing that these stories have hints of truth attached makes them better

  • thegreatari
    thegreatari Year ago

    Great idea for a new segment! Thanks!!

  • aaron shirley
    aaron shirley Year ago +2

    He pronounced Gein wrong SIX times. Still a good vid.

  • Matteo Furlotti
    Matteo Furlotti Year ago

    And they say being called a doll is a compliment

  • Pablo Limonta
    Pablo Limonta Year ago +3

    More interesting side videos like this please

  • samlablam1
    samlablam1 Year ago

    Who keeps putting joe starr in front of the camera?

  • ch33rylips
    ch33rylips Year ago

    Why did I watch this at 4am, I'm clearly a very smart person

  • Dad Can Roll
    Dad Can Roll Year ago

    "Oh Wes, that's so Craven" is the highlight of my day.

  • Alberto Escoto
    Alberto Escoto Year ago

    Joe`s the best

  • Martha Vega
    Martha Vega Year ago +1

    Loving this new segment!

  • Camille Denalli
    Camille Denalli Year ago +1

    Thanks Joe! 😫

  • luq7
    luq7 Year ago +1

    UH! Love this :)

  • Javier Aguirre
    Javier Aguirre Year ago +1

    just come to mexico in the dangerous areas and you will see real horrors, ghosts? possesed toys? a man with a chainsaw? haha amateurs

  • ThyPhantom
    ThyPhantom Year ago

    More please

  • Joe Ellis
    Joe Ellis Year ago +1

    Joe Starr is fantastic.

  • Topher S
    Topher S Year ago +7

    The exorcism that took place is very different than the movie. (It mostly took place here in St. Louis, by the way, which is also where it ended.) I read the book based on the diary kept by one of the priests. A movie was made of that book as well and it's also incredibly hyped up and sensationalized.
    Basically the kid was disturbed and soon found he had a bunch of adults eager to enable his acting out. Whatever precipitated the outbursts, the intervention of the priests and the repeated, night long rituals probably helped escalate the problem.
    The boy's biggest accomplishments included being strong during his fits and having an incredibly good aim and projection when spitting on people. Witnesses claimed to see the the scratches appear on his skin, but I think it's likely the adults and the boy may have contributed to shared delusions that messed with their recollections of what took place. The priests seemed amazed he could speak Latin, as if hearing it constantly every night for weeks wouldn't have a part in that. It's worth noting that he did slash open one priest's arm from elbow to wrist with a bed spring, and the priest lost some use of that arm. No wonder the grown boy doesn't like talking about his "possession".
    In a post-Christian US with its many recognized faiths as well as lack of belief it seems a little quaint that people felt only Christianity - specifically Catholicism - had the magic power to defeat some invisible evil. Sort of like how crosses in old movies had some special power over vampires.

    • Patrick McCurry
      Patrick McCurry Year ago +1

      I got angry when age 7 and tossed my bunk bed across the room. "Hulk- strength" isn't sign of anything but a really pissed off naturally strong person.

  • Raul Rodriguez
    Raul Rodriguez Year ago +1

    This was a pretty entertaining video, I’m so interested in the next Horror movies that will get explored

  • Angel GuzmanMorales

    All of true

  • Aj Rivera
    Aj Rivera Year ago


  • Luis Sarmiento
    Luis Sarmiento Year ago

    Loved this!!!!

  • Wellington Smith
    Wellington Smith Year ago

    Ultra-Man tshirt!!!!!!!

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell Year ago +2

    Joe is the greatest.

  • Tyler Hallstrom
    Tyler Hallstrom Year ago +2

    Neat little idea for a series.

  • Benjamin McElroy
    Benjamin McElroy Year ago +2

    That was great. Loving the specials you all have been putting out over the break. Keep up the good work!

  • Chubtoad Sheldon
    Chubtoad Sheldon Year ago +5

    Joe Starr is my spirit animal.

  • Frank Holowka Jr
    Frank Holowka Jr Year ago +3

    In German, when "i" and "e" go walking, the last one does the talking. Gein is pronounced GEEN, but I don't blame him for saying GINE.

    • Patrick McCurry
      Patrick McCurry Year ago

      How a German would pronounce it doesn't matter, only how he specifically pronounced his name does. For example, if someone says their name, Tanya, is pronounced T-ah-nya, then you are simply wrong to call her T-a-nya.

    • Lance Lust
      Lance Lust Year ago

      Did you know in when saying Ouija properly you're supposed to be using the German way of pronouncing Ja as "yah" instead of "gee"? as in "we-yah"!

  • blackcobra1981
    blackcobra1981 Year ago

    Paranormal Activity?
    Or movies similar to it

  • Aceman8072
    Aceman8072 Year ago

    Nice Ultraman Gaia t-shirt, Joe Starr.

  • 1019wc1019
    1019wc1019 Year ago

    thanks joe starr, i watched this on mushrooms and now its ruined. ;0 jk . Not.\

  • TheApfft
    TheApfft Year ago +1

    This was a cool video, I hope to see more. Content is on the up lately. It's great to see

  • Zak James
    Zak James Year ago +1

    Couldn’t you be stood in front of one your many awesome sets instead of being another TheXvid news show stood in front of a green screen? Nit picking, I know. Still...

  • N P
    N P Year ago +24

    Yay new segment!!!

  • Sam Anderson
    Sam Anderson Year ago

    "A doll is going to kill you in your sleep" wait, does that mean I get to meet Joe Starr and get murdered by him?! What an honour!

  • Bale Thomson
    Bale Thomson Year ago

    Thanks Joe!

  • Victor Dehé
    Victor Dehé Year ago +8

    Joe Starr is the Star of Screen Junkies. See what I did there?

  • emmikins
    emmikins Year ago +8

    thanks for the nightmares, joe

  • Amanda Parler
    Amanda Parler Year ago +1

    I do enjoy a video hosted by Joe Starr. Thanks!

  • Nicholas Kinney
    Nicholas Kinney Year ago +1

    You didn’t mention how Scream was directly inspired by the killings spree in Gainesville FL by Danny Rolling in 1990

    • V J
      V J Year ago

      Nicholas Kinney that’s a good one

  • ♡venuz_babi♡
    ♡venuz_babi♡ Year ago

    Omg! "sorta"?!? I did NOT see that coming

  • Faceless
    Faceless Year ago +3

    The more you know...

  • Weare138
    Weare138 Year ago +2

    Gyn? What’s a gyn? Ohhh a gyyyyynnnn!

  • Twon
    Twon Year ago +4


  • ChristieeMcgee
    ChristieeMcgee Year ago +78

    Joe is such a treasure

  • JohnStripedfur
    JohnStripedfur Year ago +3

    You guys could've saved this one for Halloween. More fitting to release this video at that time.

    • stuntmanjess
      stuntmanjess Year ago +1

      Add it to your favorites and watch it on October 2018’it will probably spark ⚡️a desire to watch all of these horror classics!

    • JohnStripedfur
      JohnStripedfur Year ago +1

      ScreenJunkies News Well, you made me a believer :)

    • Barbara McGee
      Barbara McGee Year ago +2

      John...dolls can kill you in your sleep year round! Happy New Year!

    • Fandom Entertainment
      Fandom Entertainment  Year ago +9

      JohnStripedfur Or it would get lost in a sea of Halloween and horror videos! We're here to serve your year round horror itch, true believer.

  • Chester Arizmendi
    Chester Arizmendi Year ago +11

    More vids like this pls