I Said YES to my BOYFRIEND for 24 HOURS!

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • #24hourchallenge #isaidyes
    HEY ANGELS AND WELCOME BACK! I hope you love today's 24 hour challenge where I have to say YES to Connor for the whole day.. give the video a thumbs up and comment below if you want to see him say yes to me!!! Thank you so much for all of your lovely wonderful kind support and for watching this video - you are all my best friends in the whole entire world and I love you all so so much xxx
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  • deanna young
    deanna young 3 days ago +1

    Hellooo it's Conner's day...
    Hi Elle be a good sport 👍💞🤦‍♀️lol
    Can't say no
    Do as yur told sweety
    Be a good gurllll 💋💋💋👍🧁
    Lol lol dress up in Conner's clothes was so funny oh my gosh
    Yur face Elle lol
    about the nose piercing
    Was absolutely priceless lol
    I loved it 🤩👍👍👍
    There's the smile we all adore
    fake nose ring ok...
    Lol oh my goodness
    Awww Conner is being so easy on yu Elle he is truly
    Love yuuu all 🐾💞🥰💋💋💋
    Ttfn from California boo
    He really is...

  • Kate
    Kate 2 months ago

    Great video! Loving Emo Darby alter ego🤣🤣🤣 I feel like we need to see this video done to Con for revenge hahaha!

  • Zeyzeyy Chickens
    Zeyzeyy Chickens 2 months ago

    I adore you two so damn much that’s the kind of life I want tbh❤️😭

  • Khlo Jadee
    Khlo Jadee 3 months ago

    I miss going to bath 😢hopefully next time I’m up bath il see you guys, stayed in the beat hotel when I was up there i recommend the Z hotel xxx

  • sam
    sam 4 months ago

    Too funny ahahaha Connor a legend !

  • Alisa Bright
    Alisa Bright 4 months ago

    Finally ty can’t wait for xmas

  • Shan McLean
    Shan McLean 5 months ago

    She has a video idea then literally complains about every yes she has to do. Then bullies him until he changes it 🙄. Lol

  • Sarah O
    Sarah O 5 months ago

    It’s alright Elle I get called Edward by my family 🤣🤣

  • Chloe Upton
    Chloe Upton 5 months ago

    I’m so late to watch this video but I am screamingggggg at you stood in cons clothes 😭😭

  • Erin Radford
    Erin Radford 5 months ago

    im so sorry i had to laugh at the clothes transition, bless you!

  • Chloe Johnson
    Chloe Johnson 5 months ago

    So behind watching this video but laughing out loud. One of the funniest videos you guys have done! 🤣💓

  • Roxanne Sullivan
    Roxanne Sullivan 5 months ago

    😂😂😂 you look hilarious.. my name is roxanne- why does your ugly nose ring make you roxanne? 😂🙈xx

  • Phoebe Bennet
    Phoebe Bennet 5 months ago

    wheres your pink jumper from ! x

  • Natalie Briggs
    Natalie Briggs 5 months ago

    were are your extentions frm please and what length plz.xx.

  • Fiona J Coles
    Fiona J Coles 5 months ago +1

    “Yesterday you looked like a reptile” 😂😂😂

  • Choua Thao
    Choua Thao 5 months ago

    Con outfit on you was super cute!!

  • Nicole Barker
    Nicole Barker 5 months ago

    Wayne The Pain 😂😂 Amazing video! 👍🏼😂

  • Daisy Tudball
    Daisy Tudball 5 months ago

    Honestly think this may be the best vid I’ve ever watched

  • Beauticole
    Beauticole 5 months ago

    Con really went all in for this challenge 😂💕

  • Millie
    Millie 5 months ago

    9:23 pahahah that sass

  • Phoebe Watkins
    Phoebe Watkins 5 months ago

    This may actually be one of my favourite videos of you and con, soooo funny! Reminded me of me and my boyfriend 😂

  • Leah Allen
    Leah Allen 5 months ago

    What are those hips

  • Kalli Baldwin
    Kalli Baldwin 5 months ago

    Elle your figure is amazing 😍😍😍

  • Jess Louise
    Jess Louise 5 months ago

    “I don’t want my new tattoo to leak” 💀😂

  • Rebecca Dyball
    Rebecca Dyball 5 months ago

    Where’s your bed from? Xxx

  • Sophie x
    Sophie x 5 months ago

    This is hands down the best saying yes challenge video iv ever seen 😂

  • JadeKelly6
    JadeKelly6 5 months ago

    This was actually hilarious. Love you two! ❤️

  • gigi xo
    gigi xo 5 months ago +16

    Poor con everyone in the comments saying he should have proposed, maybe he wants to propose in his own special way not for a video 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Camryn McGill
    Camryn McGill 5 months ago

    anyone gonna mention she sleeps with socks on

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice 5 months ago

    Enjoyed watching it

  • LoseitlikeLauren
    LoseitlikeLauren 5 months ago

    Loved this video! It was hilarious!! x

  • Nikita McDaid
    Nikita McDaid 5 months ago

    I want to see conor say yes for a full day. And you have to make him do some bad stuff....... make him dry and straighten your hair for one task hahaha

  • lucy smith
    lucy smith 5 months ago

    where was the massage at lol

  • aannamaaiya
    aannamaaiya 5 months ago

    Did you really need to give that massage to Con? 😄 or did he let u to get away with that X

  • Cyria09
    Cyria09 5 months ago

    Actually think you would look nice with a nose ring!!

  • Liz living life
    Liz living life 5 months ago +1

    Awwwww Elle you’re so cute when you just wake up , your like a little doll. Conner was being savage 😂😂

  • Alice Laytonsmith
    Alice Laytonsmith 5 months ago

    Wayne the pain Wayne the pain Wayne them pain Wayne the pain

  • Aalia Fender
    Aalia Fender 5 months ago

    I'm actually wetting myself watching this. Too funny 😂😂😂😂

  • Aalia Fender
    Aalia Fender 5 months ago

    You two are too funny. Hilarious. Xx

  • Amieé Xo
    Amieé Xo 5 months ago

    Con pretending Claire’s accessories do nose piercings 😭

  • Amieé Xo
    Amieé Xo 5 months ago

    So when’s it cons turn to say yes to Elle all day? Cause I think revenge is sweet 😂

  • R Hendrickson
    R Hendrickson 5 months ago

    Hello Wayne's world! Thats the best rock name 🤪😂🤘

  • Stephen Speed
    Stephen Speed 5 months ago +1

    Piercing and tattoo sleeve suited you so much I love that vibe! 👍

  • Laura Griffin
    Laura Griffin 5 months ago

    Crying 😅😅😅

  • Fran mercer
    Fran mercer 5 months ago

    Connor is so funny!!😂

  • Emily Spencer
    Emily Spencer 5 months ago

    fully laughed out loud at this... brilliant !!

  • Ayda breeze
    Ayda breeze 5 months ago

    Ok...... am I the only one who spotted that at 1.08......... 🤔😂

    • Ayda breeze
      Ayda breeze 5 months ago

      @Rachel Ankrah nope..... 😂😂

    • Rachel Ankrah
      Rachel Ankrah 5 months ago

      Ayda breeze I hope we're talking about the print

  • Love live make-up
    Love live make-up 5 months ago

    Oh angel I found this video an absolute scream 🤣 one of my faves for sure! Not being funny but you honestly suited that nose ring look, I was feeling the mosher vibes 🙌🏼😍 takes me back 😏🤣🙈 and don't you worry about us knowing you were called Wayne the pain, you're an angel to us now 💋 x x x

  • Shaneen Whitbread
    Shaneen Whitbread 5 months ago

    Totally want a get ur own back video girlfriend controls my day video xxxx

  • Melek Deniz
    Melek Deniz 5 months ago

    Aw bless Elle love you angel ❤️

  • Hibbah Khokhar
    Hibbah Khokhar 5 months ago

    you and conor are so funny😂❤️❤️

  • Emy
    Emy 5 months ago

    Great vid, I thought you were meant to wear the nose ring all day and evening though! I’d love to see con saying yes to you!!

  • Eva Marie
    Eva Marie 5 months ago

    did you dress her like mike myers in waynes world?? hahaha

  • Kaiyyah Imani
    Kaiyyah Imani 5 months ago

    This was soo hilarious, Elle you know you actually looked really good in Cons cloths, except for the shoes of course! you definitely could have pulled it off! xxx

  • isabel passalacqua
    isabel passalacqua 5 months ago

    ''hun, I look like such a punk rock chick'' I am screaming!!!

  • Chelsea Nusbaum
    Chelsea Nusbaum 5 months ago

    I CANNOT WAIT for Elle's revenge!!!!

  • Yasmin Paul
    Yasmin Paul 5 months ago

    Ellllllle where do you get your lips done!? They look so goooood, everyone I've looked at looks a little too outrageous size wise even though theres smaller amounts ?

  • clrhmphrys
    clrhmphrys 5 months ago

    Please do this with Connor saying yes to everything you say and dress him in your clothes!! 💗

  • Grace Jones
    Grace Jones 5 months ago

    Best video I’ve seen in ages.😂😂

  • Lauren Balcomb
    Lauren Balcomb 5 months ago

    What’s your alter ego oh yeh it’s Wayne 😂😂 Elle you gotta make him pay for this lol