7 things you didn't know about Adama Traoré | Oh My Goal

  • Adama Traore is a speedster! Adama Traore downloads muscles! But here are 7 things you DIDN'T know about Adama Traore
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Comments • 80

  • DLS God
    DLS God Day ago

    Por que? Te lo prometo por mí mismo que no me gusta el tema de la vida!

  • Lev Temple
    Lev Temple 3 days ago

    I can 10

  • Ian olunga
    Ian olunga 8 days ago

    I would love if Traore played in the NFL instead of PL

  • Oscar
    Oscar 9 days ago

    Adama wasn’t the fastes player in fifa 20 he’s got 96 pace on his normal card like mbapee his in form card has 98 pace but mbapee has got a lot of cards with 99 pace

  • Nicholas Day
    Nicholas Day 12 days ago

    12 languages # Swedish, Finish, Danish, Norwegian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai

  • Dreamy. Lxve
    Dreamy. Lxve 15 days ago

    that got me: Hah joke on u _______ .

  • Salaahuddiin Emambocus

    Things we don't know about McGuire

  • Wroey
    Wroey 23 days ago

    I can speak 4 languages Fluently

  • Heisted
    Heisted 28 days ago

    Fifa 2019? Ok

  • Donal Wright
    Donal Wright 28 days ago +1


  • NinjaNoah TV
    NinjaNoah TV 29 days ago


  • The king Live
    The king Live Month ago

    I only speak two different languages!!😂 Dutch and English

  • Miguel Irago Lopez
    Miguel Irago Lopez Month ago

    I speak 7

  • Tú MADre
    Tú MADre Month ago +1

    Me: *listens to this video with that accent while he was speaking*
    Last 10 sec of the video *the voice that I think everyone likes more*

  • Vlogsstop 09
    Vlogsstop 09 Month ago

    I speak 15 languages

  • Harry playz01
    Harry playz01 Month ago +1

    I can talk 8 languages

  • Ibrahim Butt
    Ibrahim Butt Month ago

    I can speak 9 languages

  • Mihail
    Mihail Month ago +1

    I can speak:Serbian,Croatian, Montenegrian,Bosnian, Macedonian,Bulgarian,Russian, English and bit of German

  • Rose bernard
    Rose bernard Month ago


  • Nerida Cassama
    Nerida Cassama Month ago

    I speak 20 languages

  • Azally Aubdool
    Azally Aubdool Month ago

    Je does u dummy

  • Benidorm Fury Gaming




  • Will Moseby
    Will Moseby Month ago

    it's actually fifa 20 not 19

  • Monoja Kennedy
    Monoja Kennedy Month ago

    The REAL FOOTBALL is his love.
    Someone should teach Americans the meaning of the word FOOT.

  • potato gamer
    potato gamer Month ago +1

    I can speak Greek, English, Romanian, Arabic,duch,and France 😂😂

  • black savage
    black savage Month ago

    I can speak English and polish and Portuguese and Anglo and Spanish and French

  • Anju SCS. Soni
    Anju SCS. Soni Month ago +2

    He might life weights but above all he's the official threat to Man city 😂😂

  • koka kola
    koka kola Month ago

    New subject. what the hell happen to Indian football..😁


    Could you not find 8 ?

  • Krazy Pizza
    Krazy Pizza Month ago

    He is the best player in the world and I think he is the fastest player in the whole country in England

  • kalamataLJS
    kalamataLJS Month ago

    I don't lift weights and here is a picture to prove I do

  • Blitz HR
    Blitz HR Month ago +1

    Breh sum1 tell me that song when it got to number 5

  • Aron Guzman
    Aron Guzman Month ago +1

    Raul Jimenez is the best in wolves

  • Scherdy Hrnd
    Scherdy Hrnd Month ago

    He‘s a beast on testo💪💪💯

  • TITUS 3V5
    TITUS 3V5 Month ago +1

    I like this guy😂👍

  • Outspoken 945
    Outspoken 945 Month ago

    Ik 77

  • Ryan Porter
    Ryan Porter Month ago

    Fifa 20 lol

  • YT_LegendKiller
    YT_LegendKiller Month ago

    fastest in fifa 19 they mean fifa 20

  • Karl Constantine
    Karl Constantine Month ago +4

    How can he be forgetful but know 6 languages 😂

  • Lee Illman
    Lee Illman Month ago +1

    If he don't lift waits he must be on them barcalona multivitamins

  • 101010101 _
    101010101 _ Month ago

    its because hes black

  • BrownieCL 06
    BrownieCL 06 Month ago

    I can speak: Spanish, Catalan,English, french and german

  • TMBOnline
    TMBOnline Month ago

    I speak English and slang

  • t n
    t n Month ago

    Boro made him utb 🔴⚪🔴⚪

  • Ibrxhim 12
    Ibrxhim 12 Month ago

    Fifa 20*

    PERLINS MHONE Month ago

    I watched the guy playing in England and I wonder why teams like man United, Arsenal not signing him.

  • Alex Burgos
    Alex Burgos Month ago

    I can speak only 5 languages. Finnish, Spanish, Romanian, English and Swedish.

  • Mohammed Naseer
    Mohammed Naseer Month ago +1

    I can speak 7 languages Spanish, English, Arabic , french , Greek , Hindi and most importantly English

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago +1

    He's a pretty average player. Being fast does not make you great

  • Sebayang
    Sebayang 2 months ago

    How come this was uploaded 1 week ago yet there are only 495 comments?

  • Nate
    Nate 2 months ago +1

    he bleaches his skin

  • Kmt Fionn
    Kmt Fionn 2 months ago

    This video is actually is so shit hahaah
    This is shit no1 wants to know I thought clicking on the video it would be good entertainment but nah

  • Radjouh Akram
    Radjouh Akram 2 months ago

    His body developed awesome he is very fast the most unbelievable his weight just 72,🤔

  • theo robinson
    theo robinson 2 months ago

    new all of it pal

  • Prismzfn TTV
    Prismzfn TTV 2 months ago

    Fifa 19 😅

  • Sachin Kalyan
    Sachin Kalyan 2 months ago

    1:52 I speak English Irish British Australian Canadian and Scottish

  • Infinity Stones are Shaggy's Balls

    I would love if he came to bayern but liverpool in my opinion would be the best destination for him. He is an amazing player with lots of potentisl and Klopp can help him unlock it.

  • William and Margaret Oliver

    10 things you did not no about pele

  • pablo carbonell
    pablo carbonell 2 months ago

    mocha plays in Hercules, who plays in Spain's third tier. he is awful, if he was as good as Adama Hercules would now be out of relegation

  • J
    J 2 months ago +1

    The beast. From barca

  • Wellfoe Weve
    Wellfoe Weve 2 months ago

    LUKAKU: Leave chat

  • krisu 07
    krisu 07 2 months ago

    Hes fastest in fifa 20 too

  • YD Fortnite
    YD Fortnite 2 months ago +1

    Me:could you take me to my holiday
    Traore:I’ll take yo there in a second

  • Muhammed danyaal Hassim

    I speak 5 languages

  • Hizzar Ali Malik
    Hizzar Ali Malik 2 months ago

    he also fastest football player in the world

  • Nivaan Shah
    Nivaan Shah 2 months ago

    I can speak 5 languages

  • conal H
    conal H 2 months ago +1

    i can speak 4 languages

  • Insta jxmie_o
    Insta jxmie_o 2 months ago +1

    Up the wolves 🖤🧡

  • Hugh Rabbitt
    Hugh Rabbitt 2 months ago


  • MrBossforTheLoss
    MrBossforTheLoss 2 months ago

    I literally googled Adams Traore to see if he played for Barcelona

  • Luckey Kalam
    Luckey Kalam 2 months ago

    I know 4 languages

  • Sik Sad World
    Sik Sad World 2 months ago

    Subscribe to me.

  • Zohaib688
    Zohaib688 2 months ago

    Adama Traoré-The most underrated Premier League

  • Sean Dumville
    Sean Dumville 2 months ago +2

    I’m pretty sure he lifts weights I mean look at the size of him

  • sajal patel
    sajal patel 2 months ago

    7 languages English Spanish French Latin all the language in indian which is 3 7 languages

  • Frederik Kjerstad
    Frederik Kjerstad 2 months ago

    The key is 💊

  • Teabag
    Teabag 2 months ago

    He could be one of the top 100 fastest in the world, actually.