• Published on Dec 12, 2017
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    I think we can all agree that after cheese teas and clear pie we gotta make something that's going to please JP.
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  • Everlygrace meza
    Everlygrace meza 11 hours ago

    3:00 my daughter runs. With her hands like thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’›

  • _Napkins _
    _Napkins _ 17 hours ago

    With all the food that you guys make how do you eat all of it?

  • Madelen Carlberg
    Madelen Carlberg 5 days ago

    You made the cinnamonbun wrong

  • Robert Conner
    Robert Conner 5 days ago

    You guys are the best. I got bullied and you guys got me though that so thank you. And can you shout me out in your next vid .

  • Rotha Tha
    Rotha Tha 8 days ago

    JP just doesn’t want to finish the Cinnabon so he left it their

  • EMAN Dragon
    EMAN Dragon 10 days ago

    When he said write a funny comment this is what cam to my mind


  • Unasked Master
    Unasked Master 11 days ago

    Hi umm that
    Eggcellent sorry cuz Bad puns and jokes

  • Jims m and m's 109
    Jims m and m's 109 12 days ago

    JP why you so lazy Julia always

  • Besties Power
    Besties Power 15 days ago

    What do you call a bear with no Claws or teeth

    A gummy bear 🐻

  • Myrtle Sylvan
    Myrtle Sylvan 17 days ago

    Julia have an amazing voice

  • Carlos Sandoval
    Carlos Sandoval 17 days ago

    What do you call a girl who has three nipples πŸ€” tres leches

  • Unicorn's are the best

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    I like cinabuns.
    But more I like you.

  • Chillerz lee
    Chillerz lee 18 days ago


  • Maelyn Garcia
    Maelyn Garcia 18 days ago

    I made a song for JP
    JP pee all you want
    JP pee eat all you want
    Look at JP
    funniest guy town
    Ya ya yeeeeeet

  • Renz joseph guiyab
    Renz joseph guiyab 20 days ago

    Fudge my balls

  • Alexis Uriarte
    Alexis Uriarte 22 days ago

    Hunter x Hunter

  • Lyv
    Lyv 22 days ago

    here's my joke:


  • Kamren Fawns
    Kamren Fawns 23 days ago

    your mom is so ugly gold fish don't smile back

  • Von Cane
    Von Cane 24 days ago

    your silly giiily

  • glacier the gacha girl

    Spongbob: what did you wish for for christ mas sqwidward. Sqwidward:will everyone stop listing to the named dribble coming for this dunder heads mouth. Spongbob: gee mabye santa clause will give me a dictionary so i can understand what you just said. Me:ohhhhhhhhhh

  • shocker...
    shocker... 28 days ago

    "I didn't wash my hands and you didn't either."

  • Ismahan Ahmed
    Ismahan Ahmed 29 days ago

    Lol #315

  • Rebecca Kimbrough
    Rebecca Kimbrough Month ago

    Julia: It will geT ON YHE PIZZA but it will get everywhere else!
    Everywhere else: Julia has blessed us!

  • Alexa Adarayan
    Alexa Adarayan Month ago +1

    @Max Morris and @Hany Ali
    Has the same (almost) profile oic

  • Casey Robles
    Casey Robles Month ago

    I made the pizzabon and it was amazing

  • Madelyn Choumboua
    Madelyn Choumboua Month ago

    Im aisian

  • Jack Quartararo
    Jack Quartararo Month ago

    U know what will make u laugh...

    Me: Mom! I want a giant Cinnabon!!

    Mother: Sorry, but can’t afford it...

    Me: But we have a printer? Right?

  • Victoria Dzormekugh l


  • Allie Wells
    Allie Wells Month ago

    Did you here about the kid napping

    Yea here was pretty tired

  • JayCee Dideles
    JayCee Dideles Month ago


  • P Myrick
    P Myrick Month ago


  • kat corner Magana
    kat corner Magana Month ago

    Why are people stupid because they're just stupid

  • Ranyiah Dareus
    Ranyiah Dareus Month ago

    Not your cheese

  • Dailin Martinez
    Dailin Martinez Month ago


  • Penelope Evans
    Penelope Evans Month ago

    A funny comment

  • Fohki :
    Fohki : Month ago

    That Cinnabon felt out of place

  • TwiSteD Pow3r
    TwiSteD Pow3r Month ago

    A funny comment


    Toilet paper can't cross the road because they always get stuck in a crack

  • Tia Marie
    Tia Marie Month ago

    That is the biggest cinnamon roll I've ever seen! It's the size of someone's head! Awesome! Plus, it all looks delicious! Except, for maybe the two recipes at the end.

  • Whenever HD
    Whenever HD Month ago


  • Whenever HD
    Whenever HD Month ago

    Thats how jp looka like a penia

  • Eimob _
    Eimob _ Month ago

    Chromebooks are utter garbage

  • josh Costello
    josh Costello Month ago

    Who else double clicked the 10 second thing when he said it was a message from the sponsor

  • Franken stonk
    Franken stonk Month ago

    obviously my favorite food channel

  • Imderpydude β€’-β€’

    1:23 fudge my balls XD

  • bradley sucks
    bradley sucks 2 months ago

    its not good jp at 7:14

  • ImDave
    ImDave 2 months ago +1

    Why did the chicken cross the road

    So it can get ran over

  • Victoria Hernandez
    Victoria Hernandez 2 months ago

    Heres a joke: My life 🀣🀣 plss let me win πŸ™

  • Gamer boy 7711
    Gamer boy 7711 2 months ago

    05:06 WTF

  • Samantha Ryan
    Samantha Ryan 2 months ago

    That introπŸ˜‚

  • Joarn Fe Dempsey
    Joarn Fe Dempsey 2 months ago


  • Clodagh Keenan Kelly
    Clodagh Keenan Kelly 2 months ago

    What about a mac and cheese cinnabon?

  • Cristina Farfan
    Cristina Farfan 2 months ago

    Also know as pizzarolls from threadbanger

  • parkour exploring
    parkour exploring 2 months ago

    Jp :Jesus what can I do next I have run out of ideas fuck what should I do julia

  • ja92mac1
    ja92mac1 2 months ago

    Ok I’ll comment

  • Mx Indigo
    Mx Indigo 2 months ago

    I am scared for u guys with all the junk food u eat

  • Ricky Tafeamalii
    Ricky Tafeamalii 2 months ago +1

    JP "Fudge my Balls"!πŸ˜‚

  • Haydee Huxley
    Haydee Huxley 2 months ago

    I like big books and I cannot lie

  • lolo _idk
    lolo _idk 2 months ago

    watch Riverdale its so good

  • jillian damons
    jillian damons 2 months ago

    What do cowboys use for math?
    Cow-culaters πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Omar Master
    Omar Master 3 months ago

    5:01 I laughed sooooo hard

  • Eva Rojas
    Eva Rojas 3 months ago

    My Joke Not True :: Why Dont They Alow Asians Behind the Wheel Because there eyes Are 2 SLINTID BUTTOX BUTTTTT BUTT

  • The Sweaty Soccer Skin
    The Sweaty Soccer Skin 3 months ago

    dawsons creek

  • Reinhard helena and Tiffany Gaming!

    You should try making an asian food called sate and you should make a big version of it!
    If you don't know what it is, you shall google it up in your bery fancy chromebook.

  • Reinhard helena and Tiffany Gaming!

    I am just gonna make a funny sentence, no chromebooks for me tho i would like just to make a funny sentence.
    A funny sentence.

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace 3 months ago

    00:04 they also don't trust women behind the wheel. There are no wheel winners here

  • Yao Tian Li
    Yao Tian Li 3 months ago

    A joke is a joke but what if I don’t have a joke bc jokes are dumb so don’t joke so I talk I like turtles 🐒 turtles 🐒 🐒 turtles 🐒 I am lidget not joking πŸ™ƒ

  • Alan Machuca In
    Alan Machuca In 3 months ago


  • B R O K E N H E A R T
    B R O K E N H E A R T 3 months ago

    Love u guys, today my friend told me to not do drugs, sell them and to not be retarded, be special

  • katsuki bakugou
    katsuki bakugou 3 months ago

    We use chromebooks at school but there not like that