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  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Peppa Pig Full Episodes | Dens - the Tea Party | Cartoons for Children
    Welcome to the Official Peppa Pig channel and the home of Peppa on TheXvid! We have created a world of Peppa with episodes and compilations to keep even the most dedicated Peppa fans happy. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe.
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    Peppa Pig created by Mark Baker and Neville Astley.

    Have fun with Peppa Pig and her friends: Suzy Sheep,Rebecca Rabbit,Danny Dog,Candy Cat,Pedro Pony,Zoe Zebra,Emily Elephant,Freddy Fox,Kylie Kangaroo,Wendy Wolf,Gabriella Goat,Gerald Giraffe,Molly Mole,Belinda Bear,Delphine Donkey, Peggi and Pandora Panda,Mandy Mouse,Simon Squirrel!
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Comments • 527

  • Cheekio Chimp
    Cheekio Chimp Hour ago

    "I love it" replied Cheekio Chimp

  • Oana Ilina
    Oana Ilina 20 hours ago +1

    the amount of ads is just too much...I am having to get up every 2 minutes to skip the add for my son.....just annoying.....

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay Day ago +1


  • SadieSoo 123
    SadieSoo 123 Day ago +1

    They should remake them all older so George speaks

  • talha nadeem
    talha nadeem 2 days ago +1

    27:10 Peppa os not even peddling

  • Camren Diaz
    Camren Diaz 2 days ago +1

    Gorge that’s to much birdseed Polly will brith and pop like a balloon pop 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 ❤️ lིྀoིྀvིྀeིྀ uིྀ pིྀeིྀpིྀpིྀaིྀ

  • Camren Diaz
    Camren Diaz 2 days ago +1

    Daddy pig:mom pig your not pedaling: mommy pig: oh sorry daddy pig I was looking at the vewi laughs

  • Mars
    Mars 3 days ago +1

    i just keep watching these

  • Marshmallow Lok
    Marshmallow Lok 3 days ago +1

    Mom says what daddy do’s what mummy said.

  • lisa my bff
    lisa my bff 3 days ago +6

    Has anyone thought that George might be adopted? Think about it, there’s Peppa Pig, Daddy Pig, and Mummy Pig, then there’s just a basic old George. 🤔

    • Danielle Kwon
      Danielle Kwon 15 hours ago

      The blazing M George Pig sounds weird tho

    • The blazing M
      The blazing M Day ago

      mars he's supposed to have pig as his surname though

    • The blazing M
      The blazing M Day ago

      your right goerge doesn't have pig in his name

    • Mars
      Mars 3 days ago +1

      brother george, there you go

  • Sarah Valeska_
    Sarah Valeska_ 3 days ago +1

    It's funny. I'm 15 yo, but I really love this 😂😂😂

  • bob henry
    bob henry 3 days ago

    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bacon

  • Ainu Stan
    Ainu Stan 3 days ago

    Dude why do they keep calling daddy pig fat-

  • Xaria Brown
    Xaria Brown 4 days ago

    22:16 haaa lol

  • elaina morquecho
    elaina morquecho 4 days ago

    in the teddy go out everyone called teddy an boy and peppa said she an girl

  • MayMay 2010
    MayMay 2010 4 days ago


  • Thiagos lego land
    Thiagos lego land 4 days ago

    Stupid it is to yes

  • Suraj Thapaliya
    Suraj Thapaliya 6 days ago


  • David Battles
    David Battles 6 days ago +6

    boys. i’m 16 years old. wtf

  • Tc gaming
    Tc gaming 7 days ago

    Tbh I’m eating dinner right now and I turned this on so we eat faster he just slapped me ran out the room and picked up his plate and threw it

  • Lindsay Curry
    Lindsay Curry 7 days ago

    Frock Pepsi pig

  • Rakesh Ranjan
    Rakesh Ranjan 7 days ago


  • Saphia Grant
    Saphia Grant 7 days ago +6

    Peppa pig i love to watch dis u lol 😍🤗

  • Kelton McCrae
    Kelton McCrae 7 days ago

    you talk to much pepa talk alot

  • Princess Mia
    Princess Mia 8 days ago


  • Althea Mae R. Galang #Messyourself Fan

    5:20 29:49 what happened to the car wheel?

  • Jermey Plays
    Jermey Plays 8 days ago +1

    The dad: here we go again

  • Mia likes Chicken nuggets

    I’m editing this

  • Daniel Abijo
    Daniel Abijo 8 days ago +31

    58:10 if the wind is strong enough to hold up daddy pig then.... they’re in a hurricane boiz

  • Damien Dejesus
    Damien Dejesus 9 days ago


  • Bob Z
    Bob Z 9 days ago +4

    Seriously youtube! Smart ads my behind!. Can we atleast have ads that are relative to children's videos. I doubt my 3 year old is gonna need to learn how to change the gas in her generator or needs to know how to invest in relestate

  • Millie howie
    Millie howie 10 days ago

    I love peppa

  • Kirupakaran Thuraisingam


  • Asa saud
    Asa saud 10 days ago

    ةة ز

  • iiMia_ii 。YT。
    iiMia_ii 。YT。 10 days ago +10

    Why is peppa pig 7 foot 1 inch tall; she hella tall bruh

  • Vikas Behl
    Vikas Behl 12 days ago

    Fhsfodxlskgdkfkdfkdksdkffkfladitjrjrirttituturrurururirreututuetueyisirr8erututu4rrrturutu the same time every TR eurrureureueueuerururrrruurrururrueururrr

  • Tia Stumbaugh
    Tia Stumbaugh 12 days ago +2

    4:01 go George go

  • R.M.D Dunne
    R.M.D Dunne 13 days ago +1

    What's with all the poxy adds

  • LittleLilly MSP
    LittleLilly MSP 13 days ago +96

    I feel bad for Daddy pig they always telling him he fat lmao

    • Danielle Kwon
      Danielle Kwon 15 hours ago

      LittleLilly MSP I mean in the tv show. All the dads have the same body type

    • LittleLilly MSP
      LittleLilly MSP 15 hours ago +1

      @Danielle Kwon No...Not all dads are the same :/

    • Danielle Kwon
      Danielle Kwon 15 hours ago

      LittleLilly MSP They always call him fat but every other dad is the same?

    • LittleLilly MSP
      LittleLilly MSP 4 days ago +1

      @ivolloxy oop-

  • Gravycatman
    Gravycatman 13 days ago +9

    Nice tree house over there but why. No frickin boys

  • lindaandjoann Yes
    lindaandjoann Yes 13 days ago

    Peppa is so stupid

  • Theresa Ferrara
    Theresa Ferrara 14 days ago


  • Megan Louise
    Megan Louise 14 days ago +7

    I’m a 14 year old girl what am I doing

  • Landon Maryanto
    Landon Maryanto 14 days ago +11

    Do you ever wonder why Peppa says daddy pig is fat even though that’s the size of the other men??

    • Shriya Narreddy
      Shriya Narreddy 4 days ago

      Landon Maryanto peppa has been brain washed by society into body shaming her dad

  • bry
    bry 14 days ago +9

    george: aAAaaWwAaAaAAAA

  • Abby Lo
    Abby Lo 14 days ago


  • Emma Hague
    Emma Hague 14 days ago +1

    its georges treehouse too

  • •Cresent•
    •Cresent• 14 days ago +12


    *Update*~Still in sixth grade. Kind of obsessed with Peppa, now. -Snort-

  • a b b y.
    a b b y. 14 days ago +31

    3:40-4:00 now that’s what I call Florida weather

    • Mia Mieze
      Mia Mieze 6 days ago

      No that wasn‘t mean you should take it with humor

    • Khadar Bangali
      Khadar Bangali 9 days ago +1

      Quastic mwlsijsidsm
      Like on othe owo p pic p 🚥⛰🏠

    • Quastic
      Quastic 13 days ago +1


  • Preston Harris
    Preston Harris 15 days ago +1

    im 9 this boring

  • Born Free Stables
    Born Free Stables 16 days ago +11

    Peppa! What are you doing in my pan? 😏🥓

    • Naffel McRaffel
      Naffel McRaffel 2 days ago

      Shawn Shawn what

    • Shawn Shawn
      Shawn Shawn 10 days ago

      Omg dont feel about daddy he is so fat and mean to his kids and you people need to stop

  • RaimondGFX
    RaimondGFX 16 days ago +96

    and why did i just waste 1 hour and 30 mins insted of cleaning my room like im supposed to be

  • Sheila Thompson
    Sheila Thompson 16 days ago


  • Asia Morasz
    Asia Morasz 16 days ago

    E by

  • Kacey Nguyen
    Kacey Nguyen 16 days ago +16

    Kids being bullied bc they watch peppy pig. Me: oof

  • Priya Jeganathan
    Priya Jeganathan 16 days ago +4



  • d d
    d d 16 days ago +2

    pooploffrimkr to gltjpfmlttlhytg fglcgom

  • d d
    d d 16 days ago +1

    are you Asian or something

  • d d
    d d 16 days ago