Why Do Humans Like to Get High?

  • Published on Oct 24, 2019
  • We’ve told you before that there really isn’t any evidence that animals consume mind-altering substances because they feel good to them. This makes it appear that the fondness for psychoactive drugs is, pretty...human. What is it about our species that makes us so attracted to these substances?
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  • SciShow
    SciShow  3 months ago +115

    Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to try their 60+ courses in math, computer science, and scientific thinking. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription.

    • Your weed Nurse
      Your weed Nurse Month ago

      SciShow weed like a medical for the brain

    • KHALIIL01
      KHALIIL01 Month ago

      SciShow - Teach chimpanzees sign language, then get them high, then when they are sober they can explain why they got high.

    • aaa aii
      aaa aii 2 months ago

      Brilliant is not free but youtube is

    • Iforgotmypen
      Iforgotmypen 2 months ago

      maybe do a show on the endocannabinoid system

    • Celina K
      Celina K 3 months ago

      Adverse Childhood Experiences ( ACEs ) ???

  • rationalguy
    rationalguy 2 hours ago

    I never tried weed until I was 68. My 66 year old sister introduced me to it. I liked it.

  • Christina Keenan
    Christina Keenan 10 hours ago

    It doesn't make them feel good . There is an addictive component to it.

  • Cory Hobbs
    Cory Hobbs 12 hours ago +1

    What do you want to do tonight pinky ... more drugs boink or take over the world

  • Boforótio
    Boforótio 13 hours ago

    Weed is not a drug , alcohol is.

  • Glitch
    Glitch 15 hours ago

    What about the psychedelics? Not all psychedelics make you feel good and some even make you feel like crap before and after ingestion. Jung said they should be put somewhere in Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.

  • joe Acosta
    joe Acosta Day ago

    To escape the soul crushing truth that we constantly fail in our day to day life

  • SuperHuman37
    SuperHuman37 2 days ago

    Perhaps it's because we have a consciousness advanced enough to appreciate it.

  • oldschoolman 144
    oldschoolman 144 2 days ago

    Why do we get high? Because of the empty rat cage of society we live in.

  • Random User
    Random User 2 days ago

    Why get high, it’s fun

  • Colorado Cannabis
    Colorado Cannabis 2 days ago

    Drugs are good mmkay

  • Drug kukuruz
    Drug kukuruz 2 days ago +1

    I dont like the drugs, but the drugs like me
    -Marilyn Manson

  • Alex Causey
    Alex Causey 2 days ago

    The reason the get high is to escape the reality that they can't handle.! It's called no guts..!

  • The Shoot
    The Shoot 3 days ago

    your a towel

  • David Heinzen
    David Heinzen 3 days ago

    You are a bunch of "LOSERS"

  • clifton gaither
    clifton gaither 4 days ago +1

    "i use to do drugs , i still do , but i use to too .
    -Mitch Hedberg

  • Shawna Burt
    Shawna Burt 5 days ago +6

    “Why do humans like to get high”

    Life is pain, getting high relieves it.

  • Shawna Burt
    Shawna Burt 5 days ago +2

    “Why do humans like to get high”

    Life is pain, getting high relieves it.

  • Alexander S
    Alexander S 5 days ago

    Humans get high because using drugs is a sense of control, yes, even drugs that make people "lose control". Human beings do many things to feel a sense of control. Taking drugs is one of them. Addicts will continue to take them even after it doesn't feel good to have life go bad, and many other adversities directly associated with the drug. It is not about "doing it cause it feels good" it is about doing it for the sense of control.

  • partick 92
    partick 92 5 days ago

    Dolphins tho

  • Marco Arce
    Marco Arce 5 days ago

    I gotta hide my bud from my dog. Cause, he can smell it....He hasn't mastered rolling a Jay yet. Though I have found a few empty bags on the floor, and my dog like scratching at the fridge.

  • MelpyMelperson
    MelpyMelperson 7 days ago

    Dude just said there's no evidence that animals get high on purpose? Is this for kids? Yes there is, bro. PS, there is no evidence that monkeys know about calories.

  • Vlad The Inhaler
    Vlad The Inhaler 7 days ago

    'Rat park' aside, humans seem fairly unique in our awareness of our own conscious experience, we are thus able to reflect on our own suffering, and seek refuge from it..

  • mccari09
    mccari09 9 days ago

    Seems to me like humans like mind altering drugs because we want to experience a reality different to the norm.
    Sometimes just to forget

  • mccari09
    mccari09 9 days ago

    I’m high right now 🤩

  • Cyrus R.
    Cyrus R. 9 days ago +1

    Not good for us and never have been? Hank please, listen to biologists, and have some DMT.

  • tina ahrens
    tina ahrens 9 days ago

    its my "Attitude Adjustment" drug :)

  • Je-C_Jeigh Chronik
    Je-C_Jeigh Chronik 11 days ago

    Because who wants to be 'LOW'?

  • WvW Weekender Video Watch

    I love indica strains 70 cbd 30 Thc . I dont get high I just feel body bliss. Indica makes me feel so heavenly relaxed. Marijuana is the best natural herb ever which should be totally legal globally for adults. I Would never drink or fund the corrupt alcohol industry. I'm in great health i have used marijuana now 40 years plus and people always think I'm 20 years younger my age. I also am fitness fanatic and eat healthy.get high if u want and ignore the silly ignorant dumbasses who dont like weed but fund the alcohol industry which funds millions of alcohol related deaths a year . Weed is my god that is when god speaks to me through vaping weed 😄weed is king.

  • Mab Hatter
    Mab Hatter 13 days ago

    @11:26 "The bulk of research on animals and drugs is to understand the mechanism of addiction, which makes sense because its a big public health problem"

    I'll never look at any pet the same way again.

  • Jordan Willard
    Jordan Willard 14 days ago

    *The attraction to booze causes them to MATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (lulz!)*
    2:30 Soooooooo, thank you for "scientifically" explaining what every stoner knew since the 60's, I'm actually dead serious. It's all about HOW the test is conducted. It's too bad that bullying, parents and other things cause so many nerds to become too shelters to understand basic humanity, right? (Can't blame the main fodder of the greatest industrial complex ever to be conflicted and complicated.)
    4:00 It's not impossible that monkey could become attracted by the smell first and then stayed for the effect because it was too good. *The attraction to booze causes them to MATE! (lulz!)* It could have tricked their system like many humans today. (Those times when you crave beer, just drink water btw. The reason why you kept drinking beer and blacked out at the bar was cuz you were dehydrated from all that beer... your body just wanted more liquid anyway). This would have totally happened naturally too. You did say that these monkeys enjoyed "fermented" sugar cain. They wouldn't be the only animal documented enjoying fermented fruit by a long shot.
    If there is a real reason to need to know about anything regarding mushrooms, period, I would refer you to Paul Stamens, period. With regard to the benefit to psycho active drugs, I would refer you to the pr guy of a team that worked with military veterans before the war on drugs, look up the name Rick Dolbin.
    We would have no idea and thus impact if the tobacco helped us against parasite or not, but we would reproduce more frequently however.
    We were totally eating rotten fruit on the regular waaaaay back in the day, absolutely.

  • Jagadisan S
    Jagadisan S 14 days ago

    Make a video on stoned Ape Theory

    DANIEL RUVALCABA 15 days ago +6

    Who else watching this high😭

  • Sky Anthro
    Sky Anthro 15 days ago +1

    If you leave like any human or mouse alone with anything like drugs, a taser, jeff epstein didn't killhimself, poison ect. eventually they will get bored an use it even if kills or hurts them...

  • judged by time
    judged by time 15 days ago

    "make their environment more ecologically realistic" = less drugs

  • Axewgamer 73
    Axewgamer 73 16 days ago

    Just a hypothesis, but maybe humans fell into this trap because of our brain’s demand for more energy. Because our brains were getting bigger, we needed more energy and calories to feed them. So our brain evolved to reward us heavily if we ate something sweet. Like how those Caribbean monkey’s brains can, in few cases, misinterpret alcoholic drinks as sugary fruit 4:46. Which those monkeys were described as evolving this trait to help then win natural selection.

    • Axewgamer 73
      Axewgamer 73 16 days ago

      Plus, it is said in the video that the monkeys can also misinterpret alcohol as quality food. Hence another reason why our brains reward us, because we need quality foods to grow our big brain-Which would have been essential in primal times.
      So put simply.
      -Early human’s brains were getting bigger.
      -Our brains needed more food with calories and energy to grow.
      -Our brains reward us for eating sugary stuff.
      -Goes pretty well with natural selection. (Humans who feed their brains well obviously have higher chance of surviving.)
      -but our brains misinterpret drugs (such as) alcohol as a quality and high calorie substance.
      -Our brains reward us for consuming it, same with other drugs.
      -IT’S A TRAP!!

  • BrollydictCumberbatch Montour

    So an evolutionary traphouse...

  • Jeremiah Rojo
    Jeremiah Rojo 17 days ago

    I don't do drugs, I just smoke marijuana!!

  • jamc666
    jamc666 17 days ago

    why ? because even animals do it.

  • The Florida Man Of YT Comments

    I’ve been researching this for twenty years, it’s because they’re awesome.

    TAMMY ARGUIJO 18 days ago


  • Shelby V
    Shelby V 18 days ago

    Weed is a drug only if you consider that .

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 18 days ago

    Simple : escape from reality

  • Lucifer FallenAngel
    Lucifer FallenAngel 19 days ago

    We should seriously continue this and persue for human trials. I'll be the first volunteer.

  • Mae D. Begay
    Mae D. Begay 19 days ago

    "why do humans like to get high"
    Quentin Tarintino " Because it's fun Janice"

  • Justin Mabe
    Justin Mabe 19 days ago

    1 week down, a life time to go. Wasted too many years to marijuana

  • David Hill
    David Hill 19 days ago

    Because if you are poor or sick or upset or lonely or stressed .....you want relief from the mental pain of it all

  • Joe Westerland
    Joe Westerland 20 days ago

    Surely if you simply chose a drug that is non addictive then you would be able to determine if the animal is returning to it because it wants to experiance the feeling again rather than chemical dependency.

  • thousand points of light

    without receptors substance don't have an effect, but since we're born with
    receptors, that means we were made to get high.

  • Ery Almario
    Ery Almario 21 day ago

    getting high takes care of parasites like smoking

  • Cameron Cole Official

    i’m sorry i thought this was a bit boring i’m very high so it’s not your fault this is a great channel and probably a great video

  • 1Rusty kidd
    1Rusty kidd 21 day ago

    One word enjoyable just like playing a game it’s gets addictive mentally not physically lol

  • Terminally Chill
    Terminally Chill 21 day ago

    Why do humans like drugs?
    Because they're awesome

  • daniel romans
    daniel romans 21 day ago

    Dolphins love a good hit of pufferfish venom

  • Power Gekko
    Power Gekko 22 days ago

    "Drunk monkey's acted like drunk people" So then does that point to us having more similar thought processes then previously thought of because they're using it to stimulate parts of their brain to try and mate? Disclaimer: Total armchair theorist and I have no credibility this is just my high mind throwing stuff at the wall. lol thx dude

  • emancoy
    emancoy 22 days ago

    Could it be because our brains are bigger?

  • Pamela Butler
    Pamela Butler 22 days ago +2

    Well, I didn't need to see that clip of the mouse strung out. He looked freaked out!

  • Victor Flores
    Victor Flores 22 days ago

    He got a haircut before recording the add

  • BionicTenshi96
    BionicTenshi96 23 days ago

    Didn't the D. Melanogaster males also look for fermented fruit when rejected by females?

  • Capn Black
    Capn Black 23 days ago

    uhg clickbait