Why Manchester City WONT Catch Liverpool In Title Race... | W&L

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
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    With Manchester City losing 2-1 in the derby to Manchester United, are Liverpool now the title favourite?!
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  • Football Daily
    Football Daily  Month ago +76

    No team have come from 14 points behind to win the Premier League.
    Can Man City be the first?! ⬇️

    • Gamer 11
      Gamer 11 Month ago

      At this point we should be worrying if Leicester City will catch up

    • Khalid DontPlay
      Khalid DontPlay Month ago

      Thor Odinson liverpool just got devoured 5-0 by villa after their first team was absent btw....we all know thats not happening to man city. Also they just managed to beat villa at full strength lol

    • Galaxium
      Galaxium Month ago

      @Khalid DontPlay we do lol

    • Naseerul Kabir
      Naseerul Kabir Month ago

      Man city will beat Leicester! Leicester has a weakness? They can't haven't beat the top 4 away this season so far!

  • communist shrek
    communist shrek Month ago

    Jrdjskns xny $n&n#_#_&=&#&!_-_!_÷$÷€309=€#

  • Elisabeth Roberts
    Elisabeth Roberts Month ago

    Chris Sissoko didn’t make the World Cup squad for France so he’s not a World Cup winner.

  • So So
    So So Month ago

    I need a left wing nominee on PACYBITS

  • Navjot Kasukurthy
    Navjot Kasukurthy Month ago

    I prefer these longer conversations much better than your lists and other edited videos. This format is much more pleasing.

  • Bobb Lol
    Bobb Lol Month ago +1

    Come Boxing Day Liverpool will fall off

  • Bobb Lol
    Bobb Lol Month ago +1

    Leicester will win the league

  • Jordan Fox
    Jordan Fox Month ago

    Why don’t you talk about Europe more? You should have a segment called like euro round up or something where you talk about European teams. Dk tho

  • derpyryan
    derpyryan Month ago

    Why i watching Harry Potter and Ron talk about football and ignoring how well Leicester is doing?

  • The Egocentric Predicament

    4:12 joe is bang on!!! Same situation at Arsenal

  • King Kenny
    King Kenny Month ago

    No it’s not impossible! Liverpool have to keep on winning! But it’s Leicester we need to keep an eye on at this moment in time! They have premier league winners in their team! And a really good manager! They’re so good they’re 6 points above city! With a far superior goal difference!!

  • K Peres
    K Peres Month ago +4

    No one is gonna talk about how incredible Leicester are doing 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Groove
      Groove Month ago

      Ashanti Peres overshined by 2015-16

  • MightyBro
    MightyBro Month ago

    How do I work for football daily

  • Cain Raby
    Cain Raby Month ago +2

    Fraser Forster is the best English keeper and should be called up to the national team #hottakes 🍀🍀

  • Oh yeah Yeah
    Oh yeah Yeah Month ago

    It’s Liverpool, nothing is impossible 🤣🤣🤣

  • James Blake
    James Blake Month ago

    By polar joe is back again 😂😂

  • GhostRider5370
    GhostRider5370 Month ago

    You can sense the same type of momentum Leicester City had in 2015 where they were a couple points away from the top and eventually overtook the leaders of the table and if anything they're playing with the same intensity and depth they had in the title winning season

  • Jack Webber
    Jack Webber Month ago

    Aye whoa Fred and mctominay have been very good most of the season but you won’t say he’s good because you wrote him off in loads of your top 10 flop videos I’d say he’s close to justifying the price tag soon

  • Jamal Hope-Williams

    Liverpool have won the Premier League 2020 🏆✅first time in 30 years finally

    • 19Lion8
      19Lion8 Month ago

      LP won> 2 CL's (as many as saf, MU's greatest manager)...1 Uefa Cup...4 FAC's...3 league cups in that time though.

  • Alice
    Alice Month ago +1

    Your bias against Newcastle is unreal 😂 Everton win one game and get praised 😂🤦🏻

    • Alice
      Alice Month ago +1

      @Alfie Clayton we've lost 1 game in the past 7, thats suggesting we are doing better than alot of people expected. I'm saying we don't get credit where it is due, Everton get credit for winning 1 game.

    • Alfie Clayton
      Alfie Clayton Month ago

      Alice although Newcastle are getting results at the moments it doesn’t seem sustainable as there is an over reliance on goals from deference and midfield. Suggesting goals will likely dry up whilst the front three fail to score at a better rate

  • Sijo James John
    Sijo James John Month ago +2

    Degea shutdown sterling before when he was at Liverpool

  • Henk Lategan
    Henk Lategan Month ago

    Almost thought Hamill said "toxic sides" instead of "top six sides" 30:16

  • X LosPollinos
    X LosPollinos Month ago

    What about teams from Europe?

  • RK Muriuki
    RK Muriuki Month ago

    70% possession to 30% overall...wtf was the Chelsea backline supposed to tackle...themselves??? FFS

    • RK Muriuki
      RK Muriuki Month ago

      Defensive lapses...absolutely...but going by just numbers is a poor representation of what the game was...lack of a finish was dire...now that's true going by the actual game...

    • spondon kashyap
      spondon kashyap Month ago

      Atleast they can defend properly against everton's counter attack instead of making dumb mistakes like zouma and james made

  • Max Lacasse
    Max Lacasse Month ago

    What happened to city I don’t understand, did the match against spurs in the champions league traumatized them because I haven’t seen city in a good form since the match?

  • Up'D
    Up'D Month ago +1

    I like they don't acknowledge Leicester.
    They're moving big moves ya know. They might actually win the PL

  • Robin LaBouche
    Robin LaBouche Month ago

    Is It IMPOSSIBLE For Manchester City To Catch Liverpool .... YES !!!!!!!

  • Marcus Nyalak Aloh
    Marcus Nyalak Aloh Month ago +1

    Lol. Just let the other fan think Liverpool gonna bottle it. Let them happy for now 🤭🤭

  • Soya Lando
    Soya Lando Month ago

    Manchester City will not be able to come back, the question is can Leicester City keep up the presser? If they can’t oh my Liverpool are gonna crack 100+ points and win by a mile.

  • sebastian cuello
    sebastian cuello Month ago +1

    I don’t see Liverpool losing the title race. But I tell you this.... if they bottle the title this time again it will be known as one of the greatest bottle jobs ever recorded in the history books

    • Sh Ftbl
      Sh Ftbl Month ago

      WERE IN DECEMBER! 2014 was way worse that should have been wrapped up against Chelsea

  • Chalen Jack
    Chalen Jack Month ago +3

    Why does everyone think son’s goal is goal of the season. The defending was horrible and De Bruyne’s goal is by far better

    • Jamison Sims
      Jamison Sims Month ago

      Facts fam

    • Mana Dorks
      Mana Dorks Month ago +1

      Delp yes la liga defending is bad but that’s how you win the ballon d’or ain’t it.

    • Delp
      Delp Month ago +1

      The defending in la Liga is also horrible but nobody cares about it

  • sean cassidy
    sean cassidy Month ago +1

    La Gran Muralla needs to be spoken about, that performance was unreal

  • Rogarcai
    Rogarcai Month ago

    Pep wasn’t saying that points didn’t matter. He was saying that what he cares about is the performance. For the most part. Man Coty have played well this season. Except the game vs Norwich in which they were poor, I think most of their other games they can feel unlucky to have lost. I wasn’t able to see this game but from what I saw I think Pep got his tactics wrong.
    What I’ve noticed is that the fullbacks (or at least walker hasn’t really tucked in as much as he did in his first two seasons. After loosing the ball it leaves Rodri with too much space to cover and I don’t think he’s quite figure out where to be when those things happen. Ironically I think he was brought in to do just that.
    Unfortunately I don’t think Rodri has the capacity to do something like that. Maybe he can develop that capacity to understand how to organize a team better but I don’t think he’ll get to Xavi’s level. (Hell, even Jorginho’s level)

  • 21Youngstars ZH97
    21Youngstars ZH97 Month ago +3

    26:50 no Chris, Sissoko didn't win the World Cup😂I'd expect such a statement from the morons in the office (ie Ciaran, Zac, Ernie Santiago, etc), but not from one of the OG trio

  • George Crofts
    George Crofts Month ago +23

    Sissoko isn't a world cup winner Chris, he didnt even go....

  • Wayne Matthews
    Wayne Matthews Month ago

    Doubters to believers...have I heard that before???

  • simon b
    simon b Month ago

    I don’t understand why people think that city are so shit. They’ve been crippled by injuries this season and never have a game off. Even when they play bad teams, these teams play their absolute best because it’s the champions. You can’t win every season

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard Month ago +2

    Three of Rashford's goals against the top 6 have been pens, off the top of my head.

    • Joe Sheppard
      Joe Sheppard Month ago

      @lochyes Haha.

    • lochyes
      lochyes Month ago

      So what you're saying is, you are the penalty spot?

    • Dean Green
      Dean Green Month ago

      Not his fault they keep fouling him, the lad has hit the crossbar against city and spurs and had a goal absolutely nicked from him against villa. At 22

  • Abdi Ali
    Abdi Ali Month ago +3

    I am just watching chris hands ( while he is talking )

  • Brad van Bakel
    Brad van Bakel Month ago +1

    W&L is getting too long

  • Pheasant Pluckers son

    They all need to stop Leicester to be fair

  • Daniel Rodrigues
    Daniel Rodrigues Month ago +1

    give poor guardiola 500m and he might stay and win the league otherwise he's off to some other club willing to spend a billion

    • Connor Magee
      Connor Magee Month ago +1

      @AcidBeats 17 he literally has spent over a billion on transfers in his managerial career.

    • AcidBeats 17
      AcidBeats 17 Month ago

      Daniel Rodrigues he doesn’t spend billions. Look at Bayern. The transfer record when he was there was 38 million Gotze. Barcelona was also a low budget. It’s Man Shitty not the manager!

  • DarkShadow HD
    DarkShadow HD Month ago +2

    Tettey scoring his first goal in 55 years is just incredible🙌

    • Ash D
      Ash D Month ago


  • Henry Fitzpatrick
    Henry Fitzpatrick Month ago

    Calvert Lewin scores twice against Sheffield Wednesday in the league cup

  • oli sass
    oli sass Month ago

    Moussa Sissoko is not a world cup winner.

  • ryan smith
    ryan smith Month ago

    Man City have turned into Liverpool of 2 years ago.

    • Kris Faulkner
      Kris Faulkner Month ago

      Only City won't get near a Champions League final

  • bittah bandit
    bittah bandit Month ago +1

    When did Sissoko win the World Cup? 26:49

    • Mark Withers
      Mark Withers Month ago +1

      @bittah bandit Yeah, that's fair, when I'm wrong, I'm wrong! I must have been confused with Euro 2016 when he did play. He was in the standby squad for the world cup, but didn't get called up.

    • bittah bandit
      bittah bandit Month ago +1

      @Mark Withers He was nowhere near that squad

    • Mark Withers
      Mark Withers Month ago


  • Aditya Abhinav
    Aditya Abhinav Month ago

    Rashford is 22 years old but okay

  • Stan Pattrick
    Stan Pattrick Month ago +3

    My fave 2 at football daily

  • Topher -Bash
    Topher -Bash Month ago +1

    actually gutted they haven't put Celtic in here tbh but ye know man united won a game to move into the dizzying heights of 5th GG

    • Topher -Bash
      Topher -Bash Month ago

      @Mana Dorks true man 10 trophies in a row ain't no big deal man

    • Mana Dorks
      Mana Dorks Month ago

      Topher -Bash ye but all Celtic did was win a game in Scotland.

  • anthony wilson
    anthony wilson Month ago

    Flawed view believing Pogba is the answer

  • Eyuel Kebede
    Eyuel Kebede Month ago +1

    Team FD why isn’t w&L show more often than once a week? Some games are missed

  • The Random guy
    The Random guy Month ago +84

    FD: We like to be precise
    also FD
    Rashford is a “23 year old”

  • Siddy Kay
    Siddy Kay Month ago

    90 mins is better

  • Manish Gaming
    Manish Gaming Month ago

    Manchester City don't Give Up. We Will Continue To Fight Till End! The Title race is Not Over Yet There Are Still 23 Games To Play! Com'on Manchester City From A City Fan!!!

  • Totally Biased
    Totally Biased Month ago

    Jesus is garbage and so is rashford

  • Xstatiic
    Xstatiic Month ago +2

    Franks defence was shite at derby last season as well

  • Water
    Water Month ago

    Ye its over idc

  • Robert Ackerman
    Robert Ackerman Month ago

    Why does this ginge support United. Where is he from?

  • Johnny Garcia
    Johnny Garcia Month ago +1

    Threw out all the years I’ve never seen so many Liverpool fans come out of nowhere pretty much, plastics

    • Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world.
      Liverpool FC the greatest club in the world. Month ago


    • M A
      M A Month ago

      Liverpool fans have always had a huge presence. You know why? It’s because it’s one of the biggest clubs in the world. One with history and you know it. Watch the salt! It’s not good for your health.

    • • Haze •
      • Haze • Month ago

      Don’t lie. Liverpool have and always have had one of the biggest fan bases on the planet. Only salt could lead to comment such as yours.