6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz - “FEFE” (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jul 22, 2018
  • 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz - FEFE (Official Music Video)
    Stream: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/FEFE
    Directed by TrifeDrew & William Asher of Figure Eight Creative Group
    Also Directed by 6ix9ine
    Instagram: @Trifedrew & @William_Asher
    STREAM FEFE: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/fefe
    Nicki Minaj appears courtesy of Young Money / Cash Money Records. Murda Beatz appears courtesy of Interscope Records.
    Engineered by Big Juice & Wizard Lee Mastered by Wizard Lee
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  • Laura Valentina Sanabria Tovar

    En una parte escuche que dice que no tiene SISBEN

  • Aidan 1999
    Aidan 1999 4 hours ago

    This is my favorite song from snitch 9

  • Maxim Corejz
    Maxim Corejz 4 hours ago


  • yasar mca
    yasar mca 4 hours ago


  • Richard
    Richard 4 hours ago


  • Its aurelia
    Its aurelia 4 hours ago +1

    I love ❤️

  • Its aurelia
    Its aurelia 5 hours ago

    Il adore les animaux 🐸🐨🐼🐻🦊🦁🐵...

  • Mohamed Zora
    Mohamed Zora 5 hours ago


  • MONO mono
    MONO mono 5 hours ago +1

    que honda compadre

  • Josh Hayys
    Josh Hayys 5 hours ago +1


  • SuperVixen5
    SuperVixen5 6 hours ago

    So girls are like that I guess, the truth is sad

  • Just a local Retard
    Just a local Retard 6 hours ago

    What's the girls name in the video

  • Arya Malik
    Arya Malik 6 hours ago

    ouf ouf ooo

  • David Zager
    David Zager 6 hours ago

    Just wanna say that McGee really angers people intently.and thanks but honestly,last night I wrote a diagnosis for someone.then explain the truth of who was here recently n why I'm so scared emotionally.and even in bad neighborhood areas I can't deny that some things I just go for my own sanctity.like my deli guy who I can talk to.and,I know deep down all of us are somehow grouped up.well just know I got to visit each home of the social workers grown up around.and explain to dimango about things n why I rather be a legal person.as well I can't imagine the difference bc I went in buildings with people by tour though not by alone choice.
    Love you music
    Love your ambition
    Founded off of a late night and 2 guys hoping to help a girl get detox in such a exasperated way.unknowing a military personnel drove us.
    And Pathmark wasn't open.just people stealing from car's and I was hoping to find self respect.my own dinner crew late night.

    Have a happy holiday.hope to meet you 1 day.if you choose to.
    Ps-i know she loves me.shes the girl I met by accident.and I guess she won't just sit down n know me.bc it's like a far off phone call and I never knew why

  • Alana Drama
    Alana Drama 6 hours ago

    Candy Crush 18+

  • Fadi Ebrhem
    Fadi Ebrhem 7 hours ago

    Is it me or does Nicki actually look like a snack in this vid

  •  7 hours ago

    someone 2019

  • LuigiGucci TV
    LuigiGucci TV 7 hours ago +1

    #FREE69 🌈

  • XxFusionz YT
    XxFusionz YT 7 hours ago +1

    He just pretended to point a gun at a dog 0:51 ANIMAL CRUELTY

  • Lason Slaven
    Lason Slaven 7 hours ago

    I love 6 nine he is my second best rapper carid b first but he second

  • XxFusionz YT
    XxFusionz YT 7 hours ago +1

    Look at this man blowjob a ice cream 😂 0:46

  • King Super Saiyan
    King Super Saiyan 7 hours ago

    Snitch9ine: Test my gangsta
    Nine Tr3 Bl00dz: Shoots glock
    Snitch9ine: *i got snitchin on my mind*

  • julia Jodai
    julia Jodai 9 hours ago

    I came here after watching anaconda don’t know why

  • julia Jodai
    julia Jodai 9 hours ago +1

    TheXvid better stop freezing them views 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Gadge Andrews
    Gadge Andrews 9 hours ago

    Yo cardy b I am your biggest fan of your songs

  • T_Queue
    T_Queue 10 hours ago

    This nigga better have the best security when he gets out of jail.. I see a lot of angry mfs out here

  • t t 9
    t t 9 10 hours ago

    Funny how she's married to a guy on the offenders list and she made a song with a predator 😷😷

  • Joel Vrobel
    Joel Vrobel 10 hours ago

    Bitch ass pussy nark

  • Robin Van Vught
    Robin Van Vught 11 hours ago

    Yassss Queen😗😋👑YoungMoney Bunny colourful hair dont care🦄❤❤❤❤❤😂


    "I dont really want to cum"

  • Samuel aha
    Samuel aha 12 hours ago +2

    Halte dich bedeckt 😂😂😂

  • Martin
    Martin 13 hours ago

    Taylor swift version is better

  • stat1k.
    stat1k. 13 hours ago +1

    Judge: is that all?
    Tekashi: Aqua isn’t a Barbie Girl

  • Darko GG was close
    Darko GG was close 13 hours ago

    de hladis ? mamu ti jebem 1:29 he

  • ilia12able
    ilia12able 14 hours ago


  • Arnav Joshi
    Arnav Joshi 14 hours ago

    Super autotune voice 69

  • Moi Moi
    Moi Moi 14 hours ago


  • iluminado 33 Esteban
    iluminado 33 Esteban 14 hours ago


  • Dylan Joseph Krumlauf
    Dylan Joseph Krumlauf 16 hours ago

    Who else thinks Nicki Minaj should be in jail as much, or more than 6ix9ine 😂, she’s slid through the cracks of the industry by the fame of actually relevant rappers money 😂

  • Wild Martin
    Wild Martin 17 hours ago

    Hate that mumbler

  • 10000 subscribers without a video

    Have you ever see comments which have more than 2k likes and say "Damn I wish I wrote that"

    CARSON MENARD 19 hours ago +1

    When you are not aloud to use real guns, just use water guns

    TRIDEN0 20 hours ago

    Where did that dog go

  • Henrique Batinga
    Henrique Batinga 20 hours ago

    Judge: Is that all?
    69: saiyaman is actually Gohan..

  • Jefry Bonilla
    Jefry Bonilla 20 hours ago

    Snitch gang

  • Malik Kinsey
    Malik Kinsey 20 hours ago +1

    *This is the total opposite of family friendly, more like reverse card.*

  • nolimit hehehe
    nolimit hehehe 20 hours ago +1

    who still annoyed by this song in 2019

  • Leo Piedrabuena
    Leo Piedrabuena 21 hour ago

    0:32 names ? :v

  • Epic Tripz
    Epic Tripz 22 hours ago

    Judge: Is that all?
    6ix9ine: Santa Claus doesn't actually exist...

    And he is also not a sexist.

    But I believe he shits out his own exit
    Jesus, Im so high, im going to the next vid

  • sxrcxstxk
    sxrcxstxk 22 hours ago

    Judge: that all?
    6ix9ine: You know the Phantom Thieves?

    STORROR HD 22 hours ago

    I dont now

  • Adriana Avakin life
    Adriana Avakin life 22 hours ago


  • Cupcake girl and sisters And sisters

    That scream hehe

  • Andres Jimenez
    Andres Jimenez 23 hours ago +1

    Con el piso de madera el tecaxii rapea lo que quiera

  • Gil biato
    Gil biato 23 hours ago

    Nicki Queen🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️😍

  • Masoudra Millar
    Masoudra Millar 23 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/DKQCX9AslFg/video.html MANTIS 2027

  • Masoudra Millar
    Masoudra Millar 23 hours ago


  • أندرويد _ REDA

    Fuk you ,🖕🤘